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First Timer in Pattaya....kind of TR mixed with newbie advice Part 1

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Posted 08 January 2018 - 06:03 AM



finally I manage it to write my TR....been 3 weeks to Pattaya from Oct to Nov....this will be a classic TR mixed with some tips for other first timers plus some thoughts about the differences between Angeles and Pattaya....


Sometimes maybe not too PC....since I am austrian my grammar may sound "strange" sometimes...and since it was my first trip there wont be much of usefull info for "old times"...


First of all , thx to board member "Teppis" who helped getting my room at La Bamba. Flight costs just took my 550 EurosMunich to BKK. Rather uneventful travelling, had a stop over at Muscat (Oman) for about 2 hours.....just right for using the toilet, smoking and checking the Duty Free. Some real bargains there ...e.g. a 200er box of Gauloises for just 11 Euros....since i am EURO-pean I hope it is ok to post some ot he prices in that currency...


Funny to watch the "muslim hajjis" washing themself at the toilets and hundred of indian workers doing all the low class work at the air port. Hardly to understand what they tell u....noone shall NEVER NEVER complain about my accent lol


Arrived at BKK airport....similar procedure like in MNL, but the number of visitors is amazing.....the airport is fucking huge plus modern and u realize TH isnt a third world country like the PI.


Didnt even looked at by a greampy looking immigration officer, no customer s control and there I stood outside the airport enjoying my first cigarettes on Thai ground.


Had a chat with a german guy there, told me he has never been controlled in 20 plus times....custom officers only go for Indians and Nigerians he supposed....


It was about 8.pm and I stood there enjoying the warm climate already.....since I didnt find someone to share a ride to Pattaya and the bus isnt the best advice for newbies (especially at evening/night time) I deciced to go by taxi.


Had exchanged 200 Euros right before.....like every airport the exchange rate is shitty, dont get more baht there as u would need for the first night plus transport.


U simply go one etage (floor) down...pick a number and then u go to the taxi with the number u have gotten....to my surprise it was a female (totally uncommon in the PI).


Eldery woman with limited English, but friendly, stopped at my first 7/11 to get some drinks and check out the tobacco on offer. Since I am a chain smoker u will read the words tobacco or cigarette more often in this TR lol


I was especially interested in what the local Red Bull will taste..since I am austrian and its our national drink and our substitute for mothers milk as soon as we can walk...


Pretty good taste....non carbonated and a little sweeter...u have to drink it well chilled or on ice....but the price of 10 B is great


Otherwise I got a mild shock when I took a look at the cig prices , 145 B is more than I pay at the Czech Republic..in Euros its about 3.80....compared to about 1.20 in the Philippines....



My adventures/experiences in Pattaya will be the subject of Part 2. Feel free to comment, ask questions, give better advice, what ever....

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