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The health risks of sex with Ladyboys

sex health advice

Let’s face it; having sex these days is sometimes a risky proposition, especially if you decide to not use protection! And having sex with a ladyboy who is involved in the sex trade is even more risky.
In this article we discuss the dangers, the risks, and the obvious caution you should be demonstrating when having sex with ladyboys (and particularly those who work in the sex industry or are sexually promiscuous).

Are sexually-transmitted diseases and AIDS prevalent in the Ladyboy community?

Exact numbers are hard to pin down, and studies on this subject are not very common, but one has to assume that disease and HIV are fairly common amongst the ladyboy population in well-known tourist locations such as Pattaya, Bangkok, Phuket and Angeles City, especially if the ladyboys work in the sex trade. Having sex with multiple men in any given month, sometimes as many as 20 or 30 different customers, makes this a very risky trade to be involved in and their chances of acquiring a disease goes up exponentially.

Do most ladyboys use protection while having sex?

From our experience living in Thailand and from discussions we have had with other westerners, we can conclude that most sex workers in the ladyboy scene do insist on their customers wearing condoms, especially when anal sex is involved. But this is not a given; we have heard many stories of men penetrating their ladyboy lover [or being penetrated themselves] without any protection, with the ladyboy oftentimes not attempting to stop them. This is very risky behavior indeed, and we strongly discourage it. It’s basically the same as having sex with the last 40 or 50 men she has been with.

Which type of diseases are prevalent?

At the low end of the spectrum, you have things such as lice, sometimes called crabs, transmitted between yourself and your lover when your pubic hairs intermingle; this can easily be done away with by using a simple cream prescribed by a doctor. Moving up from there, you could possibly get; chlamydia, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, herpes and even HIV. While the first three can all be treated, you will go have some painful days leading up to treatment, as well as an embarrassing chat with your doctor. Depending upon where you live, you may also have to register with local officials who keep a tab on such things. Herpes has no known cure, and while medication can keep the prevalence of breakouts down to a minimum, at the moment it is still something you will keep with you for life. HIV, as we all well know, has no known cure and could possibly lead to a death sentence down the road.

Protection; the only solution.

While many of us do not like wearing condoms and find them uncomfortable, this is a necessary pre-condition to having sex with ladyboys in the third world. This is especially true when having anal sex, either giving or receiving, and also should apply when accepting or giving sperm with your lover. While it has been proven that kissing is safe virtually 100% of the time, the exception being if your partner has an open sore or a cut within her mouth, accepting sperm in your mouth from a ladyboy could be extremely dangerous and could lead to many of the diseases mentioned above. Bottom line; be careful, be smart, always use condoms during anal sex, and be advised not to accept sperm into your mouth unless you have known your partner for a very long time and trust her implicitly.

Written by: Cory Booker
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Hepatitis B is very common in Asia.

Hepatitis B (HBV) is 50 to 100 times easier to transmit sexually than HIV ( the virus that causes AIDS).  HBV has been found in vaginal secretions, saliva, and semen. Oral sex and especially anal sex, whether it occurs in a heterosexual or homosexual context, are possible ways of transmitting the virus. It is not transmitted by holding hands, hugging, or even dry kissing on the lips. The chance of transmission with deep kissing is unknown, as no infections have been definitively documented after exposure to infected saliva. Yet, since HBV has been found in saliva, the risk of transmission with deep kissing probably exists and the risk increases if one partner wears orthodontic braces or has open cuts or sores in the mouth. The likelihood of becoming infected with HBV grows with the number of sexual partners a person has. Thus, promiscuous individuals are more likely to get HBV.

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Yes, I think most (all?) of us know all this but how many religiously practice it? I know I don't...condom for penetrative anal sex but for anal play, BJs (giving or receiving), facials and showers too???


The urge for sexual pleasure and earthly sensations are just too strong for most I would imagine.

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Jul 26 2014 07:37 AM

Bareback sex is always risky - it is, however, also the deepest, especially if you adore the ladyboy you are with. I have barebacked with someone very special that I have known for several years - though it is quite some time ago. But she remains the one I truly adore in spite of her enriched loads... she remains the kindest, the sweetest and the absolutely most loyal.

Sep 08 2014 06:49 AM

 A loyal ladyboy pmsl

Sep 08 2014 06:54 AM

not just lb.'s gg's as well, the majority of them who are on the game  are scheming, conniving, lying cunts, who given half the chance would steal the sugar from your tea.

ffs jesus could not even trust 12 men ( and i should know ) so what chance have you got of trusting money orientated hookers who would rob you of your last satang.

keep every thing locked up, trust none of them, and when they try and show you the copy of their hiv test i pmsl again, cover up, just beware, and keep ones wits about you.

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Not sure if this post is closed, but has any one heard of Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) as a effective preventive measure against HIV?  I read a couple of articles and it seems to suggest that you can take it BEFORE being infected and it will work to prevent getting HIV.

Apr 01 2022 01:05 PM

Well, as far as i can remember, was quite dificult not to suck those babes so, if you're in to it but dislke to do so with a condon on, just be careful at least with some good personal hygiene practices & procedures before, during & after your fun moments.

Most of them were very much clean & tide but, no chance to trust sex without condon... take care guys!