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How to find tops, bottoms, and vers ladyboys

Oct 31 2020 06:12 PM | admin in Newbie Advice

Not everyone who loves ladyboys is the same. Some guys like ladylike ladyboys and others like Amazonian shemales. Some guys like to give, some guys like to take, and others like me do both depending on the situation. So it helps to know how to find ladyboys who top, bottom or play both roles.

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Thai vs Filipina ladyboys

Aug 31 2020 06:10 PM | admin in Ladyboy Addicts

Which are better: Thai or Fililipina ladyboys? This is a question that could really intrigue guys planning to travel to Asia to meet ladyboys for the first time. It could also interest guys who have only been with one nationality of ladyboy or another.

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The best ladyboy action is now online

Jun 30 2020 06:07 PM | admin in Ladyboy Dating

I had my first encounter with a ladyboy in New York a couple of decades ago. It was one of those old time stories you hear about a guy meeting a tranny without knowing. I guess I knew something was off.

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Where to find Thai ladyboys in Kuala Lumpur

Apr 30 2020 06:00 PM | admin in Ladyboy Addicts

Kuala Lumpur might not be the first place you would think about going to find Thai ladyboys, but i'ts a major city in the heart of Southeast Asia, and like many big cities in this part of the world, there are Thai ladyboys.. In fact, there are a lot of them.

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Meeting Filipina ladyboys in Angeles City

Feb 28 2020 06:54 PM | admin in Bar Life

Filipina ladyboys don't get a lot of credit. Nine times out of ten if someone starts talking about ladyboys they are talking about Thais. That makes sense. Thailand probably has the most ladyboys of any country. But the Flips deserve credit too. It's a religious Catholic country but there are still plenty of lucious ladyboys around.

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Thailand Ladyboy bars where you can sample the...

Dec 27 2019 05:48 PM | admin in Bar Life

We ladyboy lovers now have more options than we ever had in the past. There are all kinds of bars and meeting spots where we can pick up ladyboys. Or we can just go online and order one up right to the room! Technology is great, but it isn't without issues.

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