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TR of an oldtimer 2

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#1 adam42

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Posted 03 January 2018 - 07:33 PM

As my first posting of this report got completely messed up, I will give it a second try:


In the past I have posted my trip reports in another forum but that is almost dead so I have switched  to this forum.
I have worked over 30 years as an airline pilot and was able to visit all kind of sex venues in South America, the US, Canada. France, Germany, Russia, Cambodia, Vietnam,  China and Thailand. Sexwise Thailand is the best and Germany, especially the FKK’s are next best. Also the termas in Brazil come close. The US is a disaster.
I call myself an old timer because I am over 70 years old now  and in the past I have been at least once a year in Thailand. The first few years as GG hunter but soon I  switched to another hunting ground, the chicks with dicks.
I already visited Bangkok in the mid-80s . My favorite hunting ground was the huge and infamous disco in Nana Hotel, every night loaded with wet and hungry pussies from wall to wall. A must for every pussy hunter. Long gone now but much better than Patpong in those days: behind every door/curtain a gogo club where the girls did the boring Bangkok shuffle: moving hips and legs just a bit and lazely looking at the mirrors along the wall to check their hair and make-up. If you were lucky you got their smile. Just for a few seconds. 
I took a few home but most of them were as hot as a fridge.
But the ladyboy bars in Patpong  had a completely different vibe: gorgeous busty ladies inviting you in and once inside you were swarmed by hot and hungry chicks begging for your company. What a difference with the boring gg bars!
In the same period I  visited for the first time Nana and the good old ladyboy bar Cascade, now Charades: my goodness, I never saw so many gorgeous chicks, by far the best line-up in Thailand. From then on I got addicted to these hot and horny dolls. But the glory days of Cascade are gone.
Ladyboys are much more fun and a treat in bed. Each year again I am flabbergasted,  sitting in front of them in Charades, Obsession, Chili or KrUS,  that girls that could be my grandchildren  are enthusiastically trying to get invited by a guy of my age for a ladydrink and more.
Apparently they are more interested in my bahts than in my age.
Being a widower I always go to Thailand around Christmas and New Year, a period that is boring for a man without wife and children. The ladyboys are my Christmas gift and keep my Chistmas tree upright and my balls glowing.
Recently around Christmas  I have spent a few days in Bangkok and a few in Pattaya.
This is my story. 
The fun for me already starts  In the plane to Thailand. I imagine myself being seated  a few hours  later at the benches  in Cascade, fondling and  kissing with a soft, hot  and juicy darling with her boobs and tackle out for me, and after some wet french kissing she is whispering in  my ear: I do evelyting, suck you, fuck you, lick you, do good massaa. Make you happeeee.  My body is all yours……..you pay bar? 
Still 4 hours to go, flying over the Middle East right now. A sex desert. Only Dubai is hot, but expensive.
When I arrive at Bangkok airport I am permitted to use the fast lane, being over 70 and after draining an ATM I am within 10 minutes  in a taxi to Majestic Suites at Sukhumvit/Soi4, a hotel that I always prefer as it is a nice and clean mid-range hotel in the heart of the action and with Nana in its backyard. Very much recommended.
I mostly eat at the Landmark hotel (almost next door) on their elevated  streetside terrace along Sukhumvit. On hot days they have fans with iced water. The food is good and reasonably priced but what is more important,  it is safe. I would love to try the local street kitchen but hate to spoil my holiday with digestive problems and to smudge the front entrance for my ladyboys.
My first night was Nana. Straight to Charades to pick up my all time favorite Cindy. She is the perfect ladyboy for me: just in between an sturdy amazon type and a flatchested femboy. An amazon is too manly for me and a flatchested femboy is for me like a hamburger without meat.  Cindy has the right mix:  a juicy and sexy body with perfect boobs and ass, a great kisser, a huge weapon  and always smiling . If you push the right buttons, she is sizzling hot.
She was busy with another guy when I came in so I had the opportunity to inhale the unique vibe there: the gorgeous chicks dancing on stage and begging for attention, the horny guys not knowing yet whom to choose and the ones already having a wild chick on their lap, fondling, groping and kissing. A perfect warming-up!
But to be honest: some girls avoid looking at me as they do not like to fuck their grandfather. The time they loved to sit on grandpa’s lap is long over, let alone to suck his dick. But the majority is quite willing to give this old fool a hell of a time. Way better than what granny did during  our marriage ( missionary only, once a month, no licking, all lights off).  
Back to Cindy. She had already noticed me and said soon goodbye to her customer. She told me that he was “just looking” and she knew I was’nt!  Soon she had her massive cock out and moved it slowly up and down  my hands showing me her mesmerizing smile and then started with deep french kissing . The Kamagra gel already kicked in  so she made a nosedive  to say hello to my johnny.
What I really appreciate is that Cindy is never in a hurry and let me decide when to go and to start the fireworks. That did not last long though….
Off to Majestic Suites, a cigarette, a shower and then the show started.
After a teasing foreplay and a lot of kissing she wanted more and I knew what: abusing every available hole with her meaty dick.
She has a long and strong cock, a bit curved upward which makes it even more exiting to me.
Cindy has her own technique:  she starts moving her cock slowly in and out my mouth untill it gets rock-hard and then all of a sudden, loudly shouting her battle-cry  AAARHH!! , she rams her massive weapon all the way in, holding my head firmly between her hands and pressing it towards her so she can push her cock in as deep  as possible.  Sometimes I like a tough treatment and Cindy knows that.
She went on untill I almost suffocated. When she pulled out she asked me with her sweetest smile: you like it? You no pain? No, but I almost suffocated. Apparently she did not understand that word, instead of “almost suffocated” she may have understood “almost sufficient” so she slashed her monster cock back in again, my nose flattened against her belly and her balls under my chin.  AAARHH! !  Juices were flowing from my lips.
After a few more of those thrusts with her dagger I was exhausted and asked her to use my hole down under for her stabbing and there she uses the same technique: slowly in and out and then…WHAM,  up to my stomach… AAARHHH!!   Yes, I like it a bit rough and so does Cindy. 
Mother nature equipped me with a rather flexible asshole so  with lubrication I can welcome really big cocks. Cindy is always happy to ram her pile in and I love her heavy pounding. Both happy!
I like to be bottom :  I love that sight  of a ladyboy with that hungry and horny look, kneeled between my legs, tightly holding my erect dick so she has extra grip when she launches her torpedo  pushing it deep into my ass untill she finally explodes inside me. I just love that vista, comfortably on by back.
But back to my Cindy: It did not take long for her to come. She pulled  out and sprinkled her creamy cum all over my belly. I do not like her to come in my mouth but I do love to lick the last drops from her dickhead and with every lick her body is shaking like she is still coming.
Cindy, now being drained and satisfied,  starts the best blowjob possible: takes my best and most expensive friend carefully in her mouth, looking at me as horny as only she can do, slowly kissing and caressing my shaft, licking my balls, decending to my ass, licking and penetrating there with her tongue. I just love that rimming down there . Then she comes up again to lick my balls, give them a sweet and careful bite and then back to my good old Johnny. 
That teasing and horny smile behind my growing cock ….mesmerizing!
She repeats this pocedure a few times and then starts with a serious sucking job, always looking at me if an eruption is coming. “You tell me when you like to come?”  There are 
moments that I want my dick to explode right away and a few seconds later I want to postpone a bit. But my crazy dick has its own dynamics: all of a sudden my firecracker is 
spitting sperm while my baby is slowly sucking my dick like is her mothers nipple. 
I feel relieved and happy and so is she.   
 I mostly  like a relaxing massage after a treatment like this and Cindy takes her time to relax all muscles and when massaging my legs, she turns her butt towards  me so I can have a 
close look at her glory hole while she is  teasingly putting her thumb into  my arse and stroking my dick with her tits.  
This is what I call a girl from heaven. I could fall in love with this angel, put her in a box and take her home but which young girl would like an old bloke like me?  
2000 baht does the trick.
The next few days I had other girls, one from Chili bar, one from Obsessions but nothing came close to the Cindy fuckfest.
In the evenings at about 8 PM  I mostly go to the Big Dogs bar at the entrance of Nana to watch the incoming crowd of the ladyboys hoping to get their holes and purses well stuffed 
that night. It’s always a welcome warmIng up.
One afternoon at Soi 4 I saw a petite  and very pretty ladyboy with a sweet smile and sexy legs under a kinky dress. That could be a tasty appetizer!
So I invited her for a drink and more in my room. She gladly agreed and off we went to my hotel. But when she undressed she proved to be a femboy. The boobs in her bra were
fake, just foam rubber. She was completely flatchested. But I could not send her away, looking at me so cute and innocent. So I decided to give it a try.
Her dick was really small.  I started sucking  the little fellow but the longer I sucked the shorter it became, like smoking a cigaret. As a matter of fact It was not much bigger than that.
She was on hormones she said , kind of reversed Kamagra I guess.
After half an hour I gave up and sent her home with a tip.
Lesson learned: no boobs, no business. 
So be careful and  check the boobs first. But watch out: don’t do this at home. It is #MeToo time!
In Pattaya I had some wild nights at Baby Boom. There aren't very many places that when you ask the girl to see her equipment, she whips out her nice cock even before having 
ordered drinks and takes your hand to wrap it around her to play with her while she's unzipping you, right there for everyone to see. No judgment from others, just envy. What a wild 
place but not for the prudisch type. 
Baby Boom is an orgy of mutual cock sucking and swinging and titgrabbing in the open heaven! Its the place where all your LB fantasies can become a reality: just grab the nearest available cock but make sure it is not a customer. As soon as you hear the moans and groans of the girl  attached, you’re done. 
Continue to abuse any other passing cock untill you have enough of  their “ladydrinks”  
Recover during the sexy show with naked ladyboys and swinging dicks.
The suckfest is downstairs, the fuckfest upstairs. 
But If this is like heaven, I’m prepared to die. Can you imagine that : a heaven  loaded with angels with dicks, fucking like rabbits while  their sperm is dripping  down from the clouds?
The first day in 2018 was my last day in Pattaya and I returned to Bangkok planning to grab Cindy for a farewell fuck before returning home that night.  
She was available and It turned out to be my best fuck in 2018.
Ready to fly home  at midnight. Broke and broken.
Sorry guys, no photos. In bars I need both hands for something different:  one for my chick, one for my Chang.

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#2 horneydog

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Posted 04 January 2018 - 12:46 AM

Great TR Grandpa adam, really love your wording. Found myself laughing at times and getting all excited at others. Love the #metoo time. You are an Idol to me, always wanted to do what you are at 70. Have a safe flight home.

#3 P&G

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Posted 04 January 2018 - 01:20 AM

Great post indeed. I'd like to have your talent to write a post. 

Just a couple of questions : what is the terma in Brasil ? If Thailand didn't exist, what would be the best place to find ladyboys or shemales in your opinion ? 

#4 adam42

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Posted 04 January 2018 - 01:25 AM

Thank you hornydog.

Still dreaming of my Cindy.....


#5 horneydog

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Posted 04 January 2018 - 01:36 AM

Will be booking majestic suites based on your TR, first time ladyboy hunting in bangkok, can't wait till my vacation starts.
Happy dreams Adam

Your new fan

#6 adam42

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Posted 04 January 2018 - 01:50 AM


Termas are the brazilian equivalent of the german FKK's . If that is also unknown to you: Fkk is a sex sauna where the girls walk around almost naked (mostly 50 or more, an unforgettable sight) and the guys wearing bath robes  can invite any of these beauties to join them in one of the rooms on site. Mostly drinks and food is included in the entrance fee of € 50 - € 75.

There is always a porn cinema with beds for public sex.


If Thailand did not exist I would recommend Dubai. Escort only and quite expensive. Also Brazil (Rio/Sao Paulo) has a lot of chicks with dicks but mostly the amazon type.

#7 P&G

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Posted 04 January 2018 - 02:48 AM


Termas are the brazilian equivalent of the german FKK's . If that is also unknown to you: Fkk is a sex sauna where the girls walk around almost naked (mostly 50 or more, an unforgettable sight) and the guys wearing bath robes  can invite any of these beauties to join them in one of the rooms on site. Mostly drinks and food is included in the entrance fee of € 50 - € 75.

There is always a porn cinema with beds for public sex.


If Thailand did not exist I would recommend Dubai. Escort only and quite expensive. Also Brazil (Rio/Sao Paulo) has a lot of chicks with dicks but mostly the amazon type.



Actually, I should have told you that I read about FKKs but never felt attracted by these places for some reasons that are off topic. Since I studied Brazilian a long time ago, I hope to visit this country one day. Today, I learnt what termas are : one more reason to visit Brazil. 



edit : have you ever tried this Mikki ? After reading your TR, I guess she's for you if you can find her. (I am not bottom but I find her very exciting as your review of Cindy)


#8 adam42

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Posted 04 January 2018 - 04:55 AM



Mikky, whow! Such a lovely smile, great body and that mighty cock sticking out....

Almost as big as Cindy's!

#9 jan88

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Posted 05 January 2018 - 07:46 PM

Brilliant trip report A dam!

Funny and exiting at the same time.

#10 rxpharm

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Posted 06 January 2018 - 06:07 PM

adam42 - thanks for sharing! It's incredible how lbs can really satisfy guys of all ages!  Another important thing to consider is the chemistry factor, we get so many newbies or fantasy seekers, asking about a particular lb, or recommendations but all those might be for naught if there is no spark, like you have with Cindy.


I believe I have a photo of her from another post that I will share here.




She's been in the game for quite some time, but as you and many have attested she is one of the best, even if she is not one of the most beautiful.


#11 inmarset

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Posted 14 January 2018 - 02:38 PM

This guy posted the same report on LBPattaya and has been debunked! Timelines completely incorrect, she wasn't there over Christmas and she wasn't in Cascades on the 1st which is what this guy states. She is nothing between an Amazonian and a femboy, she is 5'4" and she has zero curve at all in her cock. Nothing curving upwards!

Utter bullshit report. Go check the other site if you are on it too.
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#12 horneydog

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Posted 15 January 2018 - 12:23 AM

Omg , fake TR. Is it true? I feel so cheated

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