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Drug Use In The Philippines - 2017

Drugs Philippines Ladyboys

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#1 Canoe512

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Posted 29 June 2017 - 06:11 PM

There is a war on drugs in the ppines that everyone in the world knows about. So why would I be stupid enough to smuggle 8 grams of high grade THC concentrate with me into the country? 


Simple answer the Filipinos are highly incompetent at their jobs and they aren't looking for it. And if the highly budgeted and semi well trained US Customs / TSA  has never found my stash how could they? 


This isn't an episode of Locked Up Abroad but I was shitting bricks when it took FOREVER (1 hour) for my bag to hit the baggage carousel, it was big plane 200+ people and like I said pinoys are incompetent. Bag came through I left the Airport mission complete.


Why take such a risk? Cause I know the weed in PH is absolute shit. I am talking it makes Mexican bud look like hydro. Hash is available but outside of Sageda its rare since DU30 started popping off shabu addicts like Mao Tsung. On past I have also found X (Makati - very low quality) and even mushrooms (Puerto Galera)


So yes shit is around but be careful who you deal with or smoke with. DU30's war on Shabu has got people paranoid. Prices have increased as availability has decreased as well. Everyone is feeling the pain from your average stoner to your hardcore Shabu addict. Nothing is off limits to the PNP.



In Manila I smoked in front of a really hot LB i had be chatting for months, I later found out she was hooker (I saw her working guys in Club Valkyrie and called her out on it). This bitch secretly took photos of me while smoking and went around telling other LB she knew I was chatting that I was a drug addict to spite me. (they don't know marijuana is non addictive) Another LB informed me of the situation and showed me the photos. But Kharma had a plan. 


Stupid girl she was, I discovered she accidently left her NBI clearance paper under my bed, its a big pain to get it you need it for passports and to get work. I sent her a photo of the paperwork and told her to apologize for lying to me about being an escort and taking my photo and spreading lies then I would give it back. Her stupid pinoy pride got into her head and she said "I don't need it" and she won't apologize.


Fair enough, I said then I will destroy it.  She called me the next day for it but it was done.


Another time in Cebu I had a situation where I smoked some of my THC concentrate in front of a girl I had picked up in the club.  When I met her I asked several times if she was an escort, I told her I don't go with escorts, she swore up and down she is a student (yeah, right). When she got to my room she ask if I smoked Shabu (yaba). I told her no but I have this dab, i got my pipe and smoked it. She did not partake. 


We fucked and when it came time I wanted her to leave. Her happy smile turned into the mask of hardcore bitch and she asked me pay her some money. I refused saying I bought you food, beer and I don't go with hookers I told you that.  She gave me the I'm a student BS and said she needed money for the taxi. 


I begrudgingly gave her 500 pesos, meanwhile leading up to this moment she was furiously texting someone probably her Mami (older more experienced whore friend) Then she tells me I need another 1000 pesos, I said I won't do that be happy with what i gave you. More texting. Then she calmly says she will go to the police to report me as drug addict if I didn't pay her. 


At this moment I snatched the phone from her hand and shoved it in my pocket. She starts screaming for her phone back, I would break it blah blah. I said get on your shoes we are leaving. I will return it to you downstairs. I left the room and I also grabbed my dab and threw behind a trashcan in the hallway when she wasn't looking. 


We got downstairs all the while she is screaming at me for her cheap fucking phone, calling me an drug addict, we reached the desk and she starts yelling asking my name and room number, calling me drug addict and saying she is getting the police. The girl at the desk saw trouble and immediately told her to leave, (I was a long time customer with never a problem). I walk outside the door, she is screaming for her phone again following me..


I handed it to her  and she runs to cab then starts taking pictures of me flipping her the bird. Screaming she will go to the police. I replied "And tell them what you are whore who didn't get paid? Who will they believe you or me? You aren't going anywhere but home". I returned back to my room and stashed my dab and pipe on another floor in a smoking area. I promptly left and went to my favorite bar at 8 in the morning.


That's not the last incident I had with that bitch but it was the last I saw of her for months. The police never showed.


Lesson learned never trust a bitch unless she is your down ass girl or girl friend and even then be careful. 

You can't make a hooker into a housewife. Walang Forever!

#2 payoff

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Posted 13 July 2017 - 07:05 PM

man, you got some balls on you. I'd never even think of going to Phi till they get rid of that maniac in charge. let alone take BHO over. he is particularly insane about  drugs apparently.  Yaba is an evil substance. He has a point about that. Unfortunately beneficial herbs like cannabis get caught up in all the political shit.

Cannabis is NOT a drug. It is a naturally grown herb. Alas the people locking you up don't know that or care. Seems like there is an alarmingly high level of ignorance surrounding ALL drugs in Phi.

#3 rxpharm

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Posted 15 July 2017 - 10:01 AM

This forum does not advocate the use of drugs considered illegal in your home country, or visiting abroad. Anyone who does so, especially in countries like Thailand or the Philippines is doing so on their own risk. Bear in mind that you will receive little or no consular assistance should you be caught, charged and prosecuted for illegal drug use - regardless of whether it is marijuana, methamphetamine (cystal ICE, Yabba), cocaine, etc. Also keep in mind even if you think it is not an illegal drug that has no bearing if the country you are in considers it to be illegal. 


Some like OP feel like they can roll the dice and hope they don't get caught - but if you happen to be the unlucky one that is caught, charged and imprisoned for several years or worse - would it have been worth it?

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#4 richard55

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Posted 06 September 2017 - 08:39 AM

here they kill you a

#5 Teppis


    LB Devil

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Posted 06 September 2017 - 06:26 PM

To be honest, this post should not have place in this forum at all.
It might encourage someone to try smuggling drugs to Thailand or Philippines and we all know what happens if you get caught.
I took this pic from Thai - Lao border to remind that we are not in europe now... 

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#6 rxpharm

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Posted 06 September 2017 - 07:46 PM

This topic has been discussed in other LB forums with similar warnings from those who reply. Deleting the post would serve no purpose, and even the original poster said it was a stupid move - and he is fortunate to have been able to write about it.


I think the replies here serve as a warning for anyone who is thinking about it, and hopefully discourage them from doing something stupid - but there is no way to guarantee someone will not try.  Deleting the post would have generated no discussion about the situation. 


#7 playboyninja

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Posted 11 September 2017 - 12:45 AM

I know someone that worked for TSA in the US and they know about people transporting cannibal in their luggage but don't care about it and will not stop you in most circumstances. They are looking for explosives or deadly substances (vials with a black widow with babies)

Just because TSA does not stop you or confiscate your luggage does not mean they didn't see your weed. Aluminum foil does not fool scanners either.

#8 playboyninja

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Posted 11 September 2017 - 12:46 AM

Cannibus. .. not cannibal. They probably would stop you for transporting a cannibal in your luggage.

Damn phone....

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