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ladyboys. navy C&D

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#1 puktuk

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Posted 25 January 2015 - 06:44 PM

Ladyboys, a life.



This was going to start as a trip report, but as I started typing something that Jimbo said in one of his pieces popped into my mind. He was talking about C&D having a niche market, and that it would probably survive whatever the trends elsewhere. I agree and hope this is the case. I was thinking about the part C&D has played in my life in the last 14-15 years. No lets go back to the beginning I thought .... So


As an eleven year old boy in the mid fifties at a fairly exclusive boys prep school in SE coast England, we were actually not allowed to have contact with any girls except for Matron. 11-12 year old boys have a lot of things going on and an outlet was each other . Occasionally we were allowed home at the weekends, not often, anyway, I had a particular friend the same age but blond, blue eyed and far too pretty for the rugby team, I was invited to spend one of these weekends with his family somewhere in the Sussex countryside. His bedroom had his bed and a sofa bed so naturally we were put together. At 11 we had already discovered that everything was in full working order and we slept in the same bed. The second night he said he had something to show me when we went to bed, he produced some of his older sisters underwear, she was away at school, he put them on and proceeded to do a little show, he said he did it often with his sisters, who knows, anyway he was very excited and exciting, We were sent into a bit of a frenzy by this and there was a night of , what if we tried this , what if I did that to you and it would be good if you did this to me as well. all in the name of learning about our bodies.

The impression this made on me seems to have echoed down the years, I suppose it was my first unknowing introduction to ladyboys.

At 17 at the end of a slightly chequered scholastic life I was encouraged to leave home and join an old colonial shipping company BISN Co. Ltd . Which had main offices in Bombay and Calcutta

amongst others. After three and a half years training, at sea, I was posted to a ship that spent a lot of time round the coast of India. Going from a south coast of England resort to Bombay in mid sixties was rather like going to another planet, but I loved it, Whenever there was an opportunity I wandered of into parts of Bombay that really were out of bounds, there I discovered that some of the beautiful Indian dancing girls were actually boys, some stunningly beautiful, I was by then very tanned, small and fair haired and could easily,and was, mistaken for an Anglo, so I could get away with anything and as well as speaking Hindi, I did. It wasn't really allowed to mix for either side but we found ways. This was my first introduction to full on femboy sex, loved every second of it. This passed the next few years of my life

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#2 puktuk

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Posted 25 January 2015 - 06:47 PM

1998 , single again, got a job managing a small hotel in the Annapurna range o In 1967 I joined The LSL Sir Galahad, managed and manned by BI for the MOD, as a Junior navigating officer . Sir Galahad sadly was later sunk in the Falklands war. We were to be based in Singapore, it took 40 days at sea to get there, via the West Indies, for an exercise in the Virgin Islands, via Cape Town to Singapore. We were told there was to be no shore leave as we had to sail for an undisclosed destination the same day. Nearly Mutiny, I happened to be the watch officer at the time of leaving so once at sea I asked the Capt for further instructions. Set a course for Bangkok He said. Remember this was at the height of the Vietnam war and BKK was a major R&R centre, sex, drugs and rock and roll, heard some rock and roll,no drugs, but endless sex of whatever took your fancy, one night I took two girls to an hotel, and low and behold one wasn't, I was enchanted, topped, bottomed, sandwiched , my first true ladyboy, have been in love with them, and the LOS ever since. That is a long time, fifty years in 2017.

This visit lasted only 5 days when we returned to Singapore carrying a few military types you wouldn't want to mess with, we did a few drops and pickups of the coast of the north over the next couple of years, we weren't told what it was about. Then there was Bougie Street, famous now, but infamous then, ladyboys in numbers, but the Sir Galahad had its own adopted bar , the Cellar bar on Clifford Pier, long gone. Just round the corner was another small bar with a couple of Ggs and one rather tall elegant Chinese TS, early thirties,with a terrible burn scar on the left side of her face covered mostly by her very long black hair, anyway she said would I like her to cook me some real chinese food at her house, read 2 room flat, leading to bed , that was great I said , you were rubbish said she, not good for the young twenties sailor who thought he knew it all, come back tomorrow afternoon and I will show you how. There followed 2 weeks on and off of the teachings of a lady who seemed to be able to raise the dead, it doesn't matter, she said, whether it is a boy, girl or ladyboy this is what to do for both to enjoy, after two weeks she vanished and I never heard of or saw her again. But if I could meet her I would go on bended knee and thank her for she taught me some of life's most important lessons, top of the list was that making love is for two. .

Left BI in 1971, joined marine offshore oil exploration , marriage, children , divorce and all that stuff. Then returned for an holiday in LOS in 1988 and stayed in the Amari resort over the bridge in Patong beach. , not sure if it was the same bridge, but went on a couple of night sorties into town when the girlfriend got sunburned , lots of small bars along beach road , a few Ggs. Nothing else. There are some photos some where but I think she has them, will ask.f the Himalya's Nepal. 3 of the best Years of my life without question, however a bit of a monk like life, but only two and a half hours flight from Kathmandu to BKK then to Phuket. I used to nip down for 5-6 day at a time when the hotel was quiet.

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#3 puktuk

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Posted 25 January 2015 - 06:49 PM

Then it really begins, I happened on a little bar restaurant in soi paradise that sombody told me was good for Aussie fusion food and had an embryonic Ladyboy cabaret. Run by a Nick Jackson and Ning Nong . So off I went, been going ever since, food was good. but the cabaret was great , not many girls …. roll call Fah, NingNong, Jenny, Ming, Banana, Toi, and possibly Amy. Spent a lot of time there. Dallied with a few but settled for Toi, enventually put her through uni in Khon Kaen, she now works in training in Krungsi bank for Issan, earns loads, pension, car with driver all that stuff . Still beautiful. I was asked once by her mum to represent the entire extended family at a special ceremony in the local temple when a family representitive was introduced to a visiting very senior monk who was surprisingly young and had been educated at Harrow school , I was the only farang there. I also keep in a Tibetan carved box the dozens of cotton arm ties. Given to me at a blessing for us. Both precious memories. See her occasionally if I go there to visit.

Had a few rendezvous with Ming in BKK . Lovely person, skinny then, seriously sexy and very scary to a small bloke like me, the only way I could cope with her weapon was to sit on it very slowly, it was ok after about half an hour. Then the cards took over.

C&D then moved to the Tiger entertainment place which was great and seemed to work well but there was no in house cabaret . However NingNong still did her outside gigs. I was there once for a while and Nick and Ning Nong asked me if I would help with the cabaret when it went outside by driving round to collect the stragglers and get them to the events on time. You have to be joking rounding them up from the staff house was an experience. I became a frequent visitor there, not for the faint hearted. But driving them around was rather like driving a school bus for delinquent teenagers, but wonderful fun. Then the move across the street for C&D

Then along came Jimbo, no doubt saving the institution that is C&D. I However, over the last few years have tried a few of the newer girls. Was the first to barfine little Beer, no bolt ons and wonky teeth and one or two others , the Lovely, sad, Bee. What is it with the tall ones? Yummie Banana, she got a new name before she was attacked by some freelancers who stamped on her face with their spiked heels, never seen again . Was there to welcome laughing Annie to the fold . There have been others but will not embarrass my self and their sponsors by naming names.

When I come there in March this year it will be 13-14 consecutive year I have spent my birthday there and I will be 71 years old ,luckily everything is still working well so until my body fails me I will still be there . It helps being a hopeless romantic, I don't regret a single cent or minute of this time spent with all these weavers of stories and makers of dreams, if you want the passion you must expect the pain in equal amounts, they are two sides of the same coin .

Thank you C&D and all who inhabit that special place , without it the last 15 or so years would have been very dull and colourless.

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#4 puktuk

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Posted 25 January 2015 - 07:02 PM

sorry there seems to be a bit of a typo beginning of part two ignore the bit about hymalaya
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#5 puktuk

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Posted 25 January 2015 - 07:03 PM

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#6 jaybee111

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Posted 25 January 2015 - 10:02 PM

Nice report puktuk. Interesting to read about your long journey and a brief history of C&D. Thanks for sharing that with us.

#7 goodenough

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Posted 25 January 2015 - 10:26 PM

Thanks for an amazing account onyour life in the dark side  :) Truly enjoyable! 

#8 rxpharm

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Posted 25 January 2015 - 11:42 PM

puktuk - thanks for sharing! Often we take our attraction for granted - not realizing how it can change your life. Also it's great to hear some stories of the early days - when C&D was called Katoey's r Us.


Sorry to hear about Banana, she was one of the few preops I've barfined, petite, beautiful and lovely. I'm attaching a photo of her to confirm if I'm thinking of the same Banana as you are.


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#9 dixon cox

dixon cox

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Posted 26 January 2015 - 12:15 AM

A thoroughly enjoyable read, both entertaining and enviable. Look forward immensely to reading more of your stories and experiences from over the years.


Thank you puktuk for sharing your stories with us  :)

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#10 puktuk

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Posted 26 January 2015 - 12:20 AM

to RXPHarm , got her right there she was a sweetie , bit of a drama queen , who isn't

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#11 puktuk

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Posted 26 January 2015 - 01:35 AM

just for something different I wrote this a month after the Tsunami of 2004, we all lost somebody I think




A perfect isle , set in a perfect sea,
A place where dreams are made,
of dappled light and fan cooled shade.
The sun so bright on silken sand,
night filled with the scend of paradise.

out of the shade into the light comes the one,
the one that draws my eye and tears my heart.
Hair shining like a ravens wing,
cool eyes, seeing more than I can tell,
around my heart she wove her spell.

I recall her kiss so light,
her breath so soft upon my cheek
her skin so smooth beneath my touch.
those eyes so gentle gazed into my soul,
they saw the pain that lingered there,
I loved her.

She took me by the hand
then led me through her sun filled land,
She took me round that magic isle
and taught me to be young again,
it was the same both day and night.

The light of love burned like the sun,
She made me well, the pain was gone,
she healed me with a tender glance,
a shining smile that lit my days and filled my heart
I knew she was the only one.

My heart was full, with a feeling oh so strong,
I would never be alone.
I never stopped to wonder , why?
She made me laugh, she made me cry.

I walked into that island light,
forever gone those days of grey and sadness,
my life would never be the same,
my heart beat just to hear her name,
she was to be forever mine.

Then came that day, same as any other,
sun so bright upon the shore,
I think she walked upon that sand,
then came the sea so very high,
and for me like many other, I never got to say.....

The light is gone, I see the end,
I have never found my love, my friend.
what I would give for just one moment, just one moment,
to gaze upon those gentle eyes again.
I can but wait.

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