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URGENT - How to Send Money to Thailand

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#13 xyzzy

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Posted 18 December 2012 - 10:13 AM

I have one PayPal account in the US linked to a US bank account and one in Thailand linked to a Thai bank account. You get a pretty bad exchange rate and they charge a fee. I tried it once and decided it wasn't cost effective as I had a better alternative. YMMV and all that.

If I recall a past thread I think there is a way to transfer from the UK for about half the price mentioned above. It was maybe in a bank account thread here. But I didn't pay a great deal of attention as it was about the UK.

I found the thread but it doesn't say what bank was used.


Just noticed you have a Bangkok Bank account. You can transfer funds from their London Branch I think. Info is also in the thread above.
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#14 nicanor.6981

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Posted 10 April 2022 - 08:03 AM

Hi there.

I did a couple of sendings via Paypal to 2 of dear LB that i had with me in Thailand in the past & was super easy; i'm not sure about the fees but, making a exchange via internet to check & what they really got, wasn't a big deal (something like - ฿ 50,00 THB

 Take care guys!

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#15 kliome

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Posted 10 April 2022 - 10:15 PM

This post is 10 years old. The market for sending money across borders is a bet better now, with a few good options.


I use https://wise.com/(formerly transferwise) for sending money from Europe to Thailand. The exchange rate is good and fees are low if you are sending moderate amounts. You also know exactly what the receiver will get, are kept updated, and usualy goes through in mins.

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#16 nicanor.6981

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Posted 17 May 2022 - 09:48 PM

Do PayPal make charges for this type of transaction.

I ask because a bank to bank transfer I organised two months ago HSBC (UK) to my Bangkok Bank account incurred charges both ends totalling the thick end of £35.00.
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PayPal seems to be the best choice.

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