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Hot Tuna Bar

Late Night Beer Bar

Walking Street, Pattaya (Opposite Sweet Time Saloon).

There are actually several bars/complexes in the Hot Tuna group located on Walking Street; one is a large pool hall and the others feature live music. On any give night, one may find some ladyboy freelancers in any of them. But typically, when ladyboy enthusiasts talk about Hot Tuna, they are talking about the one with the pool tables, which is located down towards the south end of Walking Street, not far from Soi 16. In fact it's almost directly across the street from Linda Bar.

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Typically you'll see a bevy of freelancers out front of this Hot Tuna at all hours of the night/early morning. They tend to be the veteran, voluptuous, silicone-enhanced type of Pattaya ladyboy, although occasionally you'll see the skinny femboy mixing in with her big sisters. You'll also see girls from other bars working here after hours if they haven't been barfined before their own bars have closed (of course you'll see that all over Walking Street).

Consequently Hot Tuna tends to be a favorite for experienced ladyboy aficionados looking for some late-night loving; people new to the scene tend to find it a bit daunting. And this being Walking Street there are many drunken tourists who wander in, having seen the voluptuous sirens out front and not realizing that many are packing a surprise under their dresses (although you'll find some post-ops here too). Sometimes it's fun just to sit in Hot Tuna at 3 a.m. and watch this scenario happen.

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Jan 27 2014 01:06 AM
Everybody is calling this place Hot Tuna, however, if you are new to Pattaya: Hot Tuna is on the right of the bar complex and mostly GG, the LB-bar is on the left of the bar complex and the name is "My Way"
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