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#13 Spyder Rocket

Spyder Rocket
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Posted 03 March 2014 - 04:16 PM

I can attest to the presence of the lurker element, because, I was one for several years before deciding to register for an account.

I gleaned a great many bits of of information and tips on Thailand from this forum that I put to good use on my trips.

Why only lurk?

Too busy and perhaps that was just my preference to remain in the shadows. I think when I first started reading this and the other forum, I thought it was too cliquish and like a high school environment with all the flame wars, especially the other forum.

Rest assured, people are reading this and finding the venues based on what is posted in here. They are booking hotels based off mentions in here and avoiding street hustles and scams based off these posts.

My first time in C&Ds, I sat quietly at the end of the bar and scooped up a lady with no fanfare. I was a fly on the wall at many other bars as groups of BM brushed past me, I just preferred it that way.

Since I've got a lot more free time, I decided to "pay it forward" and chime in with bits of information when I can.

I've taken that Japan thread on, as sort of a hobby, and have only got a couple of responses from people who say they are headed to Japan soon.

I'm guessing that there has to be at least one person reading it who is a new expat in Japan and will use some of the info posted in there. Somewhere in Japan, there is an English teacher, US service member, or a corporate employee who is reading some of my ramblings and heading out for a night of misadventure. If I get some feedback, great; if not, that's cool too.

Regardless, this forum might not be what it was in the glory days, but it isn't down for the count yet.

Has anyone looked at the forum's traffic stats lately? I'd be curious as to what they are.
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#14 jimbo34

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Posted 03 March 2014 - 04:19 PM

My Journey to Owning a Bar in Thailand


 I think i'll post my short story here. I couldn't decide whether to open another thread in Chat, Bars & Venues, Newbies, or Expat sections.


 We'll go a long way back to 1981 (! shit, was it really that long ago?) when i borrowed some money off my parents to buy into an ailing Flooring Distribution company in the East End of London.

 They thought i was bonkers, but anxious to help their "black sheep" get into something that actually fired up some enthusiasm, they agreed to help "Just this once" i can hear my father booming.

 The first couple of years were pretty tough, but gradually things improved, and by the middle part of the decade we were booming. But then it was the 80's, the years of "loadsa money" so although we felt like kings (there were 3 of us) we weren't really doing anything particularly special.

 Our egoes led us to believe we could do no wrong, and in March 1989 we took out a 3 million pound mortgage (!) at 7% to buy a fuck-off huge new warehouse in Canning Town. Within months the then Chancellor of the Exchequer abolished mortgage interest tax relief, and raised interest rates to an eye-watering 15% !

 We were doomed. We had falling sales, and rising costs.

 One of my partners managed to find a buyer, a PLC, just before the bank pulled the rug, and i started a miserable 2 years under contract to the new owners.

 At the end of that we agreed that neither party wanted to renew the contract, and i woke up the next morning unemployed, but free from all that Corporate bullshit.


 The buyout gave me 200,000 sterling.


 Then i got divorced! So you can guess what happened to the 200,000?


 So what to do?


 I attempted to retail flooring, working from home, but as is usual the first 2 years of a new venture is really really tough and i could see it would take a loong time for my reputation to grow enough to bring in a sufficient income.

 I was faced with the prospect of taking on High Street premises, or getting out and doing something different.


 So, in 1996 I decided to open a small restaurant/coffee shop in Stevenage town centre.

 I'd had some catering training in my youth, so how hard could it be?


 The first 2 years were really tough (again), constantly juggling money to pay VAT, rent, and Business Rates.

 Finally the thing came round and we began to get some success. But oh boy, catering is such hard work!

 What happens when you sack the chef? You do it yourself.

 What happens when your waitresses leave to get married/have babies etc? You do it yourself.

 What happens when the dishwasher breaks down? You do it yourself.

 And so on. Its physically, as well as mentally demanding.


 Just after my 50th birthday, at the end of 2003, a bloke walked in, ordered a coffee, and offered to buy me out. Cash.

 I nearly broke his arm in my anxiety to shake his hand on the deal !


 From about 2000 onwards i found i was watching as much ladyboy as i could find on the internet. My interest had been sparked by a photo article in a big tit magazine called Score. I took out a years subsciption to Score, and you got the 13th issue free. I was bored with looking at the same old birds with ginormous silicone jugs, and by the 12th addition i just used to flick through it when it dropped on my doormat.

 However the final, 13th issue, had a 3 page article at the back. The first page was of a very sexy-looking blonde in miniskirt and high heels. Then i turned the page to a double spread of the same girl, naked, and you guessed it....with an erect cock!

 I wanked myself raw to this, and my quest to see more and more LBs grew in intensity.


 Finally, in June 2003 i took the step of booking an hour with a girl from the Eros website, in west London.


 I remember pacing up and down outside her apartment, in the light rain, smoking cigarette after cigarette, until finally i plunged in and knocked the door.

 I had warned her it was my first time.

 She was a sweetheart and gently took control and as she had the most amazing body, i just wallowed in the sheer eroticism of it, eagerly sucking her cock, and finally penetrating her delightful slim arse.I was hooked.


 From then on i used to reward myself with a monthly trip to London, taking a different girl each time. Sometimes they were good, sometimes not.


 At some point during this time i found out that Thailand had a major ladyboy population that actually led "normal" lives, or were easily available in bars, cheaply!


........to be continued........

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#15 batman4ever



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Posted 03 March 2014 - 04:47 PM

Quite interesting Jim :)


But still have a hard time imagine you being married... :lol: it just dont fit the Picture i have of you in my head.... :mrgreen:


Looking forward to the rest :clapclap:

A ladyboy is a kind of creature...that makes a txt saying...dont you trust me...and send it to 20 people... :mrgreen:  :mrgreen:



#16 jimbo34

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Posted 03 March 2014 - 06:11 PM

Quite interesting Jim :)


But still have a hard time imagine you being married... :lol: it just dont fit the Picture i have of you in my head.... :mrgreen:


Looking forward to the rest :clapclap:


 I had hair then, too !

#17 jimbo34

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Posted 03 March 2014 - 06:27 PM

Great to see so many threads with "Today" against the comments.

 When i looked in yesterday, i was dismayed at how few there were.

 Keep it coming, guys.

#18 goodenough

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Posted 03 March 2014 - 06:35 PM

Very intersting story Jim. Makes me understand how hard it must have been for you in the past with your business. Glad that bloke bought it from you so you eventually became involved in C & D. Looking forward to next chapter  :clapclap:

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#19 jaybee111

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Posted 03 March 2014 - 06:49 PM

Great beginning jimbo. Can't wait for part 2.
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#20 craigbarot

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Posted 03 March 2014 - 09:23 PM

Very very good.  Bring on Part 2, this is very interesting and insightful.  I can already tell, you lived a roller coaster life lol

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#21 tourist

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Posted 04 March 2014 - 03:00 AM

keep it coming , Jim. You're a great writer,when not glancing at those beautiful legs and tits on eternal display in your C&D .

I'm curious to know the next part.. cheers !   8)

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I went to the Dark side and found the Light !!!

#22 Hard News

Hard News
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Posted 04 March 2014 - 04:49 AM



You want more people to participate on the forum, but how can we compete with such interesting well written verse.                         There are few others and yourself who flow with the written language.

If only I paid more attention at school :(


I would love to see your letters to the Bank Manger to secure 3 Mill !!!

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#23 jimbo34

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Posted 04 March 2014 - 10:10 AM



You want more people to participate on the forum, but how can we compete with such interesting well written verse.                         There are few others and yourself who flow with the written language.

If only I paid more attention at school :(


I would love to see your letters to the Bank Manger to secure 3 Mill !!!


 I remember we agreed that the most eloquent and persuasive of the three of us (not me) was given the task of dealing with the bank.


 Finally, there was a meeting between some of their senior execs and the three of us at their plush HQ.

 There was a lot of waffle, and i was getting bored.

 Finally, one of them asked why they should lend us so much.


 I just blurted out "Because you'd be a cunt not to!"


 Having pointed out our track record and presented them with reams of paperwork, it really came down to whether or not they believed in us. And it was time to get a decision.


 We got the loan, although in hindsight it would have been better if we hadn't.

#24 sev7en

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Posted 04 March 2014 - 10:22 AM

I'm dismayed at the apathy on this once-great forum.




2) Old hand?


I feel for you, Jim. It must feel unrewarding posting updates and photos without any feedback.

Personally i found another forum  when this , my first place, took turns the wrong way described by dixon.

At the new place there are many of the posters from here that i met and became friends with around 2005-6. They are not here anymore.  I use that forum more of a chat place with friends rather than seeking out info on lbs and new bars. I'm passed that. I lost interest.

Many older posters will look back at a 5 or 6 year period beginning around 2005 as the halcyon days of ladyboy fora, everything appeared new and exciting.


A whole group based around our niche was well and truly formed and we were all part of it and anyone could join and immediately become part of the community as well.  


Those were very exciting times indeed 


O yes, those were the days! I have very fond memories from that period of time, but  theres a time for everything in life. We change, life change, the scene change. Trying to bring something back the way it was in its heydays is not only very difficult but also counterproductive. The future has to be new. Not old. New blood, new guys eager to discover the world of lbs.

I'm not one of those. I have nothing to offer what this board needs. Thats's my explanation.

I do wish this place future success though.



"some see an erotic photo display, me i just hope the hot water soothed her ageing joints."

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