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Baby Boom

Racey Ladyboy Gogo Bar

A small soi off Soi Buakaow (close to Soi Honey).

Ask most purveyors of ladyboy flesh in Pattaya and Baby Boom a-go-go will get mixed reviews. In terms of décor it's a standard go-go: a small, somewhat typically seedy interior with black lights and day-glo paint. Unless there is a party marking a special occasion, the bar is rarely busy in terms of customers, and this is a turn-off for some; being the only customer in a go-go bar full of hungry ladyboys can be a daunting experience. On the other hand, the club has been in operation for more than a year now, so it must be doing something right.

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In its defense, it does tend to have some great, really wild parties. While in many respects a standard go-go-bar, Baby Boom does feature a shower stall – with glass walls of course – which tends to figure prominently in the bar's parties. Hand-in-hand with the shower stall, another thing one sometimes sees at Baby Boom events which one won't see elsewhere are shaving parties, and we're not talking about shaving the girls' legs. Believe us when we say this is something to see.

Speaking of girls, the ladyboys tend to be on the cute side rather than the voluptuous, silicone-enhanced side of the ladyboy spectrum, but trust us, there are some cuties here.

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