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5 fine reasons to date that ladyboy!

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Having a Ladyboy Girlfriend is one hell of a taboo in most countries and will seem shocking to more narrow minded folk, but for those who will never open up their mind to even the mere possibility of dating a ladyboy, well, I feel sorry for you.
A relationship with a ladyboy is not much different from dating a genetic girl (cynicism towards bar girls put to one side). Show them love and affection and they'll send it back in kind. Support who they are and their goals, ambitions, and passions in life, and they'll be your muse. In many ways a ladyboy or transsexual is likely to have experienced a fair amount of rejection, ridicule, and lack of acceptance during her life, and if you give her a genuine, care-filled relationship she is likely to reward you with all the love and affection you can handle.
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She's out of your league

Ever wanted to date a supermodel? Of course you have. Your old girlfriend may have looked like an English Bulldog chewing on a wasp but your new ladyboy girlfriend will give any catwalk model and run for her money. Fact, the best looking women in Thailand are ladyboys (in fact make that the world). Just be prepared to have lots of jealous guys and girls starring at you as you hold hands through the busy mall. You may be paranoid worried everyone is looking at her thinking 'dude looks like a lady,' but the truth is they are whispering under their breath 'how the hell did that guy land her!'

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You so horny?

It's a fact, guys are way more horny than girls. It's also a fact, many ladyboys still have the sexual drive and appetite of a pubescent boy discovering his dad's secret collection of Razzle and Swank magazines for the first time. Your old girlfriend may have told you she has a headache, but your new ladyboy girlfriend will leave you happy and exhausted night after night.. And then wake you up for more of the same.

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Let's get nasty

It may have taken you 18 month to ask your last girlfriend if you could introduce a set of handcuffs into your weekly Wednesday night love-making session (only to be called a freak), but when you suggest it to your new ladyboy girlfriend she pulls out her secret bag of whips, chains and ball gags. Sexual experimentation really is one of the true joys in life.

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Best of both worlds

Ladyboys really are the best of both words, and not just in the bedroom. Need a motherly touch after a bad day at work? Your new ladyboy girlfriend will pamper you and tell you how special you are. Getting bullied by a neighbour? You're new ladyboy girlfriend will remove a stiletto, take it in hand, and threaten to remove his left testicle in one fell swoop.

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That time of the month

Damn, has it really been 28 days already? When a ladyboy tells you it's 'that time of the month' she usually means it's pay day and she wants to go out, party long into the night and return home for a mind blowing love-making session. No more monthly mood swings, no more bloody tampons, and no more pregnancy scares!

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Forget what you think you know about dating a ladyboy and give it a go. You can either be the guy who is too afraid to publically walk hand in hand with a sweet, stunning ladyboy, worried what everyone else will think, OR, you can be the happiest man in the world, so content and proud of the perfect woman on his arm, he feels sorry for those who are missing out.


Written by: Moo Yung
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Aug 17 2013 07:20 PM
Ladyboys are sooooooo much better than real women!
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So True!!! Women think they have the upper hand, until they see you hand in hand with a Foxy LadyBoy!

hmm... I am definitely living with the wrong lb :( . Is there an article on how to get rid of one ?

Dutch Cowboy
Jan 30 2014 12:27 PM

I think this is quite a narrow bar-girl/mongerer-centric POV, and all related to psychical or sexual aspects of a transgendered person. It goes much much further then mere 'sex,' and IMO is actually quite challenging to explain why one would date a TS bearing in mind all ups and downs of choosing such life. Having said that, totally agree with the sentiment that dating a TS is so, so much better compared to dating a woman :-)     

The Lost Account Traveler
Feb 20 2014 02:45 AM
Well, i don't know about you guys or if this is the right place for this subject but i don't feel gay for dating LB's... ok, by definition oz. supouse to be but i've finded many reasons to "defend" my "sexual integrity"; let's see if you guys agree with me. - Many LB's take much good care of themselfs (fisicaly & etc), comparing with some real ladies; - No issues with "menstruation or period"; - I still date, fuck & etc real ladies... so far, LB's is a horny old fantasy becoming true; - Real men of any kind atract me at all (some younger guys yes but NEVER pedofily); - I play the "alfa dominant" on my intercourses, but i do my best to please & satisfy my LB; - Maybe is a thailandese thing but i've been all over the world, but there isn't anything even close to the "thai aproach & intercourses", they are just unique (not always the best but anyway); - My machist background, invoirement, mentality & etc; Whatever, i just love to be with LB's, but so far i'm not planing to mariage or live forever with one, but just the oposite, it's a "for an exchange" thing, so far... so if everything goes wrong, bad or not accordingly with my plans, why not do a "head & deep" jump into this world & maybe try to find those little things that everybody (soon or later) gonna look for: love, happiness, future & some peace of mind?