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Best Thai ladyboy dating sites

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I posted an earlier page on Best Ladyboy Dating Sites, but if you’re based in Thailand or want to meet genuine Thai ladyboys there’s also the option to use Thai dating sites, several of which have many love hungry ladyboys as members.
The following are Thai based websites which have a large ladyboy membership:


The lowdown:

This is one of the oldest and hands down the best site for meeting Thai girls, and more importantly, it’s also one of the best for meeting ladyboys.

With so many members covering all the corners of Thailand, it’s also the most popular site of its kind with the Thais, and where Thai girls and ladyboys seem to clearly outnumber their male suitors.


It’s a huge site, very well done, with lots of great features. It’s obviously been made by professionals with a focus on user experience and updated itself over the years.

It has so many Thai members, and while a lot of Thai dating sites have a huge amount of members based in Bangkok and Pattaya, this site has great coverage across the whole of Thailand, in fact it’s notably very popular in Isaan and more rural parts. As a result you’ll meet a lot of new ladyboys here that you just won’t meet as a tourist, or even on other Thai dating sites.


There are a lot of restrictions if you are not a member, and so some guys quit the site before joining and getting results – but that’s their loss.

The only real negative would be that they don’t have a search feature for ladyboys, so you have to either search female profiles and filter the ladyboys out yourself, or search the term ladyboy (which should get you a lot of results, but obviously not all). Being such a long standing website, and with so many ladyboys as members, it’s strange that they still don’t have this search filter.

Should I pay?

Yes, definitely. You need to take a bit of a leap of faith with ThaiLoveLinks, as you can’t really get results without joining, but trust me, if you are looking for genuine Thai ladyboys (and/or cute Thai girls), this one not only has the most but also has many you won’t find elsewhere.

Click HERE to try Thailovelinks

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The lowdown:

I have some expat friends in Thailand who swear by Thaifriendly, they use no site but this one. I can kind of see why, it’s simple, easy to use, and if you live in Bangkok or Pattaya, there are always a lot of girls and ladyboys online.
While some dating sites are very relationship based this site is almost the opposite, with a lot of the members simply looking for paying customers.


It’s quick and easy to search and it has a good system for sending you instant emails when you get ‘admirers’ and private messages, with little lag time. It also sends out regular emails with your latest matches and new members.
If you have no interest in relationship and just want to get laid while in Thailand, this is a great site (though be willing to pay for it).

It has a lot of members in Bangkok and Pattaya, and you’ll get results in these two cities around the clock.


While it’s great if you are in Bangkok or Pattaya and looking for a quick date or one night stand, it’s not so great for other parts of Thailand, and pretty useless if searching outside of the country.

It has a lot of escorts on the site, in fact most girls on here are bar girls or hoping to make some money from their dates – even the ones who tell you they are not! It also has a lot of members with attitude.

With the relaxed attitude towards sex and prostitution, as well as attracting a lot of ladyboy bar girls it also attracts a lot of guys just looking to talk dirty and play games. As a result you get a lot of jaded ladyboys who are suspicious of the intentions of most male users – which explains the attitude mentioned, but means it’s definitely not the best site for anyone looking for a serious or loyal relationship.

You’ll also find that if you are not in Thailand you’ll get mixed responses. Many of the ladyboys here are looking for money and quick meets, rather than pen pals. Don’t expect them to hold a lot of enthusiasm if they discover you’re not going to be in Thailand any time soon.

It’s very low on features, especially with the free membership. While I like the simplicity of the site, I do miss certain features I’m used to on some of the other sites.

Should I pay?

Up to you. If money is tight then don’t join, you can do a lot as a free member. If you send a post to someone you are not allowed to send another message to anyone for 20 minutes, which can be very frustrating – so it pays to be to the point. It’s actually one of the cheaper sites to join, and if you like the feel of the site I’d say it’s probably better to pay, as not only can you send unlimited messages you can also send instant messages and get use of the PM bar/system, which non-paying members no longer see.

Click HERE to see Thaifriendly

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The lowdown:

Started as an alternative to ThaiLoveLinks, ThaiLoveLines were obviously trying to cash in on their epic success in Thailand. It’s very similar in look, feel and navigation, but they have managed to add a lot of extra features, and through a lot of marketing to Thais, they have just about caught up and are now serious rivals.


I really like the features, including instant chat and even free calling between members (through Skype), it feels a lot more personal.

It’s also a little cheaper than ThailLoveLinks – and if you are tired of TLL this site is the best alternative.


I still Think ThaiLoveLinks pips this one, while ThaiLoveLines claims to have over 250,000 members, I wonder how many of these are the male members, and I’m pretty sure TLL has slightly more ladyboy members, especially out in the rural areas.

Should I pay?

If I wasn’t a member of ThaiLoveLinks, or had tried it and wanted a change then this is definitely one I’d try a paid membership on. However, if you already have an active account with TLL I don’t see the point of having dual memberships (or at least not with two similar sites).

Click here to find Thailovelines

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Written by: Moo Yung