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Bangkok V Pattaya: which is best for ladyboys?

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Both Bangkok and Pattaya have a genuine shout for the title of ladyboy capital for the world. But which is best? That question has expat bar-dwellers debating and arguing long into the hot, sticky night.
Bangkok vs Pattaya for ladyboys, a guest blog

We all know that Thailand is the best country in the world for ladyboys. Not only are Thai ladyboys the hottest shemales you can find, the country just has the largest numbers of chicks with dicks. Where else can you walk outside of a five star hotel and be surrounded by hot ladyboys in a matter of minutes? Nowhere!

But Thailand has numerous cities. And visitors only have a limited amount of time in the country. Even long term stayers and expats have to chose a base of locations to settle down in. So it's only natural to wonder which Thai city is the best for ladyboy lovers.

While the majority of ladyboys seem to come from the Isan region, the ones who are interested in farang almost all seem to end up in Bangkok or Pattaya. Sure there are exceptions. You can find plenty of ladyboys in places like Chiang Mai and Phuket too. But Bangkok and Pattaya are the biggest places to find the most Thai ladyboys.

Which is best? That is a question everyone can have a different opinion on. I personally enjoy both Pattaya and Bangkok. But I can appreciate each city for what it is. Bangkok is a hot and developed metropolis. Pattaya is a growing but still moderately sized city along the beach. Both are real hotspots for ladyboys, but they do have their differences.

I personally think Bangok is the better city when it comes to go go bars. Pattaya only has three main go go bars at this point: Baby Boom, Surprise Yourself, and Katoeys R Us. And while they are good, they are not as good as the best go go bars in Bangkok. Plus Bangkok just has a lot more of these kinds of bars. The last time I counted there were 8 purely ladyboy gogo bars in Nana Plaza alone. Plus there is Cockatoo over on Soi Cowboy.

Pattaya has the upper hand when it comes to short time bars. There are beer bars all over the town where you can find ladyboys. Plus there are tons of ladyboy specific bars like 69 on Soi Made In Thailand and all the places on Soi 6/1. You can walk into any of these places starting in the early afternoon and get short time on demand in a room upstairs. You probably won't pay much more than 1000 Baht either.

Bangkok is clearly better when it comes to dating ladyboys. Not only are there way more Bangkok-based ladyboys on Thai Friendly and My Ladyboy Date, they are more likely to be “good girls” looking for a real relationship. It's not impossible to find real love in Pattaya. But don't count on it. Most ladyboys who go to Pattaya are looking for money. There's nothing wrong with that, but lets not kid ourselves about it.

Bangkok is also better when it comes to discretion. That's because the escort scene is a lot better in the capital. First of all you have Smoociwhich groups all the escorts together so you only have to go to one place to check them out. You can see verified pictures and reviews, and book the ones you like right to your room. Down in Pattaya you have to sort through the ladyboys on the dating sites and you never really know what you're going to get.

In summary, both Bangkok and Pattaya are great places to find ladyboys. If you like go go bars go to Bangkok. If you like easy short time with budget prices, go to Pattaya. If you want to find a ladyboy girlfriend or need privacy and discretion Bangkok is going be better for you.

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Aug 24 2020 11:36 PM

although i haven't get a chance to have an LB experience but i have seen a hell more hot Ladyboys in Pattaya than Bangkok

Both have a huge amount of stunning ladyboys.


Pattaya is much smaller and Ladyboys are everywhere, but most are looking for money/escorting.


In Bangkok there are more, but more spread out. There are more specific areas where you'll find escorts and bar workers, and where you'll find non-pros.