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Addicted to BKK- my first trip report

trip report

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#1 Christopheje

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Posted 19 September 2014 - 01:17 PM

I am a regular reader of your forum for many years and I've been to Thailand 12 times in the last 10 years but never for more than 10 days in a row. My last trip was 2 years ago. I'm 43.
Thanks to some of you, I avoided some of the scams and traps that sometimes occur. I've always followed your advices as well as the updates on the new places and most of the time, they were great.
So, I thought that this time, it would be fair to report some news from my week in BKK and tell my story.
But please forgive me:
English is not my mother tongue, so be indulgent.I didn't take any pics, never dare to, and anyway my cell is too old.

I am a longtime admirer of LB and have barfined a few during my prior holidays but decided that this trip will be a full LB one.
I was in BKK the first week of September. The streets and bars were amazingly quiet. It took me less than an hour (I landed at 5.30 PM) to pick-up my suitcase, take a taxi, and check-in in my hotel at the end of Sukhumvit Soi 4.
Of course the taxi, that I took at the "official" booth asked for 450 baht. I thought that the taxi's problem had been fixed at Suvarnabhumi. Apparently it's not and some are still reluctant with the meter concept. Anyway, he finally put it on, the final fare was 270 baht, plus the toll. Yes, I saved 110 baht, around 4$ but I don't like to be robbed especially when the driver plays with its mini IPad while driving on the highway!
A bit of an unreal dialog between a customer and a taxi driver:
"If I'd do the same in my country (sending messages on the Ipad) while driving, I'd be arrested by the police, my car would  be confiscated, and I would loose my license for a while" I said to him in a desperate effort to get its focus on the road
"Same here" he replied
"And you don't want to stop? That's your job to drive, you are making money with your car"
"I know police, no problem"
Yeah, sure, but my problem is that I want to get to my hotel in a safe way! I haven't worked my ass off this year, saved every dollar that I could, to miserably die in a car crash a few kilometers from my destination. When I said to him that I the IPad is not a good idea, he stopped. He, then, started to call a few friends on the phone to finally close his eyes and have short naps every time we were stopped by the traffic! Great to be in Thailand.
I had to be careful this year with my expenses, it has been a tough one and now, I know exactly what recession means. I had to be wise with the barfines.
Despite my excitement to be back in my favourite city, I was pretty tired and did not feel like barfining the first night. I went to Guess to have my first beer of the week and get fresh news.  When I said to the girls outside that I just wanted a beer and be alone for a while, they said "ok, no problem, have a seat", then to have 5 of them around me 2 minutes later asking for a lady drink. The mamasan, who heard everything from the beginning, was very understanding and asked them to leave me alone with a nice but firm voice. I liked that.
I offered her a drink (always good to be friend was the mamasan isn't it?), and she explained to me that the bar has been renovated and showed me around. I've only been there once or twice a few years ago so I can't really tell the before/after difference but the deco is nice. The bar now host GG and LB and has a new management for 2 months. The mamasan is very friendly, she is fluent in English, has traveled around Europe and Australia. She introduced me to some LB and made me feel comfortable. She knew that I wasn't keen on Barfine and didn't push. It's appreciable.
As all the bars in the area, including Nana, it was very quiet.
I went back to Guess on my last night, the mamasan was not there.
I honestly think, for what she said on how she now intends to run the bar, the GG and LB mix, that it will be worthwhile  to pay a visit helping her getting the place back to what it used to be, a fun place to spend our nights.
Following your dithyrambic reviews, I went on one night to the now famous Check-inn bar. Quite easy to find, at the corner of the new McDonald's on Sukhumvit road, turn left into Soi 5 and then immediately right into a very small, noisy and smelly little alley. You will find the bar at the end of it. Otherwise, go on on Sukhumvit road, next Soi on left, you will see a big sign showing the direction. I was not disappointed with CIB. Once again, the bar was quiet with customers but full of beautiful LB. After a warm welcome, a few talks with June's husband, a beer, I found myself in the company of Moy. Then came the usual chit chat  about Isaan, a lady drink, the family in Isaan and all the blabla, she confessed that she was very horny and couldn't wait anymore to have sex! She said and I quote " you know, I did not have sex for 3 days, too  long" Lol ok, this time I'm keen on Barfine. I don't know if that was true, but I decided to satisfy to her (and my) desire for lust. Barfine was 400 baht, 1500 shortime ( I didn't try to bargain), can't really remember the rate of the (clean) shortime hotel on the first floor but I think it was 300. Moy said that she was horny, she actually was! Even the shower, which can sometimes be very long, was shortened. When she went out of the bathroom, she was ready to play long time! Technically skilled, put a bit of fantasy, has a gift to find my weakest spots and didn't stop until I was really done if you know what I mean. To sum up, great experience. She showed me some Facebook pics of the Isaan's house that she owns but I guess, even if it was not explicitly said, that a sponsor is involved.

As I said earlier, I haven't been in Bangkok for 2 years, but it seems to me that the number of black, Thai, GG, LB freelances in that part of Sukhumvit has increased. On some nights, that was massive or maybe that was just the lack of customers. By the way a fantastic pic to take and to send to Oak Brook would be one with all of the hookers around Ronald. Just to show them how it works in BKK!
Don't know if it's a news for you, but you can find 2 massage salons in that part of Sukhumvit hosting LB & GG.
Another point. Am I getting older or are they getting younger, the freelances in front of the Nana's hotel? I spotted some who seem well under age. What is the legal age anyway?
Then, I  prowl around Nana for a best part of the week. Nana has always had its detractors and its fans. I belong to the second category, I admit. Certainly due to the fact that I spent there my very first night ever in BKK and I still remember it, but not only.
I like the debauchery ambiance, having a beer at the balcony for 69 baht, watch the embarrassed face of some guys checking at the nearby short time hotel, the smells, the girl to whom you said no a hundred times and who still asking, with a large smile, to visit her bar, the face of the first-timers etc etc... I always find something new in NIP, even this year a Thai women working in a bar of the central alley speaking my mother tongue and who thought that I was an expat! She made my night with that.
I read guys moaning about prices in NANA. Yes, they've gone up a little bit. But seriously, where in the world are you gonna have a beer, 1 or 2 drinks with a  beautiful "half your/my” age LB who's gonna make you feel good, entertain you, have sex with you, in a safe & secure environment (and that is surely the best part of it) for something like 80$ or 60€? At home, the cheapest one close to me asks for 150$ an hour. She's 37 (she says) and I have to travel to her place to have the pleasure to meet her! She's still waiting!! Otherwise it's 250$ an hour. No way either. But it's only my opinion about NANA.
I had at least a beer in all the LB's bar of NIP. You still can find, in each of them, whoever suits your taste. Petite, tall, exuberant, shy, warm, experienced, beginner... with greater financial means, I'd have had more adventures to tell.
I spent a fair time at Temptations, most of the time outside. They've got 2 mamasans. A very, very slim one, and a less slim one! I've been told later on that one is post-op, the other is pre-op. I let you guess who is what. I had a drink and a nice chat with the pre-op one. Sorry but I can't remember her name. She told me that she's been working in different NANA's bars for 10 years and have seen and have fucked a lot. Well, yes I can imagine.
She nicely inquired about my taste in the LB matter, in order, she said to me, to offer the best possible choice and service. What a nice gesture, I said to myself, I appreciate, but I will let my instinct do the work even tho I believe it was a genuine. I met her a few times after that and she was always friendly. Yes, I know, I bought some beers and lady drinks.
I forgot to mention that Japanese and Pakis/Indians had massively landed in BKK by the middle of that week. And they are not the favorite customers of the LB.
Is my instinct still reliable? I don't know. I will let you know why I question it later on. I spent 2 great nights, in and out of my bedroom, with Kally, number 16. She's not the average LB that you find in the bars. Not that I don't like the average LB, nothing pejorative, but this one is very quiet, sweet, has got a very good English, she can read it, has travelled a little bit in Thailand and Asia, could honestly explain the financial motivation that led her to work in a bar, lives with her family in BKK, didn't grab my cock every 2 minutes and so on... You understand what I mean. When I said to her, at the entrance of NIP on the way to my hotel with her, that, after all those years I'm still amazed seeing all of them waiv Buddha when they gonna have sex for money, she laughed. When I said to her that it would be inconceivable in my country, she laughed again but she was able to explain to me some of the ins and outs of the Buddhist religion.
She's got a wonderful body and one of the sweetest skin I have ever felt under my hands.
I made myself very clear from the beginning as I always do.
This is not my first trip to Thailand, I do not want to be A sponsor, I don't believe a word that come out of the mouth of a bar girl, I'm single and intend to stay, I read many times "private dancer" and many more about disasters that happen in real life because of ongoing relationships between customers and bar girls. She didn't like it of course but didn't show it too much. Call me an idiot but I believe that I saw a bit of sadness thru her eyes.
We talked about everything and nothing, her life as a child & her earliest desires to become a LB, her every day's life as a LB (outside the bar), the hormones that she can buy without prescription (that is total madness), the relative tolerance of the Thai society in relation to the LB, the regular visits to the temples, her family....well about  life in general. She was surprisingly opened mind when I stated my strong disagreement about the family support. She also clearly mentioned that the customers are not always kind with them, some are real bastard and jerk. I knew that, but when you are told some stories, I felt some bitterness down my stomach.
"You chose to do this job", I said.
"I used to work in a factory, making 8000 to 9000 baht a month, now I make 4 times that" she replied. "I want a better life, you understand?"
Yes, I do and God knows what I would have done in her position.
That's the first time ever that I've got this kind of "girlfriend experience" even if it was quite limited compare to what some of you have lived or actually live.  I'm obviously not ready for it and next time, I will stick to my plans which can be sum up with a well-known word: "butterfly"
I don't know if I will ever meet her again but honestly even if I could now, I'm not sure that I would want it. As a matter of fact I'm pretty sure that I wouldn't. She didn't ask for email, phone, or Facebook and that's good. All the time that I spent with her made me abruptly realize (I should have had earlier), that, while we are having fun with them and forget them, they struggle with their lives more than what we think. She moved me.
Although I've been around long enough to know that she may have lied to me from the very first second we met. Again, I will never know. Anyway I don't regret any baht that I spent to be with her.
I had a really good time and she made me feel good. In fact, to tell all the truth we haven't talked all the time over those 2 nights.
I really wish the best for her in her life.
I couldn't help telling her that, from my point of view, she doesn't belong to that world, that she deserves better than this life and she should find a nice sponsor and/or a good husband. I can't believe that I had this speech to a LB working in a NANA's bar. Never came to my mind before.
But to the ones who will read my post and will Barfine her, please be kind with her, ok? Above all, she is a nice person.
I'm addicted to BKK and can't wait to go back. The more I go over there and the more I like it. It becomes harder & harder every time to leave this country. I profoundly hate Suvarnabhumi on my way back.
I already miss the weather, the street food, the smells, the rides on motorcycle thru the traffic, the new small soy that I find out around Sukhumvit, the kindness of the people and maybe even BigC!
I made 2 promises to kally:
This year I will learn the Thai language.
I also promised that I will talk about her in a forum for farang who love LB.
That's done..

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#2 Hard News

Hard News
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Posted 19 September 2014 - 02:20 PM

I look forward to more updates !!! 

All I can say is go have fun.....I am so so jealous !!

#3 rxpharm

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Posted 19 September 2014 - 04:05 PM

Christopheje, great to read your first trip report! Don't worry about the English - you're doing a good job and it is easy to understand.


A few things that may make it an easier read: split the report into more, smaller posts. A large block of text (even if it is good), can be a bit imposing. I think you may be using a translation program and then pasting into the forum - good idea, and it looks like it is doing a good job. However it is breaking up the flow a bit. This may also be addressed by splitting it up into more, smaller posts.


Also great to read about your descriptions - brings back good memories of my Bangkok visits. I also appreciate your sharing about your time with Kally. I suppose it is easier to just enjoy the momentary pleasure of sex with an lb, and keep it superficial, but in the end they are people too. Just as we all are. Even experienced punters can run into that special lb who touches their heart. It can be dangerous, but it can also be a vision changer. Lbs are no longer just "money grubbing whores" who have no right to charge what we think may be high prices. They are people with dreams, responsibilities, and problems, just like us. Hopefully more customers will understand this and the "rotten bastard" customers will become a thing of the past (probably a pipe dream, but a hope).


Looking forward to the rest of your report, and don't worry about the photos, your descriptions and insights are bringing things to life!

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#4 Spyder Rocket

Spyder Rocket
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Posted 19 September 2014 - 06:30 PM


I enjoyed your trip report, and you seem to have a knack for story telling. As Rxpharm said, it would be easier to read if you chopped it into smaller sections, or used line spacing between your paragraphs.

However, please don't think we are criticizing you, just offering our advice. You told a good story, and I appreciate you taking the time to share it with us.

I think it is cool that you got a glimpse inside Kally's life, she probably was being sincere with you, but I feel the same way as you about not keeping in contact with the bar girls and LBs after I leave Thailand.

I seldom exchange contact information with them, and even if I do, I don't get into a romantic relationship with them, despite the fact that I've met some really kind and interesting people in my travels to Thailand over the years.

I fully believe that one can be kind and gentle to bar girls, and still protect ones self from being taken advantage of.

I think the trick is not to get in too deep with them, it can be hard to turn off burgeoning feelings like a water faucet, but I somehow manage to do it without being rude. That is not just specific to bar girls, or Thailand, but I feel that way about love, no matter where the person is from.

I view romantic love as a temporary condition; I think it is fleeting, and intoxicating, something best enjoyed in the moment. Perhaps it is a bit like wine? Best not to drink too much.

Regardless, thanks again for sharing your experience with us, and I hope you follow up with more insight.


#5 Surin Nix

Surin Nix
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Posted 20 September 2014 - 05:23 AM









Ok, composition lesson over. Great report Christopheje! Very enjoyable read. I particularly liked how you pickup on the little nuances of NEP which can be easily overlooked in the neon glare, the "spanking paddles" noise from the guys at Spanky's, the music....

You really are a keen observer of the human experience there. Great people watching is part of the fun, and NEP never disappoints!

Thanks for sharing your story.
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#6 Christopheje

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Posted 04 October 2014 - 02:39 PM

Thanks for your comments and advises. Positives critics are always good.
Reading my post, I guess that I have suffered from some Bangkok's depression! But everything is fine now.
I always really enjoy reading news and post from this forum.
Have fun
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