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Life for Muslim Ladyboys in Malayasia

Muslim ladyboys Malayasia

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#1 rxpharm

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Posted 15 September 2018 - 01:34 AM

This is an eye opening video that shows what life is like for Muslim ladyboys in Malayasia. This is a recent video and shows how difficult things are for them.



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#2 P&G

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Posted 16 September 2018 - 07:02 AM

I am very surprised by what I saw in this video. I first checked the date when it was posted. It's been added on YouTube on the 9th of May this year but the tweet says it a documentary from 2016. https://twitter.com/UnreportedWorld/status/994255633720528898 Either 2016 or 2018, this is the same for me : the documentary was shot after I visited Malaysia in November 2014. This is why I couldn't believe what I saw. 


I tried to identify the location behind the people but could not be sure of anything.  At the beginning, the van seemed to be closed to Bukit Bintang or at least on the hill where BB is but nothing is so sure. Then the scene with transgender street prostitutes looked like nothing I had seen. It could be Chowkit (Lorong Haji Tahib) but the area seemed to be really clean when the camera zoomed back. 

I recognized the Blue Boy cabaret. I had checked this place in KL but had seen only male customers. I had been fed up to wait for the show, so I hadn't seen a ladyboy. 


Sephira could have been this ladyboy I shot in Chowkit in 2014.  Attached File  SephiraIP.jpg   37.5KB   0 downloads





I don't know Sephira's spot either. 


I was all the more surprised that I seen my first ladyboy only 12 hours after I had arrived at KL airport. She was working as an attendant at the KLCC central desk and she seemed to be well accepted. 

I hadn't seen the religious police either. I must say I didn't look for them either. I had first found my housing in KL China Town to avoid troubles with muslims. 


I had then met mainly foreign ladyboys or Malaysian ladyboys with Chinese origins (who are not muslims). 



I had also read about ladyboys being arrested and sent to prison before 2012 and compelled to exhibit their breast to other prisoners to excite them and be humiliated. I believed this time was over. Maybe I am wrong. Maybe the truth is that ladyboys are supposed to be accepted but they are not allowed to have sex with men if they were born muslim. This fits with what some people explained me about Malaysian laws (even muslims from other Muslim countries sometimes don't understand). 


I find it scary to realize that the hotel manager/employee called the police when she suspected a ladyboy to be having sex in a room. I had been in an hotel with a Vietnamese ladyboy. She told me she trusted the place and they even sold us condoms. 

Always be careful and discrete un Malaysia when mongering either GGs or ladyboys. 

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