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Best ladyboy dating sites

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Whether you are based in Barcelona, Boston, or Bogner Regis, it’s not that easy to find a real ladyboy date. But it doesn't need to be so difficult!
Even in Bangkok it’s not as simple as you think to get a ladyboy girlfriend (the vast majority of the ladyboys you meet in the tourist areas of Thailand will be looking for a walking ATM rather than a passionate foreign lover).

I know all this because I’ve been there; as a ladyboy lover stuck in a remote part of the west, drooling over ladyboy pictures on the web, as a regular visitor to Thailand, meeting ladyboys but still drooling over them during the long periods I was far away, and even as an expat in Thailand, meeting ladyboys every day but still struggling to find ‘the one’. In each and every scenario dating sites have come to my rescue.

From the moment I discovered ladyboy dating sites my life changed and I went from dreaming to actually chatting to real ladyboys, and meeting them!; not only finding lots of interesting and amazing ladyboys in Asia, but also finding fun and attractive ladyboys (genuine ladyboys!), back in the west.

I’ve tried just about every ladyboy dating site there is, or at least the most popular ones, and had varied success. So, to help you ease into the world of ladyboy dating (or perhaps point out a few new sites to guys already on the scene), here are my favourite online ladyboy dating sites:

My Ladyboy Date

The Lowdown:

Run by a Western guy and his Filipina ladyboy girlfriend, MyLadyoyDate has a heavy focus on genuine relationship rather than notching up the numbers, and prides itself as being the first ladyboy dating site design for ladyboys looking for more serious relationships, and their likeminded admirers.

The Pros:

This is where you come to if you are looking for a ladyboy relationship which could go the distance. Not only does it have a huge database of ladyboys from all over the world, and I mean literally everywhere, but ladyboy profiles are vetted to insure they only get those who are looking for relationships, and don’t allow anyone to use the site to escort or charge for their services.

Due to the nature of the site it gets a lot of smart, interesting, career minded ladyboys, which you’ll struggle to find anywhere else. The site itself is also very easy to use and navigate, with a smooth, modern feel to it and a great support team who quickly respond to emails.


Due to the site being all about finding true love and starting relationships, they don’t take kindly to guys playing the field, talking dirty and asking everyone for sex. On occasions they have even banned users who have repeatedly done this (though in every case they refunded the full membership).

If you are just looking for lots of sex and dirty talk this isn’t the site for you.

Should I pay?

Yes. Despite being free to ladyboys, guys will have to pay to get the best out of the site and have the freedom to message anyone, but that’s pretty par for the course. While there are many free dating sites out there I haven’t found one as good as this, especially if you are looking for a serious relationship rather than a one night stand or bang buddy. Being such a unique site I would suggest serious ladyboy lovers should sign up and try it for month, from my experience you won’t be disappointed.

Click HERE to go to My Ladyboy Date

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My Transsexual Date

The lowdown:

Also run by the same guy/ladyboy couple, this is the sister site to MyLadyboyDate, built around all the same ethics as the aforementioned site; created for those looking for relationships.

The difference is that this site is aimed more at Transsexuals. That may confuse some of you, but basically Asian transsexual identify themselves better as being ladyboys, while Western transsexuals see Ladyboy as a term referring only to Asians. So while MLB attracts a lot of Asian TS girls, MyTranssexualDate attracts a lot of Western based transsexuals.


As with MyLadyboyDate this site is vetted to stop certain members using it to sell their services and as a result gets a lot of T-Girls who are very genuine, smart and interesting (as well as being hot!).

This site also attracts a lot of transsexuals based outside of Asia and so if you are looking for someone close to home rather than travelling to Asia or having a long distance relationship, this is the site for you.


Being the sister site of MLD it has also attracted a lot of the members to join here, largely down to its success, meaning you’ll see a lot of the same girls on both sites.

As with MLD, MyTranssexualDate also prefer guys looking for genuine relationships, offering a lot of help and support, but frowning upon playboy behavior and those sending dirty messages.

Should I pay?

Yes, but.. I would definitely pay for this site if I wasn’t already a member of MyLadyboyDate, but seeing as many ladyboys and transsexuals have registered on both sites I would just recommend paying for one or the other, not both.

Click HERE to join My Transsexual Date

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Ladyboy Kisses

The lowdown:

LadyboyKisses is my favourite Asia based ladyboy dating site. Actually I believe its run by a team of European webmasters and claims to be an international dating site, but the truth is it’s heavily populated with a lot of ladyboys from Thailand and the Philippines.

It’s perhaps most famous for being ‘the site which launched a thousand ladyboy relationships’. Actually that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but they do have a page dedicated to the many guy/ladyboy relationships which started up via their site, and it is quite a few.

Unlike MLD and MTD, LadyboyKisses isn’t just about serious relationships, and there are plenty of ladyboys here just looking for fun and hook-ups.


Here you’ll find A LOT of Asian ladyboys, especially Thais and Philippinos, not only those living in Asia, but also quite a few based in Europe, the USA, and other parts of the world.

Once you’re a full member there are a lot of great features, such as web cam chat and instant messaging between members, and some cool stat and member rankings.

The search function is also pretty good and you’ll get a regular newsletter updating you with all the new ladyboy members and matches you have.


The main problem I have with the site is the look and design. The site feels very dated (pardon the pun), and the design work will not be to everyone’s taste. However this isn’t a site devoted to graphic designers and art students, and the style doesn’t affect the fact it has a lot of members and a good search function.

Should I pay?

It’s free to join but again you need to get a paid membership to really get the most out of it and have the freedom to see and contact everyone. I’d advise taking the site for a test drive first – sign up, create a profile, and then play around with the search function. If you like what you see then join up with a paid membership. There’s a lot you don’t see until you do join, but you can definitely get a feel for the kind of ladyboys available and potential of the site with a free sign up first.

Click HERE to visit Ladyboy Kisses

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Written by: Moo Yung
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