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  1. How covid changed the face of the Thai Ladyboy...

    The Lockdown Effect
    With the onset of the pandemic, lockdown measures led to the temporary closure of entertainment venues, including the ladyboy bars that were once the lifeblood of Thailand's vibrant nightlife. As well as long periods of total lockdowns hit many bars and struggled to stay afloat, ladyboys found themselves facing an uncertain future.

    While Thailand had been able to resist the need for curfews and lockdowns much longer than many other nations, once it did, it was clear that this wouldn’t be a short-term situation. Most bar and business owners did their best to negotiate reduced rental costs or could survive through personal funds, but some bars had no choice but to close permanently.

    While a brief period of curfews and a small wave of holidaymakers began to arrive over the 2020 Christmas period, the revival was short-lived. After a second major period of lockdowns began in April 2021, a large percentage of the bars and nightlife businesses in Pattaya, Phuket, and Bangkok, closed their doors for good. Thailand’s nightlife districts were ghost towns.

    Posted Image

    From Bar to the Online World

    While some ladyboy bars managed to weather the storm and reopen their doors, others were less fortunate. The pandemic necessitated a pivot to new business models, and some establishments embraced the online world wholeheartedly. A number of bars began live streaming, giving those trapped far away a chance to view and feel a virtual part of the bar. This also allowed (and encouraged) online patrons to give virtual tips and buy lady drinks, helping to generate much-needed income for the bars and staff.

    For many of the bar workers and ladyboy of Thailand’s nightlife scene, not being able to work for long periods lead to a need to be resourceful. As with the bars, many ladyboys began turning to social media, webcam work, and, notably, personal content sales, lead by the boom of OnlyFans and similar platforms.

    With many ladyboys and bar workers turning to online work and others unable to make an income, the majority began to leave Thailand’s tourist hotspots and return to their hometowns. For many, this meant moving back to Issan, the region that most ladyboy bar workers called home.

    Safety Measures and Adaptation

    As Thailand finally began to ease restrictions late in 2021, ladyboy bars were required to implement a range of safety measures to mitigate the spread of the virus. For many, it was a case of ‘too little, too late.’ There were so many new rules hampering those bars still trying to re-open. Rules varied from district to district, but many bars were required to put on a front and operate as a restaurant, having to apply for complicated Sha+ licenses and adhere to a number of hygiene rules and reduced hours, which many saw as absurd. On top of this, client numbers were still a fraction of 2019 numbers, with many entry rules and the need to be vaccinated causing limitations.

    Despite this, some bars notably used this time to reinvent themselves and refurbish their establishments, while a number of new bars wonders to take a punt on things returning to normal (or close enough to it). Thailand’s busiest bar town, Pattaya, was starting to see a number of new bars appear (including some ladyboy bars), and there was a general optimism growing.

    Posted Image

    The Future of the Ladyboy Bar Scene

    As Thailand and the world move towards recovery, the ladyboy bar scene continues to adapt and evolve. It is evident that the pandemic has left an indelible mark on the industry, with online platforms and virtual experiences likely to remain an integral part of the scene even as restrictions are lifted. While many ladyboys have returned to be in and around the bar scenes of Thailand, a good number now prefer to work freelance and use platforms such as Smooci and ThaiFriendly, in order to find customers.

    The legalisation of marijuana and the influx of Chinese tourists and Russian ex-pats look like it is reshaping Thailand’s adult nightlife to incorporate more couples and alternative nightlife attractions. While the traditional ladyboy bar experience may never be quite the same, the resilience, creativity, and camaraderie that have defined the community throughout this crisis mean that some form of the old still ladyboy bar scene will remain, however, it will become part of a much more diverse and interesting nightlife scene, where invention and adaptation will prove key.

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    • Apr 26 2023 01:12 AM
    • by admin
  2. Thailand Ladyboy bars where you can sample the...

    The biggest problem with meeting ladyboys or even regular chicks on the internet to me is that you can never be sure of what you're going to get. Unless you go with a reliable outlet like Smooci where you can read verified reviews you might be unpleasantly surprised in the room. My answer to this is to stick to places where I can get out the merchandise and have a look or test drive before I commit to anything. Thankfully there are a few ladyboys bars in Thailand where this is allowed.

    Over the years I have noted a number of bars where I can get my hands and more filled without paying a barfine or shelling out a ton of dough. They are basically scattered across Pattaya and Bangkok. I've been able to do a little more touching and feeling in other parts of Thailand, but no places were reliable enough to add to my main list.

    Best in Bangkok

    In Bangkok you have all the main ladyboy go go bars in Nana Plaza and now Soi Cowboy. Your mileage may vary depending on the bar and the ladyboy, but you can usually get pretty hands on in any of these places. A lot of times they get to touching on you whether you like it or not. It's not out of the norm for guys or the girls to get their cocks out and put them into action in these places either. Some are more discrete than others.

    In my experience Charade on the third floor of Nana Plaza allows for the most mileage. Cockatoo on Soi Cowboy allows for the least. Others are in between, but again it just depends on the situation. Sometimes they act all calm and reserved. Another time you might see a head bobbing up and down out of the corner or your eye.

    The regular Bangkok ladyboy bars are next. Here I'm talking about places like Check Inn and Chaos 9. Check Inn is on a little alley just as you turn down Soi 10 from Sukhumvit Road. There's a sign out front that is easy to see. Inside you find a bevy of ladyboy babes in lingerie who are eager to sit with you, or sit on you. It can get very wild inside. Last visit I saw a ladyboy riding a big dildo with a suction cup on the bar!

    Plenty in Pattaya

    Down in Pattaya you have a lot of options too. First there are the go go bars like Kathoeys R Us on Walking Street and Surprise Yourself and Baby Boom up around Soi Bukhao. You can usually take a look at the goods in any of these bars. And I've seen kissing and petting too. But for real fun Baby Boom is the unmistakable choice. There are ten or more ladybody dancers in there wearing just knickers or less, and they're always eager to get busy. In fact I'd be surprised if you could get out of the place without being touched in all sorts of ways! For my money it's the best value in town in terms of ladyboy bars.

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    • Dec 27 2019 05:53 PM
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  3. Bangkok V Pattaya: which is best for ladyboys?

    Bangkok vs Pattaya for ladyboys, a guest blog

    We all know that Thailand is the best country in the world for ladyboys. Not only are Thai ladyboys the hottest shemales you can find, the country just has the largest numbers of chicks with dicks. Where else can you walk outside of a five star hotel and be surrounded by hot ladyboys in a matter of minutes? Nowhere!

    But Thailand has numerous cities. And visitors only have a limited amount of time in the country. Even long term stayers and expats have to chose a base of locations to settle down in. So it's only natural to wonder which Thai city is the best for ladyboy lovers.

    While the majority of ladyboys seem to come from the Isan region, the ones who are interested in farang almost all seem to end up in Bangkok or Pattaya. Sure there are exceptions. You can find plenty of ladyboys in places like Chiang Mai and Phuket too. But Bangkok and Pattaya are the biggest places to find the most Thai ladyboys.

    Which is best? That is a question everyone can have a different opinion on. I personally enjoy both Pattaya and Bangkok. But I can appreciate each city for what it is. Bangkok is a hot and developed metropolis. Pattaya is a growing but still moderately sized city along the beach. Both are real hotspots for ladyboys, but they do have their differences.

    I personally think Bangok is the better city when it comes to go go bars. Pattaya only has three main go go bars at this point: Baby Boom, Surprise Yourself, and Katoeys R Us. And while they are good, they are not as good as the best go go bars in Bangkok. Plus Bangkok just has a lot more of these kinds of bars. The last time I counted there were 8 purely ladyboy gogo bars in Nana Plaza alone. Plus there is Cockatoo over on Soi Cowboy.

    Pattaya has the upper hand when it comes to short time bars. There are beer bars all over the town where you can find ladyboys. Plus there are tons of ladyboy specific bars like 69 on Soi Made In Thailand and all the places on Soi 6/1. You can walk into any of these places starting in the early afternoon and get short time on demand in a room upstairs. You probably won't pay much more than 1000 Baht either.

    Bangkok is clearly better when it comes to dating ladyboys. Not only are there way more Bangkok-based ladyboys on Thai Friendly and My Ladyboy Date, they are more likely to be “good girls” looking for a real relationship. It's not impossible to find real love in Pattaya. But don't count on it. Most ladyboys who go to Pattaya are looking for money. There's nothing wrong with that, but lets not kid ourselves about it.

    Bangkok is also better when it comes to discretion. That's because the escort scene is a lot better in the capital. First of all you have Smoociwhich groups all the escorts together so you only have to go to one place to check them out. You can see verified pictures and reviews, and book the ones you like right to your room. Down in Pattaya you have to sort through the ladyboys on the dating sites and you never really know what you're going to get.

    In summary, both Bangkok and Pattaya are great places to find ladyboys. If you like go go bars go to Bangkok. If you like easy short time with budget prices, go to Pattaya. If you want to find a ladyboy girlfriend or need privacy and discretion Bangkok is going be better for you.

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    • Jun 26 2019 03:18 AM
    • by admin
  4. Our 5 favourite ladyboy bars in Pattaya 2019

    Our 5 favourite ladyboy bars in Pattaya 2019

    The bar/ladyboy scene in Pattaya is one of constant change. Sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worst, Pattaya is a city which is always evolving. You may arrive next trip to find your favourite hangout has changed from a cosy Hard Rock bar with beer on tap, to a Korean themed K-pop club serving overpriced cocktails, but that always leaves lots of new bars and faces to be discovers, and keeps things interesting.

    This isn’t a definitive list of the new bars in town, or even a list of the most popular ladyboy haunts, it’s simply a list of our favourite places we’ve been to this year and why we love them so. We’ve tried to pick a different type of bar for each selection to keep it varied.

    The best for a chilled night: TJs

    TJs is a very laid-back ladyboy bar with a super friendly vibe. Managed by the same team that successfully ran the popular Cocktails and Dreams bar in Phuket for so long, this place still keeps up the tradition of hosting regular ladyboy shows where the staff get to lip sync, dance, and have fund with the patrons.

    The only down side of TJs the location, set all the way down in Naklua soi 18. But it’s worth making the journey at least once a trip, especially if you are looking for a night away from the usually noise and chaos Pattaya serves up.

    Another notable chilled ladyboy bar is Litas on Pattaya 13/4. Great location, very friendly staff, and always a pleasure to have a drink with the hostess Lita (there is also a new ladyboy bar right next door worth checking out).

    The best beer bar: New bar

    New bar is on the Soi Buakaow end of the Made in Thailand street. Although only a couple of years old, New Bar has already established itself as one of Pattaya’s main ladyboys bars and sits in a small beer bar complex which isn’t as crazy or overbearing as many of the neighbouring complexes.

    Usually staffed with 4-6 ladyboys, in a good location, this is a bar worth hitting at any time after dark and has a fairly chilled vibe. Saddle up to the bar and introduce yourself to the friendly all-ladyboy staff, and then play a few games of pool to get to know them better. You’re guaranteed a great night.

    Other notable ladyboy beer bars: 69 Bar (further down on soi made in Thailand), and any number of bars on Sois 7 and 8 off Beach Road.

    The best for naughtiness: Fantasy lounge

    Fantasy Lounge has been around sometime now and always seems to have a gaggle of ladyboys at the entrance, hungrily ready to follow any customers as they enter. If you do dare to step into this mini den of debauchery, you’ll find plenty of young ladyboys trying to lure you into the darker corners of the bar for some more intimate ‘get to know you’ time.

    On Soi Buakaow, close to the entrance of Soi LK Metro, there are several good ladyboys bars here, where fondling is the norm, including Nidcha Bar and Surpirse! But Fantasy Lounge gets the nod as our favourite as they always have a good mix of ever popular LBs and fresh new faces.

    Other notably ladyboy bars for naughtiness: just head to Beach Road soi 6 for a whole street of them.

    The best gogo: Katoeys are us

    Katoeys Are Us is another bar which is now well established on the Pattaya ladyboy map. Since the closure of Obsessions bar and Stringfellows, Pattaya was in need of a new ladyboy agogo and this place ticks the boxes.

    On Soi Diamond, just off Walking Street, this sizable agogo keeps a good number of tall and attractive staff, and are open from 8 til late. It’s not the cheapest place to spend the night, and if you look and act like a newbie you’ll get hustled for drinks and overwhelmed with attention (but that’s what some guys love), but it’s a great bar to pop in for a drink or three when all the late night action migrates to this part of town.

    Other notable ladyboy agogos: Baby Boom is a very intimate ladyboy agogo just off soi buakow (around the corner from Surprise!)
    The best late-night spot: Marine Disco

    If you are a night owl, or able to drink enough redbulls to make it through to the early hours, then there is no better late night ladyboy spot than Marine disco. An institute of the ladyboy scene Marine has been the ladyboy disco of choice for well over a decade.

    This place can be hit or miss, but when it’s a hit it’s a big one and can draw in 50+ ladyboys on a big night, especially when a guest DJ, band, or special event is on. But when we say head here late we mean it, some times you can pop in at 2.30am and find just 3-4 ladyboys hanging by the DJ booth, and 45 mins later that number can be 30+.

    Other notable late night ladyboy spots: Hot Tuna, a little further up on Walking Street, is where a lot of the ladyboy ‘super stars’ like to hang out and prey on drunk and naughty passers-by.

    What has been your favourite Pattaya ladyboy bar this year?

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    • Jun 25 2019 02:57 AM
    • by Moo Yung
  5. Lady Boy Water Volley Ball 1 Nov 2014

    A week of terrific parties, in all the bars, with Miss Tiffany International Queen on 7th November. A unique day out that provides an opportunity for us to support and contribute to the community we admire.

    This year there will be 8 teams - 10 teams was considered but time, and scheduling, made it impossible.
    The 8 teams/colours (colours may change) are:

    • BabyBoom - (White) Soi Bukhouw Pattaya - Runners Up 2012
    • Check In Bar - Bangkok
    • Kings Bar - Soi 8 Pattaya
    • LaBamba - Soi 13/1 Pattaya
    • Sensations - Action St Pattaya - Winners 2013
    • Stringfellows - Soi 13/1 Pattaya
    • Temptations/Cockatoo - Bangkok
    • TJs Music Bar - Soi 18 Naklua - Runnners Up 2013
    C&D from Phuket will not be making an appearance this year due to travel costs and impact on business. Even though Jim's team will not be playing he has pledged his onging support from the SkyLab. Terrific help.

    Big thanks to Jim for all his support in 2102/2013 - not least supporting the volley ball net all day in 2012!

    Jim also nominated a local Charity, in Phuket, to whom he also presented the cheque for 250,000 Baht

    Posted Image

    Sponsor a Bar - 4,000 Baht (120USD/88Euro/72GBP) - complimentary non-transferable, ticket to the event if attending.
    Proposed to have some limited 'reserved seating' in the evening so Sponsors may sit with, or adjacent, to their team. TBA.

    Donate - Either donate money or a suitable item for the Auction/Raffle
    Ticket - 1,500 Baht (45USD/33Euro/27GBP) - Day to remember with 60+ LadyBoys attending in a carnival atmosphere. Includes Volley Ball plus the Gala/Buffet, Prize giving, Charity presentations, Auction/Raffle

    100% of All Sponsorships and Donations go to Charity.
    Ticket sales, with the Auction/Raffle, covers all costs and contributes to the final total.

    Posted Image
    April - Posters on display and Tickets on sale in the bars.

    April - Another new item to help the bars collect sponsorships - visit the bars to see.
    April - Pay for Sponsorship or Donation via the bar - they will give you a receipt.
    June - The bars will also be selling a stylish 'collectable' limited edition item

    Direct Contact details:
    • Email - lbwvb@hotmail.com
    • PayPal - lbwvb@hotmail.com - Please use 'Family & Friends' payment. Nominate a Bar.
    • Website (90,000 visits in 1 year) - www.lbwvb.com
    • Tel/SMS 66 (0) 929 95 6532
    • PM Rossco
    Posted Image

    Please help build on the extraordinary success of 2012 and 2013. Both years have been 'sold out' well before the actual day. Only 200 Tickets available. Bars visited some of the Charities, who have benefited where they saw, first hand, the results of our contribution.

    More visits are planned so BMs can see what they have achieved.

    February 23rd. Handover of 250 Water4Life filters in a remote village in Chantaburi - only accessible by boat.

    2013 was a huge breakthrough thanks to your support.

    We achieved an amazing 1 Million Baht which made a fantastic statement with worldwide media coverage.

    Can we do it again? With your help it is possible.
    We can, and do, make a difference to the Charities, the supporting bars and their staff.

    In 2013 we had our first Corporate sponsor. This year we will try to increase these bountiful types of contribution.

    Please advise if you know of a company, and their contact details, who would be a possible Corp Sponsor.

    Monthly Progress updates on Forums and, hopefully, the bars will update with photos of teams and Training days.

    Posted Image
    The Event Day Program.

    This year there will be a souvenir program for attendees. Participating bars will be hosting parties during the week prior so check Bar threads
    • 13.00 - Team Photos/Press and Media
    • 13.30 - Matches start with all teams playing all the other teams within their group. 2 groups.
    • 16.30 - Final between winners of 2 groups
    • 17.00 - Time to change for the evening
    • 19.00 - Gala/Dinner - meet the teams
    • 20.30 - Presentations to teams
    • 21.00 - Presentations to Charities
    • 21.30 - Auction/Raflle
    • 23.00 - Visit the Winners Bar or any of your favourite other local bars

    • Apr 04 2014 08:32 PM
    • by Rossco