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Linda Bar

Laidback Beer Bar

Walking Street, Pattaya (next to Living Dolls).

Linda Bar is an institution for many ladyboy lovers in Pattaya, be they expats or folks on holiday. This little hole-in-the-wall bar has been there for years and is a welcome, low-key respite from the crazy, full-on experience of Walking Street. Just want to have a drink and people watch? Either with company or by yourself? Linda Bar to the rescue.

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It's a simple place – although it was just redecorated – a few tables, chairs and a bar. But the drinks are cheap and it's situated smack in the middle of Walking Street, not far from Marine Disco and across the street from one of the Hot Tuna complexes (it's a great place to surreptitiously check out the ladyboy freelancers in front of Hot Tuna, in fact). While there are no ladyboys on staff, per se, there are a number of freelancers who work out of Linda Bar on a regular basis. Most of them have been on the scene a while, and tend to have lots regular customers who hold them in high regard – so it can be hit or miss in terms of girls, especially in low season.

But for most ladyboy lovers, no trip to Walking Street is complete without a stop at Linda Bar. Another plus: Linda Bar almost never closes. At least we've never seen it closed, and we've seen the sun come up in Walking Street more than once.

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