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La Bamba

Chilled Ladyboy Bar

Soi Yamato/Soi 13/1, Pattaya

This is Pattaya's ladyboy chill-out spot: a small, cozy lounge style of bar where the girls are beautiful and hassle/drama free. You often see the lovelies of La Bamba hanging out in front of the bar, and they may try to call you over with a good-natured cat-call. Once you are in the bar, however, other than inquiring what you want to drink or if you would like a lady to sit with you, you will be left in peace, should you desire. Don't be afraid to let them know who you have an eye on; if you are sitting with one girl and another strikes your fancy, just let the girl you're with know, and she will call her friend over.

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It's a favorite spot for like minded ladyboy lovers to meet up for a quiet drink before going out on the prowl, or a nice place to relax for a late-night drink once the evening's festivities are winding down. Furthermore, it's Pattaya's only ladyboy-owned and operated bar and guesthouse; the bar – which has been in operation for more than five years – now has cheap (500 baht per night) guest rooms upstairs.

Located at the end of the soi near Beach Road, at the opposite end where Stringfellows a-go-go is located.

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..and the only place in Patts I might add where you will find the well endowed & lovely Nancy!