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Strategy to look for ladyboys

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#1 P&G

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Posted 30 August 2019 - 09:16 PM

Since I feel like posting the same again and again, I just open a new thread and I will post liks to this thread. Many newbies register in this board, post a couple of pics or links to a video or porn site and ask contact informations on the ladyboy(s). Most of the times, we reply this is not a good strategy. 


1) it's not since many of these porn pics/videos are a few years old. The lovely star got older andmany of these creatures who earned easy money spent it in partying, alcohol and even drugs. Older ladyboys are no longer the lovely bird a photographer or porn performer paid for a few years ago. 


2) it's not a good deal to focus your attention on a fish that you won't probably be able to meet once in Bangkok/Pattaya/Phuket since she might have left the bar where she works, changed her phone number or just have left the city for a while to have rest in her hometown and take care of her old mother. 


3) even though she is still where you expect to find her, she is likely to understand she the one in your mind and she will take advantage of the situation to make you pay double price or more and give you a poor service in return. She might even think you are annoying contacting her from your hometown. 


4) you won't dare contact other ladyboys since they are not so pretty and will miss good opportunity. 


What you'd rather do to build your strategy :


1) pick up a place (or places) in the vicinity of RLDs with ladyboys and find a good girlfriendly hotel over there (99 % of Thai hotels are girlfriendly with ladyboys).  These places are well know : Bangkok or Pattaya are full of ladyboys, Phuket or Chiang Mai have a few interesting places. It's tougher to find ladyboys in other cities but still feasible. 


2) define what kind of meetings you want to have : bars, gogo bars, street freelancers, social media (Wechat, Thaifriendly and many more). Of course, you can organize a mix of these and you will see what you prefer. 


3) Never contact a ladyboy unless you are ready to meet her in her town. They are annoyed by guys they will never meet and sometimes try to rip them off asking for money to be wired to Thailand. 


4) try to understand the price(s) system(s) and what you can expect with such prices. Also know what you want to do : have short time sex or a long time stay, have (almost) normal sex, bottom, find a mistress etc ... You can fulfill many fantasies with ladyboys, but a ladyboy alone can't fulfill all of them. You'd rather know what you want and explain before you pay. 


If you follow these advises (I am pretty sure that a few advanced member will complete), you will avoid frustration and a lot of time wasting. 

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#2 Vapelife

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Posted 01 September 2019 - 09:53 AM

I just signed up but I am not looking for any info but I do have some info for some older post.  Not sure if it is even worth posting though, especially after reading this.

#3 P&G

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Posted 01 September 2019 - 11:01 PM

You can post your questions. But instead of posting the same answers again and again, I will just post a link to this thread. We often feel newbies to be disoriented looking for a porn performer they found on the net. Instead of aiming at a fish, it more recommended to target a good fish bank in the ocean. 

#4 rxpharm

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Posted 02 September 2019 - 12:56 AM

I just signed up but I am not looking for any info but I do have some info for some older post.  Not sure if it is even worth posting though, especially after reading this.


If you have info on an older post go ahead and reply. The issue is that there are many newbies who post asking for information - and complain if they don't get replies, or if they do, never report back on what happened if they met their "dream" lb. This discourages replies to these information requests


In addition many posters don't understand that lbs do not want to correspond with someone unless they are in Thailand and can be a customer almost right away. In other words lbs don't want to waste time chatting when they could be earning.


Last but not least is the issue of chemistry. Sure she may the the most gorgeous lb you've seen from her internet photos, or video - but if you meet her in person will you "click"? The answer to that is not certain. Fixation on your "superstar, fantasy, dream" lb may cause you to miss out on the several hundreds of other lbs in Thailand who are beautiful but have never done a porn video or internet photo shoot - and really could "rock your world" more than your fantasy.

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