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Trips of an atypical monger


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#13 P&G

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Posted 05 January 2018 - 02:04 AM

Thank you mate.

I realized after writing about 2016 that I didn't remember so well what I had done. I thought that Vietnam had been better. I just realized it had been a strong exercise that made Thailand easier later. Even if I had to do it just for me, it helped me to do it.

I still have one more post to write about my last trip. I'm proud I have found fairly original profiles. 

#14 horneydog

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Posted 05 January 2018 - 02:29 AM

No Worries Mate, I


have Tried a Viet femboy actually before in Singapore, That was before the Great Clean-Up of Mongering in Singapore. Good Times in the Past.  :whistle:  :whistle:  :whistle: , Cant Wait to Go to the Source of the Honey Pot  :tada:

#15 JustSumGai

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Posted 08 January 2018 - 09:06 PM

seems too much like WORK to me.  I do ok with TF but then my appetite is not as voracious. And that's in Khon Kaen.  Bangkok would be a breeze. .

#16 P&G

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Posted 09 January 2018 - 03:44 AM


My ladyboys in November 2017



Ladyboy # 143 at King’s Corner 2


Everything was said in this post.




Attached File  0PM1.png   60.78KB   0 downloads PalmMee (and her roommate Kim in Ao Nang)


There would be so much to say about the small scene of Ao Nang. Maybe I will write a post later. On that evening, I met PalmMee a very cute postie at Centerpoint. She told me she worked in the cabaret and offered me a 3 hours time for 2,000 baht. I felt really excited.

We went to her room, some kind of a bungalow not so far from Ao Nang downtown. She looked so nice that I didn’t think I had to be careful. She asked for money upfront (this is when I should have been carefull, then after 5 minutes starting kissing slowly (we had 3 hours for us after all), she asked me if she could let her roommate come in since her roommate was hiding outside. Then a fat amazon ladyboy came in and started chatting with her. Hopefully, she would go rapidly, instead of what, Palmmee’s phone rang and she said that she had to see her boo urgently (after midnight ?!), then she went away and let Kim talk to me.

Kim was talking just to spend time. To make a long story short, she told me Palmmee would be back soon then she asked me to go away, telling me that we were in hher (Kim’s room) and that she didn’t know Palmmee.  Who would be suspicious with a 50 kg postie ? But once you have to deal with a 90 kg amzon ladyboy, it’s another story. Kim kept on her bullshits till she threatened me to call for the police after almost 2 hours waiting for Palmmee. Having nothing to loose, I dialed 1155 and explained the case to the officer online. She asked me to talk to Kim. They sounded very casual, then Kim burst out screaming that I charged her of stealing me. As I didn’t want to move out, she offered me to go to the ATM with her to pay me back. I stayed and insisted I would move out only when I would have my money in my hand. Kim eventually picked up her 5 phones (that I would doubtlessly steal) and went to the ATM, after more than 1 hour trying to intimidate me.

I got my money back and found another ladyboy at Centerpoint, but this is another story. One hour after I left, Palmmee messaged me that she was back in her room and was surprised not to find me. She kept on messaging me once in a while as if the whole story was just a misunderstanding.



Attached File  0PM2.png   145.52KB   1 downloads




Attached File  1Api1.png   61.65KB   1 downloads Apitchada (26 y.o. Si Sa Ket)


I had contacted her in Thaifriendly (website version). She didn’t speak English and was looking for a boyfriend. Actually, she gave me a good reason why to push to an empty town and meet her. She had worked as an hairdresser before and her boss closed the shop. Since then she helps her father in his auto shop in Si Sa Ket and works selling fruits in a market. (Si Sa Ket is actually a big city with fruist and vegetables wholesale dealers).

Apichada hopes to find a sponsor to open her own hairdresser’s shop. Her mental age is not over 15 and she’s never touched a male. Sad since he’s got such a pretty ass. At least, she made me go to Si Sa ket, where I met some one else.



Attached File  1Api2.png   133KB   0 downloads




Attached File  2BE1.png   56.26KB   2 downloads Bells (Ao Nang)


This 27 years old ex CIB ladyboy also works at the Cabaret in Ao Nang. Nothing really bad with her she had been in a hurry all the times. She contacted me on Tinder as I was in Krabi and then contacted me again and again when I stayed in Koh Phi Phi. When we met, she asked for 2,000 baht for a ST but I obtained 1,500 baht. She was in hurry again to finish. She didn’t worth the money.



Attached File  2Be2.png   266.52KB   1 downloads




Attached File  3EM1.png   65.04KB   1 downloads Emmy (Hat Yai) 


In spite of her good photos, this 31 years ladyboy is not so pretty. I am sorry, but she’s fat and has no endurance in the room in spite of her goodwill. I enjoyed when I found her for my first night in Hat Yai though. I liked our social time. She had worked (illegally in a shop) in Malaysia and cannot go back there. She also explained me that the Singapore police already knew how to use Wechat and meet foreign prostitutes to arrest and deport them.



Attached File  3EM2.png   203.84KB   1 downloads




The ladyboy in red at Centerpoint Ao Nang


I really had a hard time this evening in Ao Nang. After leaving PalmMee’s home, I wallked back across the center point at 4 am and saw a few hookers trying to catch drunk men hanging on the pavement. This ladyboy 35 years old or older proposed me a ST in my room. She did look like an old made up cross dresser what made drunk tourists ask me what was that, but I found her exciting. She was well hung with a silicone breast, a short red dress and heavy make up. Then I discovered she had hair extension. Once in the room, she turned up to be so shy that I gave her 100 baht for her gas and put her out.  (No photo).




Attached File  5Pra1.JPG   20.67KB   1 downloads Prach  (25 y.o. Krabi)


Prach found my profile in Thaifriendly as I had just arrived in the city. This shows how Thaifriendly worked differently once I uploaded the app in my phone. I received a message exactly as with Tinder or Wechat.

Prach came from Bangkok and was a good horny gurl in the room. She asked me 1,000 baht for a ST. But in her mind, a ST has to be short or at least not longer than 1 hour. She stayed a little bit more to make pics and chat. However, what I didn’t like at all is that she told me she worked for a pimp, whether it’s true or not. ( Prach :”I work for a shop.” Me :  “massage shop ? “ Prach : “no, boom boom shop. The money goes to my boss. He manages my time”.



Attached File  5Pra2.JPG   33.6KB   1 downloads





Um (20 y.o., Bangkok, from Isaan)


Attached File  6UM1.jpg   21.23KB   0 downloads


Although she looks good on this photo I made before she jumped on me, Um doesn’t look so good. She looks more like a fat Isaan farmer with long hair than like a ladyboy. She asked me for 2,000 baht for a ST. Sorry, the answer was no. 


I could have avoided mentioning this meeting, but It’s worth talking about it. From late in the morning till it closes, Terminal 21 (soi 21 Sukhumvit in Bangkok) is visited by several freelancers using Wechat. I think I was not so lucky last time, mainly for one reason : I should have spent more time in Bangkok and taken more time to explore the population in Terminal 21. The most surprising is that Bangkok ladyboys didn’t play Wechat one year earlier. I think I also met the best time in the afternoon as I had an appointment at Analisamassage.




Attached File  8Run1.png   49.54KB   1 downloads Run (20 y.o. Udon Thani)


She could have been a nice girlfriend, but she’s a real wanker. She didn’t cost me much money, but was not really interested in meeting a farang, except maybe trying to ask for more money. She would probably deserve to find a macho to be her boyfriend for a while.



Attached File  8Run2.png   161.86KB   1 downloads




Attached File  7Beer1.png   41.02KB   1 downloads Beer (34 y.o. Udon Thani)


I daren’t say the truth about Beer. We had such a good time together.I posted one of the pics I made but don’t feel like posting my other pics and preferred one of her pics at Thaifriendly. Beer contacted me in Thaifriendly after not so many ladyboys had been online and we had a good time together. Regretfully, she doesn’t look so  pretty now. Time is cruel for ladyboys.



Attached File  7Beer2.jpg   31.74KB   1 downloads




Attached File  9Tee1.png   60.34KB   1 downloads Teeratcha (24 y.o. Ubon)


I was happy to fin her in Ubon. We had a good ST together in this town where I found nothing interesting except maybe this femboy. I remember having run to be in time in my hotel (since she had asked me at what time I would be available) then she came 1 hour late. Good fucking girl though.

I proposed her to come with me for a LT. She wanted more than what I proposed. I counted again and accepted. Then she wanted to bargain for more money. I realized she was not serious enough to travel with me and go to the south of Thailand.



Attached File  9Tee2.png   185.96KB   1 downloads




Attached File  10SM1.jpg   22.57KB   2 downloads Soo May or Soomui (20 y.o., Bangkok)


This well hung ladyboy I met near Thermae had a perfect look with long legs and a small siconed breast. She looked shy at first sight though and then kept her cold attitude as long as she stayed with me. As I was kissing her body, she complained she had something wrong. I first believed this could be a trick a scam but her body was covered with red spots where I had kissed her. She said it came from my unshaved chin (I had shaved my face in the morning), and I also suspected some oil from the sauce in the restaurant where I had dinner. I shaved my face again and washed it seriously but it seems it didn’t solve the problem.



Attached File  10SM2.JPG   41.35KB   2 downloads




She insisted though to suck me and bottom with me. I decided to pay her for a LT (all night). She woke up around around 4:30 am and had no more spot on her body. She took care to suck me again and make me fuck her before leaving. I am afraid her skin might develop an allergy to male skins. She seems to be familiar with the problem. I find it sad since she could be a good gurl though.




8)  Sue (Ao Nang)


For my last night in Ao Nang, I didn’t want to try to meet a ladyboy. I decided to look for a Thai massage at 200 baht what was not so easy since most of the shops advertised for Thai Massage at 250 baht. I eventually found a shop near the intersection of Beach Road and Khlong Hang Road. I asked the manager outside. The lady was actually a ladyboy. She then called a masseuse : # 11, Sue, another ladyboy. We crossed the room downstairs where tourists were having foot massages and found a space upstairs where Thai men were having complete massage.

This had been one my worst Thai massages in my life. Sue aimed at one thing : setting pressure on my legs so that blood goes to my sex and then touch if it would become hard. I caught her neck and gave her a deep French kiss. Then I told her we would have sex in my room later, but I wanted a real Thai massage, what she did (but if you want a Thai massage in Ao Nang, yiou should find some one else).

I paid her for the massage,  then went out. Sue was waiting for me in the street and made me sit on her motorbike to go to my room. We had a fairly good time together but Sue was hungry and wanted to go. Next time, I will invite her to the restaurant first.   :mrgreen: 




Attached File  12Fre1.png   55.75KB   1 downloads Freshy (24 y.o. Hat Yai)


In Hat Yai, I met ladyboys only with Wechat. Freshy was hot and girlfriendly although she had no endurance in the room. She made great erotic massages thanks to her hot hands (this sometimes happens with girls.

We had to meet in the local cabaret again but she stayed home and told me she had lost her job. (I guess she hasn’t worked in the local cabaret for a long time). I wish I had spent more time with her.

I actually found more ladyboys in Hat Yai, but Emmy and Freshy  recommended me to be careful with the few ladyboys hanging in the street near the railway police station at night since they are reputed to search in people’s room.


Attached File  12Fre2.png   254.87KB   1 downloads



There were actually 4 ladyboys at night in the street. 3 were very ugly and one was not so ugly. She offered me a BJ for 200 baht in the street. I had no time and I still had my wallet, so I didn’t try the experience. There might be more possibilities of contacts with ladyboys in the cabaret where Freshy was supposed to work.




Attached File  13Kha1.JPG   25.08KB   1 downloads Kamonphat


I met Khamonphat for my last night in the area of Bangkok. I had been tired of testing all kind of freelancers in the area of Sukhumvit and Nana plaza and not to be able to get a price lower than 2,000 baht for a ST, so I moved to a place I know in the area of Bang Phli not far from the airport.

I first had a contact on Wechat. I had to meet the person in a small commercial center, but this was a joker, something I hadn’t met on Wechat so far. As I didn’t know how to definemy position, I contacted Khamonphat in Thaifriendly. Her profile said she was 29 years old but I found she looked younger than this age.



Attached File  13Kha2.png   196.29KB   1 downloads




She came from Rama 3 to my place and as I didn’t have enough baht to pay the agreed 2,000 baht, I offered her to pay her motorbike in baht and paid her at a profitable rate in euros. She accepted and had not been suspicious at all. When she came in, I just couldn’t belive how gorgeous she was. She was hot in the room and not in a hurry although she didn’t want to bottom for a too long time.


As I told her that she looked younger than her age, she confessed that she had lied and that she was actually 32 years old. Khamonphat has never worked in a bar nor freelanced in the street. She studied in the university and passed a MBA. She works in the office of an insurance agent and she gave me figures about her income and her needs for money. She’s fairly well off with about half of her wage coming from commissions although her wage is slightly ower than the minimal wage in several European countries. She’d had a boyfriend living in Paris for about 4 years and she broke off since he would visit her in Thailand “only” 3 times a year. She’s looking for a boyfriend who can spend more time with her or she makes farangs pay for the market rate in Bangkok.



Attached File  13Kha3.png   183.05KB   1 downloads



Having met expats looking for a long term relationship with a ladyboy in Thailand without being able to find a stable personality, I thought she should interest some one pretty soon. At least, I wish she will find the boyfriend she hopes to find.

Eventually, I made a few pics. As it happened before, she looked older on my pics than how I saw her in real view. I took a couple of her pics in her line account to post them here.




Attached File  0000Pamf2.png   12.95KB   1 downloads Pam, 20 y.o., Khon Kaen


As I was in Khon Kaen, I wanted to check an information saying that ladyboys could be found in bars across the Pullman hotel. So I went there and checked. (The result is that 2 streets are full of night bars : Pracha Samran Road  (or Pracha Sumran road) and The soi of Pracha Sumran where the Pullman hotel is located). I never found enough time to check if there were ladyboys in bars. As far as I could see, both streets have many bars where I saw girls, but I saw no ladyboy and didn’t inspect bars.


On my first evening in KK, I didn’t have the opportunity to check. As I was walking to the Pullman, I saw a good looking ladyboy riding a motorbike. She saw me, turned around and came to me. This was Pam. She almost jumped on me.

We had a crazy first night. It’s been tough to calm her down. She wanted me to fuck her bareback and I didn’t like this habit. I hope she doesn’t bottom with any farang met in the street. After I fucked her, she made several love bites on my neck. When I kept her away, she became tender and told me “P&G not like Pam”. I felt like laughing but I understood she I could hurt her. She woke me up in the morning before going to fuck her again.

After I woke up later in the morning I saw 5 bruises on my neck. I messaged Pam in ThaI that I was mad at her and didn’t want to see her again.


On my second night, I visited the RLD around the Pullman hotel and found it boring. Then, I received a phone call. Pam dropped me a message to tell me she was going to my hotel. I went there and met her again. She had purchased a lovely dress with the money I had given her. She inquired  about my call. I understood she hadn’t received my message but understood I wanted to meet her again. I showed her my messaged (Pam has an old phone not compatible with Smartphone SMS). She bent her head ashamed and apologized (but she made me change my mind about her). And there we go, we had a second crazy night. Pam tried to bite me again but I knew she feared an hai ki do catch that I used to make her stop. How violent love can be !

Pam is a 20 years old ladyboy. She works in a sushi restaurant without great motivation for her job. She lives with her mother and takes care of her as a good girl. This is why she had to leave my room at 5 am. She complained she had no friend and was happy to find me. I explained her, I would leave Khon Kaen on the next day.


As I was in Ubon, Pam called me to ask me to come to my room. I told her I was in Ubon. I don’t know if she hadn’t understood when I had told her on the previous night or if she hadn’t believed me. When she understood she wouldn’t meet me, I heard her crying silently. She didn’t cry as whores screaming they miss their sponsor, I could hear her wilt.

Pam called me back a few days later, while I was in bed with Freshy (in Hat Yai). She was trying to explain me how hopeless she felt while Freshy was laughing at me (“you fucking playboy !”). She called me back a few days later agin. I learnt one more Thai sentence (Chan khidthung khun). I called her again and again every 3 or 4 days till she stopped crying. I had last call when I flew back to Bangkok. She heard airport announcements and understood I was in another world.

I wish I could help a good guy find Pam so that she would have a good boyfriend to take care of each other but I keep her phone number for myself since I don’t want to give it to any dirty dog willing to butterfly in Khon Kaen.



Attached File  0000Pamf.png   39.53KB   4 downloads


PS : I never made a photo with Pam




Attached File  14Mik1.jpg   13.45KB   1 downloads Mikki ​(26 y.o. Si Sa Ket/ Phuket)


When I understood I wouldn’t get anything from Apichada in Si Sa Ket and after contacting Teeratcha, I had a contact with Mikki. in Thaifriendly. I messaged her just in time to fill a blank in my agenda. As far as I understood, Mikki was a freelancer working in Rawai beach and she was back in her hometown for holidays. She felt like spending time in her family, but accepted to come to my hotel.

I have never such a great fucking doll among ladyboys. First, I found her very pretty. More or less as I see her on the below photo.



Attached File  14Mik2.jpg   49.28KB   1 downloads 




Mikki had no taboo in the room and remained hot all time long. She behaved as a great professional. We spent about 3 hours in my bed.

I eventually asked her to make a photo. I tried several times with my camera but could not provide a good pic or at least make a pic that would reflect her beauty how I saw her. After several attempts, she picked up my phone (her iPhone was broken) and made several selfies. She eventually posted this one in Thaifriendly. Meanwhile, I made a couple of photos while she was making her selfies.




Attached File  14Mik3.jpg   28.52KB   1 downloads          Attached File  14Mik4.JPG   37.05KB   1 downloads




When she asked me for 2,000 baht in the end, I thought it was a fair price given the time she spent with me and the pleasure we shared.

I felt like recommending her to mongers visiting Phuket. She had explained me she liked to freelance in bars in Rawai beach and can spend the evening hanging from one bar to another with a client. However, she hasn’t gone back to Phuket since I met her early November 2017.

She also messaged me she missed me, but I took it more as a commercial message since I saw her as a p4p ladyboy. As I was about to leave the south of Thailand, I told her I would have enjoyed to invite her for a trip in Koh Phi Phi, and she had already forgotten she wanted to stay in Isaan in November.

If you see her profile in Phuket (or another touristic place), while you are there, don’t hesitate to contact her and have fun.



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#17 horneydog

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Posted 09 January 2018 - 04:08 AM

Great TR p&g , love your pics with discribtion . This should be the standard for TR to let other bros know what to avoid. Taking a pic before doing the deed is good. Thabks again

#18 P&G

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Posted 10 January 2018 - 02:31 AM

To put it blankly, I feel frustrated about my pics. I used to make poor quality pics with my phone and invested on a camera. I made great pics of landscape but something's wrong with ladyboys. As explained above, pics sometimes show how old they are although I couldn't see it in the room. Sometimes, my phone made better pics than my camera. I managed to make a ladyboy look sexy while I knew she was fat and not so good looking (Um). Moreover, she jumped on me to stop me. 

I also picked up photos from Line and Wechat accounts. A few of them are clearly a few years old (Beer, Emmy). Emmy cheats with her pics. I understand why since she doesn't look good but I prefer to warn mongers. I felt more embarassed  with Beer. I posted one of my pics and one from Thaifriendly. I am sorry she doesn't look as good as her performance in the room. 


Anyway, my pics show more or less what these ladyboys look like. Don't use them to make comparisons. 


Back home, I asked for further advises from the salesman. He told me I needed more light to make good portraits, what no one can do when traveling. If anyone giving simple advises would be welcome. 

#19 Curiouscarl

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Posted 10 January 2018 - 07:43 PM

Damn man, this is true dedication to the cause in it's purest form! Thank you for the report, was a most enjoyable read.

#20 Samborambo

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Posted 18 January 2018 - 04:37 PM

P&G - that is so much info mate. A real labour of love for the forum. Thanks and I share your views on street LBs. I've had so many sweet LBs off the street - no way near as aggressive and in your face as some bar crazies. Each to their own but try it all i say!

#21 GlockandCock

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Posted 18 January 2018 - 05:00 PM

Sweet. Good you enjoy all the tight LB asses you had. Respect man. You're doing well. Kamonphat is gorgeous. I'd keep her.

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Posted 04 December 2018 - 03:06 AM

Warning : you can't read the following post(s) if you are not registered in the forum.

Stop lurking and contribute positively please. 





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Attached File  PO1pa8.png   4.55KB   1 downloads


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Attached File  PO1pa13.png   44.86KB   0 downloads




Attached File  PO1pa14.png   43.55KB   0 downloads











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Posted 09 December 2018 - 09:35 PM

Attached File  TR210.png   916.21KB   2 downloads

Attached File  TR211.png   420.72KB   1 downloads

Attached File  TR212.png   933.71KB   0 downloads

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Posted Yesterday, 02:32 AM

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