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How to succeed on a ladyboy dating site

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With popular ladyboy dating sites such as Thaifriendly and MyLadyboyDate having hundreds of hot, eligible ladyboys a one-handed click away, it’s easy to get excited and think you’ve found the goldmine of transsexual dates.
However, if you took a moment to check out just how many guys there are thinking the same thing, or looked at the hundreds of daily PMs and messages most of these ladyboys are getting, suddenly things would look a little less promising.

That’s not to put you off, in fact the vast majority of guys on these sites are just looking for a cheap cyber thrill and have no real intention (or the balls) to meet a ladyboy in person. Many are miles away and will never even step foot in Thailand, let alone meet up with the ladyboys they constantly message, most are just looking for naughty pictures and cam sex. So if you’re genuinely on these sites to get a ladyboy date you need to make sure you standout.

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Upload a picture

A lot of ladyboys won’t even reply to a faceless message. They receive a lot of messages and it’s hard to take someone seriously when there’s not even a basic picture. It usually means someone is a timewaster or isn’t taking things seriously. If you want to standout and get replies you need to put up a picture. You don’t need to add galleries of photos, simply one or two pictures that show how you look and that you are real!

I can understand why some guys don’t like putting up a picture; a lot of ladyboy lovers aren’t fully open about who they date and what they do. They don’t feel comfortable putting their face up on a ladyboy dating site in the fear that a friend, family member, or work colleague might find them there. The fact is the only way someone can find them on a dating site is if they also join the site, so then you have to question what they are doing there too!

Keep it simple

You need to fill out your profile and write a little introduction to yourself. Unlike Western dating sites many Thais don’t actually read a lot of what is written in your profile and prefer to just look at the pictures and then get chatting, but it is still helpful to write a little intro to say who you are and what you are looking for.

Don’t write an endless monologue about your philosophies of life, and your favourite cheeses, just keep it simple. A short paragraph getting straight to the point will suffice. Anything more than that and most ladyboys won’t read it anyway.

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Be in Thailand (or at least be heading their soon!)

If you’re in Thailand make that clear in your profile and set Thailand as your location. If you’re not in Thailand but will be there soon write that on your profile and let people know early on when you contact them.

Ladyboys get a lot of guys contacting them from all over the world, most are not in Thailand and never will be so they will quickly want to find out your location. Avoid the temptation of saying you are in Thailand when you aren’t, but make it clear when you will be there. A few ladyboys will just be looking to meet guys there and then and so won’t want to chat if they know you’re not in there already, but lying won’t help.

As usually is the case, being honest is the best plan of action. Tell them where you are and when you’ll be there (and if you won’t be in Thailand any time soon just tell them what you are looking for from the start – and you just might get it).

Be original

Most Thai ladyboys speak limited English and online chats often go the same way.. “Hi.. How are you?.. Where are you.. When you come Thailand..” You may not be able to debate how successful Obama’s presidency has been, or discuss the benefits of a working Hadron Collider, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go off script.

Instead of giving simple answers to their simple questions try to inject some humor and personality. Ask them interesting questions and try to get them to laugh. Trust me, most guys will be asking about sex and to see pictures, or hoping to get them on cam; show some interest in their lives and make them laugh and you’ll definitely gain their interest.

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Don’t take it too personal

When things don’t go to plan and you find yourself having a heated conversation with someone, hit the close or block button and move on. Often things get lost in translation and there are a lot of hormones flowing, and you will occasionally come across someone having a bad day. When this happens just stay calm, be polite, and move along.

Some ladyboys spend a lot of time on these dating sites and in the process they meet a lot of a-holes, rude and stupid people, and often have to put up with a lot of crap. As we said, a lot of the guys they get messages from just want to see pictures or get them on cam, looking for a cheap free thrill, It takes its toll, and you’ll occasionally find yourself chatting to a ladyboy who has had enough for the day and might be a bit snappy or judgmental. When this happens try to be understanding and patient, or if that won’t work just avoid them. Arguing with someone on a dating site is just wasting yours and their time.

Get a premier membership

The best way to standout and get results on ladyboy dating sites is to get a premium membership. By doing so you’ll go straight to the top of the search results for the ladyboys and be highlight when they view the site. On top of this you’ll get unlimited messages with no restrictions, and get instant messaging.

The two sites we highly recommend for meeting and chatting which are worthwhile and just about guarantee you success.

My Ladyboy Date is free to set up your account and make searches, and your account will remain active for as long as you wish – to get filtered results and to be featured to the other ladyboys, with unlimited messages, paid memberships start at under $10 per month – a worthy investment if you want to meet some seriously hot and available ladyboys.

Thai Friendly memberships start at under $25 for one month, but they have some great value for money memberships if you go for something longer. I’d suggest the 3 month membership at under $50, and upgrade to the yearly membership at $100 if you find it to your liking.

Written by: Moo Yung

For the dating ladyboys in Thailand we recommend joining Thai Friendly which has hundreds of Thai ladyboys listed.

For dating ladyboys globally we recommend joining My Ladyboy Date which has attractive ladyboys in many Asian and Western countries.
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