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What do you buy your ladyboy for Christmas?

Dec 01 2016 12:55 AM | Moo Yung in Ladyboy Addicts

So Christmas is just around the corner and you're planning a trip to Thailand where you'll spend a week or two in the loving arms of your Thai ladyboy girlfriend.. As you do..

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I like ladyboys, am I Gay? Continued..

Oct 01 2016 03:07 AM | Moo Yung in Newbie Advice

There’s a reason why shemale and ladyboy porn is marketed towards ‘straight’ males.

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I like ladyboys.. Am I gay?

Aug 06 2016 08:10 PM | Moo Yung in Newbie Advice

Yes, very gay.. Well that's what some people will tell you.

Discovering an attraction to ladyboys can be a confusing time for any guy. And one of the first questions that’s going to be constantly in the back of your mind is.. Am I gay?

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How to succeed on a ladyboy dating site

Jan 08 2016 08:24 AM | Moo Yung in Ladyboy Dating

With popular ladyboy dating sites such as Thaifriendly and MyLadyboyDate having hundreds of hot, eligible ladyboys a one-handed click away, it’s easy to get excited and think you’ve found the goldmine of transsexual dates.

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Thai ladyboys Vs Filipina ladyboys

Dec 25 2015 10:17 AM | Moo Yung in Ladyboy Dating

For the serious ladyboy lover there are two destinations that definitely standout; Thailand and the Philippines.

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Choosing a ladyboy friendly hotel in Thailand

Dec 11 2015 06:26 AM | Moo Yung in Ladyboy Addicts

Choosing the right ladyboy friendly hotel can seriously make or break a ladyboy lover’s trip to Thailand. So it's imperative you do the research and investigation before hand, and make the most of your vacation.

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