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Where to find Thai ladyboys in Kuala Lumpur

ladyboys bars dating Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur might not be the first place you would think about going to find Thai ladyboys, but i'ts a major city in the heart of Southeast Asia, and like many big cities in this part of the world, there are Thai ladyboys.. In fact, there are a lot of them.
Of course Malaysia is a conservative Muslim majority country. Kuala Lumpur is a sort of liberal urban oasis in the middle of it, but it's definitely not a wild place at all. The same rules are in effect there that you would find anywhere else. So don't expect to find any Muslim ladies at the bar! But you can find Thai ladies and ladyboys who venture down in search of fun, money and maybe more.

The main place guys go to meet Thai freelancers is a semi-outdoor bar called the Beach Club. With a live band and plenty of women from all over inside, the place usually fills up with guys and girls each and every night. Outside there are always a bunch of jackal like taxi drivers waiting to take drunk foreigners and their dates to hotels for exorbitant sums of money. Sadly, there usually aren't many ladyboys hanging out there though. And they don't appear to be allowed inside of the club at all.

Historically the main place you would find Thai ladyboys in Kuala Lumpur was along a street called Jalan Bukit Bintang, or just Bukit Bintang street since “Jalan” just means street in Malay. You don't even have to wait for nightfall to find ladyboys there. They stand on street throughout the day and they know about local rooms they can use too. It's kinda like Sukhumvit near the McDonald's in Bangkok where ladyboy freelancers hang out day and night.

Nowadays we also have the internet to help our search along. It opens a whole new world of ladyboys in Kuala Lumpur. First you have the independents and escort agencies operating out of apartments or hotel rooms. You can find them easily enough with a little internet searching. But for my time and money they are a lot of work and often a disappointment. You can also go the Tinder route, but then you end up swiping through untold numbers of regular girls to find a few ladyboys looking for money.

Thankfully Smooci is up and open in Kuala Lumpur so it takes all the time and hassle out of finding Thai ladyboys in town. Yesterday I was in my hotel room with nothing to do and a randy sort of feeling. So I opened Smooci, clicked Kuala Lumpur, then clicked transsexual. In the middle of the day there were about a dozen Thai ladyboys ready to come to my room, and they all looked good. Any one of them would have been a top earner at a Nana go go bar, which is maybe why they are here to begin with. I even saw a hot number with her nationality listed as Malaysian which I found very interesting. Anyone try that route yet?

There were just as many ladyboys open for incall too. And since I am the kind of guy who likes to sleep alone in a nice clean bed with no worries, I went that route. I got clear and easy directions and was able to do the deed and go home. I might have spent a total of an hour all together finding my date and getting there and back. Technology ain't perfect, but man can it help make life easy!

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hi, sadly the beach bar is now closed indefinitely--  but ladyboys can be found on sites like tagged or craigslist....  MICHAT also has a lot of free lancers....

Grindr is also an option in Malasia. You can filter your searches by scene and select 'Trans' but it's worth also searching without this feature as some LBs aren't savvy enough to select trans in their profile.