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The Return of the Sith - Bangkok 2016

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#13 The-Sith

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Posted 09 January 2017 - 12:03 PM

******************** RETURN OF THE SITH – BKK 2016  (continued - 11)









The 20 Year Old Amateur left around 11am. We kissed at the door like real boyfriend girlfriend just starting a relationship.

After a bit of a snooze and a massage, I had a 21 year old Amateur named Nut coming over. This one was super cute, with braces and a sexy school girl uniform (plus dimples!). She was way more sexual than the other amateur and left some impressions that she was transitioning into P4P hooking up with guys on the internet and having sex with them for money. But she played it off like she liked me and wanted to see me, which was also possible.



We had a whole Daddy-Daughter sexting thing going on for a couple of months prior to the trip. She really turned me on, especially her braces. And she had natural tiny hormone tits, which I actually like better than implants, because they are real and tend to be more sensitive.


She said she would come directly from the airport to my hotel to see me – but I told her to go home, take a shower and put on make up and her school uniform first. Which she did.


When she showed up, my jaw almost dropped. Way better looking than her photos and basically looked like a younger, more innocent version of that superstar Ladyboy, WaWa that you see on Ladyboygold.


We talked a bit and drank a little bit of wine. And then immediately started going at it. We went right into role playing. I grabbed her hair and told her she had to be punished for making me wait for her. She had to get her ass spanked and then whipped with a fat cock in her face for making her Daddy wait. She had to have my cock in her mouth. And I noticed her little cock poking through her skirt during this entire exchange. I loved seeing her cock get hard under her school skirt. She was about 4 inches, and totally girl like. When I pointed to her cock poking through her skirt, it made her shy.  


I got her to suck me and she after some encouragement from me, start saying “Daddy I want to suck your cock.” She was heavily panting as she held my man meat in her hands. Then I bent her over my knee and gave her a nice spanking. I also scolded her for getting bad grades. She showed me her real report card a few weeks back and her grades were mostly Cs and low Bs. She was naughty. She claimed to be stupid. Yet, I knew it was more related to laziness. So I had to spank her petite little bottom.


Then I started working her ass getting it ready to get fucked. Her ass was much looser than the other Amateur I had in the morning. I asked her what dildo she wanted in her ass/cunt – the small one or the big one. She chose the big one. Which I liked, because I don’t like popping cherries. And then after opening her up with a dildo, it was time for my cock to pound her into submission. She put her legs high in the air and spread her ass cheeks for me – saying, with no encouragement from me this time, “Daddy, I want to fuck. Daddy I want to fuck.”


It was too sexy for me to handle. I started slowing entering her and gave her the best ass pounding. I pounded her fast. She said she wanted it faster. So I fucked her faster and harder and wrapped her in multiple pretzel like positions rotating my cock from her ass to her mouth and letting her taste her own ass. Going from her tight little posterior pussy to her braces covered mouth was so sexy. I turned this little bitch out in my bed – stretching each of her holes, twisting her up like a Yogi Master.


While she sucked me, she jacked off. I first blew my load all over her face and hair. Then I moved to sucking her tiny little tits. I love natural tits, even if they are small like hers….. full nipples peaking out above newly blossoming tiny boobs - so I licked her tits as she jacked off and came too.


This is the kind of action that for years, I only dreamed of. The best I could get was porn fantasies of school girls, wanting to get their ass spanked and fucked, and their tiny dick wanked. It was way too good to be true because for two nights in a row, I had authentic students, in authentic uniforms, in my bed. Each, being punished for bad grades. Each with sufficient experience to suck and fuck good. Full on role play – and full on real. Last night’s student was really unexperienced, but got an A for effort and desire. Today’s student was a lot more experienced and got an A for everything. 


It was a very nice session, especially since we had waited for each other for so long over internet chat, and both had to fly in to Bangkok to make it work and change our schedules. I told her that our story was romantic – I flew from the other side of the world to see her, and she flew in from Singapore from her trip and I stayed extra days to see her. It was an international romance I explained to her – she actually got teary eyed when I said that to her.


She needed to be loved. I surmised that her real Daddy probably hated her; Ever since he noticed his son, by the age of 6, was playing dolls with the girls, and not soccer in the school yard with the rest of the ‘normal’ boys. I imagine Nut’s real Father must have begrudgingly, had to agree at some point during Nut’s adolescence, with the real Mother to allow Nut to go to school in dresses, and even shop and pay for them. Poor guy. That boy he brought home wrapped in a swaddle 21 years ago from the maternity ward, turned out to be a bait and switch…….These days, he must wake up at night in a frightened sweat, after having a vivid nightmare of an aging Farang ramming his son up the poop chute, pulling back his son’s long hair as he arches his sexy feminine back and screams ‘fuck me harder, fuck me harder’ (indeed, Nut’s real Father’s ultimate nightmare was being played out right here, right now, in the Landmark; one guy’s nightmare, two other guy’s dreams……and played out thousands of times in short time rooms and hotels in BKK and Patts every night).


Yet, for Nut, she now had a Farang Daddy who actually went the extra mile to be with her. Who flew across the ocean and who changed his schedule for her. Who actually wanted her to get good grades. Who took real action to show he cared for her. She needed caring. She was feeling it. Her tears reflected that I had touched her heart.  

I had feelings for her too.


I guess that it was possible that she was starting to make a business out of this for herself – getting cash for a new purse, or some clothing, or something every once in a while, while attending school. I asked her if she had been with other Farang and she said no Farang, only Koreans and Singaporeans from school. I believed that possibly I was her first Farang because her spoken English sucked, and appreciated her honesty about the other Asians.


I kept telling her about how much I loved her tiny tits. Yet she was planning on getting bolt ons. Probably a snip in the future too, but yet undecided. I knew it was pointless to try to change her mind (from reading this Forum), yet I told her exactly what I felt. I told her that her breasts were perfect how they were now – she could take some more hormones to get them bigger, but I was not into fake breasts. And told her that if she gets the fakies, she should get them smaller than whatever she has planned because the one common mistake small frame LBs make is getting tits too big for their body. And this totally passable cute girl would end up looking like a boy with surgery – like so many of her petite sisters. And I told her if she got the snip, then she would be giving up what makes her special. Fact is, at that point, I prefer a GG. Not only for the physical attributes, but what it does hormonally to her drive and behavior. She would lose the edge that LB’s have. Yet this was a personal decision on her part, clearly. 

I had promised her a few weeks earlier that if her grades were good, I would give her a reward. She sent me her grades prior to my visit, and they were shit. So I told her I would need to punish her, which I did with a great ass fucking and ATM action. And a lot of slaps to her eager ass.


Yet I still wanted to support her. So I gave her B 5000. I told her it was just for her school or for more travel, she could not use it for fun or clothing. I made her promise that she would work on getting better grades and I would give her a reward if she did. At first, she took it as a joke, but slowly started taking it seriously. I don’t know if my serious talk about her grades will help her, or if I should even care, I do like her and do want her to do well in school.

My guess is that either Nut is telling me the truth, and I am her first Farang and so far she has banged some Thai guys and some other Asian guys, or she has a very nice hustle she is developing by luring older guys, Farang and Asian, from the internet and having sex with them knowing they will pay her something, even if she doesn’t ask for it. She may have even been in Singapore pulling tricks at Orchard Towers, for all I know. It may be just me getting overly suspicious. Yet even if all that is true, I know she goes to school (because she showed me her report card) and she is more amateur than the other P4P I was with. And she never asked for money, I offered it (yet all these girls know how to get us to offer money) (as an update, she did send me her school receipt via LINE that I made her promise me to use the B 5000 to pay for this semester – B 13,000 for an entire term!). And I also know that I like her. She’s super pretty and positive fun girl. And funny. If she is whoring with others, it doesn’t really change much, I may just have to CBJ her and take some other precautions. I would support her whatever way, Pro or Amateur. And I like it that my cock easily slipped into her little hole. What a little sexy fox. Braces and Dimples and tiny Nipples.  


I’ll see her again, one of these days. Would even take a holiday to the islands with her because she is so cute, pretty cool and very much passable.

#14 The-Sith

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Posted 09 January 2017 - 12:06 PM

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[Picture 1: 21 Year Old Amateur in Student Uniform]


Attached File  20161220_101903.jpg   141.05KB   1 downloads

[Picture 2: 21 Year Old Amateur with Braces]



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#15 The-Sith

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Posted 09 January 2017 - 12:09 PM





So on Day VI, I flew out. I played full out for my 6 day bender of sex, drugs, and EDM. One more day than I originally planned. It was the Return of the Sith, hardcore style………after many many years of refrain from mongering Ladyboy ass. My insatiable hunger was filled and I definitely had one of the best times for a long time. Perhaps the best ever for me in BKK. I blew a ton of load. Had excellent adventures. And I was totally satiated with excellent Ladyboy Action!  Femboys, Femme Fatale and Sexy Felines!!!!!!!




Love you girls, all of you!!!!! Thanks for playing full out with me too!!!!!!!!



My journey towards the Darkside, at least for this episode, was now complete. Mission Accomplished!!!!!!!!!





1. Best Sexual Experience: Bee the 20 Year Old Amateur

2. Best Night Overall: Yum and Aum, the two sexy felines from Obsessions

3. Prettiest Girl: Tie between Yum from Obsessions and Nut the 21 Year Old Amateur

4. Sexiest Look: Cartoon the Femme Fatale

5. Best Heart: Bee the 20 Year Old Amateur

6. Best Ass: Tie between Aum from Obsessions and Nut the 21 Year Old Amateur

7. Best Cock: Bee the 20 Year Old Amateur

8. Best Tits: Cartoon (supple fakes) and Nut (tiny hormones)

9: Deepest Connection: Bee the 20 Year Old Amateur, with Nut the 21 Year Old Amateur a close second.





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[Picture 1: Farewell to the Death Star]


Attached File  20161220_084902.jpg   136.56KB   1 downloads


[Picture 2: Return of the Sith]

#16 The-Sith

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Posted 09 January 2017 - 12:16 PM

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#17 horneydog

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Posted 09 February 2017 - 08:55 AM

Great Read, Keep Up the Good Worth , Stih Lord :clapclap: , :notworthy: , Which DAting Sites Do you Use for the Amatuers, may i ask?

#18 JustSumGai

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Posted 09 February 2017 - 05:46 PM

probably one of the best trip reports I've read. Quality description with humor. I think I would have been taking the kamagra with M150 to try for that pace haha.


hit Thai Friendly...LOTS of ladyboys all over Thailand.

#19 horneydog

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Posted 12 February 2017 - 11:24 AM

I have Hit up on Thaifriendly, But seems Alot of them are P2P,

#20 horneydog

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Posted 12 February 2017 - 12:20 PM

The Amatuer Scene seems much more interesting :harhar:

#21 The-Sith

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Posted 13 February 2017 - 11:56 PM

Great Read, Keep Up the Good Worth , Stih Lord :clapclap: , :notworthy: , Which DAting Sites Do you Use for the Amatuers, may i ask?



Thanks HorneyDog, 


Appreciate the great feedback. And hilarious emoticons. 

My fun with the Amateurs really was better than the P4P on this trip, but that's just my taste as I am seeking real GFE as much as possible. As for sites, JustSumGai knows it......... Thaifriendly all the way! So much LB poon on that site it's ridiculous. Most of them are P4P, but a lot of them are amateur or semi-pro. The ones trolling late at night are typically the P4P, and the ones at other times seem to be more amateur. And the pictures speak a 1000 words, and 1000 Baht.  


probably one of the best trip reports I've read. Quality description with humor. I think I would have been taking the kamagra with M150 to try for that pace haha.


hit Thai Friendly...LOTS of ladyboys all over Thailand.



Thanks JustSumGai - really great feedback.


I loved the trip so much, and by about the fourth day into it  (after the awesome time with Yum and Aum the two foxy felines from Obsessions), I knew I had to put it down on paper. Serious pace of fucking and partying for the entire week.


I need to have another LB whore bonanza trip soon!!!!!! Will take more pictures this time for trip report. 


The Sith

#22 horneydog

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Posted 27 February 2017 - 06:37 AM

 True dat , Lord Sith  :sado: . I can Only imagine you doing that to the Naughty Students of yours.  :harhar: 

 Hit me up if you are in Singapore. i am From there. I am Waiting with Baited breath for your Next Trip    Report lolz.  :clapclap:


JustSumGai : Are you Based in BangCock? I been to NEP but no such luck as Lord Sith. The Semi P2P Scene Seems much more interesting. Esp the College Girls,  :D





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#23 The-Sith

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Posted 07 March 2017 - 10:44 AM

Hey Horneydog, I love those amateurs....and when they are dressed in authentic student attire....with tits popping out their plain white shirts and a boner popping out their school skirts, it drives me wild. Love that shit.

Hopefully we can meet up next time I'm in Singapore or even BKK. We can make a run to Orchard Towers......Four Floors of Whores.

More Sith Action to come.

#24 The-Sith

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Posted 08 March 2017 - 02:12 AM



I kept in touch with the Amateurs. The 20 Year Old Amateur and the 21 Year Old Amateur.

My instincts about the 21 Year Old Amateur turned out to be EXACTLY correct (see my post January 9, last couple of paragraphs). She was an amateur transitioning into P4P. Her trip to Singapore and Malaysia was a one week whoring romp at Orchard Towers. We were chatting on LINE and then on the phone a couple of weeks after my trip and I pressed her on it and she came clean. I asked her to be truthful and whether she was making money at Orchard Towers and she confessed yes. She told me she had been with about 10 guys.

Doesn't really change any of the equation if I had known earlier, except that I would have just avoided BBBJ on her. BBBJ on me would be ok. So no biggie.

She felt really bad. She cried on the phone. She felt bad enough to get herself tested and send me the test. I wasn't concerned.

Her goal was to get enough money to buy herself a new set of tits. I understood. The desire to be a sexy girl at all costs will make people do things perhaps they wouldn't normally do. I'm not judging, especially since I am partaking in it. When it came to getting her surgery a month later, she was short on some cash. Like a dummy, I wired her the differential. But I did it because I cared for her. And it wasn't really that much.... she was short B10,000 and asked me for B5,000. I wired her the full B10,000. And she managed to get her surgery, and it made her dreams come true! That I was a part of that, and helped this girl reach her dreams, made me feel good.

And from a selfish standpoint, I know this girl is young enough and hot enough that she can be a superstar in the future. And if she is thinking about me everytime she sees her tits, that's a great thing. She still had a good 10 to 12 years of being a hottie left in her..... and I would be the beneficiary of that because I held a special place in her heart (or just right above her heart). Or at least, that's the long term play on that move.

As for the 20 Year Old Amateur, she keeps sending me pictures of herself looking better and better... more and more girlish. Sexier and sexier. Prettier and prettier. More and more mature. And Sith likey likey.

Actually, I miss her.

Can't wait for my next romp with these two sexy students.

Plus some adventurous P4P action at the Death Star!!!!!!!!

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