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#258314 How Thailand can ruin your self esteem

Posted by MrWhippy on 29 January 2015 - 07:29 AM

Whilst this refers to GG's it's more about distinguishing a main advantage that LB's offer over GG's.

A couple of weeks ago I had a week in Bangkok and a couple of nights in Udon. I had a bar LB with me for a couple of nights who just happened to be sleeping in my room. Who'd have believed it. So, twiddling my thumbs and wanting to squeeze as much activity into my week in LOS I ventured out to see what I would find

I came across a bar in soi 20 I think or thereabouts in Sukhumvit. To be honest I quite like the girl next door look and got chatted up by such an example who kept prodding my groin telling me what a big cock i had. Neither of us were really that deluded. I made her aware that if i was to bar fine her that i love kissing, she confirmed she loved it too and waggled her tongue at me like a Maori before a match. I thought, great.

Off we went like i was about to consume my first Turkish Delight, full of eastern promise. Well she took me to this secret door with no handle in a wall and led me up a dilapidated labyrinth into a room that was last decorated 40 years ago. I enjoy a bit of seediness sometimes but this was grim.

Anyhow, we get down to it, sort of. You know when you try to create static by rubbing two balloons together. That was the kissing,and she was making the same noise. There was no prising open those lips (her facial ones ). Well that fakeness killed it for me. For the first time in my outings in Thailand, I just couldn't get it up. And when I wasn't even allowed to look at her fanny, I decided that enough was enough. I put my clothes back on, chucked my money at her and walked off, wounded and pissed off.

The point I want to get across here is that every time I've taken a BKK bar girl, it's all been fun in the bar but such a big disappointment back in the room and it will take a real exception before I do it again. Whereas every time I've taken an lb its always been full on in bed.

Having said all that, I went for a massage and within an hour of the previous experience I was shagging a girl in her mid 30's, bloody tremendous it was. It must have been the Minnie Mouse outfit she was wearing. I'm not kidding. And within an hour of that I was back at the hotel giving the LB a going over and very nice it was too.

So,whilst I like to dabble on both sides, I always default to the LB's for their enthusiasm for sex. They've never let me down.

As an aside, another anecdote about GG's, when i go to a bar and they're plying me for drinks they often start up the conversation with "How old you" I always ask then to guess. I typically get anything between 32 and 38. I'm 45.

So this time in Udon whilst entertaining 3 GG's they asked me the same. So slapping 100 baht on the table I told them that the person who guesses the closest gets the 100 baht.

I got 48,52,and 56.

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#238128 **Philippine Ladyboy Pictures**

Posted by 31state on 12 October 2012 - 05:52 PM


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#263257 Cocktails & Dreams 2016

Posted by jimbo34 on 02 January 2016 - 02:22 PM



Wishing you all a 


Happy, Healthy & Safe New Year



 2015 proved a difficult year for us at C & D, with turnover dropping a whopping million baht ! There were some bright spots through the year, but a brutal Low Season took it's toll.

 I'm quite sure "Western" tourism was well down, particularly in Phuket, where we saw some really incredibly inept management of the island's economy. A dubious scheme to rid the beaches (the jewel in our crown) of private profiteering might have been well-intentioned, but ended up descending into farcical 10% zones and suchlike, but leaving the obviously well connected jetski and parasail thugs untouched. With a change of Governor, i'm hoping some commonsense will return.


 Thailand seems to have concentrated on just making up the numbers by welcoming the chinese shortstayers, rather than trying to woo back the wealthier western customers. Coupled with a drought and a dropoff in commodity prices, Thailand's economy is in a pretty dire situation. The military's inertia regarding the plight of ordinary thais shows their lack of expertise. Letting major manufacturers like Samsung, LG, and Panasonic move their production out of Thailand whilst actively discouraging replacement industries in, doesn't bode well. The burying of heads in the sand regarding the appalling record of aviation maintenance, leading to an American ban, and some terrible publicity for the fishing industry hasn't helped either!

 Rather than just writing a song about togetherness, and locking people up for "attitude adjustment", Herr General should be banging heads together to kickstart the economy and get some of the ineptocracy and corruption out of the system. 

 Tourism has supposedly been the one "bright spot", but sheer number of arrivals doesn't necessarily mean it translates into hard cash for ordinary people in the food chain. Encouraging  westerners back with a smile would be a good place to start, coupled with the correct type of "attitude adjustment" rather than a vague "return to Thainess", whatever that's supposed to mean!


 Elsewhere, with terrorism (everywhere) and currency fluctuations playing their part (yes that's you, Australia!) it was a tough old year for everybody.


 However, i am optimistic for us in 2016. Despite a stagnant Europe, America, and to a lesser extent the UK, is appearing to be on the road to recovery. And with many tourism destinations, such as North Africa, taking a hit from the terrorism threat, we may yet see an upturn of these visitors to our shores. I certainly hope so. Australians will get used to a slightly lower exchange rate too.


 This is just my simplistic take on the current situation, and i don't profess to be any sort of economist.


 As far as our "scene" is concerned, we've seen many changes in 2015, with bars opening and closing. But overall we still seem to be in a much better place than all those me-too girly bars. Long may we survive! And with your continued support, i see no reason why not. Thailand still appears to be almost unrivalled when it comes to ladyboys.


 Thank you again for your support last year - now let's get on and enjoy 2016 !

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#250045 Forum Participation

Posted by jimbo34 on 03 March 2014 - 04:19 PM

My Journey to Owning a Bar in Thailand


 I think i'll post my short story here. I couldn't decide whether to open another thread in Chat, Bars & Venues, Newbies, or Expat sections.


 We'll go a long way back to 1981 (! shit, was it really that long ago?) when i borrowed some money off my parents to buy into an ailing Flooring Distribution company in the East End of London.

 They thought i was bonkers, but anxious to help their "black sheep" get into something that actually fired up some enthusiasm, they agreed to help "Just this once" i can hear my father booming.

 The first couple of years were pretty tough, but gradually things improved, and by the middle part of the decade we were booming. But then it was the 80's, the years of "loadsa money" so although we felt like kings (there were 3 of us) we weren't really doing anything particularly special.

 Our egoes led us to believe we could do no wrong, and in March 1989 we took out a 3 million pound mortgage (!) at 7% to buy a fuck-off huge new warehouse in Canning Town. Within months the then Chancellor of the Exchequer abolished mortgage interest tax relief, and raised interest rates to an eye-watering 15% !

 We were doomed. We had falling sales, and rising costs.

 One of my partners managed to find a buyer, a PLC, just before the bank pulled the rug, and i started a miserable 2 years under contract to the new owners.

 At the end of that we agreed that neither party wanted to renew the contract, and i woke up the next morning unemployed, but free from all that Corporate bullshit.


 The buyout gave me 200,000 sterling.


 Then i got divorced! So you can guess what happened to the 200,000?


 So what to do?


 I attempted to retail flooring, working from home, but as is usual the first 2 years of a new venture is really really tough and i could see it would take a loong time for my reputation to grow enough to bring in a sufficient income.

 I was faced with the prospect of taking on High Street premises, or getting out and doing something different.


 So, in 1996 I decided to open a small restaurant/coffee shop in Stevenage town centre.

 I'd had some catering training in my youth, so how hard could it be?


 The first 2 years were really tough (again), constantly juggling money to pay VAT, rent, and Business Rates.

 Finally the thing came round and we began to get some success. But oh boy, catering is such hard work!

 What happens when you sack the chef? You do it yourself.

 What happens when your waitresses leave to get married/have babies etc? You do it yourself.

 What happens when the dishwasher breaks down? You do it yourself.

 And so on. Its physically, as well as mentally demanding.


 Just after my 50th birthday, at the end of 2003, a bloke walked in, ordered a coffee, and offered to buy me out. Cash.

 I nearly broke his arm in my anxiety to shake his hand on the deal !


 From about 2000 onwards i found i was watching as much ladyboy as i could find on the internet. My interest had been sparked by a photo article in a big tit magazine called Score. I took out a years subsciption to Score, and you got the 13th issue free. I was bored with looking at the same old birds with ginormous silicone jugs, and by the 12th addition i just used to flick through it when it dropped on my doormat.

 However the final, 13th issue, had a 3 page article at the back. The first page was of a very sexy-looking blonde in miniskirt and high heels. Then i turned the page to a double spread of the same girl, naked, and you guessed it....with an erect cock!

 I wanked myself raw to this, and my quest to see more and more LBs grew in intensity.


 Finally, in June 2003 i took the step of booking an hour with a girl from the Eros website, in west London.


 I remember pacing up and down outside her apartment, in the light rain, smoking cigarette after cigarette, until finally i plunged in and knocked the door.

 I had warned her it was my first time.

 She was a sweetheart and gently took control and as she had the most amazing body, i just wallowed in the sheer eroticism of it, eagerly sucking her cock, and finally penetrating her delightful slim arse.I was hooked.


 From then on i used to reward myself with a monthly trip to London, taking a different girl each time. Sometimes they were good, sometimes not.


 At some point during this time i found out that Thailand had a major ladyboy population that actually led "normal" lives, or were easily available in bars, cheaply!


........to be continued........

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#262576 Cocktails & Dreams 2015

Posted by dirkgfin on 16 October 2015 - 03:25 AM

Few days left of my holiday week, has been great fun so far!

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#253689 **Philippine Ladyboy Pictures**

Posted by duke007 on 12 July 2014 - 05:44 PM

If I wasnt already "in lub" with a Pinay girl I would definitely fall for this one, simply adorable Blow_Kiss.gif


Thanx for the updates AP Clap9.gif

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#251113 working for some pesos on the streets of Santiago de Chile today!

Posted by Nikka on 11 April 2014 - 11:51 PM

working for some pesos on the streets of Santiago de Chile today!


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#250463 **Philippine Ladyboy Pictures**

Posted by philts on 17 March 2014 - 12:51 AM

Ex Mr Woman lovely who I keep in touch with.

Great attitude, a very good dancer and packs a lovely package, for Philippines very unusual.

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#238114 **Philippine Ladyboy Pictures**

Posted by 31state on 12 October 2012 - 04:11 PM

rear view

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#265334 Cocktails & Dreams 2016

Posted by jimbo34 on 27 July 2016 - 03:13 PM

Tuesday Night


 Earnt my monika of Mr Grumpy last night with this group of asians (Koreans?) hunched over their jabby-dabby devices for a full 90 minutes, not looking up once, not even during Showtime


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 I finally cracked and told them to leave.


 Probably cost me the Excellence Award, but fukkit i've had enough. They need to get a life rather than the virtual one on their 5 inch screens, ffs!

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#263261 Teppis Hellsinki - Diary of a Madman

Posted by Teppis on 02 January 2016 - 07:28 PM

Soda 2

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#259866 Cocktails & Dreams 2015

Posted by jimbo34 on 13 April 2015 - 01:50 PM

Very messy


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Posted by puktuk on 25 January 2015 - 06:49 PM

Then it really begins, I happened on a little bar restaurant in soi paradise that sombody told me was good for Aussie fusion food and had an embryonic Ladyboy cabaret. Run by a Nick Jackson and Ning Nong . So off I went, been going ever since, food was good. but the cabaret was great , not many girls …. roll call Fah, NingNong, Jenny, Ming, Banana, Toi, and possibly Amy. Spent a lot of time there. Dallied with a few but settled for Toi, enventually put her through uni in Khon Kaen, she now works in training in Krungsi bank for Issan, earns loads, pension, car with driver all that stuff . Still beautiful. I was asked once by her mum to represent the entire extended family at a special ceremony in the local temple when a family representitive was introduced to a visiting very senior monk who was surprisingly young and had been educated at Harrow school , I was the only farang there. I also keep in a Tibetan carved box the dozens of cotton arm ties. Given to me at a blessing for us. Both precious memories. See her occasionally if I go there to visit.

Had a few rendezvous with Ming in BKK . Lovely person, skinny then, seriously sexy and very scary to a small bloke like me, the only way I could cope with her weapon was to sit on it very slowly, it was ok after about half an hour. Then the cards took over.

C&D then moved to the Tiger entertainment place which was great and seemed to work well but there was no in house cabaret . However NingNong still did her outside gigs. I was there once for a while and Nick and Ning Nong asked me if I would help with the cabaret when it went outside by driving round to collect the stragglers and get them to the events on time. You have to be joking rounding them up from the staff house was an experience. I became a frequent visitor there, not for the faint hearted. But driving them around was rather like driving a school bus for delinquent teenagers, but wonderful fun. Then the move across the street for C&D

Then along came Jimbo, no doubt saving the institution that is C&D. I However, over the last few years have tried a few of the newer girls. Was the first to barfine little Beer, no bolt ons and wonky teeth and one or two others , the Lovely, sad, Bee. What is it with the tall ones? Yummie Banana, she got a new name before she was attacked by some freelancers who stamped on her face with their spiked heels, never seen again . Was there to welcome laughing Annie to the fold . There have been others but will not embarrass my self and their sponsors by naming names.

When I come there in March this year it will be 13-14 consecutive year I have spent my birthday there and I will be 71 years old ,luckily everything is still working well so until my body fails me I will still be there . It helps being a hopeless romantic, I don't regret a single cent or minute of this time spent with all these weavers of stories and makers of dreams, if you want the passion you must expect the pain in equal amounts, they are two sides of the same coin .

Thank you C&D and all who inhabit that special place , without it the last 15 or so years would have been very dull and colourless.

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#257196 Tootsie's Massage, Patong

Posted by Tootsie on 20 December 2014 - 04:49 PM

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

We thank you for your friendship and wish you all the best in the next year.

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#255368 Addicted to BKK- my first trip report

Posted by Christopheje on 19 September 2014 - 01:17 PM

I am a regular reader of your forum for many years and I've been to Thailand 12 times in the last 10 years but never for more than 10 days in a row. My last trip was 2 years ago. I'm 43.
Thanks to some of you, I avoided some of the scams and traps that sometimes occur. I've always followed your advices as well as the updates on the new places and most of the time, they were great.
So, I thought that this time, it would be fair to report some news from my week in BKK and tell my story.
But please forgive me:
English is not my mother tongue, so be indulgent.I didn't take any pics, never dare to, and anyway my cell is too old.

I am a longtime admirer of LB and have barfined a few during my prior holidays but decided that this trip will be a full LB one.
I was in BKK the first week of September. The streets and bars were amazingly quiet. It took me less than an hour (I landed at 5.30 PM) to pick-up my suitcase, take a taxi, and check-in in my hotel at the end of Sukhumvit Soi 4.
Of course the taxi, that I took at the "official" booth asked for 450 baht. I thought that the taxi's problem had been fixed at Suvarnabhumi. Apparently it's not and some are still reluctant with the meter concept. Anyway, he finally put it on, the final fare was 270 baht, plus the toll. Yes, I saved 110 baht, around 4$ but I don't like to be robbed especially when the driver plays with its mini IPad while driving on the highway!
A bit of an unreal dialog between a customer and a taxi driver:
"If I'd do the same in my country (sending messages on the Ipad) while driving, I'd be arrested by the police, my car would  be confiscated, and I would loose my license for a while" I said to him in a desperate effort to get its focus on the road
"Same here" he replied
"And you don't want to stop? That's your job to drive, you are making money with your car"
"I know police, no problem"
Yeah, sure, but my problem is that I want to get to my hotel in a safe way! I haven't worked my ass off this year, saved every dollar that I could, to miserably die in a car crash a few kilometers from my destination. When I said to him that I the IPad is not a good idea, he stopped. He, then, started to call a few friends on the phone to finally close his eyes and have short naps every time we were stopped by the traffic! Great to be in Thailand.
I had to be careful this year with my expenses, it has been a tough one and now, I know exactly what recession means. I had to be wise with the barfines.
Despite my excitement to be back in my favourite city, I was pretty tired and did not feel like barfining the first night. I went to Guess to have my first beer of the week and get fresh news.  When I said to the girls outside that I just wanted a beer and be alone for a while, they said "ok, no problem, have a seat", then to have 5 of them around me 2 minutes later asking for a lady drink. The mamasan, who heard everything from the beginning, was very understanding and asked them to leave me alone with a nice but firm voice. I liked that.
I offered her a drink (always good to be friend was the mamasan isn't it?), and she explained to me that the bar has been renovated and showed me around. I've only been there once or twice a few years ago so I can't really tell the before/after difference but the deco is nice. The bar now host GG and LB and has a new management for 2 months. The mamasan is very friendly, she is fluent in English, has traveled around Europe and Australia. She introduced me to some LB and made me feel comfortable. She knew that I wasn't keen on Barfine and didn't push. It's appreciable.
As all the bars in the area, including Nana, it was very quiet.
I went back to Guess on my last night, the mamasan was not there.
I honestly think, for what she said on how she now intends to run the bar, the GG and LB mix, that it will be worthwhile  to pay a visit helping her getting the place back to what it used to be, a fun place to spend our nights.
Following your dithyrambic reviews, I went on one night to the now famous Check-inn bar. Quite easy to find, at the corner of the new McDonald's on Sukhumvit road, turn left into Soi 5 and then immediately right into a very small, noisy and smelly little alley. You will find the bar at the end of it. Otherwise, go on on Sukhumvit road, next Soi on left, you will see a big sign showing the direction. I was not disappointed with CIB. Once again, the bar was quiet with customers but full of beautiful LB. After a warm welcome, a few talks with June's husband, a beer, I found myself in the company of Moy. Then came the usual chit chat  about Isaan, a lady drink, the family in Isaan and all the blabla, she confessed that she was very horny and couldn't wait anymore to have sex! She said and I quote " you know, I did not have sex for 3 days, too  long" Lol ok, this time I'm keen on Barfine. I don't know if that was true, but I decided to satisfy to her (and my) desire for lust. Barfine was 400 baht, 1500 shortime ( I didn't try to bargain), can't really remember the rate of the (clean) shortime hotel on the first floor but I think it was 300. Moy said that she was horny, she actually was! Even the shower, which can sometimes be very long, was shortened. When she went out of the bathroom, she was ready to play long time! Technically skilled, put a bit of fantasy, has a gift to find my weakest spots and didn't stop until I was really done if you know what I mean. To sum up, great experience. She showed me some Facebook pics of the Isaan's house that she owns but I guess, even if it was not explicitly said, that a sponsor is involved.

As I said earlier, I haven't been in Bangkok for 2 years, but it seems to me that the number of black, Thai, GG, LB freelances in that part of Sukhumvit has increased. On some nights, that was massive or maybe that was just the lack of customers. By the way a fantastic pic to take and to send to Oak Brook would be one with all of the hookers around Ronald. Just to show them how it works in BKK!
Don't know if it's a news for you, but you can find 2 massage salons in that part of Sukhumvit hosting LB & GG.
Another point. Am I getting older or are they getting younger, the freelances in front of the Nana's hotel? I spotted some who seem well under age. What is the legal age anyway?
Then, I  prowl around Nana for a best part of the week. Nana has always had its detractors and its fans. I belong to the second category, I admit. Certainly due to the fact that I spent there my very first night ever in BKK and I still remember it, but not only.
I like the debauchery ambiance, having a beer at the balcony for 69 baht, watch the embarrassed face of some guys checking at the nearby short time hotel, the smells, the girl to whom you said no a hundred times and who still asking, with a large smile, to visit her bar, the face of the first-timers etc etc... I always find something new in NIP, even this year a Thai women working in a bar of the central alley speaking my mother tongue and who thought that I was an expat! She made my night with that.
I read guys moaning about prices in NANA. Yes, they've gone up a little bit. But seriously, where in the world are you gonna have a beer, 1 or 2 drinks with a  beautiful "half your/my” age LB who's gonna make you feel good, entertain you, have sex with you, in a safe & secure environment (and that is surely the best part of it) for something like 80$ or 60€? At home, the cheapest one close to me asks for 150$ an hour. She's 37 (she says) and I have to travel to her place to have the pleasure to meet her! She's still waiting!! Otherwise it's 250$ an hour. No way either. But it's only my opinion about NANA.
I had at least a beer in all the LB's bar of NIP. You still can find, in each of them, whoever suits your taste. Petite, tall, exuberant, shy, warm, experienced, beginner... with greater financial means, I'd have had more adventures to tell.
I spent a fair time at Temptations, most of the time outside. They've got 2 mamasans. A very, very slim one, and a less slim one! I've been told later on that one is post-op, the other is pre-op. I let you guess who is what. I had a drink and a nice chat with the pre-op one. Sorry but I can't remember her name. She told me that she's been working in different NANA's bars for 10 years and have seen and have fucked a lot. Well, yes I can imagine.
She nicely inquired about my taste in the LB matter, in order, she said to me, to offer the best possible choice and service. What a nice gesture, I said to myself, I appreciate, but I will let my instinct do the work even tho I believe it was a genuine. I met her a few times after that and she was always friendly. Yes, I know, I bought some beers and lady drinks.
I forgot to mention that Japanese and Pakis/Indians had massively landed in BKK by the middle of that week. And they are not the favorite customers of the LB.
Is my instinct still reliable? I don't know. I will let you know why I question it later on. I spent 2 great nights, in and out of my bedroom, with Kally, number 16. She's not the average LB that you find in the bars. Not that I don't like the average LB, nothing pejorative, but this one is very quiet, sweet, has got a very good English, she can read it, has travelled a little bit in Thailand and Asia, could honestly explain the financial motivation that led her to work in a bar, lives with her family in BKK, didn't grab my cock every 2 minutes and so on... You understand what I mean. When I said to her, at the entrance of NIP on the way to my hotel with her, that, after all those years I'm still amazed seeing all of them waiv Buddha when they gonna have sex for money, she laughed. When I said to her that it would be inconceivable in my country, she laughed again but she was able to explain to me some of the ins and outs of the Buddhist religion.
She's got a wonderful body and one of the sweetest skin I have ever felt under my hands.
I made myself very clear from the beginning as I always do.
This is not my first trip to Thailand, I do not want to be A sponsor, I don't believe a word that come out of the mouth of a bar girl, I'm single and intend to stay, I read many times "private dancer" and many more about disasters that happen in real life because of ongoing relationships between customers and bar girls. She didn't like it of course but didn't show it too much. Call me an idiot but I believe that I saw a bit of sadness thru her eyes.
We talked about everything and nothing, her life as a child & her earliest desires to become a LB, her every day's life as a LB (outside the bar), the hormones that she can buy without prescription (that is total madness), the relative tolerance of the Thai society in relation to the LB, the regular visits to the temples, her family....well about  life in general. She was surprisingly opened mind when I stated my strong disagreement about the family support. She also clearly mentioned that the customers are not always kind with them, some are real bastard and jerk. I knew that, but when you are told some stories, I felt some bitterness down my stomach.
"You chose to do this job", I said.
"I used to work in a factory, making 8000 to 9000 baht a month, now I make 4 times that" she replied. "I want a better life, you understand?"
Yes, I do and God knows what I would have done in her position.
That's the first time ever that I've got this kind of "girlfriend experience" even if it was quite limited compare to what some of you have lived or actually live.  I'm obviously not ready for it and next time, I will stick to my plans which can be sum up with a well-known word: "butterfly"
I don't know if I will ever meet her again but honestly even if I could now, I'm not sure that I would want it. As a matter of fact I'm pretty sure that I wouldn't. She didn't ask for email, phone, or Facebook and that's good. All the time that I spent with her made me abruptly realize (I should have had earlier), that, while we are having fun with them and forget them, they struggle with their lives more than what we think. She moved me.
Although I've been around long enough to know that she may have lied to me from the very first second we met. Again, I will never know. Anyway I don't regret any baht that I spent to be with her.
I had a really good time and she made me feel good. In fact, to tell all the truth we haven't talked all the time over those 2 nights.
I really wish the best for her in her life.
I couldn't help telling her that, from my point of view, she doesn't belong to that world, that she deserves better than this life and she should find a nice sponsor and/or a good husband. I can't believe that I had this speech to a LB working in a NANA's bar. Never came to my mind before.
But to the ones who will read my post and will Barfine her, please be kind with her, ok? Above all, she is a nice person.
I'm addicted to BKK and can't wait to go back. The more I go over there and the more I like it. It becomes harder & harder every time to leave this country. I profoundly hate Suvarnabhumi on my way back.
I already miss the weather, the street food, the smells, the rides on motorcycle thru the traffic, the new small soy that I find out around Sukhumvit, the kindness of the people and maybe even BigC!
I made 2 promises to kally:
This year I will learn the Thai language.
I also promised that I will talk about her in a forum for farang who love LB.
That's done..

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#253370 **Philippine Ladyboy Pictures**

Posted by Asian_Prince on 05 July 2014 - 06:06 PM

Some out of my hugh collection and on going network......

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#247778 Monkey Business

Posted by dixon cox on 27 December 2013 - 06:56 PM

A Misty-eyed Romance ...

“I refuse to let what happened to me make me bitter.” 
― Nicole Kidman

I must admit that Misty is not for the faint-hearted, but my goodness that girl easily ticks all my boxes with a big fat marker pen. Yes, there may be prettier and far more delicate girls around, but Misty has the amazon dominance off to a tee with that incredible bubble-butt, her strong thighs and an aura of 'don't-fuck-with-me' about her. That combination turns me on and she knows it.
I was at Kings Bar last night with the 'Magic Crew' and had Misty on my mind. She was there in her minuscule cut-off shorts displaying those incredible and delicious curves. She knows I like her as I've been on my knees with her several times in the past and she was trying to persuade me to take her again. A scary prospect to deny her last night and there was no way I was ever going to bullshit her or give her false signals. So I had to tell her straight and clear "not tonight, but I'll be back to see you in a few days". For my own self-preservation I'd better not let her down, these girls don't forget. I feel like a useless worthless wimp when I'm in her presence which I find highly erotic. In my eyes she is one of few girls on the scene who truly gets my juices flowing.
The following evening ...
After a small group of us left Magic's very well attended Baby Boom party we stopped off for a few more drinks at Famous before finally making our way over in the early hours to Kings Bar for a nightcap. Raymond, Magic and his delicious belle-de-jour, plus myself.
On arrival the small group sat outside in the open air and I disappeared inside for a much needed piss. Having dealt with that unstoppable and inconvenient bodily function I was just opening the secondary door from the toilet back through into the bar to see a stern Misty walking directly towards me. With a determined look on her face her flattened palm impacted my shoulder and I was spun around and sent back to whence I'd came. With alcohol, excitement and a sense of submissiveness flowing through my veins I felt there was little choice but to comply. As I was steered back into the toilet I could hear the sound of her heels behind me, the toilet door subsequently closing, followed by a click of the latch. This indicated to me that I was about to receive some toilet-training and maybe even be taught a lesson.
Within the confines of the toilet she stepped around me and pushed down on my shoulder with her hand. My knees fell to the floor-tiles and I unzipped my shorts in anticipation.

Attached File  misty.jpg   51.52KB   8 downloads

It's difficult to remember exactly how long I was in there, but with senses on overload and awash in a sea of bubble-butt and firm legs my tongue claimed every inch of her thighs and ass. With her strong hand locked onto the back of my head holding my face against her flesh I recall being offered a short-time room but it was too late, the time was now.
She steered my mouth around her copious curves with one hand while she shuffled off her tight butt-biting pants from her ample buttocks with the other. As they dropped from view I recall looking down to the ground and seeing her 6" clear translucent heels framed by a belt which was bigger than the shorts themselves. I knelt beneath her like a weakling with my own cock in hand as my eyes slowly climbed back up her strong and powerful body until I could see her face forming a backdrop to her engorged penis.
My options seemed limited as she clung onto my head as I held my mouth open mere inches beneath her erect horizontal cock. Before I knew it her hips were rocking and she was fucking my throat and there was nothing I could do except struggle for breath. Just as I thought I was about to choke she withdrew her weapon and at close quarters I witnessed several gushes of pure ladyboy semen jet out in several bursts right in front of my face, the first of which landed on my cheek. All the time she'd been stood looking down at me watching me masturbate as I knelt beneath her.
She then turned and raised her high-heeled right foot up onto the lid of the big waste bin to the right of the sink and held onto the basin, her right knee level with her head as she leaned over proudly displaying perhaps the finest ass in Pattaya. As she looked down under her leg at me she could see my appreciation of her fine form and my neck extended upwards to allow me to lick the underside of her raised thigh, all the time relentlessly galloping my maggot. My urges grew until I couldn't help myself but stand up behind her. I stabbed my cock at her solid buttocks and it was then she appeared to offer her anus, or at least that was how it seemed. Believe me I wanted it, but even with such an irresistible offer apparently on the table and with numerous alcohol units affecting my judgement I knew where the line had to be drawn. Spit and bareback is not the way to claim your pension, so I passed on that potential possibility.
As my left hand groped and fondled and fingered my right hand worked towards releasing the pressure she'd so easily built up inside me. Within moments I felt the inner sensation of pleasure followed by relief as I delivered a dollop of my next generation onto her glistening buttock, accompanied by a feeling of pride as I watched it trickle down and drip from her raised leg onto the mucky toilet floor tiles below. What a rush!
A quick cock and hand wash in the sink and payment for services rendered and I was allowed to leave. Back outside I felt an immediate touch of déjà vu as Magic offered me some of his street meat and spicy dip.
Sometimes you just can't beat a bit of bully.
dixon cox (2013)

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#262510 Cocktails & Dreams 2015

Posted by jimbo34 on 09 October 2015 - 01:17 PM

Thursday Night


 Much quieter last night. Just hope the weekend livens up again.


 Nicole, Kitty, & Pink on stage, where the biggest and best mirror is located, obviously !

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Attached File  DSC00175.JPG   347.28KB   1 downloads


Newbie Bella, on pole

Attached File  DSC00176.JPG   323.94KB   1 downloads


Newbie Nana

Attached File  DSC00177.JPG   379.54KB   1 downloads


Attached File  DSC00178.JPG   351.49KB   1 downloads


Nuoy at the pool table

Attached File  DSC00179.JPG   436.82KB   1 downloads


Patricia & Pink

Attached File  DSC00180.JPG   371.73KB   1 downloads


Attached File  DSC00181.JPG   319KB   1 downloads


Pink solo

Attached File  DSC00182.JPG   353.68KB   1 downloads









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#250834 a man cut in slices

Posted by yung havok on 03 April 2014 - 01:05 AM

So I was staying at her grandmas house in the village and for some reason her estranged father was there sleeping in a tent outside of the house. This made me feel a little funny deep down in my gut. What's this guy thinking. What's he want. How can I face him knowing that im fucking his son up the ass while he's sleeping in a tent outside. This guys a Yaba head just look at him she even said so herself. Hes got a sleeping problem he walks around outside the house at all hours of the night. I went to take a piss and catch my breath I was getting my dick sucked she said take a towel but I didn't listen. I was butt ass naked and went to the toilet and the dude saw me. I still had a hard on. He made this anguished moan , I stopped in my tracks I thought someone was taking a shit but it was him outside looking at me through the fence. I had no idea I grabbed a towel and opened the gate and he was standing there with a cigarette in his mouth. He said" its hot isn't it" I said yeah i didn't know what to do so I fumbled around and slipped on a pair of sandals that were outside. When I went back to where I was sleeping I told her what happened. She wasnt to happy. I convinced her to fuck in the toilet. She said she didnt feel comfortable doing it with her dad outside but I wasnt hearing it. When she got to the toilet and was cleaning her ass she asked me why I was wearing her dads sandals.
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#238127 **Philippine Ladyboy Pictures**

Posted by 31state on 12 October 2012 - 05:47 PM


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