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Bangkok V Pattaya: which is best for ladyboys?

Oct 31 2019 03:06 AM | admin in Newbie Advice

Both Bangkok and Pattaya have a genuine shout for the title of ladyboy capital for the world. But which is best? That question has expat bar-dwellers debating and arguing long into the hot, sticky night.

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A review of Smooci for ladyboy lovers

Sep 15 2019 02:54 AM | admin in Ladyboy Addicts

The internet is becoming a part of everyday life. Even refrigerators and washing machines are now online. It's just suprising how long its taken for someone to build a modern escort platform, but finally we have Smooci!

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Finding ladyboys in the day time in Bangkok

Jul 31 2019 02:43 AM | admin in Bar Life

It can be kind of boring sitting around all day waiting for the nightlife to start though. You can only look at so many temples..So if you are a ladyboy lover in Bangkok, wondering what else there is to do, you need how to meet ladyboys in the day.

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Our 5 favourite ladyboy bars in Pattaya 2019

Jun 25 2019 01:47 AM | Moo Yung in Bar Life

The bar/ladyboy scene in Pattaya is one of constant change. Sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worst. Here's a list of our favourite places we’ve been to this year and why we love them so.

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What do you buy your ladyboy for Christmas?

Dec 01 2016 12:55 AM | Moo Yung in Ladyboy Addicts

So Christmas is just around the corner and you're planning a trip to Thailand where you'll spend a week or two in the loving arms of your Thai ladyboy girlfriend.. As you do..

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I like ladyboys, am I Gay? Continued..

Oct 01 2016 03:07 AM | Moo Yung in Newbie Advice

There’s a reason why shemale and ladyboy porn is marketed towards ‘straight’ males.

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