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King's Corner II (former King's Castle 3) and King's Corner Updates

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#73 rxpharm

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Posted 08 July 2017 - 01:58 AM

I also visited King's Corner and the former King's Castle III (now King's Corner II), during my short June visit.

King's Corner is undergoing big changes. The long time mamasan has been moved to another King's Group Bar (all ladies), and there are plenty of new gg bargirls on staff. I would estimate approximately 50-60 ladies on staff - but there are still a few postops working. I would say the ratio is now 70% ggs, 30% postops. I think that the move to become an all gg bar is in process, and there probably won't be any postop lbs working there in the near future. They still deny being lbs if you ask. The change appears to be success as there were many more customers this time, than during my prior visits - once the change is complete, it will be the end of an era for King's Corner postop fans.

King's Corner II (formerly King's Castle III) is just across from King's Corner Bar, just in the short connecting passageway that leads to the next Soi beside Patpong II. There were about 30 lbs working on a Friday night when i visited. They have a mix of preop/postop lbs, ranging from femboys to ladyboys both pre and postop. It was dificult to estimate the ratio, but I would guess around 70% preop and 30% postop. There were some real beauties working, and I would say probably on par with True Obsessons/Straps for some of them. There are still part time university students working, so that would mean the best time to visit would be on Fri, Sat, Sun nights and school holidays. There was a postop Laotian lb working as well - she's quite the exhbitionist in the bar, and flashes topless and bottomless to interested customers. That's a first,  as most of the lbs in Patpong will not flash bottomless, and a few topless. Patpong is not an area where most lb lovers will go, but I would recommend King's Corner II.

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#74 malibu515

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Posted 31 July 2017 - 07:29 AM

Im truly curious as to the remaining scene in Patpong.  Years ago it was perhaps the most exciting area of all in Thailand. Reminded me of the wild west..touts everywhere, unmentionable shows, if you got the nerve to go to the second floor, ongoing guess the sex of the nubile smiling next to you...

When I go to Bangkok in October, I will check it out and give an report .

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#75 14241

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Posted 18 November 2017 - 05:05 AM

I prefer postops and Patpong (specifically KC/KC3) used to be my go-to place. I met a short haired postie at KC3 8 or 9 years ago and she’s still the most beautiful one I remember. (Never seen her again). Despite good memories like this, I stopped going there for 3-4 years as the area felt kinda dead (and opening of Straps at NEP). For some reason, I wanted to check the area this time, and I stopped by King’s Corner on Nov 7. This bar looked a lot lively this time than it was 3-4 years ago. I saw 3-4 beautiful postops and few more decent looking ones. Even GGs looked better than before. Interestingly, one of mamasans looked attractive and I almost tried to barfine her. She looked so familiar and I thought I’ve seen her (or her pictures) before somewhere.
I came to Phuket yesterday (it’s my first time here) and checked the forum for some Phuket advice and found she (mamasan at KC) looks like Get (former Tootsie’s staff). Disclaimer: I am not suggesting she’s Get. I never been with either of them and have no idea.
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#76 patrickfitsmichael

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Posted 02 January 2018 - 07:32 PM

Can anyone enlighten me on pricing at KC & KC 2 & 3.


#77 P&G

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Posted 03 January 2018 - 02:59 AM

I double checked before posting about King's Corner 2 (and I will keep on posting again). I've been to this bar located at the corner of Soi Patpong 2 and Thanon Patpong 1. The bar was almost empty and I was welcome by the mamasan a postie former dancer in Patong beach soi crocodile in Phuket. She is now thiner and looks younger with her dark hair. The atmosphere inside was fairly quiet.


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The mamasan has now dark hair, is thiner and looks younger than the time she danced in Phuket




Most of the ladyboys were sexy femboys who looked pretty young. I picked up the number 143 for a lady's drink. She seemed pretty hot and told me she enjoyed giving BJ and being fucked. I bargained  a  ST. Prices were 2,000 for the girl (2 hours), 600 for the BF and 600 for the room. The mamasan agreed to discount the whole for 3,000 baht (discounting the room price since the room belonged to the bar). 


I can't say I had a bad time, but the more I spent time with the ladyboy, the more she showed shy. When she started blowing me, it was just fine at the beginning, then she didn't like it and didn't want it any longer. As long as I felt like kissing or licking any part of her body, she was OK but it's been time to fuck her, she became stiff (I hope this is the right word in English: very tensed and stressed for being fucked). I tried again to make her feel relaxed and hot but she looked less horny each time. I tried to make her suck me again, but she gave up after just a minute saying she didn't like. As I tried to fuck her again, I understood I wouldn't do it unless I would enforce a tight closed hole. As I made a ladyboy ass bleed once in my life, I didn't want to try. I thought of enforcing her though since I had paid and I had paid an expensive price. 


I tried to make it be a nice experience though but just a mutual wanking for a cum was not something that would satisfy me. 

When I went out, the mamasan was waiting for us. She was waiting for us since the bar was closed. I had the feeling she knew and feared me to have wounded the femboy. We chatted of another subject since we had common old friends in Patong. I was frustrated and tired but didn't feel like making a complaint. I prefer to warn though : I paid 3,000 baht for a no fuck ST. Although, I met nice people, I see it as an abusive price, a scam. Sorry for these nice people. 

#78 horneydog

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Posted 03 January 2018 - 03:21 AM

Thanks for the update , p&g. Will keep that in mind. I think it was a classic overpromised situation to close the deal so to speak. Had that a few times before.

#79 rxpharm

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Posted 10 December 2022 - 11:56 PM

Update: Patpong is less than a mere shadow of its former self. More than 50% of the clubs are closed as well as the shops. About 1/2 of the street is blacked out with the closed shuttered clubs/shops. This also caused the night market to shrink and what remains is much less busy than before.

The old King's Corner (which was a mix of postop/gg's) located across from King's Garden is now split into King's Massage and King's Castle - with signs proudly stating 100% LADIES. I had a look through the door and that is likely true. No lbs in sight. I did spot a couple of lbs down a side soi parallel to Patpong - not sure what bar/club they were working at.

The former King's Corner 2 (which was directly behind King's Garden in the short side alley connecting the sois, is closed. Not even a sign of another business looking to set up there.

The remaining gg bars looked to be in dire straits with hardly any customers. If this continues it seems likely Patpong will be redeveloped into something else and the red light district will be lost.

I did check out Nana Plaza again. Obsession bar fines are 500 Baht, with 2500 Baht short time price for a lady. On the Saturday night I dropped in around 9:30 pm not many customers, only around 20-25% full. The gg bars were busy.

On the other hand Straps was packed out. I found out the bar fine there is 700 Baht, plus 3500 Baht short time for a lady - (using the NEP short time rooms). If you take her back to your hotel it is 4000  Baht short time. Again a lot of model types there. While you may not like postop lbs, it is a good place to check out the eye candy and remember that they were pre-op before. Head and shoulders more gorgeous than all the gg staff in the NEP gg bars.

I would have to say this does not look good for lb go go bars. It seems to me that the lounge bars and freelancers will be where most of the p4p lbs will be found in the future

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#80 Nikka

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Posted 28 December 2022 - 10:58 PM

`love this thread

#81 Kurtzkafka

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Posted 03 January 2023 - 01:07 AM

I recall straps having a real pushy attitude of 'get a st girl and go.'

Is it still like that? Their mamasan was way too greedy and each time I've been there I only had a drink or two max and left.

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