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Charades (formerly known as Cascades)

Nana Plaza

Thailand's biggest ladyboy gogo bar!


Address: Nana Plaza, Sukhumvit soi 4, Bangkok


Website: https://www.facebook...635914816491230

The name may have changed but nothing much else has, Charades still remains Thailand’s biggest ladyboy gogo bar, possibly the biggest of its kind in the world. On a typical night you’ll find around 60 to 80 bikini clad ladyboys taking shifts dancing on the huge stage and mingling with the customers. On a busy weekend night it’s not out of the question to find more than 100 ladyboys here.


With so many ladyboys on staff you are sure to find something to tickle your fancy. To help you make your selection the girls all wear unique numbers and dance on the stage in 3 rotating groups; the petite, cute and feminine ladyboys, the medium sized, more woman-esque crew, and the large Amazonian shemale tribe.


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Such is the size and number of ladyboys here (there are also several bar staff who are also ladyboys) it can be somewhat intimidating for those less experienced (but then that tingle of nervousness is all part of the experience), while more adventurous and open-minded ladyboy lovers may make good use of some of the more discreet seating areas and dark corners.


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Location + layout:


You’ll find Charades in Bangkok’s infamous Nana Plaza, a huge gogo complex located on Sukhumvit soi 4. Charades is at the back, on the top floor, tucked away in the far top right corner as you enter.


The layout of the bar is pretty epic, set out like a huge Aladdin’s cave. The stage is massive (and it needs to be as it often hosts up to 40 ladyboys at any one time), and there is lots of comfortable seating with a great view of the stage and its contents no matter where you sit.


See our Bangkok bar map for exact location and surrounding area: http://ladyboyforum....adyboy-map.html