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  1. I like ladyboys, am I Gay? Continued..

    In the first half of this two part article I shared my beliefs on sexuality and gender as a social construction, and just how outdate the simplistic view society has with regards to gender. Through showing just how absurd and complex the idea of binary sexuality and gender is, particularly with regards to transsexuals and there lovers, I think it went some way to proving that it's incorrect to label ladyboy lovers as being gay. And yet, at the same time I showed that it's almost just as difficult to refer to such people as being straight/heterosexual.


    What are the other alternatives? If a ladyboy lover is not gay, but also not straight, does that make him bisexual?

    Bisexual refers to someone who is emotionally and/or sexually attracted to both males and females. The problem with this sexuality is that it also relies on a simplistic, binary view of man and woman, and doesn't take into consideration persons who transcend the traditional male and female gender roles. Not only that, but the vast majority of ladyboy lovers I know are attracted to only one of those binary genders, women.

    I think it's safe to say that most ladyboy lovers are not attracted to 'men', men, and are primarily attracted to the femininity of ladyboys (albeit still titillated by the exotic fact their feminine women have something unfeminine between their legs). They are aroused by curvy female shapes, soft female features, and more gentle feminine mannerism, and turned off by deep voices, hairy body parts, and strong masculine attitudes.

    If you were forced to 'play the game' and put ladyboy lovers into one of the binary sexual orientations, in terms of sexual likes, dislikes, tastes, and attractions, the average male ladyboy lover is likely to have more in common with the average straight/heterosexual male (only attracted by femininity and not attracted to masculinity) than with the average bisexual or gay male (sexually attracted to masculinity).

    The outdated view of sexual orientation has 4 binary categories, straight/heterosexual, gay/homosexual, bisexual, and asexual (not sexually attracted to any gender). If ladyboy lovers can't fit neatly into these binary sexualities, then surely we can find a place for them among the more modern, non-binary sexual orientations.

    Posted Image


    Pansexual, or omnisexual, refers to someone who is attracted to all genders. Many people who consider themselves to be pansexual also refer to themselves as being gender blind, and attracted to people regardless of their sexuality, rather than because of it.

    While this sexual orientation dismiss traditional gender identities it doesn't quite describe a ladyboy lover as it encompasses the attraction to both masculinity and femininity, which most labyboy lovers can't relate to.


    Gynesexual refers to someone who is attracted to females and the feminine form. Gynesexuals are attracted to people who are feminine regardless of their gender, and unattracted to masculinity.

    However, when reading the full definition of gynesexual, it also states that such people are attracted to breast and vaginas, and turned off by male sex organs. This contradicts things slightly as while most ladyboy lovers are primarily attracted to femininity, many are also turned on by the male sex organ.


    Skoliosexual refers to someone who is attracted to transgendered people, and people who don't identify with their birth gender.
    While this does identity an attraction to transgendered people, this causes some contradictions once again for your average ladyboy lover, who is attracted to transgendered women, but not attracted to transgendered men.

    Posted Image

    I'm still confused. What am I?

    The problem is some people still won’t feel comfortable being labeled by any of these non-binary identities, they sound weird, scary, and alien, and they don't quite sound accurate. And while non-binary sexual orientations are far more considerate and open to people who transcend traditional gender and sexuality, they are still flawed, and will work for some people and not to others.

    Ladyboy lovers are no short of labels; admirers, tranny chasers, trans catchers, transfans, tranny hawks, there are lots of terms used. Even though most were born out of insult and slurs, like the terms ladyboy and shemale, they have been tamed by their open use in the transgender community. I've even seen a movement to try to have the word transamory excepted to mean males who are sexual attracted to transgendered women and birth women, and yet it's never really caught on, in fact your average 'straight' person is probably completely unaware of any of the non-binary sexual orientations I've mentioned.

    So after failing to find an acceptable sexual orientation for ladyboy lovers, it begs the question, why do we need a label at all?
    The truth is, those who are uneducated and close minded will always depend on clear cut sexual labels and the need to distance themselves from those who don’t play by the aged rules of binary sexuality. After all, it's just words and labels that really don't matter, and such labels can cuase more confusion and misinformation than clarity. If you really need to find a label for your own sexual orientation, just pick the one you feel most comfortable with, or make something up. Even if you make something up, it's probably going to be as useful and descriptive as any of the labels mentioned above. And if someone sees you with a ladyboy and ask you 'what you are?', just tell them 'happy.'

    Written by: Moo Yung

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    • Aug 08 2016 05:22 AM
    • by Moo Yung
  2. I like ladyboys.. Am I gay?

    For the sake of this article I’m talking about guys who originally liked girls before discovering the beautiful third sex and developing an attraction to ladyboys and transgendered girls. I’m aware that there is a percentage of guys who like ladyboys who were previously bisexual or gay, but in order not to complicate things too much I’ll write this from the perspective of guys who were previously seen as being 'straight'.

    As I stated in the opening, one of the first thoughts to trouble any man who discovers an attraction to ladyboys is whether he is gay, or moreover, whether other people will see him as being gay, and how that will impact his life. This isn’t just an issue for newbies to the world of ladyboys, many long time ladyboy lovers will battle the same anxieties, with some guys even having periods of choosing to try to ignore their attraction to the third sex, trying to repress their sexual desire and emotions. This stuff can really go deep and give some guys an internal battle, so it helps to try to have a better understanding.

    Sexual acts

    I heard two ladyboys lovers sitting in a bar chatting about whether they were gay or not. They talked about how many transsexuals they had slept with and some of the things they had done and what was interesting was that one of the guys seemed to think the other was gay because he did just about 'everything' with these ladyboys, while he himself would never give oral or receive anal from his lovers, making him straight.

    Does the being 'gay' depend on what sexual acts you perform?

    Some people would argue yes, this guy was right, the guy who did 'everything' was the gay one, or at least 'more gay'. But in truth, the sexual act is irrelevant. Gay is a sexual orientation, it is about sexual and emotional attraction, it does not depend on the sexual acts you perform.

    Here's a dictionary definition for you:

    Sexuality. Sexual orientation indicates whom an individual is sexually and emotionally attracted to. This can mean males or females of the same or opposite sex. A person's sexual orientation is not the same as a person's sexual actions because not everyone expresses the way they are feeling in their actions.

    Another way to look at this would be to ask yourself, who would be considered gay; a man who is attracted only to other men but doesn't give oral or receive anal, or a man who is only attracted to women but enjoys more kinky fun and likes to be penetrated anally with a strap on?

    Posted Image

    State of transition

    So if sexual acts are irrelevant to your sexuality, does it depend on the stage of transition of ladyboy or transgendered woman you are attracted to? Are guys who like post-op ladyboys (ladyboys who have had their penis removed and replaced with an artificial vagina) straight (or more straight), while guys who like pre op ladyboys are gay (or more gay)? Some transgendered girls will look and act more feminine and 'ladylike' than most real women, but is it your sexual organ that determines what gender you are?

    In the UK and parts of the Europe, transgendered girls can apply for a Gender Recognition Certificate without having sexual reassignment surgery (meaning they still have a penis). The prime criteria for getting this certificate is to prove you have Gender Dysphoria, which basically means you feel uncomfortable with your birth gender. You don't need to have any surgeries or change your body in any way, you just need to be psychologically evaluated by a professional and have them recognize you as having Gender Dysphoria. Once you have a Gender Recognition Certificate you are than legally considered to be Female, regardless of what genitalia you have.

    In contrast to this, in Thailand and many other countries, a person cannot change their gender identity, and gender is legally seen as something permanent. A Thai ladyboy may look, act, and feel totally feminine, everyone she meets and interacts with may see her as a female, and she can even have every gender surgery available to transform her body, but her passport, ID, and government papers will still recognize her as being male.

    A Social Construction

    In order to really understand any sexual labels we have to first come to the understanding that gender is a social construction, and the idea that people are simply born 100% male or 100% female is extremely outdated – BUT the function of modern society and the vast majority of communities in the world depend upon a very black and white view of gender and sexuality.

    Most ladyboy lovers don't battle with a gender identity issue, and don't grow up with confusions and contradictions over their own gender identity, seeing themselves fitting neatly into the role of a male, and a straight one at that..

    Fitting comfortably into a gender role then makes it harder to accept that binary gender (male and female) isn't actually right or 'real', and that we are all fluid beings who can't be defined as being simply 'one of the other.' Despite feeling an attraction towards transgendered girls, in the most part because of their feminine beauty, consciously or unconsciously many ladyboy lovers still see the transgendered girls as being male, and themselves as being attracted to other males. Even those who are able to be totally open minded and accept transgendered girls as being female, or at least more female than male, they know that in the eyes of many of their friends, family, and peers, the person they are sexually attracted to will not be accepted as being a female.
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    So am I gay or am I straight?

    If anything, I have probably caused more confusion here than clarity, but then again, that is kind of the point.

    Gender and sexuality is about fitting people into clearly defined binary categories. If someone doesn't fit neatly into the category of being a man, they must therefore fit neatly into the category of being a woman, and when people don't fit neatly into either they become a problem, they becoem weirds and strange and hard to accept, and therefore a taboo.

    Strict, binary gender roles are a very old fashion way of understanding gender, and while the world is starting to become more open to transgression in gender and sexuality, it's not quite ready to fully accept women being born as boys, and men being born as girls, or the people who are attracted to them.

    With that all said, it would be pretty simple minded, naive, and uneducated to call a male who is attracted to ladyboys or transgendered girls as being gay, because basically they are not, and they don't fit neatly into that category. And yet at the same time, calling them straight wouldn't quite be correct either.

    So if I'm not gay and I'm not straight what am I?

    To be continued..

    Written by: Moo Yung
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    • Aug 09 2016 01:03 AM
    • by Moo Yung
  3. How to succeed on a ladyboy dating site

    However, if you took a moment to check out just how many guys there are thinking the same thing, or looked at the hundreds of daily PMs and messages most of these ladyboys are getting, suddenly things would look a little less promising.

    That’s not to put you off, in fact the vast majority of guys on these sites are just looking for a cheap cyber thrill and have no real intention (or the balls) to meet a ladyboy in person. Many are miles away and will never even step foot in Thailand, let alone meet up with the ladyboys they constantly message, most are just looking for naughty pictures and cam sex. So if you’re genuinely on these sites to get a ladyboy date you need to make sure you standout.

    Posted Image

    Upload a picture

    A lot of ladyboys won’t even reply to a faceless message. They receive a lot of messages and it’s hard to take someone seriously when there’s not even a basic picture. It usually means someone is a timewaster or isn’t taking things seriously. If you want to standout and get replies you need to put up a picture. You don’t need to add galleries of photos, simply one or two pictures that show how you look and that you are real!

    I can understand why some guys don’t like putting up a picture; a lot of ladyboy lovers aren’t fully open about who they date and what they do. They don’t feel comfortable putting their face up on a ladyboy dating site in the fear that a friend, family member, or work colleague might find them there. The fact is the only way someone can find them on a dating site is if they also join the site, so then you have to question what they are doing there too!

    Keep it simple

    You need to fill out your profile and write a little introduction to yourself. Unlike Western dating sites many Thais don’t actually read a lot of what is written in your profile and prefer to just look at the pictures and then get chatting, but it is still helpful to write a little intro to say who you are and what you are looking for.

    Don’t write an endless monologue about your philosophies of life, and your favourite cheeses, just keep it simple. A short paragraph getting straight to the point will suffice. Anything more than that and most ladyboys won’t read it anyway.

    Posted Image

    Be in Thailand (or at least be heading their soon!)

    If you’re in Thailand make that clear in your profile and set Thailand as your location. If you’re not in Thailand but will be there soon write that on your profile and let people know early on when you contact them.

    Ladyboys get a lot of guys contacting them from all over the world, most are not in Thailand and never will be so they will quickly want to find out your location. Avoid the temptation of saying you are in Thailand when you aren’t, but make it clear when you will be there. A few ladyboys will just be looking to meet guys there and then and so won’t want to chat if they know you’re not in there already, but lying won’t help.

    As usually is the case, being honest is the best plan of action. Tell them where you are and when you’ll be there (and if you won’t be in Thailand any time soon just tell them what you are looking for from the start – and you just might get it).

    Be original

    Most Thai ladyboys speak limited English and online chats often go the same way.. “Hi.. How are you?.. Where are you.. When you come Thailand..” You may not be able to debate how successful Obama’s presidency has been, or discuss the benefits of a working Hadron Collider, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go off script.

    Instead of giving simple answers to their simple questions try to inject some humor and personality. Ask them interesting questions and try to get them to laugh. Trust me, most guys will be asking about sex and to see pictures, or hoping to get them on cam; show some interest in their lives and make them laugh and you’ll definitely gain their interest.

    Posted Image

    Don’t take it too personal

    When things don’t go to plan and you find yourself having a heated conversation with someone, hit the close or block button and move on. Often things get lost in translation and there are a lot of hormones flowing, and you will occasionally come across someone having a bad day. When this happens just stay calm, be polite, and move along.

    Some ladyboys spend a lot of time on these dating sites and in the process they meet a lot of a-holes, rude and stupid people, and often have to put up with a lot of crap. As we said, a lot of the guys they get messages from just want to see pictures or get them on cam, looking for a cheap free thrill, It takes its toll, and you’ll occasionally find yourself chatting to a ladyboy who has had enough for the day and might be a bit snappy or judgmental. When this happens try to be understanding and patient, or if that won’t work just avoid them. Arguing with someone on a dating site is just wasting yours and their time.

    Get a premier membership

    The best way to standout and get results on ladyboy dating sites is to get a premium membership. By doing so you’ll go straight to the top of the search results for the ladyboys and be highlight when they view the site. On top of this you’ll get unlimited messages with no restrictions, and get instant messaging.

    The two sites we highly recommend for meeting and chatting which are worthwhile and just about guarantee you success.

    My Ladyboy Date is free to set up your account and make searches, and your account will remain active for as long as you wish – to get filtered results and to be featured to the other ladyboys, with unlimited messages, paid memberships start at under $10 per month – a worthy investment if you want to meet some seriously hot and available ladyboys.

    Thai Friendly memberships start at under $25 for one month, but they have some great value for money memberships if you go for something longer. I’d suggest the 3 month membership at under $50, and upgrade to the yearly membership at $100 if you find it to your liking.

    Written by: Moo Yung

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    • Jan 12 2016 01:46 AM
    • by Moo Yung
  4. Choosing a ladyboy friendly hotel in Thailand

    While many of Thailand’s major resort have a plethora of guest friendly hotels, with many hotels close to adult entertainment areas often catering directly to the single male traveler, it’s not a given that every such hotel close to the bars and nightlife will be ‘ladyboy friendly’ or appreciate you walking 3 amazonian ladyboys through the lobby at midday.

    Some hotels that claim to be guest friendly still have rules and extra charges for those who want to bring ladyboys back to their room, and some are simply not set up in a way to make your stay a hassle-free one. To avoid any potential pitfalls and to help you make the most out of your trip to the land of ladyboys, here’s our guide to choosing the right ladyboy friendly hotel in Thailand:

    Check out our list of tried and tested ladyboy friendly hotels

    Guest Friendly Vs Ladyboy Friendly

    To claim that a Thai hotel is guest friendly simply means that the staff will allow you to bring a guest back to your room. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t be charged an extra fee, and it may also come with certain rules and restrictions.

    Most hotels which are guest friendly will also be ladyboy friendly, especially hotels close to Bangkok’s red light districts, but in some cases a guest friendly hotel may not be ladyboy friendly; while they will allow their stayers to bring female guests back to their room they may now allow ladyboys to enter. Some will claim to allow all guests but may have staff that are prejudice against ladyboys and even unwelcoming to them.

    If you’re planning to take ladyboys back to your hotel room it’s important to make sure your hotel is ‘ladyboy friendly’ and not just guest friendly. The best way to check a hotel is ladyboy friendly is to simply ask them. We suggest you do this by email, not only will this get you their ladyboy guest policy in writing but you’ll also be able to do so anonymously if you wish.

    Posted Image

    Joiner fees

    A joiner fee is a charge some hotels will enforce when stayers bring guests back to their room. This can range from as little as 100 baht up to and over 1000 baht. Some hotels won’t advertise that they have a joiner fee and some will even claim to be guest friendly and then spring this extra charge on you when you bring your first guest back.

    Most hotels will let you know about any extra charges when you ask for their guest policy and it also pays to ask if they have a joiner fee or extra charges for bringing guests back just to make sure.

    If you only plan on bringing one guest back during your stay at a hotel you can usually avoid paying a joiner fee by booking your room for 2 occupants (most Thai hotel rooms cost the same for 1 and 2 occupants), and when bringing a guest back and faced with a joiner fee you can tell them this is your 2nd occupant, and ask to register them to the room. This will usually work when bringing 1 single guest back, but rarely works if bringing a different guest home each night.

    Multiple guests

    Some guest and ladyboy friendly hotels will allow you to only bring a limited number of guests back to your room. Most guest friendly hotels will allow you to bring at least 2 guests back to your room but some will charge for each additional guest with only the first guest allowed in for free.

    Multiple guest policies tend vary and it definitely pays to ask the hotel on this their policy if you’re someone who likes a lot of company. It’s understandable that most guest friendly hotels will have a limit on the number of guests you can bring to your room, simply because they have to respect their other occupants.

    Posted Image


    One thing you must consider is the location of the hotel. If you’re planning on spending a lot of time in the Bangkok gogo bars or around Pattay’s Walking Street, you want to consider ladyboy friendly hotels within a distance that’s comfortable to you.

    Some people enjoy hitting the bars and gogos but don’t like to be surrounded by nightlife, preferring a more serene locale. So it also pays to check the surrounding area of a hotel before opting for something recommended by other ladyboy lovers.

    The great thing is that ladyboy friendly hotels are plentiful in Thailand and you shouldn’t have to settle for something that doesn’t suit your tastes and requirements. Ladyboy friendly hotels aren’t limited to areas close to bars, and if you check with hotels in quieter areas you are likely to find some ladyboy friendly options.

    Hotel type

    It’s important to pick the style of hotel that makes you comfortable. Some people value their discretion and look for a hotel where they can go about their business unnoticed, while others are far less worried about what other people think and have budget and comfort high on their priority list.

    Some people prefer small hotels and guest houses which are often great value for money and very friendly, but typically the staff and other guests will soon know what you are doing and who you are doing it with. At the other end of the budget some people love those large and luxurious hotels with stunning facilities and snazzy rooms, and often at affordable prices. However, these types of hotel also tend to attract families, even when close to the red light zones, and you may feel a little uncomfortable walking your date through the lobby or inviting her to join you by the pool.

    With all types of hotel it pays to check the typical type of guests who stay here, and large ladyboy friendly hotels within the red light areas are usually a safe bet.

    Posted Image

    The bum hose

    One last thing to consider is whether the hotel rooms have a bum hose. It’s often an afterthought to many, but seasoned ladyboy lovers will know the benefits of having one, and will often avoid rooms that don’t.

    Check out our new ladyboy friendly hotels section for a list of recommended hotels in Bangkok, Pattaya, and Phuket.. http://ladyboyforum....riendly-hotels/

    Our recommended ladyboy friendly hotels:


    InterContinental Bangkok

    Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit

    Phachara Suites


    Hard Rock Pattaya

    LK Renaissance

    Page 10




    Royal Phawadee

    • Jan 12 2016 01:52 AM
    • by Moo Yung
  5. Vetting ladyboys on Thaifriendly

    From the heart of Pattaya, Phuket, and Bangkok, you’ll find literally hundreds of ladyboys online each and every day, and even in the outer reaches of Thailand’s Deep South and Esaan regions you’ll find ladyboys aplenty.

    Join up and you’ll get to message them, pay for a membership and you’ll get instant chat and endless messages, vastly increasing your odds of getting the right kind of date, right away! Whether you’re looking for an immediate short time, a serious relationship, or just want a chat buddy, there’s a wide variety of ladyboys available here, coming from all walks of life.

    Despite the quantity and quality of ladyboys available on Thaifriendly it can still be very hit or miss with regards to the kind of ladyboy you’ll meet and experience you’ll get. Some are looking for a customer and fast cash in exchange for making sweet sweet love, others are searching for a long term relationship and the love of their life, and many fall somewhere in between the two, but it’s not always that straight forward. The trick to getting success on Thaifriendly (and most other ladyboy dating sites) is knowing how to vet your potential dates.

    Posted Image

    What do you want?

    The first thing you need to work out is what you actually want. Be honest, do you really want a long term relationship? Or is that just what you think the tall, slim, cabaret dancer wants to hear in order to get her into bed?

    If you really do want to find ‘the one’, then you can certainly find ladyboys looking for more serious, committed relationships on Thaifriendly, though they are somewhat outweighed by those looking for immediate connections and ‘dates at rates.’ Paying for sex isn’t the best foundation to build a trusting relationship on, so you’re going to want to discount those primarily looking for money. In most cases it’s OK to ask someone if they are looking for customers and cash (this would be less acceptable in most other countries, but not in Thailand). Yes, some ladyboys will take offence to this but not many, and it’s a fair question to ask when on a site highly populate by working girls. Some will even tell you in their profile that they are not a prostitute or make it clear they are looking for a serious relationship.

    If you’re looking for paid company then you’ll have no shortage of options. I’d say the vast majority of ladyboys on Thaifriendly in major locations such as Bangkok, Pattaya, and Phuket, are looking to exchange sex for cold hard cash. Prices will vary, as will the quality of experience you get (and the two are rarely actually related), but you won’t have to cast your net very far to find an attractive ladyboy willing to come directly to your hotel room for some fun and financial rewards. Most ladyboys will be very open about the fact they are looking for customers and money, some will even make it clear on their profile, but don’t expect everyone to be willing to jump into bed at the site of a 1000 baht note. As above, if you’re not sure it’s generally OK to ask, respectfully, what someone is looking for.

    If you’re looking for a one night stand (or even a one hour stand) but not happy to pay your way then that gets a bit trickier. Yes, sure, there are some ladyboys on the site looking for friends with benefits, and not interested in selling their body, but it’s definitely something that needs a little discussion. If you know you just want to get laid, be honest. Telling a different story to get someone in to bed is a recipe for drama you just don’t want.

    Posted Image

    Pay attention to the details

    Before you contact anyone on Thaifriendly read their profile! Some profiles are sparse or poorly written (not every ladyboy can communicate well in English), some are just damn confusing or contradictory, but a lot of them tell you everything you need to know.

    Some ladyboys will simply write stuff like ‘I’m looking for a serious relationship,’ or ‘I’m looking for customers,’ which is great, and straight away you can tell if this is the kind of person you’re looking for. Some will even go into great detail telling you what they do for a living, what they are looking for, and the kind of hobbies and activities they like, which is just perfect, even though it is all too rare.

    Reading a ladyboy’s profile will save you a whole lot of time, especially if you are non-paying member of the site and only get to send one message every 10 minutes. Some ladyboys will even get a bit annoyed if you ask them for details or info which they’ve posted on their profile; it just shows you’re lazy and not that interested.

    Posted Image

    A picture says a thousand words

    The pictures on a profile can tell you a lot, and often reveal information missing from the written description, or even contradicting it. Here are some examples:

    Pictures in a gogo bar = She is obviously looking for customers or has a history of working in a bar. It’s a bit of a no-brainer.

    Pictures abroad = She is either from a well educated or well off back ground and has had the privileged of traveling, or, has/had a foreign boyfriend/sponsor (the second is more commonly the case).

    Pictures in lingerie or skimpy outfits = I generally assume this person is looking for fun or attention. If their profile says that they are looking for a serious relationship, such pictures can be contradictory, and while a raunchy picture doesn’t mean someone is a prostitute or untrustworthy, it has to be said that it’s not the smartest choice of picture to use if you’re genuinely looking for true love (rather than true lust).

    Pictures on a dating profile are merely an indication of who you’re talking too, they are by no means an accurate portrait. Some ladyboys will use professional looking photos or studio pics, and in most cases these will be airbrushed or heavily edited. If you’re on the site for some time you’ll notice a lot of profiles are several years old and the pictures have never been changed. Of all the ladyboys I’ve met through Thaifriendly a significant percentage of them haven’t looked like their profile pic (although that doesn’t mean I’ve always been disappointed). With that said I’m sure most guys (including myself) are also using pictures that are somewhat inaccurate, taken during a rare moment where perfect lighting, distance, and costume, all align to highlight your best features.

    Posted Image

    Good signs

    • A detailed description which lets you know exactly what they do for work and pleasure, and the kind of person they’d like to find.
    • Clear, up-to-date pictures, which have not been edited or airbrushed.
    • A friendly and warm tone to the language. They don’t have to speak great English, but you can generally get a feel for if someone is warm and approachable if they’ve written a profile description.
    Bad signs
    • ‘I hate liars,’ ‘bad man leave me alone,’ ‘why man make me cry,’ and any kind of emotional talk or anger is a warning sign. If you see this kind of talk then the red warning light should be flashing and you should be clicking to the next profile. It might not be aimed at you but it tells you they are a little unstable and prone to drama.
    • A long winded speech about love written in immaculate English. It sounds a bit cold, but more often than not this is a kind of phishing scam, usually written by someone else for money. It’s not to say that the person at the other end of the profile isn’t real, but they are literally just telling you they are desperate for a foreign lover to support them and their family (primarily in a financial way), and just about anyone will do.
    • Someone telling you they love you or miss you before you’ve even met. This is clear evidence that someone is a little emotionally unstable and/or, as above, desperate for a relationship and someone to support them.
    Posted Image

    Don’t take it too seriously

    Some people will frustrate you, some will even insult you, but just remember, it’s just a dating site.

    If someone is playing games or trying to pick a fight simply ignore them. If they continue to contact you with abuse, hit the ‘block’ button. The last thing you want to do is trade insults, it will only result in you getting annoyed and angry.

    There are so many ladyboys available on Thaifriendly, no matter what you are looking for, a long distance relationship, sex right now, or something in between, you’ll have enough options to not have to waste your time and energy on someone who clearly isn’t right for you.

    Written by: Moo Yung

    For the dating ladyboys in Thailand we recommend joining Thai Friendly which has hundreds of Thai ladyboys listed.

    For dating ladyboys globally we recommend joining My Ladyboy Date which has attractive ladyboys in many Asian and Western countries.

    • Jun 03 2015 12:58 PM
    • by Moo Yung
  6. Your first ladyboy encounter

    You have a feeling inside that you may be attracted to ladyboys; you have searched and searched on the internet looking at photos and videos, reading trip reports and stories from those who have met them in the flesh, and you have even found and joined a forum which discuss in vivid detail what it’s like to be with a ladyboy. You don’t quite feel part of that community, more an outsider peeking in with curiosity, you have concerns and doubts about whether this is ‘right’ or ‘normal’, which is perfectly OK, of course, and yet despite those strong moments of doubt, denial, and repression, something inside causes you to keep coming back for more..

    Posted Image

    Confronting your attraction

    Whether your curiosity stems from seeing beautiful ladyboys in the flesh or a snowballing fascination that started with clicking on one too many porn categories, if those urges and feelings won’t go away it’s something you may be battling for some time, ultimately leaving you having to explore your feelings and sexuality, or making serious efforts to ignore and repress your emotions.. OK maybe that’s a bit dramatic, but there are choices to be made as to how far you are willing to go with this.
    I’ve always gone by the belief that you should regret the things you never try, but never the things you try and didn’t like, and while many curious ladyboy lovers try to ignore urges towards ladyboys because of existing relationships, or a genuine fear of breaking a taboo and being looked at differently by their family, friends, peers, or colleagues, for those more adventurous, or those finding it too hard ignoring their attraction, there are plenty of ways to meet a ladyboy and have that first real experience.

    Posted Image
    Finding that first ladyboy.

    Once you’ve come to terms with the fact you are obsessed with ladyboys then why not meet one? Of course there are Asian ladyboys all over the world, and you may even be able to find one right in the city where you live, but you might not feel quite comfortable enough yet to explore this new attraction so close to home..

    Alternatively you may want to head out to a big city, one of the big European capitals like London or Paris, where you should be able to find a few Asian ladyboys in the backpage ads or escort directories. However this will end up being a very expensive night and a typically rushed experience, that’s not the way you want this adventure to begin.

    If you are single and have enough time and money for a small (or long) vacation, the most obvious option is to be courageous and head to Asia, and perhaps more specifically, Thailand, and meet those amazing ladyboys in the land where they are plentiful..

    Posted Image

    Why Thailand?

    Thailand, by far, has the largest number of available ladyboys and they are very easy to find. There is a large bar scene, as well as several social media and dating websites where you’ll find them in number. ThaiFriendly.com and MyLadyboyDate are all great places to start, and they have available ladyboys in virtually every city in the Thailand (even several in Europe and beyond), you can even lineup dates before you arrive.

    There are also hundreds of available “freelancers” who would be happy to help you enjoy your first experience with a ladyboy; many of them enjoy meeting with a newbie and will treat you accordingly to make you comfortable and relaxed for your first time. Or if you really need a discreet and professional service, why not try an escort service such as www.ladyboysbangkok.com, where you can make special requests and plan you meetings in the finest detail.

    Posted Image

    What to expect

    First of all, there is no reason to be nervous. Thai ladyboys are usually very friendly and aim to please, and will generally treat you well. Escorts and prostitution services are looked at in a far more accepting way than in the west, and experiences with bar girls and escorts are generally an unrushed and friendly experience, as well as being much cheaper.

    Most ladyboys are incredibly feminine, they look, act, and smell like a woman. Once you are alone in your room with a ladyboy, behind closed doors, you will then have the freedom to finally go with your true desires and explore her body and your sexual desires. It is likely to be an incredibly enlightening experience.

    The odds are that if you are reading this article you are already attracted to ladyboys, even if you have yet to act on your urges. Most people who has been with a ladyboy were once in the exact same position you are in right now, and after building up the courage to make that first move they have never looked back. You are now in the same boat, so take that all-important first step and welcome to the club!

    So how was your first experience with a ladyboy? We'd love to hear your stories!

    Written by: Moo Yung

    If you want to meet ladyboys online we suggest joining Thai Friendly to find ladyboy based in Thailand, or My Ladyboy Date, for ladyboys located around the world.

    • Jan 12 2016 01:54 AM
    • by Moo Yung
  7. Ladyboy dating: dos and dont's

    Here are a few Dos and DON’Ts to dating a ladyboy:

    DON’T.. Assume that you are God’s gift to ladyboys..

    It’s crazy, but some guys do go into dates with ladyboys taking the attitude that ladyboys should be grateful or feel lucky to meet them. These guys are naively under the impression that there are so few guys that like ladyboy it automatically makes them every ladyboy’s wet dream.

    Here’s a news flash for you: ladyboys, just like everyone else you’ll meet in life, are individuals with individual tastes. Some love young guys, some fall for the guy who makes them laugh, some prefer blondes, or sweet guys, or even mature guys, their preferences and taste are as varied as anyone’s. What the universally don’t seem to like is they guy who thinks he’s God’s gift to the third sex.

    Be confident by all means, but don’t be arrogant or rude.

    Posted Image

    DO ..Treat ladyboys with respect..

    A little respect goes a long way in just about every society of the world, no more so than in Thailand and among its ladyboy population. It’s not only important to respect someone’s race, culture and religion, but when dating a ladyboy it’s just as important to respect their gender choices.

    First dates should always be kept pretty light and simple, so asking a ladyboy about her transition or sexual experiences is not the best conversation starter. Treat her like a lady. Be sensitive. Keep things positive and pay her compliments. If you’re wondering at what age she started taking hormones, or how ‘active’ she is in the bedroom, try holding those questions back for now.

    Get to know the person and the personality, not the gender or sexuality. There will be plenty of time to tackle the more serious issues if/when the dating starts to get more serious.

    Posted Image

    DON’T..Assume every ladyboy is easy..

    Yes, most ladyboys tend to be more promiscuous and sexually active/adventurous than most women, but by no means is every ladyboy looking for sex or easy to get into bed. No matter the background or sexual experience of your ladyboy date, assuming you’re going to get laid at the end may lead to disappointment.

    Some ladyboys will be looking for a serious relationship, tired of going on dates with guys who just want sex. So, if you’re just looking to get laid then it pays to be honest before the date even begins, I mean why waste anyone’s time, there are plenty out there who will meet you for no strong sex.

    By all means flirt and be sensual, but try not to be offensive or come on too strong.

    Posted Image

    DO..Be honest about what you want..

    As said above. If you want sex, be open from the start, many ladyboys on dating sites are looking for sex meets (whether that be for money or just fun), if you’re looking for a serious relationship let them know you’re open to that option. Or if you’re just looking to meet and see how things go without making any commitment then tell them just that.

    Don’t be afraid of their reaction to your honest, it will be far more uncomfortable realizing you both want completely different things after meeting. Telling a ladyboy you are looking for a long term relationship just to get her into bed may well back fire, when you want to ask her to leave after sex but she’s already tucked up in bed with her toothbrush sitting in your bathroom.

    Posted Image

    DON’T.. Believe everything a ladyboy tells you..

    Some ladyboys will lie. That picture on their profile may be a few years old. When they said they had only been in Pattaya for 2 months they weren’t including the 3 years they spent in Pattaya prior to those 3 months. When they said they are single they meant single when in Pattaya; their boyfriend in Germany doesn’t count, even though he is sending her money every month.

    Go into the date with no expectations and an open mind, and take time to learn the truth.

    Posted Image

    DON’T .. Believe everything you tell a ladyboy..

    Ok so you lied about your age by a few years, and when you said you had only been with 2 other ladyboys, you only meant this month. That’s no big deal, but try not to let the lies get out of hand, and whatever you do, just because you are feeling in awe or horny, don’t start making promises you probably won’t keep.

    Relax. Try to listen more than talk. Just enjoy the date and have fun.

    Please do share your tips for dating ladyboys!

    Written by: Moo Yung

    For the dating ladyboys in Thailand we recommend joining Thai Friendly which has hundreds of Thai ladyboys listed.

    For dating ladyboys globally we recommend joining My Ladyboy Date which has attractive ladyboys in many Asian and Western countries.

    • Apr 30 2015 10:50 AM
    • by Moo Yung
  8. Surviving a long distance relationship

    Here’s the scenario: You’ve had an attraction to ladyboys for several years. You’ve viewed countless hours of ladyboy porn, chatted to ladyboys on cam and dating sites, and now you’ve taken your first holiday to Thailand to meet and enjoy the company of ladyboys in the flesh. None of this has helped reduce your attraction to the third sex, instead you are now totally obsessed.

    On your recent trip to Thailand you fell head over heels in love with the ladyboy of your dreams, who you happened to meet in a small beer bar. You spent your finals days together at the beach, going to the movies, dancing in the discos, and sleeping together every night. She even took you to meet her sister and some of her family but now your trip is almost over and reality is sinking in; you must go back home to your job and responsibilities and at best you’ll be back to Thailand again in 6-12 months (which seems a lifetime away).

    You felt 18 and in love again, she is the one, you would do anything not to lose her, you must find a way to make this relationship work even though you’ll be miles apart..

    Posted Image

    A time and a place

    For a single male with an attraction to ladyboys, Thailand is like nowhere else on this earth. Ladyboy lovers who are lucky enough to have a holiday in Thailand (while single at least), often experience a level of social and sexual freedom that they’ve probably never experienced before, it can obviously be quite enlightening. Leaving such a fulfilling and enjoyable experience is obviously going to be somewhat painful, and in some cases it will be life changing experience, giving someone a totally new outlook on life back home and future ambitions.

    Leaving Thailand and your new ladyboy love is bound to be an emotional time. You really don’t want this to be a holiday romance, you feel in love and the happiest you’ve been for years, maybe ever, but a holiday romance is often largely down to a time and a place, and unless you really despise Thailand and long to be back to your ‘normal’ life, how much of this emotion is down the experience you’ve had as a whole? How much of it is a result of your new found freedom? Or your sexual awakening? How much of this ‘love’ is real?

    During this emotional time it’s very hard to heed the rational advice of others, but if you’re going to make any long distance relationship work you’re going to need to keep your head and make some sensible choices. That means not making big decisions or promises when you’re feeling emotional. When your holiday ends try to keep cool and positive and let the dust settle before you make any big plans. In about 2 or 3 weeks when you’re back home and in routine you’ll see things much clearer.

    Posted Image

    No money no honey?

    So.. 1 month in and you’re still madly in love. You’ve been talking to your new ladyboy girlfriend several times a day. You’re working hard at your job, taking all the overtime you can get, and you’ve already penciled in your next trip to Thailand in 6 months time, but you’re worried she’ll leave you if she still works in the bar or you are away too long. You’re under pressure to send her money..

    If you’re lucky you’ve either fallen in love with a ladyboy who is financially secure or you’re so open minded you can live with the fact she will continue to meet customers and earn a living her way. However, in many cases there comes a decision to make, one that pits your emotions against your finances.. Should you send your ladyboy girlfriend money? Whether that be so that she doesn’t have to work in her bar, or simply to make her life more comfortable until you meet again.

    I’m not one of those guys who rolls his eyes every time he learns a friend is sending money to a ladyboy or bar girl. As far as I’m concerned it’s your money and you are free to spend it how you best see fit. However, I do hate to see guys sending money and causing themselves financial problems in an attempt to keep emotional problems at bay. This never works and they almost always end up broke and even more upset.

    The basic rule should be, only give what you can comfortably afford to lose. If you really want to send a ladyboy money so that you can be together your first priority should be to pay your bills and make sure your family and home life is all working as normal. You then need to start saving for your next trip to Thailand. If you’re not prioritizing those financial burdens then you won’t be meeting again any time soon. After that, if you have a comfortable life at home and money to burn, then why not share a bit of your wealth, just don’t expect your money to buy you faith, loyalty or love.

    Posted Image

    Enjoy the journey

    Once you get over the money hurdle the next issue will be trust. Maybe you’re now a few months into your relationship and things are going OK. You miss her and talk regularly, but there’s always that doubt in the back of your mind that she’s not being faithful.

    Whether or not your ladyboy girlfriend is cheating on you is another matter, the onus is on you to take control of your emotions and not let your imagination run wild. Trust will always be an issue in a long distance relationship, even more so when you meet your lover in such a promiscuous environment, but if you’re going to feel down or get crazy every time you’re girlfriend doesn’t answer her phone then things will soon go down a very dark path.

    Just as with the financial dilemma, be careful how much you invest yourself emotionally. This is not to say act cold and don’t care about your girlfriend, but certainly don’t build your future around one person you still know little about. Instead concentrate on building a better future which will not crumble before your eyes if she leaves you.

    Posted Image

    There’s no riding off into the sunset

    I’ve seen several examples when guys are in love with a Thai ladyboy, sending her money and declaring their love to her daily, if not by the hour, counting down the days until they go back to Thailand. The day finally comes around for them to head back to Thailand and suddenly they feel different. As soon as they are back in Thailand and surrounded by ladyboys and that sense of sexual freedom, their head starts to turn at every long legged ladyboy who gives them a cheeky smile. Despite all those months of faithfulness and promises of a future together, once back in the land of hot ladyboys they are starting to get the ‘itch’, and in some cases within a few days of being back they’ve already given in to temptation..

    A friend and ladyboy lover once said to me, ‘just enjoy the ride. There’s no riding off into the sunset when you like ladyboys.’ What he meant was, there’s no happy ending. You just can’t meet a ladyboy, fall in love, get married and build a life together, it doesn’t happen. You see guys and ladyboys dating all the time, and it never works, he’d always be the first to remind that to anyone starting to date a ladyboy. That was until he met his current wife, a Filipina ladyboy whom he took back to the UK to live with. They are now married and have built a life together.

    Feel free to share your stories regarding long distance relationships with transgendered girls. We'd especially love to hear success stories and words of encouragement.

    Written by: Moo Yung

    For dating ladyboys in Thailand we recommend joining Thai Friendly which has hundreds of local ladyboys listed.

    For dating ladyboys globally we recommend joining My Ladyboy Date which has attractive ladyboys in many Asian and Western countries.

    • Jan 12 2016 01:55 AM
    • by Moo Yung
  9. The health risks of sex with Ladyboys

    In this article we discuss the dangers, the risks, and the obvious caution you should be demonstrating when having sex with ladyboys (and particularly those who work in the sex industry or are sexually promiscuous).

    Are sexually-transmitted diseases and AIDS prevalent in the Ladyboy community?

    Exact numbers are hard to pin down, and studies on this subject are not very common, but one has to assume that disease and HIV are fairly common amongst the ladyboy population in well-known tourist locations such as Pattaya, Bangkok, Phuket and Angeles City, especially if the ladyboys work in the sex trade. Having sex with multiple men in any given month, sometimes as many as 20 or 30 different customers, makes this a very risky trade to be involved in and their chances of acquiring a disease goes up exponentially.

    Do most ladyboys use protection while having sex?

    From our experience living in Thailand and from discussions we have had with other westerners, we can conclude that most sex workers in the ladyboy scene do insist on their customers wearing condoms, especially when anal sex is involved. But this is not a given; we have heard many stories of men penetrating their ladyboy lover [or being penetrated themselves] without any protection, with the ladyboy oftentimes not attempting to stop them. This is very risky behavior indeed, and we strongly discourage it. It’s basically the same as having sex with the last 40 or 50 men she has been with.

    Which type of diseases are prevalent?

    At the low end of the spectrum, you have things such as lice, sometimes called crabs, transmitted between yourself and your lover when your pubic hairs intermingle; this can easily be done away with by using a simple cream prescribed by a doctor. Moving up from there, you could possibly get; chlamydia, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, herpes and even HIV. While the first three can all be treated, you will go have some painful days leading up to treatment, as well as an embarrassing chat with your doctor. Depending upon where you live, you may also have to register with local officials who keep a tab on such things. Herpes has no known cure, and while medication can keep the prevalence of breakouts down to a minimum, at the moment it is still something you will keep with you for life. HIV, as we all well know, has no known cure and could possibly lead to a death sentence down the road.

    Protection; the only solution.

    While many of us do not like wearing condoms and find them uncomfortable, this is a necessary pre-condition to having sex with ladyboys in the third world. This is especially true when having anal sex, either giving or receiving, and also should apply when accepting or giving sperm with your lover. While it has been proven that kissing is safe virtually 100% of the time, the exception being if your partner has an open sore or a cut within her mouth, accepting sperm in your mouth from a ladyboy could be extremely dangerous and could lead to many of the diseases mentioned above. Bottom line; be careful, be smart, always use condoms during anal sex, and be advised not to accept sperm into your mouth unless you have known your partner for a very long time and trust her implicitly.

    Written by: Cory Booker

    • Jan 12 2016 01:55 AM
    • by Cory Booker
  10. Writing a good ladyboy dating profile

    Fill it out

    Yes some dating profiles can be ridiculously long, intrusive and filled with nonsense questions (some stop just short of asking you to name your favorite root vegetables), but the best way to join a ladyboy dating site and get few to no replies is to fill out your profile incorrectly, or not at all.

    Many users will tick the boxes to build up a very basic profile and then when it comes to the ‘About Me’ section decide they can’t be bothered and put very little effort into filling it out. Newbie error! Along with a good profile picture the ‘About Me’ section is the most important part of the whole profile, and jotting down a few thoughtless words is as good as leaving it blank.

    This is your ad space. This is where you sell your award winning personality. You don’t have to pen your whole life story but you need to tease them in. Think of it as a trailer to who you are; create some interest and mystery, and leave them wanting more (of you!)

    Posted Image

    Writing about yourself

    Don’t come across as an arrogant jerk boasting about how you look or what you’ve achieved – by all means be positive and share your positive outlook on life but show some modesty.

    Keep it accurate – If you really want to find a date you’re going to have to meet at some stage, so saying you’re Ryan Gosling’s more handsome twin, or boasting about the fact you drive a Ferrari and speak 7 languages, could end up getting you dumped on your first date, or at least make for an evening of lies and disappointment (unless all three are true!).

    Keep it relevant – This is your dating resume and there are things to include (such as your passions, dreams, and hobbies) and things to not include (past relationships, STDs, and anything that basically makes you look weird or creepy).

    Keep it clean – Despite what you have seen on trannytube.com or whichever porn site first got you hooked on ladyboy, transsexuals and ladyboys aren’t sex obsessed love making machines and when looking for dating material not all of them want to hear about your cock size and favourite sex position during the intro period.

    Keep is simple – While leaving a profile blank won’t help you, writing way too much will just leave you looking a little sad and desperate. Write down your highlights and selling points, but keep it somewhat to the point. And remember, a lot of the ladyboys and transsexuals you will be meeting on these dating sites won’t be native English speakers, and a long passage of rambling English will leave them clicking the close button.

    Last and perhaps most important of all, be funny! You don’t have to write a stand up routine, but showing a little humor will only help gain someone’s interest and start introductions off with a smile.

    Posted Image

    Add a decent picture

    OK here’s the fickle part. While your ‘About Me’ section is the key to your success, if you don’t put up a clear photo it’s likely many ladyboy members won’t even bother to read it.

    The simple fact is that profiles with pictures get far more responses (on all dating site). The first thing that your potential ladyboy date will see is your profile picture. On most sites search results and new member lists consist of rows of pictures, with no other info, so if you don’t have a profile why would anyone click on you? Some even allow users to search only the profiles with pictures.

    It’s understood that some guys want to hide their identity, especially those new to ladyboy dating, often worried friends or family might discover their secret ‘other life’, but the truth is this is highly unlikely. Your profile picture isn’t going to appear in random search engine results all over the web, and the only way a friend or work colleague would ever come across it would be if they also joined the site, meaning they are also interested in ladyboys, and if anything, they have now found a friend who they can share their interest with.

    If you are worried about being ‘caught’ or seen by friends and relatives, try paying for a membership at a more private and discreet ladyboy dating site, such as My Ladyboy Date, or register at a site such as ThaiLoveLinks, which is predominantly a hetero dating site and also has full identity protection for its paying members.

    Posted Image

    Choosing the right picture

    Pictures should be clear, either a full body or good head shot. Don’t blur out your face, it’s as good as not putting up a picture at all, and even if you do have an Adonis body it still suggests you are ashamed of your ladyboy cravings or simply have a weird looking face.

    The picture should show the best of you without being pretentious. First impressions count. If you look like an arrogant asshole, that’s how they’ll judge you.

    The picture should be up to date and show how you look today. Showing that college year book photo taken 26 years ago is not really a fair reflection of how you look today, and again, means any chance of clicking on a first date will be dashed on first sight.

    Be alone in the picture. Standing with a friend will just confuse people. You don’t need to prove you have mates. Showing a picture of yourself with another ladyboy doesn’t show that you have experience, it says that you are a playboy – which isn’t a good thing.

    Most important of all, smile! This isn’t an application to join the KGB.

    Posted Image

    Be honest – what do you really want?

    Being honest about who you are is one thing, but on a dating profile it also pays to be clear and honest about what you want.

    Don’t be afraid to be blunt and totally honest about what you are looking for. If you are looking for one night stands say just that, if you are looking for a long term relationship and the love of your life, express it clearly. Not being honest will not only waste their time but it will waste a lot of your time too. There are plenty of ladyboys and transsexuals looking for all kind of relationships and guys, just be honest and you should soon find your perfect match.

    Posted Image

    Click HERE for more information on ladyboy dating

    Or check out..

    The best ladyboy datings sites

    The best Thai dating sites

    Written by: Moo Yung

    • Aug 06 2014 11:03 PM
    • by Moo Yung
  11. Best Thai ladyboy dating sites

    The following are Thai based websites which have a large ladyboy membership:


    The lowdown:

    This is one of the oldest and hands down the best site for meeting Thai girls, and more importantly, it’s also one of the best for meeting ladyboys.

    With so many members covering all the corners of Thailand, it’s also the most popular site of its kind with the Thais, and where Thai girls and ladyboys seem to clearly outnumber their male suitors.


    It’s a huge site, very well done, with lots of great features. It’s obviously been made by professionals with a focus on user experience and updated itself over the years.

    It has so many Thai members, and while a lot of Thai dating sites have a huge amount of members based in Bangkok and Pattaya, this site has great coverage across the whole of Thailand, in fact it’s notably very popular in Isaan and more rural parts. As a result you’ll meet a lot of new ladyboys here that you just won’t meet as a tourist, or even on other Thai dating sites.


    There are a lot of restrictions if you are not a member, and so some guys quit the site before joining and getting results – but that’s their loss.

    The only real negative would be that they don’t have a search feature for ladyboys, so you have to either search female profiles and filter the ladyboys out yourself, or search the term ladyboy (which should get you a lot of results, but obviously not all). Being such a long standing website, and with so many ladyboys as members, it’s strange that they still don’t have this search filter.

    Should I pay?

    Yes, definitely. You need to take a bit of a leap of faith with ThaiLoveLinks, as you can’t really get results without joining, but trust me, if you are looking for genuine Thai ladyboys (and/or cute Thai girls), this one not only has the most but also has many you won’t find elsewhere.

    Click HERE to try Thailovelinks

    Posted Image


    The lowdown:

    I have some expat friends in Thailand who swear by Thaifriendly, they use no site but this one. I can kind of see why, it’s simple, easy to use, and if you live in Bangkok or Pattaya, there are always a lot of girls and ladyboys online.
    While some dating sites are very relationship based this site is almost the opposite, with a lot of the members simply looking for paying customers.


    It’s quick and easy to search and it has a good system for sending you instant emails when you get ‘admirers’ and private messages, with little lag time. It also sends out regular emails with your latest matches and new members.
    If you have no interest in relationship and just want to get laid while in Thailand, this is a great site (though be willing to pay for it).

    It has a lot of members in Bangkok and Pattaya, and you’ll get results in these two cities around the clock.


    While it’s great if you are in Bangkok or Pattaya and looking for a quick date or one night stand, it’s not so great for other parts of Thailand, and pretty useless if searching outside of the country.

    It has a lot of escorts on the site, in fact most girls on here are bar girls or hoping to make some money from their dates – even the ones who tell you they are not! It also has a lot of members with attitude.

    With the relaxed attitude towards sex and prostitution, as well as attracting a lot of ladyboy bar girls it also attracts a lot of guys just looking to talk dirty and play games. As a result you get a lot of jaded ladyboys who are suspicious of the intentions of most male users – which explains the attitude mentioned, but means it’s definitely not the best site for anyone looking for a serious or loyal relationship.

    You’ll also find that if you are not in Thailand you’ll get mixed responses. Many of the ladyboys here are looking for money and quick meets, rather than pen pals. Don’t expect them to hold a lot of enthusiasm if they discover you’re not going to be in Thailand any time soon.

    It’s very low on features, especially with the free membership. While I like the simplicity of the site, I do miss certain features I’m used to on some of the other sites.

    Should I pay?

    Up to you. If money is tight then don’t join, you can do a lot as a free member. If you send a post to someone you are not allowed to send another message to anyone for 20 minutes, which can be very frustrating – so it pays to be to the point. It’s actually one of the cheaper sites to join, and if you like the feel of the site I’d say it’s probably better to pay, as not only can you send unlimited messages you can also send instant messages and get use of the PM bar/system, which non-paying members no longer see.

    Click HERE to see Thaifriendly

    Posted Image


    The lowdown:

    Started as an alternative to ThaiLoveLinks, ThaiLoveLines were obviously trying to cash in on their epic success in Thailand. It’s very similar in look, feel and navigation, but they have managed to add a lot of extra features, and through a lot of marketing to Thais, they have just about caught up and are now serious rivals.


    I really like the features, including instant chat and even free calling between members (through Skype), it feels a lot more personal.

    It’s also a little cheaper than ThailLoveLinks – and if you are tired of TLL this site is the best alternative.


    I still Think ThaiLoveLinks pips this one, while ThaiLoveLines claims to have over 250,000 members, I wonder how many of these are the male members, and I’m pretty sure TLL has slightly more ladyboy members, especially out in the rural areas.

    Should I pay?

    If I wasn’t a member of ThaiLoveLinks, or had tried it and wanted a change then this is definitely one I’d try a paid membership on. However, if you already have an active account with TLL I don’t see the point of having dual memberships (or at least not with two similar sites).

    Click here to find Thailovelines

    Posted Image


    Written by: Moo Yung

    • Aug 06 2014 11:07 PM
    • by Moo Yung
  12. Best ladyboy dating sites

    Even in Bangkok it’s not as simple as you think to get a ladyboy girlfriend (the vast majority of the ladyboys you meet in the tourist areas of Thailand will be looking for a walking ATM rather than a passionate foreign lover).

    I know all this because I’ve been there; as a ladyboy lover stuck in a remote part of the west, drooling over ladyboy pictures on the web, as a regular visitor to Thailand, meeting ladyboys but still drooling over them during the long periods I was far away, and even as an expat in Thailand, meeting ladyboys every day but still struggling to find ‘the one’. In each and every scenario dating sites have come to my rescue.

    From the moment I discovered ladyboy dating sites my life changed and I went from dreaming to actually chatting to real ladyboys, and meeting them!; not only finding lots of interesting and amazing ladyboys in Asia, but also finding fun and attractive ladyboys (genuine ladyboys!), back in the west.

    I’ve tried just about every ladyboy dating site there is, or at least the most popular ones, and had varied success. So, to help you ease into the world of ladyboy dating (or perhaps point out a few new sites to guys already on the scene), here are my favourite online ladyboy dating sites:

    My Ladyboy Date

    The Lowdown:

    Run by a Western guy and his Filipina ladyboy girlfriend, MyLadyoyDate has a heavy focus on genuine relationship rather than notching up the numbers, and prides itself as being the first ladyboy dating site design for ladyboys looking for more serious relationships, and their likeminded admirers.

    The Pros:

    This is where you come to if you are looking for a ladyboy relationship which could go the distance. Not only does it have a huge database of ladyboys from all over the world, and I mean literally everywhere, but ladyboy profiles are vetted to insure they only get those who are looking for relationships, and don’t allow anyone to use the site to escort or charge for their services.

    Due to the nature of the site it gets a lot of smart, interesting, career minded ladyboys, which you’ll struggle to find anywhere else. The site itself is also very easy to use and navigate, with a smooth, modern feel to it and a great support team who quickly respond to emails.


    Due to the site being all about finding true love and starting relationships, they don’t take kindly to guys playing the field, talking dirty and asking everyone for sex. On occasions they have even banned users who have repeatedly done this (though in every case they refunded the full membership).

    If you are just looking for lots of sex and dirty talk this isn’t the site for you.

    Should I pay?

    Yes. Despite being free to ladyboys, guys will have to pay to get the best out of the site and have the freedom to message anyone, but that’s pretty par for the course. While there are many free dating sites out there I haven’t found one as good as this, especially if you are looking for a serious relationship rather than a one night stand or bang buddy. Being such a unique site I would suggest serious ladyboy lovers should sign up and try it for month, from my experience you won’t be disappointed.

    Click HERE to go to My Ladyboy Date

    Posted Image

    My Transsexual Date

    The lowdown:

    Also run by the same guy/ladyboy couple, this is the sister site to MyLadyboyDate, built around all the same ethics as the aforementioned site; created for those looking for relationships.

    The difference is that this site is aimed more at Transsexuals. That may confuse some of you, but basically Asian transsexual identify themselves better as being ladyboys, while Western transsexuals see Ladyboy as a term referring only to Asians. So while MLB attracts a lot of Asian TS girls, MyTranssexualDate attracts a lot of Western based transsexuals.


    As with MyLadyboyDate this site is vetted to stop certain members using it to sell their services and as a result gets a lot of T-Girls who are very genuine, smart and interesting (as well as being hot!).

    This site also attracts a lot of transsexuals based outside of Asia and so if you are looking for someone close to home rather than travelling to Asia or having a long distance relationship, this is the site for you.


    Being the sister site of MLD it has also attracted a lot of the members to join here, largely down to its success, meaning you’ll see a lot of the same girls on both sites.

    As with MLD, MyTranssexualDate also prefer guys looking for genuine relationships, offering a lot of help and support, but frowning upon playboy behavior and those sending dirty messages.

    Should I pay?

    Yes, but.. I would definitely pay for this site if I wasn’t already a member of MyLadyboyDate, but seeing as many ladyboys and transsexuals have registered on both sites I would just recommend paying for one or the other, not both.

    Click HERE to join My Transsexual Date

    Posted Image

    Ladyboy Kisses

    The lowdown:

    LadyboyKisses is my favourite Asia based ladyboy dating site. Actually I believe its run by a team of European webmasters and claims to be an international dating site, but the truth is it’s heavily populated with a lot of ladyboys from Thailand and the Philippines.

    It’s perhaps most famous for being ‘the site which launched a thousand ladyboy relationships’. Actually that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but they do have a page dedicated to the many guy/ladyboy relationships which started up via their site, and it is quite a few.

    Unlike MLD and MTD, LadyboyKisses isn’t just about serious relationships, and there are plenty of ladyboys here just looking for fun and hook-ups.


    Here you’ll find A LOT of Asian ladyboys, especially Thais and Philippinos, not only those living in Asia, but also quite a few based in Europe, the USA, and other parts of the world.

    Once you’re a full member there are a lot of great features, such as web cam chat and instant messaging between members, and some cool stat and member rankings.

    The search function is also pretty good and you’ll get a regular newsletter updating you with all the new ladyboy members and matches you have.


    The main problem I have with the site is the look and design. The site feels very dated (pardon the pun), and the design work will not be to everyone’s taste. However this isn’t a site devoted to graphic designers and art students, and the style doesn’t affect the fact it has a lot of members and a good search function.

    Should I pay?

    It’s free to join but again you need to get a paid membership to really get the most out of it and have the freedom to see and contact everyone. I’d advise taking the site for a test drive first – sign up, create a profile, and then play around with the search function. If you like what you see then join up with a paid membership. There’s a lot you don’t see until you do join, but you can definitely get a feel for the kind of ladyboys available and potential of the site with a free sign up first.

    Click HERE to visit Ladyboy Kisses

    Posted Image


    Written by: Moo Yung

    • Aug 06 2014 11:07 PM
    • by Moo Yung
  13. Do YOU want a Ladyboy Girlfriend?

    Many guys have been in the same place as you are right now, and many have indeed tried it out; to varying degrees of success. Do you think YOU could be one of the guys who goes the distance with a Ladyboy, maybe all the way to marriage and/or moving her to your home country? Do you have the patience, the time, and the means to pull something like this off? Can you live in Thailand for all or at least a large part of the year? Lets examine this further and see what lies ahead for you potential suitors out there.

    Posted Image

    Meeting your Dream Girl

    If you have ever been to Thailand, and most likely even if you have just researched it and have dreamed of going, you would know that Ladyboys are plentiful in The Land of Smiles. It must have something to do with the water or something, but Ladyboys are literally EVERYWHERE in Thailand and are very easy to meet. You can even meet them before you come over for the first time, as websites like Thaifriendly.com, Ladyboy Kisses, and myladyboydate cater to western men who are looking for a Thai lady or ladyboy to settle down with. Facebook and other social networks as well; Thailand has a good internet infrastructure these days, and most young Ladyboys are online either with their own laptop or smartphones. Once you are on the ground it's even easier; besides the obvious places to look, where prostitutes congregate, Ladyboys can be found working in pharmacies, perfume counters in large department stores, working as waitresses and hostesses at restaurants, and even as hotel desk clerks. They also like to shop; it's not uncommon to meet a handful of them walking around together inside a shopping mall!

    Of course the most common way to meet a Ladyboy, and the way favored by most tourists who come to Thailand looking for a relationship with one - or even a one-night stand with one - is to meet them at the various go-go bars and beer bars scattered throughout the tourist areas. These are plentiful, and if this is how you prefer to meet a Ladyboy it will be easy for you. There are also several thousand who are known as freelancers; these are prostitutes who don't like working in the bars and prefer to walk the streets looking for customers. Again, quite common and you will encounter many on your first trip to Thailand.

    Posted Image

    Settling Down

    You have surely heard the expression "You can take the girl out of the bar, but you can't take the bar out of the girl?" This definitely applies to the vast majority of western men who meet Ladyboys in Thailand, as they go for the easy route and try to settle down with a girl who works in a go-go bar. This often leads to a bad scenario, where the guy is now deeply in love with a girl he met in a bar, while she sees him as nothing more than en easy way to make regular more money. True love - at least from the side of the working Ladyboy - is quite rare in these instances. Bear in mind that the Ladyboy has usually been well-trained to MAKE you fall in love with her, and she has done this many times in the past already; you are just the latest victim to come along. Relationships with Ladyboys who work in bars are literally impossible to make work unless you can relocate to Thailand, and even then it's difficult. It's best, if at all possible, to find yourself a "nice girl" who works in a regular job and appreciates having a western boyfriend who can take care of her and treat her well. In this scenario you may not even have to move to Thailand to have a ladyboy girlfriend; while rare, it is not impossible for you to meet a girl and court her for a while, and then take her back to your own country. Again, rare, but not completely out of the question.

    Posted Image

    Making it Work

    Now comes the hard part! You have found a girlfriend you like, someone who is great company and gives you great sex, who is attractive and who you would surely never be able to find back in your hometown. How about the language barrier? The odds are that you don't speak Thai, and even if you take lessons that will take months if not years to master. So she speaks your language, but after a while you may find that you have run out of things to discuss. Do Thai Ladyboys like the same sports as you? Not likely. Can they keep up on talks about world history, or current events, or politics from back home? Also not very likely. So what DO you have in common? If "sex" is the only thing you can honestly answer here, then it may not be time to settle down with a Thai Ladyboy.

    Do you like to sleep with the air conditioning on? Most Thais prefer the fan, no matter HOW hot it gets. Do you like Thai food? A LOT? Because you will be eating it quite often from now on, quite possibly every day. Are you prepared to meet the family, which oftentimes include many sisters, brothers, cousins and aunts and uncles who usually look to the one westerner in the family when they run into financial difficulty? Are you much older - sometimes as much as twice as old - than your girlfriend? And, if you get to be one of the rare people who can get your girlfriend back to your western country, how do you know she will like it there and won't miss the gorgeous tropical paradise - where all her friends and family live and where she knows the culture and the language and likes the food - that she came from? These are all questions which you MUST answer before you can even consider trying to have a long-term Ladyboy girlfriend. Remember, there have been thousands of guys before you who have tried it and have failed; you have to be extremely confident that YOU can be the one to buck the odds and make something like this work.

    Posted Image

    Not an easy task, by any means.

    We have covered just SOME of the pitfalls and road blocks in the way if you choose to have a Ladyboy girlfriend, or even want to court a Thai lady for any amount of time. Bottom line is that it's not easy. Many people have tried and failed before you, and many more will try long after you have, all with mixed results at best. So before you get too excited about taking off for Thailand to meet a girl and possibly settle down, whether it's your 1st, 2nd or 10th trip, give all of these situations some serious consideration, because they WILL arise. Just hope and pray that you will be well-prepared for them for them.

    However, this isn’t meant to scare off anyone knew to ladyboy dating, or any current love-struck ladyboy lover, quite the opposite! There are success stories out there, and by being aware of such issues and potential problems it can only help your chances of finding a ladyboy and starting a successful relationship.


    Of visit our recommended dating sites:

    How to date a ladyboy

    My Ladyboy date

    Ladyboy Kisses

    Thai Friendly

    Written by: Cory Booker

    • Aug 06 2014 11:08 PM
    • by Cory Booker
  14. Hey New Guy: It's Not Because You're a...

    Ever stop to wonder why so many girls and ladyboys work in bars as bar girls, i.e., prostitutes?

    I know a few of you are out there reading this and thinking, "Wait, what? It's because I'm a handsome man, right? After all they tell me that every time I walk down the soi." Well, while veteran ladyboy lovers know this isn't the reason – I know, difficult to believe, right? – it may be good for those new to scene to learn just why the girls have chosen the world's oldest profession.
    After all, knowing the motivations behind your temporary bedroom friend/adversary can help you avoid some missteps, as well as providing some empathy and respect – without having to walk a mile in her high heels (which wouldn't be easy, but not for the reasons you might think).

    Posted Image

    Tolerated Yes. But Accepted? Only to a Point

    Before we delve into why, let's explore a tangential aspect of bar girl life in Thailand, one that's often portrayed inaccurately in tourist guidebooks about Thailand. This pertains to bar girls and prostitution in general in Thailand and ladyboys in particular. One often hears that Thai culture is much more tolerant than those of the west – transgendered women, or ladyboys as they are called here, are an accepted part of society, and it also turns a blind eye to prostitution, being more open with regard to sexuality.

    This is, to a certain extent, true. But that's not to say that Thai people don't look down their noses at both ladyboys – particularly those in the play for play game – and girls who work in bars. But unlike in the West, where prostitution is seen as much more of a moral issue, in Thailand it's a class issue.

    If one is forced to work in a bar and "go with customers," to employ the local vernacular, one is of low economic means, and therefore considered by others to be of a lower class, socially. While there is no caste system here per se, there is a definite social distinction between well-to-do middle class Thai people, the elite rich, and those of little economic means, which here typically means those from rural areas. This is why so many girls who work in bars that cater to foreigners are from Isaan or other rural areas in central or northern Thailand.

    This is why you'll hear many rural Thais talk about "Bangkok Thais" with a mixture of envy and disdain.

    Posted Image

    So your average middle class Thai person living and working in Bangkok may not see anything wrong with a girl or ladyboy from Nong Khai coming to work in a bar in Nana Plaza to support her family back home on the farm. After all, one is expected to take care of one's elder family here.

    But that same middle class Thai person isn't going to be inviting that ladyboy to join them for afternoon tea anytime soon. Furthermore, in terms of the social strata, farmers in particular are seen as being on the bottom in Thailand. Nowhere is this more prevalent than in Thai media, where farmers and those raised on a farm are typically portrayed as ignorant and stupid – what we would call rednecks.

    Ever wonder why there is such a preoccupation with white skin in Thailand and Southeast Asia in general? Because if you have dark skin that means you must be an uncouth rural denizen forced to labor in a field – most definitely not hi-so.

    Posted Image

    Sorry Cheap Charlie, I Got Mouths to Feed. Really

    Which brings us to the primary reason the girls and ladyboys we love work in bars: most of them have families to support. It may seem strange to a Western foreigner, but in this deeply traditional Buddhist culture, children are expected to take care of their parents and grandparents, including financially. There is no social safety net here; a family's children are the elders' safety net.

    Bear in mind too that the average farm family in Thailand makes $3,600 a year (U.S. Dollars, according to 2008 United Nations survey). Granted, the cost of living in Thailand is much less than in the West, but still, Thai farmers ain't getting rich; there's no such thing as a gentleman farmer here. In fact most are debt these days, because of the cost of fertilizer and recent natural disasters like the floods that plagued Thailand a few years back.

    So ask any girl working in a bar where she's from and the odds are good it will be from rural Thailand, commonly somewhere in Isaan. Ask her why and the answer will often be two-fold. First, she's helping support her family back home. Often times the older siblings will go to work to put the younger ones through school as well – this is particularly true of ladyboys, who still have fewer prospects in the workforce, even with a degree, than a younger brother or sister.

    Furthermore, for a girl from a poor rural family who can't afford her to send her to university, working in a bar in Bangkok or Pattaya -- among many friends and making more money than she could back home -- while avoiding the backbreaking work of rice farming, is an appealing alternative. Slog away day after day in the hot, muddy fields of Phitsanulok or dance in an air-conditioned go-go in Pattaya, going out partying with your friends afterwards? An easy choice for many girls.

    Sure there are a few girls out there who aren't doing it because they have to support their family financially, but because they enjoy the lifestyle and the easy money. But the vast majority of them are in the former category: they are the primary breadwinners for the folks back home.

    So keep that in mind the next time you get annoyed that a girl is pestering you for a lady drink or balks at your low-ball offer for a short-time price. She may literally have mouths to feed.

    And when you're doing the so-called walk of shame back to your hotel? Grow some balls and turn it into the walk of fame. Take her hand and show her – and more importantly, let her show other Thais – that you aren't ashamed to be seen with her. Your lady, be she GG or ladyboy, will appreciate it – she likely comes from the bottom rung of the social ladder, after all.

    Written by:
    Ladyboy Lust

    • Apr 04 2014 08:33 PM
    • by Ladyboy Lust
  15. Surviving Your First Time in a Ladyboy Go-Go

    Go-go bars can be daunting places if you've never been in one. Couple that with the fact that you're in a foreign country – maybe even for the first time – and going into a ladyboy bar for the first time, and well, it's enough to make the bravest man a little nervous and sweaty.

    Not to mention there is probably going to be a high-pressure sales pitch from a bevy of beauties from the minute you walk into the place; it's like bloody chum to sharks. They will be circling. They can smell new blood the minute a noob walks in the door. After all, this is their job.

    Even if you are a veteran of go-go bars in Thailand, some guys are nervous about walking into a ladyboy a-go-go, for the simple fact that they are new to the world of ladyboys. Will it be the same experience?

    While go-gos vary from place to place, just like any other kind of bar, if you've been in go-gos before, then the experience in a ladyboy go-go bar won't be considerably difference (well, aside from the obvious difference, but if you're here reading this, we'll assume you've already got that figured out).

    If you've never been in a go-go in Thailand before, not to worry; there are a few simple rules to follow and methods to employ that will help you keep your head above water and keep you – and your baht – out of the sharks' mouths.

    First off, as a general rule, if you're new to the scene in general and Thai ladyboy go-go bars in particular, it should go without saying that walking into one your first time while falling down drunk is probably not a good idea. Sure, maybe a drink or two before hand will be nice to help you relax and get your courage up, but keep a lid on it; this should go without saying.

    Second of all, again, as a general rule, remember you are the boss. Ultimately, you are in control of the situation (provided you've observed the preceding rule). That doesn't mean you should adopt a confrontational attitude; as you've no doubt read elsewhere, confrontation doesn't work well in Thailand. Losing one's cool is a big loss of face.

    Face is a topic in and of itself, and beyond the scope of this article; let it suffice to say from those of us that have lived here awhile: getting angry in the face of a problem will seldom get you anywhere in Thailand. Just be polite, always smile – but don't be afraid to say no and don't be afraid to be firm. Again, just do it with a smile.

    Posted Image

    Make the Mamasan Your Friend

    Okay, so those general rules are common sense, and you'd like some practical advice. You know you're going to get bombarded with the hard sell – "I come sit with you? You buy me drink? I wan' go wit' you!" – and know how to politely but firmly decline all these offers on the way to your seat.

    What else will get you through your first-time in a ladyboy go-go relatively unscathed and out of the bar with Mrs. Right (Now) in tow?

    The most obvious thing is to go in with a friend/wingman; there is safety in numbers, and all that. Particularly if the friend/wingman is a veteran; many guys who are experienced in this scene are happy to help guys that are new to it; check the forum and see who might be about and interested in having a drink with you when you hit the go-go that first time.

    Posted Image

    But what if you prefer to fly solo or no one is about that particular night?

    Well one strategy that's worked well for many go-go veterans is befriend the mamasan. The mamasan is the bar manger; she's the one the girls have to answer to if there is a problem. Walk into the bar, ask a service girl if you can see the mamasan. When she comes over, ask her if you can buy her a drink and if she'll sit with you for a moment. Tell her this is your first time visiting this particular bar and you'd like her advice on the girls and proceed to tell her what you're looking for.

    Not only will this help you narrow down your choice – and keep in mind in a place like Nana Plaza's Cascades in Bangkok, there may be 60 some ladyboys milling about the place – but the hard sell from the girls will dry up like that. They see you sitting and chatting with the mamasan – naturally they don't want to do anything that might not look good in front of the boss lady. They might even conclude you are an acquaintance of hers, and therefore not some noob tourist easily separated with his baht.

    Even after you've become a regular, it pays dividends to befriend the mamasan in your favorite go-gos. Generally mamasans are pretty shrewd, and will want to insure that you have a good time and become a repeat customer. This won't always be the case – we can think of a few exceptions – but more often than not, they won't steer you wrong.

    A variation on this technique comes in handy once you've been in a go-go once or twice. Call a girl you know to sit with you; this will ease up on the hard sell pressure from the other girls (except the hopeful ladies that will ask you if you're interested in two friends for the evening). Buy her a drink and be up front – but polite – that you're interested in going with someone else tonight but that you wanted to buy her a drink and say hi.

    Most girls will be okay with this, and may even suggest friends of theirs, or warn you about girls that have had problems with customers in the past. But be smart and use your judgment; some girls may be unhappy with this; a few may even cause a scene if they're under the influence. Of course, even if the girl is cool with this, you should tip her for her time, on top of buying her a drink.

    Posted Image

    Last But Not Least

    Remember, too, that your reputation will precede you. The girls who work in go-go bars have memories like elephants (it's beneficial to their job, after all) and they have a pretty tight network among their colleagues. Always conduct yourself like gentleman and treat the ladies well; word will soon get around and generally you'll get treated in kind.

    Cause problems and act like an asshole, and you'll get an equivalent reputation quickly that will be hard to get rid of.

    Of course the converse is also true; don't let people take advantage of you. Always be polite, be firm, keep your wits about you and don't be afraid to say no (albeit with a smile). Having a reputation as a nice guy who nevertheless keeps his wits about him and doesn't put up with shit will make future visits to the go-gos much easier.

    For more information and the latest gossip on ladyboy gogo bars in Thailand head to the bar section of our forum - Ladyboy Bars

    Written by:
    Ladyboy Lust

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