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Sex & Health

The health risks of sex with Ladyboys

Oct 08 2015 05:36 PM | Cory Booker in Sex & Health

Let’s face it; having sex these days is sometimes a risky proposition, especially if you decide to not use protection! And having sex with a ladyboy who is involved in the sex trade is even more risky.

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Why do Ladyboys have an obsession with silicon?

May 02 2014 05:00 AM | Cory Booker in Sex & Health

If you have ever been to Thailand or have even researched the topics of Thai Ladyboys on the internet, you will see them; Ladyboys, some of them quite small in stature, with extremely large breasts (which they are more than willing to show off).

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Sexual Reassignment Surgery in Thailand; a begi...

Apr 04 2014 02:10 PM | Cory Booker in Sex & Health

Sexual Reassignment Surgery, more commonly referred to as "SRS", first became well-known to the public with the case of George ''Christine'' Jorgensen, an American from New York City who was also a veteran of World War Two..

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