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ladyboy scam bareback

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#1 rick78

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Posted 03 July 2019 - 06:14 AM

I was in Manila 2 weeks ago and had a LB encounter, which reminded me of some post I have been meant to write for a long time, but completely forgot.


About 9 months ago, I had some nights in Manila - stayed in Makati. Decided to check out P Burgos street one night with some colleauges. Ended up getting a bit drunk, and my colleauges decided to head back, but my drunken brain decided it was a good idea to stay and pick up a girl or LB. 

While walking down the street, I met a very cute looking LB. She could obviously see that I was a bit drunk, so we ended up behind some trees on a small road just next to P Burgos where she started to give me a BJ. I didn't feel comfortably standing there in public with my pants down, so stopped her after a couple of minutes. Went to take a taxi to take her to my hotel. When I have to pay the taxi, my wallet was empty (credit cards there but no cash). I then confront her and of course she denies, but i was persistant that night, so I tell the cab driver to call the police. 

The police arrives and we go to the station and after a proper body search, they find more or less exactly the amount of money, I lost, on her. She still refused that she had stolen the money, and the police said it was up to me if I wanted to press charges. After several hours of paperwork and talking, I decided not to press charges if the money was returned to me, which it was, and after 2 hours more paperwork we could all go home.

Her name was Brenda btw. She was actually very cute, but unfortunately a very poor one. She was walking the street of P Burgos and most likely still is today. the police report said she was 28 years of age. 


Now, 1 week later you would have thinked I would have learned my lesson about P Burgos street LB's. Decided to go have a look again (actually met Brenda, who apologized about what happened 1 week earlier). Passed her and moved on to a GG bar. had a little fun with 2 GG's and couple drinks, but no sex, as I was still in the mood for a LB. I go back on the street (this time not too drunk, so maybe I learned a little haha), and this amazon LB approaches me. She was definitely not the prettiest LB, I have seen, but there wasn't much around that night, so went to a short time hotel nearby with her.

We got naked on the bed and this time I wore better pants where the pockets could close, and I put my clothes right next to the bed, with the pants at the bottom (my wallet was in the pants). She really wanted to be top, which I didn't min that day, but I just wanted to make sure I was clean, so I run to the bathroom and leave the door open, so I can hear what is going on in the room. Unfortunately I couldn't see the room door from the bathroom. I can hear she is walking around a bit, but nothing else. Once done at toilet, I go back and I immediately spot that my clothes are lying differently on the floor. I check my pants and sure enough the cash are missing from my wallet. I of course confront her, but it doesn't help. I tell her to stand in the corner naked while I search all her clothes and the whole room inside out. I even check her hair. After 45 min, I have searched everything but nothing. Was thinking of calling the police again (wasn't too much cash though), but would feel like an idiot going there for the second time within a week being ripped off by a LB, so decides to let her go. Never got her name, and I should have taken a picture of her, but I was to annoyed with myself to let this happen to me twice in a week, that I didn't think about it.


The LB's I have met in the past has mainly been ladyboys I have met in a bar and talked to them for a while, as I would just like to get a sense of their vibe. I have done a few escorts as well. I have tried street girls only 2 times before this encounter which was in KL and Chiang Mai, but never had any issues ever.


Now all this was 9 months ago. 2 weeks ago, I find myself back in Manila. I was in the mood and felt I needed redemption from my poor experience before. This time I decided no drinks and no street girls. I went on the internet. Started chatting to a LB named Joan. This one

She wants to come to my hotel, which I normally has no problem with, but I didn't want any issues this time, so I ask if I can come to her room which she agrees on. I only bring the agreed cash + enough for taxi.

We get along well and after talking for a while time for action. She asks if she can top me first and then I do her - I said fine. She gets out the lube, but I don't see a condom. She works fast and tries to push in, but I stop her immediately and tell her that we need to use a condom. She replies that she is healthy, but I insist on the condom. That little conversation threw both of us off a bit, so I take a condom and say that I will do her. Just as I am about to put the condom on, she says again that it's not needed. I get a bit frustrated now. Anyhow, puts it on and fuck her for a while. Ended up finishing with the hand, as this whole conversation about going bareback turned me off a bit.

Afterwards she then showed me a certificate of negative HIV which was just 1 month old, but I don't care about that. She could have had 20 costumers since then or more.

It was a shame with this one as she seemed genuinely horny and enjoying herself, and I am sure she can provide a good time. She keeps messaging me that next time we must have a threesome with her LB friend - let's see, I don't have much hopes for Manila at the moment haha.


Just saw I have posted this in "Trip reports" - maybe it fits better in "outside Thailand"??



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#2 P&G

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Posted 03 July 2019 - 03:02 PM

I was stolen money once in Sihanoukville. I was not drunk on that evening, just a little bit tired and excited by my hunting sex. This happened during a BJ in a park just a few feet off the street. This seems to be an easy technique for snatchers to put down throusers and then operate while the guys has no sensation of hands searching his pockets. 

You had not been carefull on the second time. You should have take your throusers (and wallet) with you in the bathroom. 

Interesting stories anyway. 

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#3 rick78

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Posted 03 July 2019 - 05:52 PM

I have bar fined loads of GG's and LB's in the past in Thailand and also some in Singapore, and taken them to my hotel for overnight stays and never had an issue with anyone stealing money from me. I guess the lesson learned is to be extra careful with street girls/LB's.

#4 horneydog

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Posted 04 July 2019 - 01:43 AM

Dependa on locations I guess, had a girl from a Ktv do the same to me when I was in the shower, was expecting a nice LT, in the end went back to the Ktv and the mamasan refunded me, From that day on, no more LT for me .

#5 horneydog

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Posted 04 July 2019 - 01:43 AM

Now I am getting paranoid about calling a LB in the Philippines. Lolz

#6 rick78

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Posted 04 July 2019 - 02:58 AM

Haha, post wasn't meant to scare anyone. Anyhow, not sure when I will be back in Manila, but once I am, I will give it another try and report back

#7 patrickfitsmichael

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Posted 05 October 2019 - 08:03 PM

The first rule of mongering is security. Lb's always come back to MY place where I am in control. Everything goes into the safe and I mean everything of value. Money for payment AFTER (always) is in the safe or in another non conspicuous place. When I walk around small bills in pocket but big bills in a pouch that is attached to my belt by a steel screw gate carabiner  that can be tucked into trousers or shorts.I learned my lesson once in Phuket when I was trapped in a room with one exit and between me and the exit was a ladyboy holding a stiletto who was not so happy. Luckily my size came in handy but never again. Always be careful with doing doubles. Another cool trick I have heard about is ppl putting money in their shoes or have a friend who wears an ankle guard and tucks money into that and then puts his sock over that. Of course those that run into danger are usually those that have had too much to drink too. Just like their professional liars they are very good at light fingered activities too. 

#8 horneydog

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Posted 06 October 2019 - 04:54 AM

I do that when. I am walking around, putting enough cash for a cab ride back to the hotel, in my shoes, under the soles, an older monger taught me that.

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