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Do YOU want a Ladyboy Girlfriend?

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Lets face it; you have only been to Thailand once or twice, or maybe not at all, and when you see these lovely creatures you automatically think to yourself "I would love to have a girlfriend like that!"
Many guys have been in the same place as you are right now, and many have indeed tried it out; to varying degrees of success. Do you think YOU could be one of the guys who goes the distance with a Ladyboy, maybe all the way to marriage and/or moving her to your home country? Do you have the patience, the time, and the means to pull something like this off? Can you live in Thailand for all or at least a large part of the year? Lets examine this further and see what lies ahead for you potential suitors out there.

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Meeting your Dream Girl

If you have ever been to Thailand, and most likely even if you have just researched it and have dreamed of going, you would know that Ladyboys are plentiful in The Land of Smiles. It must have something to do with the water or something, but Ladyboys are literally EVERYWHERE in Thailand and are very easy to meet. You can even meet them before you come over for the first time, as websites like Thaifriendly.com, Ladyboy Kisses, and myladyboydate cater to western men who are looking for a Thai lady or ladyboy to settle down with. Facebook and other social networks as well; Thailand has a good internet infrastructure these days, and most young Ladyboys are online either with their own laptop or smartphones. Once you are on the ground it's even easier; besides the obvious places to look, where prostitutes congregate, Ladyboys can be found working in pharmacies, perfume counters in large department stores, working as waitresses and hostesses at restaurants, and even as hotel desk clerks. They also like to shop; it's not uncommon to meet a handful of them walking around together inside a shopping mall!

Of course the most common way to meet a Ladyboy, and the way favored by most tourists who come to Thailand looking for a relationship with one - or even a one-night stand with one - is to meet them at the various go-go bars and beer bars scattered throughout the tourist areas. These are plentiful, and if this is how you prefer to meet a Ladyboy it will be easy for you. There are also several thousand who are known as freelancers; these are prostitutes who don't like working in the bars and prefer to walk the streets looking for customers. Again, quite common and you will encounter many on your first trip to Thailand.

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Settling Down

You have surely heard the expression "You can take the girl out of the bar, but you can't take the bar out of the girl?" This definitely applies to the vast majority of western men who meet Ladyboys in Thailand, as they go for the easy route and try to settle down with a girl who works in a go-go bar. This often leads to a bad scenario, where the guy is now deeply in love with a girl he met in a bar, while she sees him as nothing more than en easy way to make regular more money. True love - at least from the side of the working Ladyboy - is quite rare in these instances. Bear in mind that the Ladyboy has usually been well-trained to MAKE you fall in love with her, and she has done this many times in the past already; you are just the latest victim to come along. Relationships with Ladyboys who work in bars are literally impossible to make work unless you can relocate to Thailand, and even then it's difficult. It's best, if at all possible, to find yourself a "nice girl" who works in a regular job and appreciates having a western boyfriend who can take care of her and treat her well. In this scenario you may not even have to move to Thailand to have a ladyboy girlfriend; while rare, it is not impossible for you to meet a girl and court her for a while, and then take her back to your own country. Again, rare, but not completely out of the question.

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Making it Work

Now comes the hard part! You have found a girlfriend you like, someone who is great company and gives you great sex, who is attractive and who you would surely never be able to find back in your hometown. How about the language barrier? The odds are that you don't speak Thai, and even if you take lessons that will take months if not years to master. So she speaks your language, but after a while you may find that you have run out of things to discuss. Do Thai Ladyboys like the same sports as you? Not likely. Can they keep up on talks about world history, or current events, or politics from back home? Also not very likely. So what DO you have in common? If "sex" is the only thing you can honestly answer here, then it may not be time to settle down with a Thai Ladyboy.

Do you like to sleep with the air conditioning on? Most Thais prefer the fan, no matter HOW hot it gets. Do you like Thai food? A LOT? Because you will be eating it quite often from now on, quite possibly every day. Are you prepared to meet the family, which oftentimes include many sisters, brothers, cousins and aunts and uncles who usually look to the one westerner in the family when they run into financial difficulty? Are you much older - sometimes as much as twice as old - than your girlfriend? And, if you get to be one of the rare people who can get your girlfriend back to your western country, how do you know she will like it there and won't miss the gorgeous tropical paradise - where all her friends and family live and where she knows the culture and the language and likes the food - that she came from? These are all questions which you MUST answer before you can even consider trying to have a long-term Ladyboy girlfriend. Remember, there have been thousands of guys before you who have tried it and have failed; you have to be extremely confident that YOU can be the one to buck the odds and make something like this work.

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Not an easy task, by any means.

We have covered just SOME of the pitfalls and road blocks in the way if you choose to have a Ladyboy girlfriend, or even want to court a Thai lady for any amount of time. Bottom line is that it's not easy. Many people have tried and failed before you, and many more will try long after you have, all with mixed results at best. So before you get too excited about taking off for Thailand to meet a girl and possibly settle down, whether it's your 1st, 2nd or 10th trip, give all of these situations some serious consideration, because they WILL arise. Just hope and pray that you will be well-prepared for them for them.

However, this isn’t meant to scare off anyone knew to ladyboy dating, or any current love-struck ladyboy lover, quite the opposite! There are success stories out there, and by being aware of such issues and potential problems it can only help your chances of finding a ladyboy and starting a successful relationship.


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Written by: Cory Booker
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