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Cocktails & Dreams 2016

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#1 jimbo34

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Posted 02 January 2016 - 02:22 PM



Wishing you all a 


Happy, Healthy & Safe New Year



 2015 proved a difficult year for us at C & D, with turnover dropping a whopping million baht ! There were some bright spots through the year, but a brutal Low Season took it's toll.

 I'm quite sure "Western" tourism was well down, particularly in Phuket, where we saw some really incredibly inept management of the island's economy. A dubious scheme to rid the beaches (the jewel in our crown) of private profiteering might have been well-intentioned, but ended up descending into farcical 10% zones and suchlike, but leaving the obviously well connected jetski and parasail thugs untouched. With a change of Governor, i'm hoping some commonsense will return.


 Thailand seems to have concentrated on just making up the numbers by welcoming the chinese shortstayers, rather than trying to woo back the wealthier western customers. Coupled with a drought and a dropoff in commodity prices, Thailand's economy is in a pretty dire situation. The military's inertia regarding the plight of ordinary thais shows their lack of expertise. Letting major manufacturers like Samsung, LG, and Panasonic move their production out of Thailand whilst actively discouraging replacement industries in, doesn't bode well. The burying of heads in the sand regarding the appalling record of aviation maintenance, leading to an American ban, and some terrible publicity for the fishing industry hasn't helped either!

 Rather than just writing a song about togetherness, and locking people up for "attitude adjustment", Herr General should be banging heads together to kickstart the economy and get some of the ineptocracy and corruption out of the system. 

 Tourism has supposedly been the one "bright spot", but sheer number of arrivals doesn't necessarily mean it translates into hard cash for ordinary people in the food chain. Encouraging  westerners back with a smile would be a good place to start, coupled with the correct type of "attitude adjustment" rather than a vague "return to Thainess", whatever that's supposed to mean!


 Elsewhere, with terrorism (everywhere) and currency fluctuations playing their part (yes that's you, Australia!) it was a tough old year for everybody.


 However, i am optimistic for us in 2016. Despite a stagnant Europe, America, and to a lesser extent the UK, is appearing to be on the road to recovery. And with many tourism destinations, such as North Africa, taking a hit from the terrorism threat, we may yet see an upturn of these visitors to our shores. I certainly hope so. Australians will get used to a slightly lower exchange rate too.


 This is just my simplistic take on the current situation, and i don't profess to be any sort of economist.


 As far as our "scene" is concerned, we've seen many changes in 2015, with bars opening and closing. But overall we still seem to be in a much better place than all those me-too girly bars. Long may we survive! And with your continued support, i see no reason why not. Thailand still appears to be almost unrivalled when it comes to ladyboys.


 Thank you again for your support last year - now let's get on and enjoy 2016 !

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#2 jimbo34

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Posted 02 January 2016 - 02:25 PM

 I was late into the bar last night after doing my visa run to Singapore, so only managed a couple of shots of one of our "finds" last year - the incredibly sexy Nana:


Attached File  DSC00605.JPG   307.26KB   42 downloads


Attached File  DSC00607.JPG   320.48KB   19 downloads

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#3 Hanger747

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Posted 04 January 2016 - 10:19 PM



Your comments are no doubt echoed by everyone on the forum, especially those who frequent Phuket, and more closely Patong itself.


Here's hoping for a better 2016!


On a side note, I'll be in Patong  for the CNY weekend, and will pop by and introduce myself.  Been lurking on the forum for a good couple of years, but must admit, stumbling across the your threads about C&D, hastened my booking of a return trip.


I look forward so sampling a few cold ones, and admiring your lovely ladies.







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#4 jimbo34

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Posted 07 January 2016 - 03:03 PM

Look forward to meeting you Hanger747

#5 jimbo34

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Posted 07 January 2016 - 03:10 PM

Weds 6th Jan


Just a quick update, as it's been very busy.

I get all excited when we have a good start to the year, but the real test comes next week when the world gets back to work. Last year there was a noticeable drop-off, so we'll see. In the meantime it's bloody mental !


A few pics grabbed in between my glass-collector duties:



Attached File  DSC00622.JPG   310.13KB   10 downloads



Attached File  DSC00623.JPG   335.03KB   9 downloads


2 additions to last night's cabaret:

1st "Twiggy", who bounced about energetically

Attached File  DSC00625.JPG   406KB   9 downloads


Attached File  DSC00626.JPG   319.31KB   4 downloads


Attached File  DSC00627.JPG   419.38KB   3 downloads


2nd from a visiting english drag queen!!

Attached File  DSC00628.JPG   368.39KB   5 downloads


Attached File  DSC00629.JPG   385.37KB   5 downloads

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#6 kakila

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Posted 09 January 2016 - 02:08 PM


your 2016 opening remarks were well said. a difficult  year for many of us.


I hope the busy season is very busy for you. I should be back mid year. look forward to a beer or 7


cheers kakila

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#7 rxpharm

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Posted 09 January 2016 - 03:14 PM

Jimbo, hopefully things will improve for all of us in 2016! I would like to thank you for your updates to the C&D thread, your rants thread and support for the forum! The problem with the malware warning should now be solved - and while it never caused any harm to visitors it caused concerns.


When you reflect back and see how other bars in Phuket were affected last year - it is a testament to you and your staff at C&D's that brought you through while others could not make it. This shows that even though it seems to be a bother, your efforts to promote C&D on this forum have been worthwhile as well as the customer service emphasis at C&D's.


Wishing you and everyone at C&D's much success for 2016! :cheers:

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#8 hatman

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Posted 12 January 2016 - 02:46 PM

Hi jimbo hope your well... Are you normally at the bar on Saturday evenings ? And if so what time are you normally about..... I wanna pop over either this Saturday or next but my last visit I was a little bombarded by ur staff and didn't get time to relax and chill a little before engaging in the company of your lovely girls so this Time I thought id say hi to you giving me time to relax
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#9 zakattack7

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Posted 12 January 2016 - 04:50 PM

HI Jimbo, Happy New Year to you and the girls/staff at C&D.  I visited last yr (had a great time) and will be in again after Jan. 23rd for a few days...love the LOS.

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#10 MrChris

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Posted 14 January 2016 - 12:16 AM

Booked the next trip Jimbo, sorry I couldnt join christmas time this year. So see u from the 15 April and hope the bar keeps going even if its tough at the moment. Looking forward to the pool games, hot girls and the rants

#11 jimbo34

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Posted 14 January 2016 - 07:35 PM

Booked the next trip Jimbo, sorry I couldnt join christmas time this year. So see u from the 15 April and hope the bar keeps going even if its tough at the moment. Looking forward to the pool games, hot girls and the rants


Ah, i was wondering what had happened to you, Christian.


See you April.

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#12 jimbo34

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Posted 15 January 2016 - 02:01 PM

Thursday Night


 Noticeably quieter this week. Has High Season finished already?



Attached File  DSC00638.JPG   348.41KB   11 downloads


Patricia prepares for tout duty on Soi Bangla

Attached File  DSC00639.JPG   330.65KB   6 downloads


Nicole & Nadia setting up their balls!

Attached File  DSC00640.JPG   348.91KB   6 downloads


Leggy Anna

Attached File  DSC00641.JPG   339.58KB   5 downloads


Nicole & Anna

Attached File  DSC00642.JPG   343.88KB   7 downloads


Matching lime green seems to be the order of the day for this

backdoor duo

Attached File  DSC00643.JPG   286.62KB   7 downloads


Attached File  DSC00644.JPG   326.94KB   3 downloads


Attached File  DSC00645.JPG   312.62KB   3 downloads


Nicole & Co perform their ever-popular Lady Gaga routine

Attached File  DSC00646.JPG   317.08KB   6 downloads


Attached File  DSC00647.JPG   328.44KB   3 downloads

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