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Thailand Nov 2022 Trip report

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#1 sodaboy9

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Posted 11 May 2023 - 01:42 AM

This is a story all about how my life got turned upside down


I am no stranger to SE Asia as many moons ago (2009) I had visited my friend who lives in Vietnam and also took a trip to Cambodia. Never made it to Thailand. Around that time there was also NHN1 bird flu scare going on in Asia. I remember going into one of those fish tank type brothels with girls sitting there with numbers behinds some glass whilst you picked the one you want out.

Fast forward 12 years later most of my friends married I had a relationship that broke down. All I did was work job gym and miserable success with dates on tinder. With covid going on as well I didn't even go to they gym and put on weight.


So I decided on a trip to when covid restrictions were lifted to go see my friend in Vietnam but also to go to Thailand too.


So caveat to this is i was not specifically going to Thailand for ladyboys but I certainly wanked off to my fair share of trans/ladyboy porn in my years of singledom.


My first real night out in Bangkok. I ventured out and decided to go and get my first meal and a few drinks absolutely no plan. Took the BTS to Nana after walking up and down orientating my self around nana and location of the soi's I decided to have a beer at the Old German beer house on soi 11. Unsurprisingly there was a large group of Germans there. Few beers and a bite to eat and I wondered down to the deeper in to the abyss of soi 11.


Anyway I debated with myself whether to go to the nightclub at the end called levels. I was walking upland down the soi getting my bearings when over the other side of a street I could see this girl (ladyboy) waving at me signaling me to come over She had really long hair looked hot so I crossed the road.


Her name was Liza she was good looking ladyboy very sexy I was went inside (for the life of me I can't remember the bar now) with some trepidation...Ah the lovely Liza well bought a few lady drinks for her and a friend played a few games of pool. They were kind of pressuring me to go upstairs kind of a running theme for me in Bangkok. Any i thought fuck it..My life changed forever!! Liza took me upstairs to what I can describe as a dark room with a uvlight and a shit ton of old stains on the bed lol Next thing you know I am banging her. Now thing I thought I never do ever was suck cock. Well within about 5 minutes I had her cock in my mouth! Anyway after doing the deed was and being in a state of shock with myself I went I bought more lady drinks for other girls and got really drunk..Barbill 5,800 baht.. Damn I can't continue that every night. Liza was pretty cold once lady drinks were gone but she texted me the next day saying she wanted to see me again but I didn't want to go back.


Liza only had here image from line


Attached File  Screenshot 2023-05-10 113100.png   113.55KB   18 downloads



The next few nights I ended up going to different bars and buying some drinks for girls and just generally getting drunk. I was really starting to like Bkk I met a GG girl on tinder who took me to float market and around bangkok beyond just the tourist places.

Took a bargirl home back to my room 2,000 baht stayed with me until the morning. She gave me covid! well at least thats all she gave me :)


Covid girl 

Attached File  holidaysnap.JPG   401.81KB   7 downloads


Final few days in Bangkok I arranged a dates off tinder with two ladyboys neither of which were freelancers one worked in a salon they other was real estate I think she was doing quiet well for herself finically. The girl that worked in the salon had full braces I was scared of having a bj with her lol. Anyway both girls stayed with me (different nights) no money was exchanged.



Next Stop Hua Hin...to be continued



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#2 Escierto

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Posted 11 May 2023 - 04:27 AM

Nice report! Both those girls in the pics above are very attractive. Good for you! I never imagined that I would be sucking cock and getting fucked in the ass but here I am, doing both and loving it with my beautiful girlfriend.

#3 sodaboy9

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Posted 11 May 2023 - 06:24 AM

Nice report! Both those girls in the pics above are very attractive. Good for you! I never imagined that I would be sucking cock and getting fucked in the ass but here I am, doing both and loving it with my beautiful girlfriend.

Thanks appreciate it. Yet to experience ass fuck but a little story about that in Hua Hin I will do my report later I in Thailand for about a month!

#4 sodaboy9

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Posted 13 May 2023 - 01:37 AM

Hua Hin


Second week of my month long Thailand adventure was Hua Hin I made the noob error of contacting a ladyboy on Thaifriendly weeks before i arrived. The only reason why I came to Hua Hin. In my defense I am not a full on monger I prefer to hang out with only one or two. I'd picked up Covid from the bar girl previously in Bangkok that  had a cough! I was ill for my first 2 days in my hotel room. When I was  feeling a bit better I went to meet the ladyboy (Apple) from thaifriendly at the restaurant where she worked bought her some cocktail the restaurant was pretty quiet.


In fact Hua Hin was pretty dead I think suffered a lot during lock downs lots off empty shop fronts. Closed down bars. A shame really. Anyway apple said she was too tired to go back with me but arranged for one her friends to give me ride home as that would be cheaper than getting a grab. So 200 baht taxi home which was more expensive than a grab I had my first inkling of suspicion I was going to taken for a ride.


Same thing happened the next night. So on the third night I said I wasn't feeling well still so I didn't meet her. I had already contacted another ladyboy off tinder called Airsara 29 years old. She was happy to meet me for lunch. Had lunch parted ways she was very quiet but seemed nice. Later the evening i went out for a few beers to soi Binterbaht which is a mini walking street It was pretty dead but what I did like is you play your own music from youtube in the bars. Had a game of pool I'm very average player some young thai guy with his very hot girlfriend challenged me to a game. He was much better than me I think he was trying to impress his girl beating another farang. Anyway he was down to his last ball I think I still had 5 on the table so was not looking good. I then went on a flukish run knocked all mine down he knocked his in all down to the black he misses leaving it wide open I sink the pot VICTORY!!!! he reluctantly shook my hand. I should have pushed him aside taking his girlfriend as my Trophy!! :) Its the little victories in life right!


Walking back to get a motorbike taxi to the hotel running the 'handsome man' gauntlet I was intercepted by a very milfish gg grab both my hand said she wanted to go back with me what could i do? Said okay she ran into the bar paid the 300 baht bar fine. I still wasn't feeling great and not horny so I said to her just give me a massage she did but finished me with  bj. After that we went out to a nightclub that near the Hilton its open way later than the official 2am of the bars drank some more and then i walked her back to her room and got a taxi home. Massage and bj 1200baht.


Next day I walked around explored a bit of Hua Hin went down to the beach after that I looked on thiafriendly found Cindy a ladyboy who specifically said she does massage only not for dating. I send her message then and arrange a massage she has a room above a new weed cafe. If you’ve not been to Thailand in a while there a weed shops and coffee shops selling weed all over. I am not really into it makes me feel sick. Cindy is probably in my opinion the best looking ladyboy in my whole visit to Thailand she gave a great massage and an explosive happy ending! She’s single too split up with her Danish boyfriend but is currently not looking :( I asked how come she wasn’t in Pattaya she explained to me too much mafia there. 500Baht for massage and happyending.


Photo of Cindy from her line photo I highly recommend her

Attached File  Screenshot 2023-05-12 124722.png   360.59KB   5 downloads


Apple texted wanted me to come down the restaurant her friend will pick me up so I went down again same ritual bought food bought her a cocktail while she was working. Got the usually darling I am tired. I told her I’ve not got many days left so she agreed before I go she will take day off and we will go out. Anyway her friend (now I am thinking this friend is her boyfriend dropped me back at the hotel) at 10pm So I am thinking this is bullshit I texted Airsara she said she was playing pool with friends and I am welcome to join her so I got a taxi down I went to a bar complex on soi 94 played pool drank she had a pretty hot gg friend too. I liked Airsara she had a chill personality once over her quietness. Later she gave me a ride back to my hotel on her bike. I said are you okay to drive? I was drunk and was pretty drunk...yeah fine so we made it back alive somehow. Thai’s don’t seem to give a shit about drink driving.


Back at the hotel Airsara soon had her tongue in my ass. I was in a half drunk sleepy state myself lying on my front. Until suddenly I felt something trying to penetrate me that was a lot bigger than a tongue! I fuckin nearly hit the ceiling lol I said no hurts too much. Then both fell asleep. Next morning woke up actually feeling pretty horny my covid was basically reduced to a mild sore throat at this point. I fucked the crap out of Airsara enjoyed every second of it she wasn’t the best looking but had amazing slim body and perfect sized boltons for her figure. After I’d blown my whack we showered together and I was standing behind her wanked her off in the shower whilst squeezing her tit in my other hand. She blew her load. I have to say that was one of the most erotic things I’ve done in my life.



The lovely Airsara

Attached File  Airsara.JPG   214.05KB   7 downloads


Later that day Apple texts me want me to go down to see her in work later in the evening. Why I haven’t fucked this chick off by now I don’t know. I think the time and effort money I’d put in I wanted a pay off. Anyway they were having a private party at the restaurant as it was the owners birthday I made my way down there about 8pm from her ‘friend’ picking me up she was already drunk when I arrived I had a few cocktails to catch up she drunkenly promises to meet me on my final night in Hua Hin tomorrow as she had the day off. I agree to it we will meet at 7pm. I make my excuse to leave as she was drunk and I was still sober despite some cocktails. I told her I will just get a grab but she insist her ‘friend’ picks me. This means I will have to go back to the hotel to pretend I am staying in. When I get back I then immediately get a grab to go to soi 94 to have a beers it was pretty dead few lady drinks with some bar girls then I went back to the hotel. My final night it was about 2pm not heard from Apple I texted her she told me she was hungover and need more sleep. That was the last I heard from her ever again. I didn’t bother texting again I knew she’d be a no show. I arranged to see Airsara I am glad I did we had a laugh went out played pool again with some of her friends. I really like her personality. Anyway she came back to hotel with me slept next morning I grinded on her ass all morning! I had planned to go back to Bangkok for a night then Pattaya. She offered me a ride to the bus station. When we got there she asked me for help paying her rent. I gave her 2500 Baht.


Some snaps of Hua Hin 


Taken on Halloween 

Attached File  halloween huahin.JPG   240.64KB   6 downloads


Just a snap of Hua Hin loved the chilled vibe of the place

Attached File  huahin vibe.JPG   481.26KB   6 downloads


Lesson learned from not pre arranging girls on thaifriendly Noob error like explained on this forum.


To be continued Pattaya…..


PS Apologies for typo's mistakes and bad grammar I am doing this whilst having a few glasses of red wine :)



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#5 Escierto

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Posted 13 May 2023 - 04:17 AM

Sure, you wasted some time and got taken advantage of but live and learn. You had some good experiences with Airsara - damn, I would have let her go to town on my ass. She could have fucked me all night 😝
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