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So What!

Raunchy Ladyboy Bar

Soi 6 , Pattaya


No trip to Pattaya is complete without a visit to the famous Soi 6. In just a few short blocks between Beach Road and Second Road on this legendary soi are a huge number of bars, from go-gos to beer bars to lounges, and of course there are a number of ladyboy bars. One of the favorites among ladyboy lovers is So What! and with good reason.

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This intimate, fully-enclosed lounge bar with the classy interior is staffed by both voluptuous ladyboy veterans (if you're feeling adventurous get to know Oa; she's a sweetheart but not recommended for the first timer!) and slender fresh-faced beauties just off the bus from Isaan. It's another low-key, low-hassle establishment where one can get to know a lovely ladyboy in a laid-back atmosphere. Things going well? There are nice, clean short-time rooms upstairs, accessible from within the bar.

And like Famous Bar down at the other end of Pattaya, this is another venue where you'll hear classic rock and hard rock issuing from the speakers when you walk in – a welcome change from most bars, to be sure.

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