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Cocktails & Dreams

Ladyboy Bar and Cabaret Show

Soi Tiger, off Bangla Road, Patong, Phuket.

Open 8PM until late.

Commonly known as C&D, this bar can be found in Soi Tiger, a small side soi off Bangla Road, the main nightlife area in the beach resort of Patong.

C&D has been part of the Patong scene in a few different locations over the past decade or so. Run by Ladyboy Ning-Nong and expat Jim, the bar is set out like an open beer bar and hosts 2 free cabaret shows every evening. The first show usually starts around 11pm, which is when the bar really starts to get going (and usually the time Jim arrives each night!). They usually have around 20 ladyboys on staff, with quite a few mainstays such as Pat, Amy, Annie, Patricia, Kitty and Ming who have been loyal to Ning-Nong and Jim for over 5 years.

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The bar likes to operate in a laid back style, so the girls will leave you alone if you don’t want to be hassled. If you are visiting for the first time you can’t go far wrong then to make yourself known to Jim once in the bar, he is only too happy to act as a guide to the ladyboy scene in Patong, and will happily take you beyond his bar, as well as giving advice on who to take for your first time.

The bar doesn’t have Short Time rooms on site but the girls know of plenty in the vicinity, most customers tend to pick hotels close to Bangla Road making it easier to bring home their date for the evening.