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Ladyboy Addicts

Thai vs Filipina ladyboys

Aug 31 2020 06:10 PM | admin in Ladyboy Addicts

Which are better: Thai or Fililipina ladyboys? This is a question that could really intrigue guys planning to travel to Asia to meet ladyboys for the first time. It could also interest guys who have only been with one nationality of ladyboy or another.

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Where to find Thai ladyboys in Kuala Lumpur

Apr 30 2020 06:00 PM | admin in Ladyboy Addicts

Kuala Lumpur might not be the first place you would think about going to find Thai ladyboys, but i'ts a major city in the heart of Southeast Asia, and like many big cities in this part of the world, there are Thai ladyboys.. In fact, there are a lot of them.

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A review of Smooci for ladyboy lovers

Sep 15 2019 02:54 AM | admin in Ladyboy Addicts

The internet is becoming a part of everyday life. Even refrigerators and washing machines are now online. It's just suprising how long its taken for someone to build a modern escort platform, but finally we have Smooci!

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What do you buy your ladyboy for Christmas?

Dec 01 2016 12:55 AM | Moo Yung in Ladyboy Addicts

So Christmas is just around the corner and you're planning a trip to Thailand where you'll spend a week or two in the loving arms of your Thai ladyboy girlfriend.. As you do..

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Choosing a ladyboy friendly hotel in Thailand

Dec 11 2015 06:26 AM | Moo Yung in Ladyboy Addicts

Choosing the right ladyboy friendly hotel can seriously make or break a ladyboy lover’s trip to Thailand. So it's imperative you do the research and investigation before hand, and make the most of your vacation.

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Best movies about ladyboys

Nov 26 2015 10:00 PM | Moo Yung in Ladyboy Addicts

Being a bit of a movie buff I’ve seen a few good movies about ladyboys (and plenty of bad ones), so I thought I’d do a bit more research and try to make a shortlist for the best ladyboy movies out there..

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