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Rules & Guidelines (and other stuff we hate..)

We're an open minded group, no doubt about that, I'm sure some of us will have some scenes and nights to answer for at the pearly gates, however, while we wish to promote free speech and be welcoming to all people and cultures, there are certain rules and regulations we need to enforce in order to remain both legal and respectful to our members and the laws we work within. Being a forum which is predominantly focussed on Thai ladyboys and venues in Thailand, we need to be extra sensitive towards Thai culture and Thai laws.

With the forum containing some adult content guests must register as a member to see adult material, therefore all forum pictures are blocked to non-members (no sign up, no chug wow for you, mr!). By registering as a member of the forum you are verifying that you 18 years of age or older (physically at least, you may well be mentally below that mark). Guests are permitted to view all areas of the public forum but they will need to register in order to create a thread or reply to a post.
Once you have registered as a member and are ready to post please abide by the following rules:

Things you'd better not do, or else..

1. We do not permit any talk about minors (those aged under 18 years of age), and strictly no posting of photos of minors. If in doubt, leave it out!

2. We do not permit discussion about the King of Thailand or members of the Thai Royal Family, and any pictures or media related to Thai royalty will be deleted as soon as possible.

3. We do not permit any negative discussion regarding Buddhism or the use of Buddhist imagery in a negative or offensive fashion.

4. We do not permit any discussion about drugs which are illegal in Thailand. http://www.thailawforum.com/tourst-guide-laws-Thailand-4.html However, we really do love talk of cigars, fine whisky, cheap ales, and the exchanging of interesting cocktail recipes.

5. We do not permit offensive or inflammatory discussion regarding the current Thai government, the Thai legal system, or any group thereof, including the police, customs and immigration, and the Thai armed forces.

6. We strongly discourage any negative or inflammatory comments aimed at other members of the forum, and we forbid members to post the personal information about other members without their consent. Basically, if you have a beef with someone you need to sort it out in private, or hit the ignore function. We won't allow you to reveal personal information (including contact and social media info) on another member, or allow you to berate their beliefs, lifestyle, sexuality, appearance, or even their hair colour (unless they are ginger, gingers are fair game).

7. We hate spam, it's shit. Please don't post it here.

8. Seriously, we really hate spam. We don't go to your site and post pictures of ladyboy cocks. maybe you'd like that? Would you? Uh?

9. Last warning. No spam. If you come here just to post spam you'll get banned and then you won't be able to see those glorious ladyboy appendages.

10. You'll need a valid email address to become a member as you'll need to verify that email address to have your membership validated. Then again we probably don't need to tell you that, you can find out the hard way.

11. We don't accept email addresses or web addresses as usernames.

12. Try to avoid talk of gambling, and we certainly can't permit any actual gambling, or discussion about gambling in Thailand - they don't allow it, it's illegal in Thailand, it really is, wanna bet?

13. No talk about having sex with animals, and FFS no pictures of the stuff. That includes fish, birds, amphibians, ducks, sheep, any cattle, poultry is a big no no, dogs, geese, ostriches, parakeets, monitor lizards, chinchillas, Peruvian mountain goats, and grass snakes, to name but a few. That also includes flirting with or the wooing of thus said creatures.

If after reading these rules you then go and break them, well.. I won't be happy. In fact I don't want to take responsibility for your actions if you do that. At best I'll point my finger at you like in one of those Pattaya People police station photos where someone has been nabbed for snatching a gold necklace only to get caught moments later and then forced to face their victim in front of the photographer - finger in face! Also, we'll ban you for here and growl at you as you walk the ladyboy plank of shame (which is currently metaphoric but we are planning on building one - any cheap carpenters please contact us with a quote).

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The moderators and admin reserve the right to change the rules at any given time, like even in 5 minutes from now, in fact it's possible that we changed the rules while you are reading this, although it is highly unlikely. We also reserve the right to inflict cruel and unjust punishment on anyone who has broken the rules, should we be having a particularly bad day.

General things we don't like..

· Don't share information you received in a private message, unless both parties are cool with it. It's called PRIVATE messaging for a reason. If you receive an offensive PM contact a moderator or admin member and we'll help you sort it out (even though it's not nice to tell stories).

· In fact, don't send offensive PMs. Problems rarely get solved by swearing (with the exception of those suffering from turrets syndrome).

· If someone posts a picture or information about a ladyboy don't go running to tell her just to gain brownie points. It's not cool and it's not going to make her love you any more, it's just going to upset the original poster and a lot of other people on the forum. Don't be a hero or you'll end up a zero on this forum.

· Don't share other people's pictures off this forum without their permission. We've started watermarking pictures to help prevent this, so don't go and ruin that by then doing a crop and run. If you want to use someone's photos outside of this forum at least try to ask their permission first. Pretty f'ing please.

· Don't have multiple accounts/user names (even if you do have multiple personalities). Not only is it confusing but it's scary, in a slightly psychotic way. If you are hearing many voices in your head try to nominate just one to join and post on our forum. If you then later wish to reinvent yourself in a Madonna type way, just contact a moderator or member of admin and they'll probably change your name for you and maybe even delete those drunken posts you made last night at 4 AM. They're a decent bunch.

Final words..

Basically guys, keep it legal, if what you want to post is illegal in your home country, don't be a shit and post it her. Let's keep it clean and enjoy the forum. Personally, I don't like too swearing, but you can swear a little if you want to, just don't aim abusive language towards another member - it's bound to upset them, and in turn upset me.

We very very rarely have to delete or ban anyone (apart from those pesky spammers), we rarely ever even give out a warning or ticking off, that's not what we are about. So let's just enjoy each others' company and banters, and the lovely ladyboys who brought us here.. NO harassment, NO threats, NO nastiness, NO illegal stuff, and NO French!
(only kidding on the last one, the French are OK)