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Tootsies Corner


A cozy drinking hole staffed with lovely ladyboys.

Located on Rat-u-thit Road, close to Deevana Plaza.

Website: https://www.facebook...iebarandmassage
A welcome addition to the popular Tootsies Massage shop, you can now find all those famous ladyboys sitting in the roadside Tootsies Corner bar, waiting for you to join them for a cold drink.

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Located close to Patong Beach, out on the main street near the massage shop, it's the perfect place to enjoy an afternoon drink, spending quality time chatting and flirting with the crew of ladyboy babes.

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if you go by taxi or motor bike just ask for "Patong whisky" that is a well known shop located just across the massageplace and only 20 meters from the bar which is on Rat-u-thit.

See our Phuket bar map for exact location and surrounding area: http://ladyboyforum....adyboy-map.html