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Writing a good ladyboy dating profile

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If you are going to join some ladyboy dating sites and start contact those beautiful members of the third sex, you need to do it properly and write a good dating profile.. If you want to get guaranteed results that is..
Fill it out

Yes some dating profiles can be ridiculously long, intrusive and filled with nonsense questions (some stop just short of asking you to name your favorite root vegetables), but the best way to join a ladyboy dating site and get few to no replies is to fill out your profile incorrectly, or not at all.

Many users will tick the boxes to build up a very basic profile and then when it comes to the ‘About Me’ section decide they can’t be bothered and put very little effort into filling it out. Newbie error! Along with a good profile picture the ‘About Me’ section is the most important part of the whole profile, and jotting down a few thoughtless words is as good as leaving it blank.

This is your ad space. This is where you sell your award winning personality. You don’t have to pen your whole life story but you need to tease them in. Think of it as a trailer to who you are; create some interest and mystery, and leave them wanting more (of you!)

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Writing about yourself

Don’t come across as an arrogant jerk boasting about how you look or what you’ve achieved – by all means be positive and share your positive outlook on life but show some modesty.

Keep it accurate – If you really want to find a date you’re going to have to meet at some stage, so saying you’re Ryan Gosling’s more handsome twin, or boasting about the fact you drive a Ferrari and speak 7 languages, could end up getting you dumped on your first date, or at least make for an evening of lies and disappointment (unless all three are true!).

Keep it relevant – This is your dating resume and there are things to include (such as your passions, dreams, and hobbies) and things to not include (past relationships, STDs, and anything that basically makes you look weird or creepy).

Keep it clean – Despite what you have seen on trannytube.com or whichever porn site first got you hooked on ladyboy, transsexuals and ladyboys aren’t sex obsessed love making machines and when looking for dating material not all of them want to hear about your cock size and favourite sex position during the intro period.

Keep is simple – While leaving a profile blank won’t help you, writing way too much will just leave you looking a little sad and desperate. Write down your highlights and selling points, but keep it somewhat to the point. And remember, a lot of the ladyboys and transsexuals you will be meeting on these dating sites won’t be native English speakers, and a long passage of rambling English will leave them clicking the close button.

Last and perhaps most important of all, be funny! You don’t have to write a stand up routine, but showing a little humor will only help gain someone’s interest and start introductions off with a smile.

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Add a decent picture

OK here’s the fickle part. While your ‘About Me’ section is the key to your success, if you don’t put up a clear photo it’s likely many ladyboy members won’t even bother to read it.

The simple fact is that profiles with pictures get far more responses (on all dating site). The first thing that your potential ladyboy date will see is your profile picture. On most sites search results and new member lists consist of rows of pictures, with no other info, so if you don’t have a profile why would anyone click on you? Some even allow users to search only the profiles with pictures.

It’s understood that some guys want to hide their identity, especially those new to ladyboy dating, often worried friends or family might discover their secret ‘other life’, but the truth is this is highly unlikely. Your profile picture isn’t going to appear in random search engine results all over the web, and the only way a friend or work colleague would ever come across it would be if they also joined the site, meaning they are also interested in ladyboys, and if anything, they have now found a friend who they can share their interest with.

If you are worried about being ‘caught’ or seen by friends and relatives, try paying for a membership at a more private and discreet ladyboy dating site, such as My Ladyboy Date, or register at a site such as ThaiLoveLinks, which is predominantly a hetero dating site and also has full identity protection for its paying members.

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Choosing the right picture

Pictures should be clear, either a full body or good head shot. Don’t blur out your face, it’s as good as not putting up a picture at all, and even if you do have an Adonis body it still suggests you are ashamed of your ladyboy cravings or simply have a weird looking face.

The picture should show the best of you without being pretentious. First impressions count. If you look like an arrogant asshole, that’s how they’ll judge you.

The picture should be up to date and show how you look today. Showing that college year book photo taken 26 years ago is not really a fair reflection of how you look today, and again, means any chance of clicking on a first date will be dashed on first sight.

Be alone in the picture. Standing with a friend will just confuse people. You don’t need to prove you have mates. Showing a picture of yourself with another ladyboy doesn’t show that you have experience, it says that you are a playboy – which isn’t a good thing.

Most important of all, smile! This isn’t an application to join the KGB.

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Be honest – what do you really want?

Being honest about who you are is one thing, but on a dating profile it also pays to be clear and honest about what you want.

Don’t be afraid to be blunt and totally honest about what you are looking for. If you are looking for one night stands say just that, if you are looking for a long term relationship and the love of your life, express it clearly. Not being honest will not only waste their time but it will waste a lot of your time too. There are plenty of ladyboys and transsexuals looking for all kind of relationships and guys, just be honest and you should soon find your perfect match.

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Written by: Moo Yung


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