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Multiple Lbs multiple days

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#1 patrickfitsmichael

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Posted 14 August 2019 - 02:38 PM

Hi reaching out for some advice here.


Planning a trip to Philippines soon whereby idea is to have 2 Lb's sessions per day with different Lb's.

Now this will occur over a 2 wk period.

Previously had my Lb sessions spread out by about 2 wks or so.  


Just wondering how if you are a bottom the constant pounding goes on your body? 


I've read medical advice that if you are lubed up and it is not too aggressive things will be fine but just wanted some feedback from seasoned LB hunters.Obviously at the beginning of a trip you start out slow but later you can go pretty hard at it?


Also to be clean how do you time your meals?


Am I being too adventurous here ..thought about one at lunchtime /early afternoon and then one later at night say 11/12.


Got bookings near Robinson Place, Angeles and Burgos.  


How reliable are the Wechat hook ups? Prob do a meet close to my hotel rather than straight to room so can reject if pics are false or something seems not quite right.


Any advice appreciated.







#2 rick78

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Posted 19 October 2019 - 04:00 AM

Hey, did you end up going on your venture already?


I actually spoke to a LB about this a while ago because she said she was working in Singapore for 1 month a long time ago where she typically had 7-8 customers a day - mainly as bottom. She said she didn't even clean - except for a shower. She said that since it was always with condom, she just squeezed her ass when the guy was pulling out, and nothing would come out.


Anyhow, besides that trick, I would just recommend to eat properly (get some fibre) drink lots of water, so you can go normally to the toilet regularly. Don't drink a lot of alcohol, and just flush your ass before every encounter if you wanna be sure everything is clean. Plenty of info on the internet how to prepare for anal as well - it's not rocket science.


The main thing is to find some LB's you feel comfortable with, and trust me, if there should be a little "accident" most will be very cool about it, as you can be sure they have encountered it before - both with clients and themselves.

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