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Thai ladyboys Vs Filipina ladyboys

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For the serious ladyboy lover there are two destinations that definitely standout; Thailand and the Philippines.
Both are attractive in their own way and both are incredibly affordable countries with large ladyboy populations, and while you can find ladyboys in many parts of Asia, and Southeast Asia in particular, nowhere seems to have as many transsexuals as Thailand and the Philippines.

While Thailand and the Philippines do have similarly large ladyboy populations these two Asian countries are in fact quite different, and you’ll find some noticeable differences in the kind of ladyboys and culture you’ll experience in each. This is not to say that one is better but depending on who you are, what you like, and what you are looking for, you may find your prefer one over the other.

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Physical attraction

When it comes to physical attraction and femininity the Thai ladyboys arguably have the edge. This is not to say that the Thai ladyboys are naturally more beautiful than their Filipina sisters, but the Thai ladyboys certainly have easier and cheaper access to hormone treatment with many taking hormone pills from a pre-pubescent age. Hormone treatment in the Philippines is definitely improving but it’s still too expensive and inaccessible for many Filipina ladyboys; very few get to start taking hormones in their early teens.

Thailand is well known for its cosmetic surgery and specialist transgender surgeons, with transgendered persons traveling to Thailand’s famous clinics from around the world. While implants and transgender surgery is not cheap, Thai ladyboys have access to some of the best surgeons in Asia and are given heavily discounted costs. The Philippines on the other hand is not known for its quality transgender surgeons. Filipina ladyboys who want to have surgery often travel to Thailand to get it done which comes at great expense, with many Filipina ladyboys never able to realize their dreams of having breast implants , SRS, or even small cosmetic enhancements.

A high percentage of the Thai ladyboy community will take hormones from a very young age and by their late teens many will have surgical enhancements and even breast implants. As a result, Thai ladyboys tend to look very naturally feminine from a young age and develop a very accomplished female look, with many visitors to Thailand realizing that the most attractive women in the country are ladyboys!

Filipina ladyboys do have their own look and attraction. Through a history of Spanish colonialism and more modern American and European migration, Filipina ladyboys do tend to have unique look and some exotic Asian/Western mixes, which some people find incredibly attractive.

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Culture and attitude

Despite being two Southeast Asian countries Thailand and the Philippines have very different cultures.
Thailand is by far a more exotic culture to Westerners built around strong Buddhist traditions and beliefs. While its exoticism can be incredibly attractive for tourists it can also be somewhat alienating for non-Thais looking to build a life within Thailand or grow a relationship with a Thai.

European roots are very evident in the Philippines; it is a culture built strongly around Catholicism and Western values. The vast majority of Filipinos speak near perfect English and are brought up on Western culture, having a preference for Western music, movies, and even cuisine.

Ladyboys are a big part of Thai culture and have been for some time. While ladyboys are not accepted as total equals they are most definitely tolerated and have a role to play in Thai communities. Thai ladyboys can achieve important roles and careers, and can even become national icons. Thailand’s ladyboy cabaret shows are not only among the biggest tourist attractions in the country but they are also treasured by the locals and ladyboy shows and pageants play a major role in community celebrations and national events.

While ladyboys are predominant in Filipino society they are somewhat less accepted than their Thai counterparts. Finding a place in Filipino communities as a ladyboy is a much harder task and one that discourages many ladyboys from going through with their gender transitions, with many ladyboys choosing to take on a more androgynous look and style. Ladyboys are not as well celebrated in Filipino culture, and while there is a culture of ladyboy cabaret shows and pageants in the Philippines, they are often seen more for their comical and entertainment value rather than a celebration of beauty and transition.

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Dating a Thai ladyboy

Dating a Thai ladyboy is not exactly admired and celebrated but it’s certainly not a taboo and you can quite easily walk hand in hand through the mall with your Thai ladyboy date without drawing stares. It’s also not difficult to meet Thai ladyboys, you’ll find them in every major and minor city and resort in Thailand, and there are several good dating sites where you’ll find many Thai ladyboys active.

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While you can find ladyboys of all ages, looks, and social levels one problem many guys find when looking for a ladyboy date is that many are working as escorts or looking for a partner to support them financially. While this is certainly not the case of all ladyboys in Thailand, it is an issue for those looking to start a lasting relationship.

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Dating a Filipina ladyboys

It’s a little less easy to meet Filipina ladyboys in person, that’s not to say they are hidden, you’ll find them everywhere in Filipino society, but it’s not quite as easy as in Thailand where a high percentage of the county’s ladyboy flock to the major resorts and tourist hotspots. If you want to look for Filipina ladyboys then you should spend a lot of your time searching online where you’ll find a plethora of dating sites and Filipina ladyboys looking for love.

In the Philippines you will find many of the same issues as with the Thai ladyboys. Many Filipina ladyboys are looking for a Western boyfriend to support them financially and ultimately change their life (and the life of their family). There are less Filipina ladyboys working directly as prostitutes and much less of a ladyboy bar scene, but you will find far more Filipina ladyboys working on cam sites and active on dating sites.

While it is a little harder to meet Filipina ladyboys it’s arguably easier to build a lasting relationship. As already noted, Filipina ladyboys speak excellent English and are literally raised on Western culture. Dating a ladyboy in the Philippines is generally more of a taboo than in Thailand, and while that will make it a little harder to be open about your relationship it often helps relationships build a stronger bond.

Ultimately these are generalizations and while to the most part they are true, it all comes down to the individuals you meet. The only way to really know where your future date or lovers lie is to get out there and experience it for yourself.

Written by: Moo Yung

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Very good article

Thank you for one more of your excellent articles. I wish that all members, well at least the newer ones, did read them, 

Bill in Manila
Oct 01 2015 09:40 AM
New in Manila and just met a beautiful ladyboy who wants a long term relationship. Heaven on earth!
The Lost Account Traveler
Dec 14 2015 02:49 AM
Well, lately I've been "hunting" & preparing my next trip to Asia & this article is quite valid & useful... Thanks guys!
Mar 01 2016 10:08 AM

Great job on this article!! It is very fair and that's what I liked about it. I am more partial to the Filipina Ladyboys (obviously because I am one) but the Thai LBs have their own unique beauty and I respect them. 


Perhaps the biggest distinction is in access to hormones and surgical procedures. There, our Thai sisters have an edge over us. Personally, I underwent HRT for about two years but gave up on it eventually. My reasons were primarily due to cost but then I also realized that a lot of western men really like top ladyboys. Due to this, I happily stopped the HRT and saved a lot of my hard earned money. This is where I feel the Filipinas have the edge. For me, while I have no real interest in dating or topping a local Filipino, doing it with a sexy white man is a different matter:)

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Great Article .... I always adore Pinay Làdyboys alot its because of my past relationships and encounters with them. All I can say they are different from one another by looks and attitudes. I never find them unattractive or boring. When it's comes to relationships they are most caring and loving too
Apr 04 2016 05:39 AM
The differences; The PI LBs are fatter, hairier and more talkative... all of which are turnoffs for me. Yeah, I'm generalizing. :)
May 31 2016 07:16 PM

@Moo Yung


Outstanding piece of writting , i could have not say it better then that , right now the phillippines is becoming my second home and plans are in the making for me to be a expatt there in the future..


I love the phillippines and it`s ladyboy`s and i am now dedicating most of my time and energy going there and reporting on there vast and awesome lifestyle these girls live by everyday and offcourse enjoy there hospitality that come with it , peace.....


Greetz , Asian_Prince

i like LB's with big boobs and i think filipino LB's are flat or cross dressers. Anyway the pics of the Thai LB's are dazzling.