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Choosing a ladyboy friendly hotel in Thailand

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Choosing the right ladyboy friendly hotel can seriously make or break a ladyboy lover’s trip to Thailand. So it's imperative you do the research and investigation before hand, and make the most of your vacation.
While many of Thailand’s major resort have a plethora of guest friendly hotels, with many hotels close to adult entertainment areas often catering directly to the single male traveler, it’s not a given that every such hotel close to the bars and nightlife will be ‘ladyboy friendly’ or appreciate you walking 3 amazonian ladyboys through the lobby at midday.

Some hotels that claim to be guest friendly still have rules and extra charges for those who want to bring ladyboys back to their room, and some are simply not set up in a way to make your stay a hassle-free one. To avoid any potential pitfalls and to help you make the most out of your trip to the land of ladyboys, here’s our guide to choosing the right ladyboy friendly hotel in Thailand:

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Guest Friendly Vs Ladyboy Friendly

To claim that a Thai hotel is guest friendly simply means that the staff will allow you to bring a guest back to your room. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t be charged an extra fee, and it may also come with certain rules and restrictions.

Most hotels which are guest friendly will also be ladyboy friendly, especially hotels close to Bangkok’s red light districts, but in some cases a guest friendly hotel may not be ladyboy friendly; while they will allow their stayers to bring female guests back to their room they may now allow ladyboys to enter. Some will claim to allow all guests but may have staff that are prejudice against ladyboys and even unwelcoming to them.

If you’re planning to take ladyboys back to your hotel room it’s important to make sure your hotel is ‘ladyboy friendly’ and not just guest friendly. The best way to check a hotel is ladyboy friendly is to simply ask them. We suggest you do this by email, not only will this get you their ladyboy guest policy in writing but you’ll also be able to do so anonymously if you wish.

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Joiner fees

A joiner fee is a charge some hotels will enforce when stayers bring guests back to their room. This can range from as little as 100 baht up to and over 1000 baht. Some hotels won’t advertise that they have a joiner fee and some will even claim to be guest friendly and then spring this extra charge on you when you bring your first guest back.

Most hotels will let you know about any extra charges when you ask for their guest policy and it also pays to ask if they have a joiner fee or extra charges for bringing guests back just to make sure.

If you only plan on bringing one guest back during your stay at a hotel you can usually avoid paying a joiner fee by booking your room for 2 occupants (most Thai hotel rooms cost the same for 1 and 2 occupants), and when bringing a guest back and faced with a joiner fee you can tell them this is your 2nd occupant, and ask to register them to the room. This will usually work when bringing 1 single guest back, but rarely works if bringing a different guest home each night.

Multiple guests

Some guest and ladyboy friendly hotels will allow you to only bring a limited number of guests back to your room. Most guest friendly hotels will allow you to bring at least 2 guests back to your room but some will charge for each additional guest with only the first guest allowed in for free.

Multiple guest policies tend vary and it definitely pays to ask the hotel on this their policy if you’re someone who likes a lot of company. It’s understandable that most guest friendly hotels will have a limit on the number of guests you can bring to your room, simply because they have to respect their other occupants.

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One thing you must consider is the location of the hotel. If you’re planning on spending a lot of time in the Bangkok gogo bars or around Pattay’s Walking Street, you want to consider ladyboy friendly hotels within a distance that’s comfortable to you.

Some people enjoy hitting the bars and gogos but don’t like to be surrounded by nightlife, preferring a more serene locale. So it also pays to check the surrounding area of a hotel before opting for something recommended by other ladyboy lovers.

The great thing is that ladyboy friendly hotels are plentiful in Thailand and you shouldn’t have to settle for something that doesn’t suit your tastes and requirements. Ladyboy friendly hotels aren’t limited to areas close to bars, and if you check with hotels in quieter areas you are likely to find some ladyboy friendly options.

Hotel type

It’s important to pick the style of hotel that makes you comfortable. Some people value their discretion and look for a hotel where they can go about their business unnoticed, while others are far less worried about what other people think and have budget and comfort high on their priority list.

Some people prefer small hotels and guest houses which are often great value for money and very friendly, but typically the staff and other guests will soon know what you are doing and who you are doing it with. At the other end of the budget some people love those large and luxurious hotels with stunning facilities and snazzy rooms, and often at affordable prices. However, these types of hotel also tend to attract families, even when close to the red light zones, and you may feel a little uncomfortable walking your date through the lobby or inviting her to join you by the pool.

With all types of hotel it pays to check the typical type of guests who stay here, and large ladyboy friendly hotels within the red light areas are usually a safe bet.

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The bum hose

One last thing to consider is whether the hotel rooms have a bum hose. It’s often an afterthought to many, but seasoned ladyboy lovers will know the benefits of having one, and will often avoid rooms that don’t.

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Talking about prices (i just need some clean place to sleep & maybe bring a LB to have some fun), for let's say 15 days, any recomendations regarding time of the year, prices?

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