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Meeting Filipina ladyboys in Angeles City

Bars Philippines Angeles City

Filipina ladyboys don't get a lot of credit. Nine times out of ten if someone starts talking about ladyboys they are talking about Thais. That makes sense. Thailand probably has the most ladyboys of any country. But the Flips deserve credit too. It's a religious Catholic country but there are still plenty of lucious ladyboys around.
In my opinion, Asian ladyboys are where it's at. I like feminine ladyboys who basically look like chicks but just happen to have dicks between their legs. Asia is the best place for that mainly because so many guys are born without a lot of body or facial hair.

Plus a lot of Asian ladyboys get an early start on their transformation. This gets truer as time goes on. A lot of the ladyboys I meet now in the 18 to 22 age range have grown their own tits thanks to hormones. Yet they can still get rock hard and blow as many loads as they want thanks to their inborn young guys impulses.

This all applies to the Philippines too of course. On top of all that they do circumcision in the Philippines. Since I prefer a cut cock with a shiny head on it, that is another reason the place is a gem. Thailand is great for ladyboy lovers like me, but the Philippines is good too.

PH ladyboy hot spots

Like most other countries it seems that most of the transgenders in the Philippines concentrate in the big cities. This is the same kind of thing that has been happening with people of non-traditional sexualities going way back. It's a lot easier to get on with life in a big city when you might stick out from the crowd.

So of course you can find a lot of ladyboys in Manila. But don't discount Angeles City either. It's the second biggest epicenter for Pinay ladyboys, and for those of us who are willing to pay to play it's probably the best. Cebu has some transexual hookers in Mango Square, but the ones I've seen there were kinda scary and masculine.

Manila has at least one ladyboy bar, but in my opinion it's nothing special. There aren't actually any ladyboy bars in Angeles City now. There was one but it closed. But that doesn't mean guys like us can't have fun. It's actually easier to find ladyboys for sex in AC now than it ever was in years past.

You can find freelance ladyboys at a lot of bars. The famous Phillies sports bar is usually a good place to find some. You can also check Bretto's because there are usually some ladyboys there too. The main club in Angeles City is called High Society. You can find ladyboys there at night, but the bouncers only let some of them in. I am not sure why, but they seem to set a limit on ladyboys.

The gate on Walking Street might be best of all. There are always a bunch of ladyboys hanging around there, and they don't ask as much either. This is right in front of Phillies, so it's easy to kill two birds with one stone. Ladyboys in the bars usually want 1500 Pesos or more for sex. The street girls will take less than that. Sometimes a lot less.

There's also the online option. Both Date in Asia and Pina Love are popular online dating sites in the Philippines. But Tinder works just as well and is arguably faster. Of course in either case you have to put in work and do a lot of waiting just to arrange a meeting.

I never get the chance to visit the Philippines for more than a week or two at a time. So time is always of the essence for me. If I don't see a ladyboy I like on the street or in the club, I just order one up to my room. I just hop on Smooci, click Angeles City, click transexual, and wait. There are some hot trannies there and they don't ask for a ton of money either. Easy as cake!

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