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Vetting ladyboys on Thaifriendly

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If you’re in Thailand searching for a ladyboy date then look no further than Thaifriendly. It’s hands down the best website for ladyboys ‘online now’ looking for fun, love, and pretty much everything.
From the heart of Pattaya, Phuket, and Bangkok, you’ll find literally hundreds of ladyboys online each and every day, and even in the outer reaches of Thailand’s Deep South and Esaan regions you’ll find ladyboys aplenty.

Join up and you’ll get to message them, pay for a membership and you’ll get instant chat and endless messages, vastly increasing your odds of getting the right kind of date, right away! Whether you’re looking for an immediate short time, a serious relationship, or just want a chat buddy, there’s a wide variety of ladyboys available here, coming from all walks of life.

Despite the quantity and quality of ladyboys available on Thaifriendly it can still be very hit or miss with regards to the kind of ladyboy you’ll meet and experience you’ll get. Some are looking for a customer and fast cash in exchange for making sweet sweet love, others are searching for a long term relationship and the love of their life, and many fall somewhere in between the two, but it’s not always that straight forward. The trick to getting success on Thaifriendly (and most other ladyboy dating sites) is knowing how to vet your potential dates.

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What do you want?

The first thing you need to work out is what you actually want. Be honest, do you really want a long term relationship? Or is that just what you think the tall, slim, cabaret dancer wants to hear in order to get her into bed?

If you really do want to find ‘the one’, then you can certainly find ladyboys looking for more serious, committed relationships on Thaifriendly, though they are somewhat outweighed by those looking for immediate connections and ‘dates at rates.’ Paying for sex isn’t the best foundation to build a trusting relationship on, so you’re going to want to discount those primarily looking for money. In most cases it’s OK to ask someone if they are looking for customers and cash (this would be less acceptable in most other countries, but not in Thailand). Yes, some ladyboys will take offence to this but not many, and it’s a fair question to ask when on a site highly populate by working girls. Some will even tell you in their profile that they are not a prostitute or make it clear they are looking for a serious relationship.

If you’re looking for paid company then you’ll have no shortage of options. I’d say the vast majority of ladyboys on Thaifriendly in major locations such as Bangkok, Pattaya, and Phuket, are looking to exchange sex for cold hard cash. Prices will vary, as will the quality of experience you get (and the two are rarely actually related), but you won’t have to cast your net very far to find an attractive ladyboy willing to come directly to your hotel room for some fun and financial rewards. Most ladyboys will be very open about the fact they are looking for customers and money, some will even make it clear on their profile, but don’t expect everyone to be willing to jump into bed at the site of a 1000 baht note. As above, if you’re not sure it’s generally OK to ask, respectfully, what someone is looking for.

If you’re looking for a one night stand (or even a one hour stand) but not happy to pay your way then that gets a bit trickier. Yes, sure, there are some ladyboys on the site looking for friends with benefits, and not interested in selling their body, but it’s definitely something that needs a little discussion. If you know you just want to get laid, be honest. Telling a different story to get someone in to bed is a recipe for drama you just don’t want.

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Pay attention to the details

Before you contact anyone on Thaifriendly read their profile! Some profiles are sparse or poorly written (not every ladyboy can communicate well in English), some are just damn confusing or contradictory, but a lot of them tell you everything you need to know.

Some ladyboys will simply write stuff like ‘I’m looking for a serious relationship,’ or ‘I’m looking for customers,’ which is great, and straight away you can tell if this is the kind of person you’re looking for. Some will even go into great detail telling you what they do for a living, what they are looking for, and the kind of hobbies and activities they like, which is just perfect, even though it is all too rare.

Reading a ladyboy’s profile will save you a whole lot of time, especially if you are non-paying member of the site and only get to send one message every 10 minutes. Some ladyboys will even get a bit annoyed if you ask them for details or info which they’ve posted on their profile; it just shows you’re lazy and not that interested.

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A picture says a thousand words

The pictures on a profile can tell you a lot, and often reveal information missing from the written description, or even contradicting it. Here are some examples:

Pictures in a gogo bar = She is obviously looking for customers or has a history of working in a bar. It’s a bit of a no-brainer.

Pictures abroad = She is either from a well educated or well off back ground and has had the privileged of traveling, or, has/had a foreign boyfriend/sponsor (the second is more commonly the case).

Pictures in lingerie or skimpy outfits = I generally assume this person is looking for fun or attention. If their profile says that they are looking for a serious relationship, such pictures can be contradictory, and while a raunchy picture doesn’t mean someone is a prostitute or untrustworthy, it has to be said that it’s not the smartest choice of picture to use if you’re genuinely looking for true love (rather than true lust).

Pictures on a dating profile are merely an indication of who you’re talking too, they are by no means an accurate portrait. Some ladyboys will use professional looking photos or studio pics, and in most cases these will be airbrushed or heavily edited. If you’re on the site for some time you’ll notice a lot of profiles are several years old and the pictures have never been changed. Of all the ladyboys I’ve met through Thaifriendly a significant percentage of them haven’t looked like their profile pic (although that doesn’t mean I’ve always been disappointed). With that said I’m sure most guys (including myself) are also using pictures that are somewhat inaccurate, taken during a rare moment where perfect lighting, distance, and costume, all align to highlight your best features.

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Good signs
  • A detailed description which lets you know exactly what they do for work and pleasure, and the kind of person they’d like to find.
  • Clear, up-to-date pictures, which have not been edited or airbrushed.
  • A friendly and warm tone to the language. They don’t have to speak great English, but you can generally get a feel for if someone is warm and approachable if they’ve written a profile description.
Bad signs
  • ‘I hate liars,’ ‘bad man leave me alone,’ ‘why man make me cry,’ and any kind of emotional talk or anger is a warning sign. If you see this kind of talk then the red warning light should be flashing and you should be clicking to the next profile. It might not be aimed at you but it tells you they are a little unstable and prone to drama.
  • A long winded speech about love written in immaculate English. It sounds a bit cold, but more often than not this is a kind of phishing scam, usually written by someone else for money. It’s not to say that the person at the other end of the profile isn’t real, but they are literally just telling you they are desperate for a foreign lover to support them and their family (primarily in a financial way), and just about anyone will do.
  • Someone telling you they love you or miss you before you’ve even met. This is clear evidence that someone is a little emotionally unstable and/or, as above, desperate for a relationship and someone to support them.
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Don’t take it too seriously

Some people will frustrate you, some will even insult you, but just remember, it’s just a dating site.

If someone is playing games or trying to pick a fight simply ignore them. If they continue to contact you with abuse, hit the ‘block’ button. The last thing you want to do is trade insults, it will only result in you getting annoyed and angry.

There are so many ladyboys available on Thaifriendly, no matter what you are looking for, a long distance relationship, sex right now, or something in between, you’ll have enough options to not have to waste your time and energy on someone who clearly isn’t right for you.

Written by: Moo Yung

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For dating ladyboys globally we recommend joining My Ladyboy Date which has attractive ladyboys in many Asian and Western countries.
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very informative thanks
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Hehe - excellent points in this article :-)

Apr 01 2022 12:58 PM

Totally agreed; also, the Line messenger app is a good stuff to have instaled in order to talk to those babes...