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  1. Phuket, Thailand Escort Scams

    That said, there are specific scams and traps to be aware of. Here are the most common escort scams in Phuket, Thailand (and how best to handle them).

    Phuket Escort Agency Scams

    Posted Image

    Bait and switch: This is when the escort in the photo/video isn’t the one who turns up in your room. You see a stunning slim, 21-year-old model on the agency website, but she is not the girl you’ve been dreaming of when you open your hotel room door. Bait and switch is highly unlikely to happen when using a trusted, well-known Phuket escort agency.

    What to do: Fortunately, this isn’t common in Thailand. If it does happen, address it immediately and try not to let the escort into the room. Stand your ground, but remain calm and don’t get aggressive. If there is drama, call the hotel security/reception swiftly.

    Photoshopping: This is a far more common Phuket, Thailand escort scam. Heavily edited escort photos aren’t unique to Thailand; this is an issue with escorts far and wide. It’s similar to the bait and switch, but instead of a different person showing up, it’s the same person, but they don’t look as good as in the photos.

    What to do: It depends on how heavily the photoshopped images are. If the person looks nothing like the photos and you don’t find them attractive, it’s best to follow the advice above. If the escort seems a little different, but you still find them attractive, it’s best to overlook the issue and see how the chemistry works out.

    Fake Reviews: This is something we work hard to eliminate on Smooci. Sadly, many escort sites don’t have a suitable method or system for spotting fake reviews. So, you see some glowing reports on an escort offering certain services and experiences, but when they arrive, the experience is nothing like the glowing reports and recommendations described.

    What to do: This is tricky as you tend not to realise you have been misled until after booking. You also have no proof they had anything to do with the possible fake reviews. The best advice is to play it cool and mark it as a learning experience. Getting upset, angry, or refusing to pay after the booking can lead to unnecessary drama.

    Phuket Escort Freelancer Scams

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    Stealing: It’s not common, but you hear stories of escort clients being robbed by escorts, usually having things taken from their hotel rooms. Again, this is more common in other countries and big cities, but you should always be wary of it.

    What to do: Whenever taking an escort to your room, always request they leave their ID with security/reception. This will help you in the unlikely event they steal from you and discourage potential thieves from trying. If you catch someone stealing from you, keep calm and get them to return the stolen items. Make sure not to be aggressive or confrontational or give them a reason to create drama and play the victim. If you realise you’ve been robbed after the fact, immediately inform the hotel reception and they will help you report it and hopefully catch the thief.

    Pickpocketing: Pickpocketing occasionally happens when clients cruise for freelance escorts on the streets. This usually occurs when the escorts are in darker streets, such as along the beach at night.

    What to do: We advise against purposely looking for street escorts; it’s not necessary in Thailand. If you do it, make sure not to carry any unnecessary items, don’t wear any expensive jewellery and watches, and limit the money you have on you. Be wary of where your phone and wallet are at all times. If you get a bad feeling or see something suspicious, leave immediately.

    Fake IDs: One Phuket, Thailand escort scam you should always be conscious of, is the fake ID scam. Every Thai person should carry their government ID card, which will usually be needed to enter bars, clubs, and hotels. However, it’s not uncommon for an escort to borrow her friend’s ID, so don’t always take it as given that the ID matches the person holding it.
    What to do: This is usually done to hide the age or gender of the escort. If you have any doubts or suspicions that the escort you are with isn’t the person in the ID, or they seem younger, or possibly not even the gender they say they are, address it. Be friendly and calm, and ask them about it. If you still aren’t happy with their answer, ask for other proof or simply walk away.

    Other Phuket Escort Scams

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    Bar and massage touts: Touting scams are when someone on the street or a taxi/tuk-tuk driver tells you about this amazing bar/massage with the hottest girls and raunchiest action you can imagine. But when you get there, you find something far less desirable and considerably more expensive than the other bars and massages all over town.

    What to do: Some bars, clubs, and shows will use touts, but it will usually be the girls/ladyboys who work there trying to draw in customers during quiet times. They will also be very close to the place (no need to get a taxi and be whisked away). There’s never a real reason to follow a tout; if you can’t see the place they are talking about within view, it’s a big no. If you find someone giving you the hard sell, say no thank you, smile, and keep moving.

    Joiner fees: This is a Phuket, Thailand escort scam you hear about. Joiner fees aren’t a scam in themselves; while there is an excellent selection of guest-friendly hotels in Phuket, some hotels charge a joiner fee to take a guest back to your room. However, this becomes a scam when the hotel allows you to bring a guest back for free, but a security or staff member takes advantage and tries to charge you a joiner fee.

    What to do: We always advise getting the hotel guest policy before your trip (this can be done via an anonymous email). If you think you shouldn’t have to pay a joiner fee, question it, especially if it happens at an odd hour during the night shift. If they insist you pay, ask them for a receipt and tell them you will double-check with the main reception. Standing your ground will usually cause most opportunists to back down.

    Thailand is a beautiful and safe country; most people are very friendly and helpful, but always keep your common sense. There are other Phuket, Thailand escort-related scams and common tourist scams and traps you should look out for, including the notorious jet ski scam, which you should read up on in advance.

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    • Sep 02 2022 10:37 PM
    • by admin
  2. The Phuket Ladyboy Scene 2022/2023

    While it may not compete in terms of the number of ladyboys and bars you will find in Bangkok and Pattaya, it still has several vibrant redlight areas and places to book and meet ladyboys.

    For many adult travellers, Phuket is the complete package. The escort scene is not as in-your-face as it is in Pattaya and parts of Bangkok, but it’s there. And for those who want more than just adult nightlife, this island offers stunning beaches, nature, and a quality of life that Bangkok and Pattaya can’t compete with. Where is the Phuket Ladyboy Scene?

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    • Patong
    • Bangla Road
    • Karon
    • Kata

    When talking about the wild nightlife of Phuket, Patong is the HQ of the Phuket ladyboy scene. On the island's west side, Patong is the most popular bay and beach resort on Phuket. It has a long stretch of attractive sandy beaches lined with bars, shops, massages, etc.

    Patong hosts numerous beach parties, club nights, and live music daily. Its clubs attract international star DJs, and beaches host year-round festivals and events. This is where you’ll find the island's most attractive locals and freelance escorts. Most importantly, there are many beer bars and entertainment venues with ladyboy staff and freelancers..

    Despite Patong attracting many families, travellers, and honeymooning couples, escorting is very much accepted. You’ll find escorts available to book online and freelance ladyboys working in the busy streets, looking for company at many clubs and live music bars, and even hanging out at the sizeable Jungcelyon mall.
    Bangla Road

    While Patong is the centre of the Phuket nightlife and escort scene, Bangla Road is the wild beating heart of Patong. This 400-meter strip of bars and clubs is where you’ll find the best of the Phuket nightlife scene and escort venues. Here you’ll find the infamous Tiger beer bar complex, welcoming gogo bars (such as Suzie Wongs and the Devil’s Playground), ladyboy cabaret shows, live music venues, and some international standard EDM clubs.

    Many clients prefer to find dates online and use Bangla Road as the ideal date spot for a fun night together. The nightlife here is extremely welcoming to singles and couples alike. It’s impossible not to have a good time cruising this wild strip and seeing where the night takes you.


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    A short taxi ride south of Patong is Karon. Here you’ll find a different pace of lifestyle and nightlife, but also a good selection of beer bars and freelancing escorts, including some ladyboys. Karon is much more laidback and home to many large chain hotels and swish beach resorts.

    Karon has a stunning 3KM long stretch of soft sandy beach and many local eateries. It’s a great place to take a date for a few days and escape the madness, but it also has several small beer bar complexes with escorting staff available (most notably the Karon and Patong Plazas). Due to its tranquil vibe, you’ll find the ladyboys working here prefer the quiet life (whereas wilder escorts may typically like to work in the anything-goes town of Patong). That said, most staff working online in Patong will happily travel the short distance to Karon to join you.


    While Karon is quieter than Patong, Kata is even more peaceful, especially during the low season. But while the nightlife can be lacking at times, the beach is fantastic, and there are still several bars and freelancers working in the area. Found at the far end of Karon beach, many mongers choose to stay here to experience that idyllic laidback tropical lifestyle. It’s also only 20 mins in a taxi to the Patong nightlife, and many online escorts would travel here for a client. Kata is home to Phuket’s most prominent beach club, attracting freelancers on the big nights.

    The nightlife, beer bars, and escort scene are not in-your-face in Kata; this discretion is precisely what some are looking for. If you know where to look, you'll find several beer bar complexes in Kata, which host 5-10 bars, each hosting several escorting staff. Many of Kata; 's beer bar complexes can are off Kata Road; one, in particular, can be easily spotted due to the Spiderman statue at the entrance.

    Phuket after Covid

    Posted Image

    As with most places, Covid has changed the face of the Phuket escort scene, and it’s hard to know how much of this change is temporary or permanent.

    For a good while, Phuket shut down to tourism. During this time, the nightlife and escort scene was almost non-existent, and Patong and Bangla Road became ghost towns. Thankfully, things have begun to re-open, and Phuket has become host to a sandbox system where incoming tourists can visit without any notable quarantine.

    The sandbox has brought Patong and Bangla Road back to life, with this area of Phuket beginning to thrive again. Of course, it’s still not comparable to how things were in Phuket the years previous to covid, but most of the bars, clubs and other escort-friendly venues are beginning to re-open.

    Many are finding the current situation in Phuket ideal. Due to its popularity in the past, Phuket could be overcrowded at times. With the Phuket nightlife and escort scene now open to business again but tourism numbers still modest, it’s a great time to come and have fun while enjoying the paradise beaches and views.

    Despite the recovery of the Phuket escort scene in Patong, things in Karon, Kata, and areas such as Kamala and Rawaii are much quieter, with many beer bar complexes still closed. Most escorts and nightlife workers are heading to Patong while the rest of the island catches up.

    As of mid-2022, things in Phuket are starting to return to normal, but not quite as chaotic as it’s busiest months, pre-pandemic. For many, this is the perfect time to explore the Phuket ladyboy scene.

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    • Sep 02 2022 10:14 PM
    • by admin
  3. Thai vs Filipina ladyboys

    But it's also something those of us who have traveled to both Thailand and the Philippines and been with both in the flesh could really consider. I think it's worth discussion.

    There is really no question that Thailand is home to both the highest number and the highest percentage of ladyboys in the world. But the Philippines shouldn't be ignored as a ladyboy center either. The ladyboys you can find there are unique and great in their own way. They're not all that rare either. There are definitely more ladyboys in say Manila or Angeles City than you would find in most other cities around the world, Bangkok and Pattaya not withstanding!

    In general you could probably finder hotter and more ladylike ladyboys in Thailand. There are a few reasons for that. The first and most obvious is that there are just more ladyboys in the Land of Smiles. So it follows that you would find more good looking ladyboys. But there's more than that.

    There's a whole ladyboy or kathoey culture in Thailand dating back ages. You can read some about it in great books like “The Third Sex” by Richard Totman if you're really interested. The long and short of it is that anyone born with a penis who feels like a lady or ladyboy doesn't have to start from scratch in Thailand. They see ladyboys around them, and they can easily find ladyboy mentors who help them transition and learn about everything. In the Philippines the ladyboys are much more relegated into the shadows and they might be scared to ask or even talk about their feelings due to the social stigma.

    Finally, there is the money aspect which is something that definitely comes into play. Overall Thailand is a richer and more developed country than the Philippines. So ladyboys on average should have more access to money. On top of that there is the whole industry of paid sex in Thailand that ladyboys can easily take advantage of. Even an average looking ladyboy can bring in a decent income by Thai standards with a bit of activity. That money can then interact with the culture aspect since there are all sorts of plastic surgeons in Thailand who are used to helping ladyboys get breast implants, ass implants, facial remolding, sex change operations and more.

    Ladyboys in the Philippines have less opportunity to make money if they want to go the sex work route. They are also less likely to have money from any mainstream job or their family. Even if they get money, they don't have as many options for surgery or people they can reach out to for help in their transition. But with all that said, I must say that there are some things I find Filipina ladyboys to be much better at!

    First, most everyone in the Philippines can speak English. It's not nearly as easy to find English speakers in Thailand. Second there's a cultural aspect. With the Philippines being more westernized, it's easier to converse and related with Filipina ladyboys. Next there are the looks. Frankly, I find that Filipina ladyboys can be hotter than their Thai sisters in a lot of cases. Especially when it comes to their units. I much prefer the cut Filipino sausage to the sheated Thai hot dog. But that's just personal preference.

    Finally there's the sex. I just find that the Filipina ladyboys are more into it and more adventurous. And most every ladyboy I've met in the Philippines can be either a top or a bottom depending on my desires. So I visit both places and have fun. Depending on my mood though, I might choose one country over another. How about you?

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    • Dec 27 2019 06:14 PM
    • by admin
  4. Where to find Thai ladyboys in Kuala Lumpur

    Of course Malaysia is a conservative Muslim majority country. Kuala Lumpur is a sort of liberal urban oasis in the middle of it, but it's definitely not a wild place at all. The same rules are in effect there that you would find anywhere else. So don't expect to find any Muslim ladies at the bar! But you can find Thai ladies and ladyboys who venture down in search of fun, money and maybe more.

    The main place guys go to meet Thai freelancers is a semi-outdoor bar called the Beach Club. With a live band and plenty of women from all over inside, the place usually fills up with guys and girls each and every night. Outside there are always a bunch of jackal like taxi drivers waiting to take drunk foreigners and their dates to hotels for exorbitant sums of money. Sadly, there usually aren't many ladyboys hanging out there though. And they don't appear to be allowed inside of the club at all.

    Historically the main place you would find Thai ladyboys in Kuala Lumpur was along a street called Jalan Bukit Bintang, or just Bukit Bintang street since “Jalan” just means street in Malay. You don't even have to wait for nightfall to find ladyboys there. They stand on street throughout the day and they know about local rooms they can use too. It's kinda like Sukhumvit near the McDonald's in Bangkok where ladyboy freelancers hang out day and night.

    Nowadays we also have the internet to help our search along. It opens a whole new world of ladyboys in Kuala Lumpur. First you have the independents and escort agencies operating out of apartments or hotel rooms. You can find them easily enough with a little internet searching. But for my time and money they are a lot of work and often a disappointment. You can also go the Tinder route, but then you end up swiping through untold numbers of regular girls to find a few ladyboys looking for money.

    Thankfully Smooci is up and open in Kuala Lumpur so it takes all the time and hassle out of finding Thai ladyboys in town. Yesterday I was in my hotel room with nothing to do and a randy sort of feeling. So I opened Smooci, clicked Kuala Lumpur, then clicked transsexual. In the middle of the day there were about a dozen Thai ladyboys ready to come to my room, and they all looked good. Any one of them would have been a top earner at a Nana go go bar, which is maybe why they are here to begin with. I even saw a hot number with her nationality listed as Malaysian which I found very interesting. Anyone try that route yet?

    There were just as many ladyboys open for incall too. And since I am the kind of guy who likes to sleep alone in a nice clean bed with no worries, I went that route. I got clear and easy directions and was able to do the deed and go home. I might have spent a total of an hour all together finding my date and getting there and back. Technology ain't perfect, but man can it help make life easy!

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    • Dec 27 2019 06:07 PM
    • by admin
  5. Meeting Filipina ladyboys in Angeles City

    In my opinion, Asian ladyboys are where it's at. I like feminine ladyboys who basically look like chicks but just happen to have dicks between their legs. Asia is the best place for that mainly because so many guys are born without a lot of body or facial hair.

    Plus a lot of Asian ladyboys get an early start on their transformation. This gets truer as time goes on. A lot of the ladyboys I meet now in the 18 to 22 age range have grown their own tits thanks to hormones. Yet they can still get rock hard and blow as many loads as they want thanks to their inborn young guys impulses.

    This all applies to the Philippines too of course. On top of all that they do circumcision in the Philippines. Since I prefer a cut cock with a shiny head on it, that is another reason the place is a gem. Thailand is great for ladyboy lovers like me, but the Philippines is good too.

    PH ladyboy hot spots

    Like most other countries it seems that most of the transgenders in the Philippines concentrate in the big cities. This is the same kind of thing that has been happening with people of non-traditional sexualities going way back. It's a lot easier to get on with life in a big city when you might stick out from the crowd.

    So of course you can find a lot of ladyboys in Manila. But don't discount Angeles City either. It's the second biggest epicenter for Pinay ladyboys, and for those of us who are willing to pay to play it's probably the best. Cebu has some transexual hookers in Mango Square, but the ones I've seen there were kinda scary and masculine.

    Manila has at least one ladyboy bar, but in my opinion it's nothing special. There aren't actually any ladyboy bars in Angeles City now. There was one but it closed. But that doesn't mean guys like us can't have fun. It's actually easier to find ladyboys for sex in AC now than it ever was in years past.

    You can find freelance ladyboys at a lot of bars. The famous Phillies sports bar is usually a good place to find some. You can also check Bretto's because there are usually some ladyboys there too. The main club in Angeles City is called High Society. You can find ladyboys there at night, but the bouncers only let some of them in. I am not sure why, but they seem to set a limit on ladyboys.

    The gate on Walking Street might be best of all. There are always a bunch of ladyboys hanging around there, and they don't ask as much either. This is right in front of Phillies, so it's easy to kill two birds with one stone. Ladyboys in the bars usually want 1500 Pesos or more for sex. The street girls will take less than that. Sometimes a lot less.

    There's also the online option. Both Date in Asia and Pina Love are popular online dating sites in the Philippines. But Tinder works just as well and is arguably faster. Of course in either case you have to put in work and do a lot of waiting just to arrange a meeting.

    I never get the chance to visit the Philippines for more than a week or two at a time. So time is always of the essence for me. If I don't see a ladyboy I like on the street or in the club, I just order one up to my room. I just hop on Smooci, click Angeles City, click transexual, and wait. There are some hot trannies there and they don't ask for a ton of money either. Easy as cake!

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    • Dec 27 2019 05:58 PM
    • by admin
  6. Thailand Ladyboy bars where you can sample the...

    The biggest problem with meeting ladyboys or even regular chicks on the internet to me is that you can never be sure of what you're going to get. Unless you go with a reliable outlet like Smooci where you can read verified reviews you might be unpleasantly surprised in the room. My answer to this is to stick to places where I can get out the merchandise and have a look or test drive before I commit to anything. Thankfully there are a few ladyboys bars in Thailand where this is allowed.

    Over the years I have noted a number of bars where I can get my hands and more filled without paying a barfine or shelling out a ton of dough. They are basically scattered across Pattaya and Bangkok. I've been able to do a little more touching and feeling in other parts of Thailand, but no places were reliable enough to add to my main list.

    Best in Bangkok

    In Bangkok you have all the main ladyboy go go bars in Nana Plaza and now Soi Cowboy. Your mileage may vary depending on the bar and the ladyboy, but you can usually get pretty hands on in any of these places. A lot of times they get to touching on you whether you like it or not. It's not out of the norm for guys or the girls to get their cocks out and put them into action in these places either. Some are more discrete than others.

    In my experience Charade on the third floor of Nana Plaza allows for the most mileage. Cockatoo on Soi Cowboy allows for the least. Others are in between, but again it just depends on the situation. Sometimes they act all calm and reserved. Another time you might see a head bobbing up and down out of the corner or your eye.

    The regular Bangkok ladyboy bars are next. Here I'm talking about places like Check Inn and Chaos 9. Check Inn is on a little alley just as you turn down Soi 10 from Sukhumvit Road. There's a sign out front that is easy to see. Inside you find a bevy of ladyboy babes in lingerie who are eager to sit with you, or sit on you. It can get very wild inside. Last visit I saw a ladyboy riding a big dildo with a suction cup on the bar!

    Plenty in Pattaya

    Down in Pattaya you have a lot of options too. First there are the go go bars like Kathoeys R Us on Walking Street and Surprise Yourself and Baby Boom up around Soi Bukhao. You can usually take a look at the goods in any of these bars. And I've seen kissing and petting too. But for real fun Baby Boom is the unmistakable choice. There are ten or more ladybody dancers in there wearing just knickers or less, and they're always eager to get busy. In fact I'd be surprised if you could get out of the place without being touched in all sorts of ways! For my money it's the best value in town in terms of ladyboy bars.

    For the dating ladyboys in Thailand we recommend joining Thai Friendly which has hundreds of Thai ladyboys listed.

    For dating ladyboys globally we recommend joining My Ladyboy Date which has attractive ladyboys in many Asian and Western countries.

    For ladyboy escorts in Asia and Europe, make sure to try Smooci.

    • Dec 27 2019 05:53 PM
    • by admin
  7. Bangkok V Pattaya: which is best for ladyboys?

    Bangkok vs Pattaya for ladyboys, a guest blog

    We all know that Thailand is the best country in the world for ladyboys. Not only are Thai ladyboys the hottest shemales you can find, the country just has the largest numbers of chicks with dicks. Where else can you walk outside of a five star hotel and be surrounded by hot ladyboys in a matter of minutes? Nowhere!

    But Thailand has numerous cities. And visitors only have a limited amount of time in the country. Even long term stayers and expats have to chose a base of locations to settle down in. So it's only natural to wonder which Thai city is the best for ladyboy lovers.

    While the majority of ladyboys seem to come from the Isan region, the ones who are interested in farang almost all seem to end up in Bangkok or Pattaya. Sure there are exceptions. You can find plenty of ladyboys in places like Chiang Mai and Phuket too. But Bangkok and Pattaya are the biggest places to find the most Thai ladyboys.

    Which is best? That is a question everyone can have a different opinion on. I personally enjoy both Pattaya and Bangkok. But I can appreciate each city for what it is. Bangkok is a hot and developed metropolis. Pattaya is a growing but still moderately sized city along the beach. Both are real hotspots for ladyboys, but they do have their differences.

    I personally think Bangok is the better city when it comes to go go bars. Pattaya only has three main go go bars at this point: Baby Boom, Surprise Yourself, and Katoeys R Us. And while they are good, they are not as good as the best go go bars in Bangkok. Plus Bangkok just has a lot more of these kinds of bars. The last time I counted there were 8 purely ladyboy gogo bars in Nana Plaza alone. Plus there is Cockatoo over on Soi Cowboy.

    Pattaya has the upper hand when it comes to short time bars. There are beer bars all over the town where you can find ladyboys. Plus there are tons of ladyboy specific bars like 69 on Soi Made In Thailand and all the places on Soi 6/1. You can walk into any of these places starting in the early afternoon and get short time on demand in a room upstairs. You probably won't pay much more than 1000 Baht either.

    Bangkok is clearly better when it comes to dating ladyboys. Not only are there way more Bangkok-based ladyboys on Thai Friendly and My Ladyboy Date, they are more likely to be “good girls” looking for a real relationship. It's not impossible to find real love in Pattaya. But don't count on it. Most ladyboys who go to Pattaya are looking for money. There's nothing wrong with that, but lets not kid ourselves about it.

    Bangkok is also better when it comes to discretion. That's because the escort scene is a lot better in the capital. First of all you have Smoociwhich groups all the escorts together so you only have to go to one place to check them out. You can see verified pictures and reviews, and book the ones you like right to your room. Down in Pattaya you have to sort through the ladyboys on the dating sites and you never really know what you're going to get.

    In summary, both Bangkok and Pattaya are great places to find ladyboys. If you like go go bars go to Bangkok. If you like easy short time with budget prices, go to Pattaya. If you want to find a ladyboy girlfriend or need privacy and discretion Bangkok is going be better for you.

    For the dating ladyboys in Thailand we recommend joining Thai Friendly which has hundreds of Thai ladyboys listed.
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    • Jun 26 2019 03:18 AM
    • by admin
  8. Finding ladyboys in the day time in Bangkok

    Finding ladyboys during the day in Bangkok, a guest blog

    Bangkok is the capital of Thailand and in many ways the world capital of ladyboys. The nightlife for ladyboy lovers is absolutely legendary. And we now have more options than we have ever had before. There are pure ladyboy go go bars, beer bars, lounges, and more. Not to mention the ladyboy freelancer strolls and all the available shemales on dating sites like Thai Friendly. But what about the off hours when the sun is still shining?

    It can be kind of boring sitting around all day waiting for the nightlife to start though. You can only look at so many temples, sit in so many coffee shops, and walk around so many overly air conditioned shopping malls. After a while it gets old. Especially when you're thinking about hot chicks with dicks the whole time.

    Thankfully there are now some options to fill in all that available time between sun up and sundown. So there's no need to pontificate on the meaning of life in the back of a Holly's Cafe while waiting for Nana Plaza to open for the night. You can get busy during the day and then get busy again after dark!

    A very happy ending

    One of the best things about Thailand is massage. Thai massage is world famous, and there is no shortage of massage parlors anywhere in Bangkok. You even see them in weird places on the outskirts. You can usually find a ladyboy or two in most massage parlors. And they tend to give the best massages, but they don't always give happy endings. Some of them are strangely shy it seems.

    But there are a couple of massage parlors where happy endings are pretty much guaranteed. The main give away is that the ladyboys sit out front wearing sexy dresses that border on lingerie! My absolute favorite is Montra Massage which is located right on Sukhumvit between Soi 5 and Soi 7. If you have been down that stretch of road before you have probably seen ladyboys sitting in front of that shop or the one next to it. There are more outside the massage parlors on Soi 7/1 too.

    Don't be shy! Next time you pass, just step inside with the ladyboy of your choice and you can get a rubdown that you will never forget. The prices are of course negotiable, but they are pretty cool. Last time I was in one of these massage shops I did a mutual handjob session for a mere 500 Baht. She lamented wasting her first shot of spunk for the day for such little money, but it didn't stop her from launching her load across my abdomen!

    If that doesn't work for you, you can go the more private route and spend your day browsing through the profiles on Thai Friendly. There are endless numbers of ladyboys there. The biggest problems are digging through the boring regular girls and trying to figure out which pictures are real. A lot of ladyboys use filters on their pics, so you never know what you are going to get. You can usually find someone to come visit you at your room though.

    I personally don't have that kind of time to waste every day though. So when the feeling strikes me and it's too hot and sticky outside to walk to Manta, I just go to Smooci. I know exactly what I am going to get, and I can find ladyboys at all hours of the day or night. I don't need to ask if they are top or bottom, or whether they take a CIM finish. I don't even have to ask the price. I just find a ladyboy I like, check out her stats, services and prices, and then book her to come right over to my room. I love Bangkok!

    For the dating ladyboys in Thailand we recommend joining Thai Friendly which has hundreds of Thai ladyboys listed.

    For dating ladyboys globally we recommend joining My Ladyboy Date which has attractive ladyboys in many Asian and Western countries.

    For ladyboy escorts in Asia and Europe, make sure to try Smooci.

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  9. Our 5 favourite ladyboy bars in Pattaya 2019

    Our 5 favourite ladyboy bars in Pattaya 2019

    The bar/ladyboy scene in Pattaya is one of constant change. Sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worst, Pattaya is a city which is always evolving. You may arrive next trip to find your favourite hangout has changed from a cosy Hard Rock bar with beer on tap, to a Korean themed K-pop club serving overpriced cocktails, but that always leaves lots of new bars and faces to be discovers, and keeps things interesting.

    This isn’t a definitive list of the new bars in town, or even a list of the most popular ladyboy haunts, it’s simply a list of our favourite places we’ve been to this year and why we love them so. We’ve tried to pick a different type of bar for each selection to keep it varied.

    The best for a chilled night: TJs

    TJs is a very laid-back ladyboy bar with a super friendly vibe. Managed by the same team that successfully ran the popular Cocktails and Dreams bar in Phuket for so long, this place still keeps up the tradition of hosting regular ladyboy shows where the staff get to lip sync, dance, and have fund with the patrons.

    The only down side of TJs the location, set all the way down in Naklua soi 18. But it’s worth making the journey at least once a trip, especially if you are looking for a night away from the usually noise and chaos Pattaya serves up.

    Another notable chilled ladyboy bar is Litas on Pattaya 13/4. Great location, very friendly staff, and always a pleasure to have a drink with the hostess Lita (there is also a new ladyboy bar right next door worth checking out).

    The best beer bar: New bar

    New bar is on the Soi Buakaow end of the Made in Thailand street. Although only a couple of years old, New Bar has already established itself as one of Pattaya’s main ladyboys bars and sits in a small beer bar complex which isn’t as crazy or overbearing as many of the neighbouring complexes.

    Usually staffed with 4-6 ladyboys, in a good location, this is a bar worth hitting at any time after dark and has a fairly chilled vibe. Saddle up to the bar and introduce yourself to the friendly all-ladyboy staff, and then play a few games of pool to get to know them better. You’re guaranteed a great night.

    Other notable ladyboy beer bars: 69 Bar (further down on soi made in Thailand), and any number of bars on Sois 7 and 8 off Beach Road.

    The best for naughtiness: Fantasy lounge

    Fantasy Lounge has been around sometime now and always seems to have a gaggle of ladyboys at the entrance, hungrily ready to follow any customers as they enter. If you do dare to step into this mini den of debauchery, you’ll find plenty of young ladyboys trying to lure you into the darker corners of the bar for some more intimate ‘get to know you’ time.

    On Soi Buakaow, close to the entrance of Soi LK Metro, there are several good ladyboys bars here, where fondling is the norm, including Nidcha Bar and Surpirse! But Fantasy Lounge gets the nod as our favourite as they always have a good mix of ever popular LBs and fresh new faces.

    Other notably ladyboy bars for naughtiness: just head to Beach Road soi 6 for a whole street of them.

    The best gogo: Katoeys are us

    Katoeys Are Us is another bar which is now well established on the Pattaya ladyboy map. Since the closure of Obsessions bar and Stringfellows, Pattaya was in need of a new ladyboy agogo and this place ticks the boxes.

    On Soi Diamond, just off Walking Street, this sizable agogo keeps a good number of tall and attractive staff, and are open from 8 til late. It’s not the cheapest place to spend the night, and if you look and act like a newbie you’ll get hustled for drinks and overwhelmed with attention (but that’s what some guys love), but it’s a great bar to pop in for a drink or three when all the late night action migrates to this part of town.

    Other notable ladyboy agogos: Baby Boom is a very intimate ladyboy agogo just off soi buakow (around the corner from Surprise!)
    The best late-night spot: Marine Disco

    If you are a night owl, or able to drink enough redbulls to make it through to the early hours, then there is no better late night ladyboy spot than Marine disco. An institute of the ladyboy scene Marine has been the ladyboy disco of choice for well over a decade.

    This place can be hit or miss, but when it’s a hit it’s a big one and can draw in 50+ ladyboys on a big night, especially when a guest DJ, band, or special event is on. But when we say head here late we mean it, some times you can pop in at 2.30am and find just 3-4 ladyboys hanging by the DJ booth, and 45 mins later that number can be 30+.

    Other notable late night ladyboy spots: Hot Tuna, a little further up on Walking Street, is where a lot of the ladyboy ‘super stars’ like to hang out and prey on drunk and naughty passers-by.

    What has been your favourite Pattaya ladyboy bar this year?

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  10. Choosing a ladyboy friendly hotel in Thailand

    While many of Thailand’s major resort have a plethora of guest friendly hotels, with many hotels close to adult entertainment areas often catering directly to the single male traveler, it’s not a given that every such hotel close to the bars and nightlife will be ‘ladyboy friendly’ or appreciate you walking 3 amazonian ladyboys through the lobby at midday.

    Some hotels that claim to be guest friendly still have rules and extra charges for those who want to bring ladyboys back to their room, and some are simply not set up in a way to make your stay a hassle-free one. To avoid any potential pitfalls and to help you make the most out of your trip to the land of ladyboys, here’s our guide to choosing the right ladyboy friendly hotel in Thailand:

    Check out our list of tried and tested ladyboy friendly hotels

    Guest Friendly Vs Ladyboy Friendly

    To claim that a Thai hotel is guest friendly simply means that the staff will allow you to bring a guest back to your room. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t be charged an extra fee, and it may also come with certain rules and restrictions.

    Most hotels which are guest friendly will also be ladyboy friendly, especially hotels close to Bangkok’s red light districts, but in some cases a guest friendly hotel may not be ladyboy friendly; while they will allow their stayers to bring female guests back to their room they may now allow ladyboys to enter. Some will claim to allow all guests but may have staff that are prejudice against ladyboys and even unwelcoming to them.

    If you’re planning to take ladyboys back to your hotel room it’s important to make sure your hotel is ‘ladyboy friendly’ and not just guest friendly. The best way to check a hotel is ladyboy friendly is to simply ask them. We suggest you do this by email, not only will this get you their ladyboy guest policy in writing but you’ll also be able to do so anonymously if you wish.

    Posted Image

    Joiner fees

    A joiner fee is a charge some hotels will enforce when stayers bring guests back to their room. This can range from as little as 100 baht up to and over 1000 baht. Some hotels won’t advertise that they have a joiner fee and some will even claim to be guest friendly and then spring this extra charge on you when you bring your first guest back.

    Most hotels will let you know about any extra charges when you ask for their guest policy and it also pays to ask if they have a joiner fee or extra charges for bringing guests back just to make sure.

    If you only plan on bringing one guest back during your stay at a hotel you can usually avoid paying a joiner fee by booking your room for 2 occupants (most Thai hotel rooms cost the same for 1 and 2 occupants), and when bringing a guest back and faced with a joiner fee you can tell them this is your 2nd occupant, and ask to register them to the room. This will usually work when bringing 1 single guest back, but rarely works if bringing a different guest home each night.

    Multiple guests

    Some guest and ladyboy friendly hotels will allow you to only bring a limited number of guests back to your room. Most guest friendly hotels will allow you to bring at least 2 guests back to your room but some will charge for each additional guest with only the first guest allowed in for free.

    Multiple guest policies tend vary and it definitely pays to ask the hotel on this their policy if you’re someone who likes a lot of company. It’s understandable that most guest friendly hotels will have a limit on the number of guests you can bring to your room, simply because they have to respect their other occupants.

    Posted Image


    One thing you must consider is the location of the hotel. If you’re planning on spending a lot of time in the Bangkok gogo bars or around Pattay’s Walking Street, you want to consider ladyboy friendly hotels within a distance that’s comfortable to you.

    Some people enjoy hitting the bars and gogos but don’t like to be surrounded by nightlife, preferring a more serene locale. So it also pays to check the surrounding area of a hotel before opting for something recommended by other ladyboy lovers.

    The great thing is that ladyboy friendly hotels are plentiful in Thailand and you shouldn’t have to settle for something that doesn’t suit your tastes and requirements. Ladyboy friendly hotels aren’t limited to areas close to bars, and if you check with hotels in quieter areas you are likely to find some ladyboy friendly options.

    Hotel type

    It’s important to pick the style of hotel that makes you comfortable. Some people value their discretion and look for a hotel where they can go about their business unnoticed, while others are far less worried about what other people think and have budget and comfort high on their priority list.

    Some people prefer small hotels and guest houses which are often great value for money and very friendly, but typically the staff and other guests will soon know what you are doing and who you are doing it with. At the other end of the budget some people love those large and luxurious hotels with stunning facilities and snazzy rooms, and often at affordable prices. However, these types of hotel also tend to attract families, even when close to the red light zones, and you may feel a little uncomfortable walking your date through the lobby or inviting her to join you by the pool.

    With all types of hotel it pays to check the typical type of guests who stay here, and large ladyboy friendly hotels within the red light areas are usually a safe bet.

    Posted Image

    The bum hose

    One last thing to consider is whether the hotel rooms have a bum hose. It’s often an afterthought to many, but seasoned ladyboy lovers will know the benefits of having one, and will often avoid rooms that don’t.

    Check out our new ladyboy friendly hotels section for a list of recommended hotels in Bangkok, Pattaya, and Phuket.. http://ladyboyforum....riendly-hotels/

    Our recommended ladyboy friendly hotels:


    InterContinental Bangkok

    Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit

    Phachara Suites


    Hard Rock Pattaya

    LK Renaissance

    Page 10




    Royal Phawadee

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