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Trips of an atypical monger


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Posted 11 December 2017 - 04:21 AM

Some one told me a few years ago that I was an atypical character. This meant they didn't really like me since I wouldn't follow dominant opinions especially after having lived in America. What is considered as being original in anglo-saxon countries may be a a good reason why to exclude some one in other ones. I also discovered this can be criticizable among ladyboy mongers and I wish our small word were ruled by more tolerance but when money is involved, there is no place for tolerance. 


Before, I start about 2017, I wish to sum up my mongering experience since my first trip. I hope this will help newbies understand that a trip can't be perfect for the first time. The most important is to enjoy and try to improve for the next trip. Another concern is the evolution of prices. It's easy to fake true costs of mongering by forgetting additional costs but facts are the most important to me. I sometimes messed a bargain or I sometimes was fooled or scammed. It happens every year but I had new exciting experiences and that's all that counts to me. 



My previous trips :


2011 : less than 2 weeks in Thailand. I rushed to Pattaya and visited the city that I didn't like. Pattaya had been flooded by a heavy rain 2 days earlier and seems sinister. I also had a bad feeling with bars.

I met a ladyboy on Beach road and paid her 700  baht for a ST. She then stayed with me for 700 baht a day in LT. After 2 days in Pattaya, we've been in Chaiyaphum then Chiang Mai. We shared the same opinion about bars. The ladyboys does the job and the boss will get the farang's money. I hardly changed my mind since then. This ladyboy also stayed away from photographers and cameramen. Although her family lived in cabana in the forest, she worried not to be seen in a porn movie or in a mongers forum. Only one photo of her was published in a forum. 

In spite of her low price, she had been fairly expensive. She used to drink like a fish and costed me several thousand baht every evening. 


​2012 : I decided to try the experience in the Philippines. This was a reaction against the commercial behavior of Thai ladyboys. I followed the advises of a Dutch monger (Stealth 007) who was experienced in traveling in the Philippines, had a ladyboy girlfriend and used to meet ladyboys in the Philippines. After a couple of month of serious search at dateinasia.com, I hooked up a pretty young ladyboy in Cebu. I had less than 2 weeks to travel and met her over there. After a good first evening, I experienced she couldn't have sex without being hurt but she felt like staying with me and the longer I stayed with her, the harder it became to get rid of her. I stayed about 10 days with her and visited places in Cebu, Negros and Bohol. I gave her money to get a smartphone (that was all new in 2012) before leaving Cebu and spent my last night in Malate (Manila). As I asked a serviceman what train to choose to reach my hotel, he warned me about the unsafety in Manila. I felt unsafe till I reached the airport. 

​My girlfriend contacted to ask me money again and again. She had lost the phone she needed money to get another one. Then, she needed money to get a broadband, then she became jealous of a ladyboy I knew in Manila (who was not seductive at all but was a good buddy). I understood that my free experience could cost me a fortune. This ladyboy saw me as her life insurance to pay her a monthly allowance. I broke out.  I found out later that she cut her hair and looked for a gay boyfriend.


Attached File  02J1.jpg   9.84KB   13 downloads          Attached File  02J2.jpg   7.77KB   6 downloads


I tried again to find some one in the Philippines. I experienced short time scammers (baklas asking for a skype account, saying after 2 minutes "I love you" and asking for money within 5 minutes) and dreamers looking for long term relationship to pay their monthly allowance. I decided to try Thailand again. 


​2013 : as I reached Chiang Mai, an earthquake had caused several casualties in Cebu Where I had projected to go back again. I saw it as a sign not to return to the Philippines. 

​After a fairly expensive with a porn performer (bar girl) freelancing in the area of Nana plaza (1500 baht + a BF she requested as a threat not to hold her ST in the room), I met several ladyboys freelancing  in Chiang Mai. Prices ranged from 400  to  600 baht. I asked one for a LT. We spent the night together but she wouldn't have sex with me. I left before she asked me for money. I remember having rejected a cutie who asked for 800 baht.  :mrgreen: 


Attached File  031NN.png   75.94KB   8 downloads          Attached File  032CMB.png   70.18KB   6 downloads



​I then headed to Phuket but didn't stay in Patong. After a couple of experiences with GGs in Patong, I met a bargirl working in soi Crocodile (ST 1500+ BF 500) and invited for a long time (3 days in Koh Phi Phi at 2000 baht BF included). We spent 2 days in Koh Phi Phi and 2 days in Krabi. We kept in touch almost one year and half and broke out after a stupid story of hero. She had already left Patong. I wish I hadn't told her cutting words when we broke out. She now lives in Bangkok and is looking for a boyfriend. 


Attached File  033 S1.png   93.89KB   3 downloads          Attached File  033 S2.png   162.43KB   2 downloads



​2014 : I visited Malaysia. I wrote the main informations in this topic : https://ladyboyforum...bs-in-malaysia/. I met only freelancers for ST only. The usual price used to be 200 RYM (about 2000 baht, but it sounds less expensive when writing 200 RYM). I had a bad experience in KL (paid 50 RYM = 500 baht) and one in KK (Kota Kinabalu). In general, the ladyboys I met in Malaysia were not really friendly except a Vietnamese ladyboy.

When they are not friendly, I miss a girlfriend experience, when they become friendly, I fear to become a sponsor. 



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Posted 13 December 2017 - 03:23 AM

nice report

#3 rxpharm

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Posted 13 December 2017 - 03:37 AM

It's always good to have members share their experiences - and even if some think you are "atypical" it gives useful information for other forum members who may share your viewpoint. It is far better to have useful posts like these than posts that do not contribute useful information to the forum.


There have been a few comments about the forum not being helpful, and being too quiet - it would do better if people asking for information about lbs post follow up. Only a few do, and that discourages board members from replying to such posts. Being a "411" information forum is not the most interesting way for a forum to operate - there needs to be give and take.


Thanks for sharing PG - and it is interesting to read about your experiences of Filipina lbs vs Thai, and p4p vs non-pro.

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Posted 13 December 2017 - 12:35 PM


Nice report mate!

So where do you rank LB backpussy from the various places.....Vietnamese, Malay, Thai and Phillipino?

#5 P&G

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Posted 13 December 2017 - 02:07 PM

Thanks a lot mates. I will make you wait till next weekend for my next post. Writing a TR is different from simply chatting in current topics.

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Posted 14 December 2017 - 01:29 AM


Nice report mate!

So where do you rank LB backpussy from the various places.....Vietnamese, Malay, Thai and Phillipino?



The question is interesting but the answer is tough. 

I can hardly say something about Malaysian ladyboys. In Malaysia, there are several ethnic groups : Malay, Chinese Malaysians, Tamul (Indian) Malaysians and other ethnic groups in Borneo. Actually when I was in Malaysia, I fucked one Malay, one "Chinese" Malaysian, one "Indian" Malaysian, one Filipino bakla, one Aussie Tgirl, 2 ladyboys of Borneo (probably Kadazans), one Thai ladyboy, one postie from Sri Lanka, one Vietnamese crossdresser and one Vietnamese ladyboy. So I can't say much about Malaysian ladyboys. All I saw in the area of Bukit Bintang in KL and Orchard towers in Singapore (I include Singapore in Malaysia) is that Malaysian shemales often look like Amazon ladyboys (or Brazilian shemales) as sometimes Filipino ladyboys. 

I think I have now enough experience of Filipino baklas. I stay away from them. I see them more as beggars than as p4p ladyboys.




Attached File  00.png   78.1KB   4 downloads

Freedom, Australian ladyboy 





My few Cambodian ladyboys were usually sweet but hard to fuck. I met more Thai ladyboys than all other nationalities (if I don't include Latinas and Brazilian shemales in the account). I saw so many differences in characters and performances in the room that nationality can seldom be used to discriminate (except Filipino ladyboys). 


I am anticipating my next posts, but having met 5 Vietnamese ladyboys (already), I think that Vietnamese ladyboys can be interesting within a decade. 

I had only negative contacts with ladyboys from Lao (too expensive or attempting to scam me). 



All considered, the character is more important than their nationality. Their origin is just a clue. If I find a majority of Filipino ladyboys in adds in a country, this probably means that the country have no or not many local ladyboys. 

As stated above, when I find ladyboys willing a long relationship, I feel like butterflying. When I find ladyboys for ST, I feel like having a relationship. I still wonder what I like exactly. 


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Posted 18 December 2017 - 04:25 AM

2015 : time for controversies


Back to Thailand, I wished to find more frienly ladyboys than Malaysian short-timers in freelance. I had broken with the bar girl I had stayed in relationship because of a “hero” in another forum and felt free to look for a few ladyboys in LT and butterfly between bars and freelancers. I met ladyboys in Bangkok, Pattaya, Hua Hin, Kao Lak and Phuket.




In Kao Lak, I visited Moo Moo’s cabaret, an excellent cabaret that I recommend if you have never visited one. I made a few pics with ladyboys after the show, but none of them seemed to be involved in p4p.



Attached File  tr2015p10i9.jpg   132.85KB   4 downloads






I had written my TR twice. The more I wrote my feelings the more obvious I couldn’t miss the fact that I had been deceived by ladyboys working in bars and satisfied by “freelancers”. I sum up the last post of this TR :



Attached File  DSC_0377b.jpg   31.62KB   4 downloads

Jenny : my worse experience with a ladyboy. She had a strange attitude, refused to have sex, then accepted, messed up the room and threatened me to get paid more than the agreed price. Jenny worked at C&D in Phuket. She is now prison waiting to be sentenced for the homicide of her boyfriend. Some one had PMed me that almost half of the ladyboys in her bar were yaba addicts thanks to generous farang sponsors.



Attached File  tr2015p13i3.jpg   101.89KB   3 downloads





Attached File  TR2015p22Aor.jpg   9.61KB   3 downloads

Aor : student ladyboy working in bar at Nana plaza. She convinced me to barfine her and stay one hour and half in a ST hotel in Nana plaza. But, once I paid for the room, the manager told me that the hotel would close within 40 minutes.


Attached File  Peach2.jpg   14.05KB   4 downloads

Cartoon / Peach : ladyboy I had seen in a video at shemalemodelstube. Someone had PMed me her phone number and Line. She had been so much in a hurry to meet me (and pushing) that I had no time to purchase a sim card to contact her when reaching Thailand. This year, I saw the complete video. After her session is finished, she rushed to the fridge and picked up a bottle of beer before rushing out of the room.


Attached File  Sophia2.jpg   18.25KB   2 downloads

Sophia : she worked in the ladyboy bar in Hua Hin. We agreed for a ST and she didn’t want to walk to my room that was 200  metres away from the bar. We climbed the stairs and I found a space that looked more like a barn than a room. Sophia seemed to try her best to make us have a good time, but when it came to serious sex, she was unable to get my cock in her ass. 


(Photo : courtesy of Neo24)




Attached File  Noopinky2.jpg   16.4KB   2 downloads

Noopinky : I stayed with her in LT for almost 6 days. We had a first good night. Then we had been to a trip together. The more we spent time together, the lazier she was (especially in bed). She was a freelancer but longed to find a bar and work as a bar girl. Although we had a good time together, she measured her happiness to the amount of money paid in drinks and expensive restaurants with her.



Attached File  tr2015p17i11.jpg   72.67KB   2 downloads






Attached File  tr2015p22poppy.jpg   31.86KB   2 downloads

Poppy : She worked at 69 bar in Pattaya but we met twice in the street. Although she was pleasant in the room, this bar girl seemed to have a chronometer in her brain and had a reason to stop after one hour each time. Not a bad girl though.



Attached File  DSC_0146.JPG   128.53KB   2 downloads







Attached File  Enjoy2.jpg   9.27KB   2 downloads

Enjoy : I had seen this perfect femboy in a video and had found her contact in Thaifriendly. We had a geat first meeting in my hotel not far from Nana plaza and kept in touch while I was traveling in the south of Thailand.

We had to meet again at Charades (since this would have helped her reaching her quota of lady’s drinks and BF) but she was not there. She became lazier in the room after our second meeting when I went back to Bangkok and she wanted more money (not for BF but for motorbike taxi). She messaged me after I left Thailand to argue that I had to send her money just to chat with her once in a while. I should have kepst her last Line message in which she explained me that love is the money I would send her from my place. I argued after her first message that some one had used her phone but she replied that she had written the message. I just hadn’t figured out that she had written these messages with the help of her mamasan.



Attached File  t2015p3i8.png   207.06KB   2 downloads







Attached File  TR2015p22Ae.png   49.68KB   2 downloads

Ae/Jany : I found her contact in Thaifriendly after she made a few videos that were posted at shemalemodelstube. I felt like inviting her for a LT (I mean traveling with her out of Pattaya to visit the country or spend time in islands) but it had been hard just to see her in Pattaya.

As I was with her, I read in a forum that mongers charged her of being addicted to yaba and I decided to defend her. I read about yaba in wikipedia. She had the symptoms of someone who had stopped yaba recently (paranoïa). She deserved to be defended since she was trying to get rid of it. I was confirmed by a few guys who knew her that she had a strange character even before an asshole introduced her to yaba.

I followed her on Line several times while she was trying to get rid of this crap as she used to change her Line ID. She went back several times to her mother’s home and got a job in a bar in Jomtien.

Needless to bother her if you don’t know her. She’s becoming old and looks older than her age. Needless to step on her head now. She managed to escape yaba. If you still like her, keep in touch with her.



Attached File  DSC_0100.JPG   199.5KB   2 downloads








Attached File  TR2015p22Car.jpg   28.08KB   4 downloads

Cartoon : I met this ladyboy in soi 3 Sukhumvit in Bangkok. Although she was older and fairly ugly, she had been a good submissive girl, and very patient to try to make a good photo. I had noticed she wore a whig and she confessed she had spent some time in the monkey house. I read this year that she used to steal farangs’ wallets in a bar’s ST room in Pattaya a few years ago. I have nothing to reproach her (except that she was not so seductive).



Attached File  tr2015p4i9.png   219.46KB   2 downloads








Attached File  Tr2015p22Tia.jpg   12.09KB   1 downloads

Tiara : I met this small cute blond in Pattaya near the intersection of soi Buakhao and Pattayasaisong 13. She looked around 30 years but was 26. Although she didn’t look like the perfect stunner, she had been a sweet girl. She stayed in my room 4 hours for 1,000 baht, what other call a Long time. I felt like meeting her again but she had been busy when I saw her again and so was I sometimes. She told me she didn’t like working in bars because of rivalries and competition between ladyboys  I discovered several months later that she had been the guitarist of ladyboy rock group.



Attached File  tr2015p5i2.jpg   49.53KB   1 downloads








Attached File  TR2015p22Dia.jpg   11.61KB   2 downloads 

Diana : I contacted her playing with badoo as I was in a van riding from Mueang Phuket to Hat Patong. She had been tough on prices. I had a good feeling for this sexy femboy studying in Phuket university. I couldn’t meet her again since she was busy for her study. Then she announced me she stopped studying and would focus on freelancing. I lost her contact in March 2017.



Attached File  tr2015p12i9.jpg   84.91KB   1 downloads








Attached File  TR2015p22Bebe.png   63.99KB   2 downloads

Bebe : I had found her contact on Thaifriendly. I hadn’t tried to bargain with her and contacted her again in Pattaya. I wish I had time to contact again this excellent friendly fuccking doll but I left Pattaya on the next day.



Attached File  tr2015p8i6.png   50.75KB   2 downloads




The TR was not accepted by many people. A few bar bosses logged in the forum in which I had posted it not only to protest but also to drop insults or threats. More surprising, mongers (and not only expats) protested against the facts I had exposed : freelancers can be honest and good performing ladyboys and ladyboys working in bars are more interested in money than in satisfying customers. Regretfully, I made the same experience on the next year. 

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Posted 25 December 2017 - 01:47 AM

2016 : before I go to Cambodia


I found Blah’s contact in Thaifriendly before departing. Most of the contacts made before departing end up before meeting unless you restrict the contact to one conclusion : get her Line ID or other contact and use it once you are over there. But Blah started bargaining and asked for a lot of money. Moreover, she told me she was working in a bar near Silom. I convinced her to accept a price of 1,500 baht for 2 hours.


I purchased my airline ticket to Bangkok but before I planned anything, King Rama IX Bumibhol Abduluadej passed away and the atmosphere changed in Thailand. I also changed my plans. I purchased an airline ticket to Cambodia and started looking for information about local ladyboys.

As I used my badoo account with my PC, I could easily change my location. But a good soul reported me to the mods and I was banned from badoo. I prepared an account on Tinder and also  found interesting tips at Cambodiaredcat.


I contacted Blah, once in Bangkok. Of course, this wanker was busy in her bar. Almost every ladyboy I had contacted worked in a bar and invited me to go and pay her a barfine. But for Blah, we decided to postpone to the next morning. In between, she had bargained again and asked for 2,000 baht for 2 hours. She had to come at 8 am and we both needed to go at 10. So she arrived at 9 am and asked for her money upfront. Instead of thinking of sex, she started playing with my stuff in the room. She pulled a mosquito repellant and asked me what perfume it was and as I explained her, she jumped one step back when I sprayed lemon balm in the air.

As we started playing seriously, she remained cold, waiting for the whole thing to be over. I could hardly kiss her. She sucked me just a couple of minutes and never showed horny. she was lying in the bed like frozen. Her pubis was not shaved and her ass was full of hair. This is what this supposed professional looked like.

Just after I started fucking her, she asked me if this was finished and she asked again and again all the time I fucked her. She started smiling when she understood this was finished and vanished into the bathroom. We still had time to make photos but she didn’t help either to make a good photo. I even wondered why we she stayed in the room.



Attached File  00 Lay (BKK).jpg   40.29KB   1 downloads




As the clock reached 10 am, I told her she had to go but she stayed. I couldn’t believe she was requesting for a tip. So I explained her that she was late, stayed one hour and was a poor fucker. She listened politely and started asking again “tip, please, tip, tip”. I said “no” and opened the the door. She didn’t move and only asked : “tip, tip, tip !”

So I went to the furniture and took the mosquito repellant, came back to her and sprayed once. She moved 2 steps away and asked again “Tip, tip, tip !”. I closed the door and went back to my stuff to pack my baggage but she knocked the door and asked for a tip again. I used my mosquito repellant again and made her move to the middle of the corridor. She was now singing like a bird “Tip ! Tip ! Tip ! Tip !” So I used the spray to make her move to the lift and pressed the button while she was singing “Tip ! Tip ! Tip ! Tip !” The door of the lift opened and I used my spray again to make her enter. I pressed the 1st stair button. And the door closed . As the lift started moving downwards, I could still hear a voice going down “Tip ! Tip ! Tip ! Tip !


Then, I went back to the room and packed my baggage to go to Cambodia. When I think of Blah, even now, I can't help laughing. 


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Posted 26 December 2017 - 07:12 AM

2016 : Are there so many virgin ladyboys ? Part 2 : Cambodia 



In Cambodia, everything is paid in dollars and Riels. 1 US$ = 4,000 or 4,100 riels. You pays with your dollars bills and instead of nicks, dimes and quarters, you get your change in riels (I had up to 5,000 riels bills). 



Pnohm Pehn



Attached File  00PP0.JPG   64.7KB   2 downloads




It’s been easy to find an hotel in street 172. . A ladyboy asked me for 70 $ for 3 hours on Tinder. I never had another contact on Tinder, either in Thailand or Cambodia.



Attached File  00PP.png   738.53KB   1 downloads



I deleted Tinder from phone. Then I checked several streets indicated as RLDs : street 104, 118, 130, 136, 172, Riverside, Sorya Mall, Night Poontoon and Riverside. After my poor experience with a bar ladyboy in Bangkok, I didn’t feel like trying the experience in a bar. I eventually found a nice local femboy who stayed in my room for 20 $. She accepted all my requests with a sweet smile. She would have been perfect if she could have looked sexier.



Attached File  00PP1.png   330.3KB   2 downloads



As I checked the RLD between Poontoon and Sorya Mall on my second day, I spotted a girl who looked like a ladyboy when walking 50 metres ahead. This was actually a Vietnamese girl who spent the day with me for 40 $.

I saw that barangs found ladyboys in the bars in the RLDs around street 136. Good for them. I actually, didn’t want to try again the experience in bars. I stayed only 2 nights in PP and didn’t have all the time they used to find ladyboys mixed with girls in bars.



Siem Reap



Attached File  00AW2.jpg   314.98KB   1 downloads



The main interest of Siem Reap is to visit the temples of Angkor Wat and many more temples. I also believed I would find easily ladyboys after I saw this video. Actually, I found no ladyboy around Pub street. Pub street is an area of bars, restaurants and night markets where I found excellent Khmer food in day time and many drunk “barangs” (probably English) at night. The local police had a lot to do to pick up these guys fighting in bars and disturbing the whole neighborhood.


I met Mae Lynn on my first evening and asked her if she was a ladyboy. She replied she was a girl, so I forgot about her. I then checked all the places around Pub street. I only found aggressive tuk tuk drivers. If you believe that tuk tuk drivers are aggressive in Thailand, go to Cambodia and you will find stupid guys having pleasure in screaming in your ears or making you jump.  I then checked more places but found nothing. I eventually came back to my hotel with a girl I hooked up in pub street. She remained hot till I paid her, then she became cold and asked me to hurry (classic scam in p4p).


I checked 6 places where I could have found ladyboys but found nothing. (Actually, Cambodiaredcat now announces 4 places). I just saw a ladyboy show at Station Wine bar (not opened on the previous day) but I didn’t want to try since I could see from outside these ladyboys were cross dressers with whigs. 


On my last night, I met Mae Lynn again in front of her massage salon and accepted one hour massage. She came with 2 other mates and instead of massaging me, she started kissing my neck. I first asked her to stay alone with me and once her mates had gone, I put my hand in her pants: she was a ladyboy. I explained her she had lost 2 nights nit telling me the truth. I then arranged a meeting in my hotel.



Attached File  00Mae Lynn.png   310.8KB   3 downloads





She came late with her friends. At least, I know, I could have stayed with 3 ladyboys in Siem Reap. Mae Lynn was sweet with hot kisses but it had been almost impossible to top her (too tght ass). I managed to fuck her halfway but not further. I wished I had brought a good lube in my baggage.

I kept her phone number. This year (2017) as I was in Essan not si far, I felt like pushing to Siem Reap to complete my visit of Khmer temples and meet Mae Lynn and why not organize a party with her friends.






I believed that Sihanoukville would be an easy town for me. I had read about a few old boys who used to meet in bars with their ladyboy girlfriends hooked up at Victory Hill. I found an hotel close to Serendipity beach and explored the area.


Attached File  00GL.jpg   175.49KB   1 downloads

Picture of the Golden Lions from the webpage of globaltravelmate




On my frst evening, I found a Vietnamese ladyboy hanging at the Golden Lions roundabout. We went to her room near the Don Bosco guesthouse but she was not found of sex. She asked me for 20 $ for a blowjob and refused to get fucked. “You have too big cock. Chinese have small cocks and they pay 200 $ for a night”. She looked friendly and I visited her again on the next day.

Back to the Golden Lions, I found a local femboy Nancy. As we entered my hotel, she had no ID and they didn’t let her go in. I should have taken it as an alarm ringing but I felt too confident and followed her when she asked me to go to an open field to suck me. I realized on the next day she had pick pocketed me 40 $ in my wallet.


On the next day, I went to Victory Hill. I realized that the distance between Victory Hill and Ochheutal beach was much more than what I believed after I had checked in Google maps. I ddidn’t find the ladyboy bars in Victory Hill too. I passed closed to them but didn’t go to the right street. I also looked for the so called place “chicken farm” but found nothing.


In the evening, I met a young femboy dressed with a tshirt and long jeans throusers. We went to her neighborhood, another chicken farm and we spent 2 hours in a short time hotel for  20 $. A monsoon thunderstorm was flooding the city.and we felt happy to be together in a dry place. In spite of all her efforts, I couldn’t fuck her. Sh… a virgin ladyboy. When our hotel time, was over, I went to her room with her with my umbrella. She shared a place in a dual bed in a room in a small brick house. One more “chicken farm” not so far from the Golden Lions. 


I went on a trip to the islands for my last day in Sihanoukville. I didn’t feel like looking for adventures with ladyboys. I went back to the chicken farm room instead. The femboy started screaming for joy but I thought she was nut. Her “sister” was hurrying to make up. I remembered I had seen her already. We had a couple of hours together, 2 hours to try fucking this virgin femboy and nothing could help, even the durex lube (Since then, I purchased a special lube with relaxant in case I meet such a tight ass ladyboy again). When the “sister” came back, our time was over. She had a date at 150 $ in a luxury hotel. As I asked her if she was a ladyboy she answered “I am a girl now, I mad surgery and I had everything removed”. I remembered having seen her in a webpage dealing with Bangkok ladyboys several years earlier. I stayed chatting with her for a while. I tried to know whether she knew Longmint or Areeya but chatting with Asian people is so confusing. When you try to get something accurate, she get smoke. As I was about to quit, she then drop me a last advise “you should play Wechat instead of searching in bars”. Play Wechat ? This stupid messenger ? I went back to my hotel and started  thinking about it. I found the answer instead of sleeping. Everything is explained in this post .




Attached File  00SI1.JPG   359.25KB   1 downloads

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Posted 31 December 2017 - 06:23 AM

2016 : Are there so many virgin ladyboys ? Part 3 : Vietnam and Thailand



Before I go to Vietnam I had almost no information about the p4p scene in general and particularly about ladyboys. I found in a webpage that prostitution was still illegal then another one saying it was tolerated. Actually, till 2013 prostitutes could be caught and sent to a rehabilitation center, a prison with a different name, some kind of diversion centers. After 2013, prostitution skyrocketed in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh city). The district 1 was invaded by girls looking for customers. The police had to clean it by fining hookers who were not in the RLD as well as their pimps. The Vietnamese police arrested American mongers who had sex with under age prostitutes and expelled them to America where they were sentenced up to 5 years in prison. Another page said that pimps and police officers worked together to trap tourists. I would need to be careful.


I had read in a blog about ladyboys on a beach. Come what may, I was tired of Cambodia and felt like having rest in Vietnam.



Attached File  00VN0.JPG   85.4KB   2 downloads



When I reached the boarder, it reminded me my travels to Ukraine and Moldova. It was like going to the former USSR with a bus except that “Soviet” Officers were Asian. I had to pay 1 $ to control that I had no fever. When they called me and told me to go to small house 50 m away, I believed they refused my visa. The soldier/officer smiled at me and said “welcome to Vietnam”. Then I waited for the other passengers of the bus.



Somewhere in Vietnam XXX


I decided to remain discrete about the location of this meeting. I don’t really fear retaliation by the local police, but I don’t really want too many mongers to rush over there and see.

I stayed in XXX several days. I visited the city and didn’t see places such as bars, beaches neighborhoods to find either GGs or ladyboys. Never mind. I also tried to “play Wechat” but found no one in this location. I was tired since I had been stressed by mongering in Cambodia.

I used to come back late to my hotel though and I noticed the boss (a friendly Vietnamese guy in his early 30s) would wait for me to be back and make sure the entrance would be well locked up. I also checked the hotel regulation, art 8 that stipulated “no pimp prostitute is allowed in the premises”. It would be tough. So I just spent my time enjoying the beach, having rest and smiling at pretty waitresses in restaurants (some are stupid since they don’t understand English and are not able to copy an order correctly, others are nice and you feel like offering them a drink but these smiley girls are like those fishes that you can never catch and always return into the water). I rented a motorbike to visit the place and go to night markets. I also found a few karaoke bars as well as a massage place.


After checking the main night market, I decided to explore a neighborhood where I had been in the afternoon. I reached a boulevard that came across the countryside and … (I don’t want to give too many details). As I was about to ride across the boulevard, I saw a couple of food carts and behind one of them, a figure looking familiar: a ladyboy. I turned back and saw 3 femboys standing up as I arrived. One was petite, almost fat with fairly short hair and a heavy whore make up. She wore a short dress that was supposed to be sexy. The second was slim with black trousers and t-shirt and I don’t remember what the 3rd one looked like. I wanted to speak with the 2nd one but she stayed away as the first one came close to me. We bargained although we hadn’t a word in common, not even “yes” or “no”.

As far as I remember, she proposed me for sex for 1 million dong (about 1,500 baht in 2016) or 500,000 . I knew I couldn’t bring her to my room and I tried to ask her to invite me to her room. (Next time, I will have google translator in my phone).  She then made me understand she offered  a BJ in the bush near the boulevard for 200,000 dong. She used her phone’s calculator and signs to tell me and I must have answered OK. We didn’t even know how to say “yes” or “no” in one another’s language. She sat on my motorbike and I followed her signs. She made me ride on the grass then we stopped close to a bush about 100 m away from the boulevard. I could see cars and trucks lights passing on the boulevard but we were to far to be seen in their lights. I put my fingers in her pants to find a small cock what excited me as she was sucking me. She didn’t suck like ThaI ladyboys often do, a professional way without strong contact. She was greedy to have a sex in her mouth and I could feel it. I made her stop several times not to cum too fast and to check that cars and trucks didn’t stop or slow down after the driver saw something but everything went OK.

When I cummed into her mouth, she didn’t try to escape but sucked the cum as a precious juice. Then she licked my dickhead all around as a kid who’s finished eating an ice cream and doesn’t want to miss the last drops. Back to my hotel, I read the regulation again and looked for any possibility to make a ladyboy come in but found nothing. On the next evening, I went back to the place but a field had been used for a school fiesta and ladyboys didn’t come and hang near the food carts. When I go back there, I will rent an Airbnb room.



Attached File  00VN00.JPG   49.82KB   1 downloads

The same place in day time





Somewhere in Vietnam YYY


For the same reasons as above, I won’t write where is YYY. I had been advised by a country fellow in XXX that YYY had agreat red light district.

As I reached the city, I was invited by a Pole to go and have a drink in a night bar with a Canadian guy. I just had to go with them to see the bar area. I just found a few bars near the harbor and I understood why people say “drink as a Pole” in my mother language. Since the Canadian wasn’t in a better shape, I asked the girl to whom I had paid LDs to BF her. There is no BF in Vietnam but she didn’t understand what I meant. She eventually asked me for 3,000,000 dong to stay with me till the next morning: far too much.

As I walked back to my hotel, I saw pimps riding around with their motorbikes. An old lady came to me and proposed me “lady massage boom boom”. It’d been a pain in the ass to get rid of her since she was almost threatening me to go with her. What would it be when I would not be satisfied of the girl she would propose me. She eventually forgot me when she picked a a young British walking back to his hotel. Poor guy !

On the following day, I decided to play “Wechat”. I met a bar girl in her 30’s looking for a sponsor to take care of her and her daughter. I had a contact with the boss of the bar where I was on the previous night. I had the feeling his sister was a lesbian and he confirmed me he was a gay. Nice guy though. I also had a contact with a working girl in an hotel in he same street as mine. I asked her if she was a ladyboy since her breast looked very flat. She answered me I must be a sick man to think so.

Later, I found the opportunity: Lyly_tv. She is a local ladyboy working in Kuala Lumpur or Singapore. She was 29 years old. It took more than 1 hour to bargain. The main difficulty was to decide where to meet. She wanted to go to my hotel but I feared the boss or the employee at the reception to refuse her access. Then she thought of coming dressed as a boy without make up and whig and to make up in my room but this was not acceptable for me. I insisted and she accepted to let me go to her place, but she also feared troubles with her landlord. It took me so much time to go there that the landlord was already sleeping. Lyly rented a room like a garage in the house where she had installed a mezzanine on which she put her bed. But the mezzanine was too hot, so she had moved her mattress on the ground. In spite of these poor conditions, we were not troubled by anybody and I had a great sex party with an expert for 2 hours that costed me 1,000,000 dong.

Lyly explained me that she had to live her ladyboy’s life as a cross dresser because she has to use a male identity to across boarders every time she needs to make a visa run in Malaysia or to go back to Vietnam.


Attached File  00VN1.png   188.96KB   1 downloads




Saigon (Ho Chi Minh)


I won’t tell all the details but be aware that Saigon is a city full of pimps and bad business. Usually, pimps are motorbike drivers, they try to make you believe that they are close friends of police officers and they like to threaten you. As I “played Wechat”, I had a bad business with a girl. As I paid her only 20 % of the price, I received messages from her Wechat account. I realized I had bargained with her pimp. I should have had an alarm when I asked her to have a video chat with her. She had hesitated too much.


I stayed twice in Saigon and regretfully, I could tell you quite a few pimp stories in just 2 nights.



Attached File  00HCMVB1.jpg   54.33KB   1 downloads          Attached File  00HCMVB2.jpg   59.27KB   1 downloads

Massage ladies and hookers in Bui Vien in daytime (in the morning).



Back to ladyboys. I found one ladyboy in Bui Vien Street that is supposed to be the RLD in Saigon.  Regretfully, it looks more like Khao San Road than like Nana plaza. I saw bars with girls though and one of these girls was an elderly ladyboy (at least 30 years old).

During my second stay in Saigon, I had a good contact with a ladyboy living  in district 8. I had managed to check her look thanks to a video contact, her price was interesting (500,000 dong for a 1 hour time) but we had to agree on a place where to meet. She lived at her mother’s, I was not sure that my hotel would let her in and she wanted me to get a room at 500,000 dong in an hotel near Bui Vien. She eventually broke the contact.

​I had also found a few adresses in a website. I checked a couple of them but in vain.



When riding back to Cambodia, I had more contacts with girls or ladyboys with Wechat.



Attached File  00HCM0.JPG   170.28KB   1 downloads

Motorbike drivers in Saigon. At the green light, they rush on the sidewalk to pass the intersection







Ko Chang


Back to Thailand, I decided to try again with Wechat.


I found Salisa on Wechat before I had booked a room. This ladyboy came to my bungalow. I was surprised when she told me she was 30 years old. We had a great time together and she left me without asking for money.



Attached File  00KC.png   217.94KB   1 downloads



On the next evening, she told me I was too far from he hotel where she worked as a receptionist. I wondered if it was due I hadn’t paid her. However, I had a contact with a 20 years old ladyboy. She asked me for 1,000 baht at the end although she didn’t look as pretty as Salisa and was not as good in the room. There is no rule in Thailand.




Fairly early in the evening, I found a ladyboy freelancing in Soi Buakhaow. This place remains a great value. This good looking ladyboy complained of pain in her ass after almost one hour and I didn’t find her on the next day.

Later in the evening, I found a great looking ladyboy in soi LK metro. We ageed to go for a ST, but she wanted me to walk to her bar first and pay for a BF. This made me feel one more time more reluctant to try the experience in a bar.


On the next evening, I decided to try Wechat. This is amazing how Pattaya can look different when looking for a ladyboy with Wechat. I was having my dinner in a restaurant. Pattaya looked like a radar screen and the list of possible meetings looked endless. Instead of sitting in a bar and order a beer (and drink too much alcohol during my holidays), I just ordered a banana split and started chatting. I noticed that an important parameter in these conditions is the rapidity to answer to messages. If you are too long to answer a fast contact, you might loose the contact. On the other hand, slow contacts don’t understand that I already made the deal with another one while they just had asked answered to my question “how are you doing ? “.  I had an excellent time with a 20 years student who had not been connected to Thaifriendly for 8 months (Gusjang).  I felt happy to find another kind of ladyboy.

Later in the evening, I had been to Katoeys R Us. I had a good time watching pretty femboys and offering a lady’s drink, but when it comes to dealing with ST, although the price remains the same (1,000 baht), yo must add 500 baht for the BF and 500 baht for a ST hotel since my room was to far from K R Us for a ST.


For my last night in Pattaya, I invited Gusjang for a ST. everything went OK, but when it’s been time to fuck her, she told me she had too much pain in her ass due the previous day’s fucking. I found it frustrating although we had sex except fucking but I paid her normally although I felt like paying her with a discount.

I slept then went out late in the night almost the next morning. I caught a ladyboy freelancing on Beach Road that I had seen when I was going to Katoeys R Us. This time, she was coming back from her last customer and felt like having a quick bargain with me without talking. I didn’t find her seductive this time and let her go.



Attached File  00PtsGs.png   207.11KB   1 downloads








My fist idea after I arrived in Bangkok had been to try Wechat once again. But in November 2016, Wechat was not in the uses of Bangkok ladyboys yet.

I then opened my Line account and checked Line contacts I had made on Thaifriendly during the months before departing. Thisis how I invited Natpichakorn aka Oy or Oil to my room. She offered the stand BKK price (1,500 baht) and as I wrote before .

I went out and found easily a freelancer on Sukhumvit near soi 13. She was a student At Bangkok University. She still had the threads of her scarves for her mammaplasty under her arms. It’s been the first time a ladyboy wanted to use a condom for a BJ. Then, she had been good fucking. After a while, she got tired and give me a BBBJ and ended with a big load of cum on her teeth. As I wondered why she wanted a BBBJ, she explained me that her ass hurt and she preferred cume in her mouth. Great smile anyway (with milk on her teeth).

Later, I have been to True Obsession. I paid a LD to this ladyboy. I don’t remember her name at True Obsession but they call her Pam at ladyboyguide)  , but once again, I was dissuaded to pay for the BF and the ST room.


For my last night in Thailand, I had to go to Suvarnabhumi after midnight. I left my baggage in my hotel and hanged at True Obsession. “Pam” was not there. I paid 2 LDs but girls wanted to talk to deal a ST only. I didn’t find them as interesting as “Pam” and a few of them jeers at my excuses to avoid barfining them.

As I turn right on Sukhumvit to go back to my hotel, I watched the people waiting at the traffic light to walk across Sukhumvit and saw that Zara had stopped walking across and was watching me. I had had a contact with her on Thaifriendly before departing and had chatted on Line with her but she hadn’t contacted me when I told her I was in Bangkok. I counted ly money in my wallet : just a little bit more than 1,500 baht and I still needed money to pay for the skytrain and a little bit food in the airport. Zara invited to a ST hotel in soi 3 near Sukhumvit (300 baht) and accepted 1,000 for a ST. This 30 years old femboy turned up to be hot and without taboo. I usually prefer younger ladyboys “freshmeat” but Zara did share pleasure in sex. When our time was over, we felt like doing again, but I reminded I had to pick up my baggage in ly hotel then go to Suvarnabhumi. This year, I noticed that Zara had her breast operation. I invited her to meet me in Bangkok so that I can pay her the 500 baht I deem I owe her but she didn’t reply.




Attached File  00Zara.jpg   41.07KB   1 downloads

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I don’t know why I kept such a positive feeling of Vietnam. I spent only 2 nights in Saigon and the city deserves its bad reputation. I don’t know what website I had used, but I remember having checked a couple of streets with nothing.

On the other hand, I think I had been lucky to have found Lyly and the femboys in the countryside. This is probably why I kept such a positive image of Vietnamese ladyboys.


Attached File  00VN0.JPG   66KB   1 downloads



Back to Thailand, I had found it very easy to hook up a Thai ladyboy. Except in Bangkok, I experienced the power of Wechat (in Koh Chang and Pattaya). I noticed that ladyboys needn’t go to a bar to meet males. They can have a normal social life and make extras thanks to this app. I was so impressed by Wechat that I decided to try a challenge in 2017: go and visit Thai provinces and find local ladyboys using Wechat (my ladyboy radar). How did it work ?



2017: new experiences in Thailand



I found a press release dealing with tourism developing in Isaan. A few more articles referred to National parks to visit over there. So I decided to “go and play Wechat” in Isaan (and a few other “shitholes”). This is what I did in November 2017.



Before departing


Getting prepared before departing is always as important as deciding while traveling. Regretfully, I was so busy in my new job that I had no time to work correctly. My experience and my tips turned up to be useful though.

I didn’t prepare a to do list, but I prepared a list of 17 contacts of porn performers in a word document. As I was too busy, this word document stayed in my PC and I never transferred it to my tab or my phone. For those interested, I prepared my list looking for files using the following links :




I don’t contact anyone before departing. I use contacts when I am in Bangkok (since most of them are in Bangkok).


Wechat and Line : I already had Wechat and Line in my phone as well as 2 other messengers (Viber is used by Pinoy ladyboys and I used Whatsapp to keep in touch with my work mates in my company).

I also added a new App: Google translation (Thai was loaded in my phone so I can use it even in case of poor internet connection).


As I thought I might be boastful to believe that Wechat would be sufficient to find ladyboys, I added a few more apps in my phone.

Badoo: I opened a new account and tried to use it again. It seems that Badoo is becoming out of date though. They tried to make me purchase “superpowers” to get access to information I could have for free with other apps. Since I didn’t find it performant. I deactivated Badoo fairly rapidly to save memory and battery.

Tinder: I reactivated my old account (thanks heaven I had kept my codes in a memo) after I read that The_Sith was successful with Tinder . But something wrong happened. I had a contact though. I realized something was wrong when she asked me for a photo. I believed I had one in my account. I guess we should open a thread to deal with social media and how to use them to look for ladyboys.

Thaifriendly: I have 2 accounts at Thaifriendly. The first one has no photo and a fake profile designed not to attract anybody. I use it to surf on Thaifriendly all year long. I added many notes in ladyboys profiles in which I was interested. Regretfully, When I needed to read my notes with my smartphones, I couldn’t open a complete page so that I couldn’t have a look at my selection (between 250 and 300 ladyboys all over Thailand). On the other hand, I am not sure that this “selection” could have been so useful except maybe in Bangkok and Pattaya (but I didn’t go to Pattaya). When I was in another place, I just needed to browse ladyboys in this place and have contacts with them. BTW, the most important with TF is not to hope a contact with a pretty girl that hasn’t been connected for 8 months (use Wechat instead) but to be able to find contacts.

Using my empty profile, I had a few contacts with professional ladyboys in Pattaya (who were smart enough that a customer was hiding behind this old man’s ID) and a few time wasters.

I reactivated my usual profile and had more contacts, particularly a sweetheart looking for a boyfriend/sponsor in Isaan. But I forgot or couldn’t add simple contacts ie those who give their Line ID and with whom I conclude after having exchanged a few words “I will contact you when I am in BKK (or in your place)”. But I had a smart idea and was lucky to have it since I loaded another app:

Thaifriendly App from googleplaystore: I found several advantages in adding Thaofriendly app in my phone. First, I remained connected easily to Thaifriendly. It’s completely different from browsing the web and connecting to TF. Instead of hoping for acontact with a ladyboy that has been connected fr 3 months, I just needed to change my location in the morning when purchasing my bus or train ticket and let it work for me. Instead of looking for ladyboys, I made ladyboys look for me.



My stats with my apps (including locations and prices in November 2017) :



Ao Nang                      Thaifriendly  :              1 date with a girlfiendly ladyboy (but we just had a drink in a bar)      No money involved

                                    Street freelancers :     1 meeting        2,000 baht/3 hours with a postie (but scam, I could recover my money)

                                    Street freelancer         1 meeting        1,000 baht ST but I didn’t pay. I gave her 100 baht to leave the room.

                                    Tinder                          1 meeting        1,500 baht very short time

                                    Massage shop             1 meeting        1,000 baht ST (fairly good)


Ayuthaya                     Wechat                        1 contact          No show


Bangkok                      ladyboy bar                  1 meeting         3,000 baht BF and ST room included. Fairly good but no fuck = scam for me

                                    Wechat                        2 contacts        1 ladyboy working in an office (no meeting)

                                                                                                 1 ladyboy in Terminal 21 asked for 2,000 baht I didn’t follow up

                                   Street                            2 contacts        2,000 baht each I refused once and accepted the second one

                                   Thaifriendly                   1 meeting        2,000 baht with a non p4p ladyboy


Buriram                       Wechat                         1 contact         No show


Hat Yai                        Wechat                         2 meetings      1,200 baht       (mediocre)

            1,000 baht      ST and LT


Krabi                           Thaifriendly                   1 contact         1,000baht        good ST but pimped ladyboy


Khon Kaen                  Street                            1 girlfriend       1,000 baht for 6 hours            non p4p ladyboy


Si Sa Ket                     Thaifriendly (internet)   1 girlfriend       25 € (present) time waster

                                    Thaifriendly (App)         1 meeting        2,000 baht/4 hours      excellent


Ubon (Ratchathani)     Wechat                         1 meeting        1,000 baht ST, good but not serious for a LT


Udon Thani                 Thaifriendly                   1 meeting        500 ST, 300 BF 1,800 all included for a period from 6PM to midnight

                                    Wechat                         1 meeting        500 ST (average) then 500+150 for a time waster

                                    Wechat                          2 contacts        time wasters not able to help find their position.


Others :

Nong Khai : nothing much on Wechat. A few ladyboys in the radar, one contact in Vientiane*

Kho Phi Phi : no contact in Wechat, Thaifriendly or Tinder. I saw a few ladyboys on the island. No ladyboy looked seductive enough nor was trying to hook up farangs.

Summary of my stats :

Wechat :          4 meetings + 6 contacts without meeting

Thaifriendly      4 meetings + 1 meeting without sex

Street :             3 meetings + 2 meetings without sex

Tinder :            1 meeting

Bars :               1 meeting


I had the feeling that no “media” was better than other ones. I gave up calculating an average for each since this would not take into account the quality of meetings and the LT for a few meetings. Stats can’t tell everything.


However, I started once again with a meeting I consider as a scam in a bar (Kings Corner in Silom) and the only bar ladyboy that offered me a good price contacted through Thaifriendly first.

I never believed I would end with the same amount of positive meetings with TF and Wechat. The most important is not to rely on 1 method only. I missed a few opportunities because I hadn’t the right information in my mind when I needed it although I had it somewhere on Internet. I also had one of my best meetings in the street. I was going to check a place where I was supposed to find a RLD or at leat a couple of streets with bars when a ladyboy coming back from her work in a Sushi restaurant jumped on me. This lead to the beginning of a relationship.

​I realized I wouldn't manage one part of my challenge : I wouldn't find ladyboys using Wechat only, but it's quite feasible to find ladyboys without going to bars just using several social media and looking hunting for hookers in the right streets. 

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Great TR , P&G . Very Detail. Thanks for all the info.

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