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Newbie Advice

I like ladyboys, am I Gay? Continued..

Oct 01 2016 03:07 AM | Moo Yung in Newbie Advice

There’s a reason why shemale and ladyboy porn is marketed towards ‘straight’ males.

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I like ladyboys.. Am I gay?

Aug 06 2016 08:10 PM | Moo Yung in Newbie Advice

Yes, very gay.. Well that's what some people will tell you.

Discovering an attraction to ladyboys can be a confusing time for any guy. And one of the first questions that’s going to be constantly in the back of your mind is.. Am I gay?

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Your first ladyboy encounter

Nov 12 2015 10:00 PM | Moo Yung in Newbie Advice

For many folk, accepting that fact you are attracted to ladyboys can be a difficult journey, while taking that attraction to the next level and actually meeting a ladyboy can be a life changing moment..

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Name calling: Ladyboy, femboy and other terms

Apr 18 2014 05:00 AM | Moo Yung in Newbie Advice

If you’re new to ladyboy loving you’re probably still trying to get your head around an onslaught of new abbreviations, sexual labels, and strange vocabulary used on the forums and ladyboy related websites.

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The 'F' Word

Mar 28 2014 10:53 PM | Moo Yung in Newbie Advice

‘FARANG’. It’s the first word many Western tourists traveling to Thailand will hear, and one of the few Thai words which expats in Thailand commonly use when talking in English. But what does it really mean? Where does it come from? And isn’t it racist??

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LoS in Translation or Ladyboys – What Do They M...

Aug 09 2013 03:00 AM | pattayanista in Newbie Advice

Even the most battle-hardened monger can sometimes feel like a little-boy-lost in the midst of a bevvy of beauties chattering away to each other in Thai. And not just standard Thai, but Ladyboy Thai.

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