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What kind of ladyboy lover are you?

funny ladyboy lovers romance

Ladyboy lovers are a very mixed and often mysterious breed. Sit in a ladyboy bar for a few hours and chat with the patrons, you are sure to meet some very cool, funny, and interesting guys, coming from all walks of life.
Bankers, bakers, even candlestick makers, the admirers of the third sex can be traced to almost every country and profession. However, while no one likes to be cast as a stereotype, it's true that there are certain types of ladyboy lover, and most tranny chasing chaps you meet will fall into one of six categories:

The Hopeless Romantic

You can never question the hopeless romantic's dedication to ladyboy loving. No one will walk more tall and proud, hand in hand with their latest ladyboy girlfriend than these sweet hearted gents. Rarely seen single, they will usually be totally head-over-heels in love with their current holiday romance or long distance relationship, keen to tell you how 'this is the one'. However, drama is never far behind and watching their relationship unfold can best be compared to witnessing a rather horrific car crash in slow-motion.

Hopeless romantics love to socialize but will rarely be seen without their current 'tirak' hanging off their arm. Find them alone and there is sure to be a sad, broken hearted tale to be told. If they haven't already spotted you, make for the exit, fast.

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The Size Queen
Size queens are on a mission to discover the next big 'thing.' They'll gladly show you their photo collection of bed mates and recent conquests, and while it may look like they have a very wide and varied taste in the third sex, their past partners will all have one thing in common, a freakishly large slab of meet dangling between their thighs.

Size queens are pack animals and rely heavily on a network of fellow phallus fanatics to help them seek out the latest hung heshe. They tend not to be particularly camp or effeminate but they are very open about their admiration for the larger ladyboy and not afraid to show their excitement over a lead on a new three legged feline in town.

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The 'Straight'
Saddle up at a ladyboy bar next to a 'straight' tranny chaser and you'll find yourself chatting about football, sports cars, and gogo girls. The macho tone of the conversation will have you questioning whether the guy next to you is actually in the right part of town, although your concerns soon diminish as the he slaps a busty ladyboy on the butt and then tells you how her rogered the rump off her an hour ago.

Though a very social animal, 'straights' like to distance themselves sexually from the size queens and kinksters, living with a sense of denial, seeing themselves merely as a tourist in the world of sword swallowing and bottoming. More often than not they have been married and divorced and are living the life of a bachelor (read: midlife crisis,). They'll be quick to tell you about a recent female conquest soon after being recognised by a passing 6 foot ladyboy.

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The Strong Silent Type

"What happened to Gary Cooper? The strong silent type." The Gary Coopers of the ladyboy scene keep their cards very close to their chest. It's hard to really work out what they are all about, but one thing's for sure, almost every ladyboy in town knows them and has spent the night in their secret lair.

A rather reclusive breed, the strong silent type can be spotted all over town but rarely mingling with the minions. They are cool, calm, and have a never-ending thirst for ladyboy flesh. If it wasn't for their enormous online collection of ladyboy photos you would know almost nothing about them, at all.

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The Kinkster

Don't hang around a kinkster if you're squeamish or not extremely comfortable with your sexuality. Kinksters don't mess about, when they find that special daring ladyboy they get down and dirty, and they are always keen to share all the gory details with you over a light lunch the following afternoon.

Kinksters are adventurous, no doubt about it, with a passion for sexual exploration, not afraid to delve either side of the gender lines. They often reach legendary status for their exploits, which become folklore within ladyboy loving circles.

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The Trannyspotter

Even wondered where those 708 photos from last night's party came from, and how they managed to all be online by 11am? Thank the trannyspotter. Rarely Never seen without their trusty DSLR, trannyspotters are likely to appear at every ladyboy event and shemale related social occasion (especially when there is free food to be found).

However, don't be fooled by their nerdy exterior and reluctance to tell you about their sexual activity. While more often than not the trannyspotter is a very kind hearted creature, you can almost be certain they have a secret fetish for femboys, large feet, and/or unwashed undies. Get one drunk and they'll spill the beans, telling you tales that can even get the kinksters cheeks blushing with envy.

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So, what kind of ladyboy lover are you?

Written by:
Moo Yung


Wonderful topic, well I used to be the "romantic" but leaning more to the "kinkster" type now. And what about yourself Moo? 

I think I've worked my way through all the stages. Like yourself, I'm probably more a kinkster these days.

Sebastian Tombs
Nov 12 2013 05:22 PM

Very much a kinkster. Just ask the girls.

Romantic, but lived in Tailand to long, to do the mistakes. Love to spend time with a nice funny LB.not only in bed, but also on trips, diners, and so on, evt. live with her for good.

iam "the straight" guy bordering on the "silent type"

Well, i don't know about you guys or if this is the right place for this subject but i don't feel gay for dating LB's... ok, by definition oz. supouse to be but i've finded many reasons to "defend" my "sexual integrity"; let's see if you guys agree with me. - Many LB's take much good care of themselfs (fisicaly & etc), comparing with some real ladies; - No issues with "menstruation or period"; - I still date, fuck & etc real ladies... so far, LB's is a horny old fantasy becoming true; - Real men of any kind atract me at all (some younger guys yes but NEVER pedofily); - I play the "alfa dominant" on my intercourses, but i do my best to please & satisfy my LB; - Maybe is a thailandese thing but i've been all over the world, but there isn't anything even close to the "thai aproach & intercourses", they are just unique (not always the best but anyway); - My machist background, invoirement, mentality & etc; Whatever, i just love to be with LB's, but so far i'm not planing to mariage or live forever with one, but just the oposite, it's a "for an exchange" thing, so far... so if everything goes wrong, bad or not accordingly with my plans, why not do a "head & deep" jump into this world & maybe try to find those little things that everybody (soon or later) gonna look for: love, happiness, future & some peace of mind?
Jun 09 2014 02:27 PM

I believe I am, admittedly, The hopeless romantic, but, with a little of the straight mixed in(just a little, lol)