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Ladyboy Water Valleyball Tournament 2013

Posted By Moo Yung on 05 July 2013 - 03:46 PM

Following the success of last year's tournament and evening (see www.LBWVB.Com) it is hoped to make it an annual event to:

*Raise money for Charity
*Improve and promote the image of LBs in Thailand
*Promote the participating bars
This year the event will be on Saturday 26th October 2013 at the Areca Lodge, Soi Diana, Pattaya.

Last year everyone had a great day out which was agreed to be excellent value.


There will be 8 teams of LBs competing for this coveted award

Last year the event raised 285,000 Baht - 225,000 Baht was given to Charity on the day.
There is 60,000 Baht carried forward to this year.

You can support by:

* Donate - money or a special item for the auction. Last year we had 300 USD Marriott gift vouchers donated
* Sponsorship - 3,000 baht minimum. Choose a team - you receive a complimentary, non-transferable, ticket to the day and evening
* Tickets - Tickets will go on sale in participating bars and via Email. LBWVB@Hotmail.Com (Copy/Paste Email ID)

The first 7 tickets have been reserved already and 4 sponsorships received

There are 250 Tickets. This is an increase over last year as demand outstripped supply
48 are for the Teams (8 teams x 6 tickets.
4 are for Referees
4 are for Media
That leaves 194 Tickets for sale. No inflation - same price as last year "1,000 Baht"

You can Donate, Sponsor, Purchase a ticket via Cash, PayPal, Bank Transfer, Western Union.
Please state your Forum name and if Donation, Sponsorship or Ticket purchase. For sponsorship name your team.

Unfortunately we have lost Anaconda, last year's winners (read the thread)
Pook Bar and Horny Bar are currently elusive

So from 2012 we have:
Baby Boom 2012 Runners Up
CockTails & Dreams - The island bar of choice
La Bamba 2012 Best dressed team and the longest to get ready for the evening!
Sensations A new and very welcome entry for 2013
Stringfellows The WYSIWYG bar (What You See Is What You Get)
TJ music Bar Great friendly mixed bar in Naklua

Contact has been made with 3 other bars so there is no doubt that there will be at least 8 teams.

Email and PayPal: LBWVB@Hotmail.Com (Copy/Paste Email ID)

These will be printed and available in the bars from early April BUT you can reserve now.
Posters will be displayed in the participating bars, in the Hotel and other supportive venues.

Hotel - Areca Lodge
The hotel are drawing up the contract this week and may be able to have a 'limited special offer' on rooms overlooking the pool.
More details will follow when available.
Snacks will now also be available during the day.
Wine, Coffee and Tea have been added to the drinks list.

These will be on display from April in the Bars and other supportive venues and in October in the Hotel.
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La Bamba Bar - Neil's birthday

Posted By LaBambaBar on 02 March 2015 - 05:00 PM

2015.03.07 neil birthday.jpg

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